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The following equation shows the decomposition of

hydrogen peroxide, H2O2.
2H2O2 2H2O + O2
What is the volume of oxygen gas, O2 produced from the
decomposition of 500cm3 of 2moldm-3 hydrogen peroxide
at standard temperature and pressure (STP)? [Molar
volume of gas at STP = 22.4dm3]
A. 11.2dm3
B. 22.4dm3
C. 33.6dm3
D. 44.8dm3
Empirical formula of Empirical formula of
magnesium oxide, MgO copper(II) oxide, CuO

1. Name two substances used to

prepare hydrogen gas in part A?
1. Why the magnesium ribbon .
needs to clean with sandpaper?
2. Write the chemical equation for
To remove the .. reaction in a)
2. Why does the lid of the crucible
needed to be opened? 3. What is the function of anhydrous
To allow . to enter for calcium chloride?
combustion To .. the hydrogen gas

3. Why does the lid of the crucible 4. Why does hydrogen gas pass
needed to be closed after through the combustion tube before
opening? heating?
To prevent the . of To remove all the inside the
magnesium oxide from tube to prevent
5. How to make sure all the air in the
combustion tube has been expelled?
4. How to make sure the Place a.. at the end
magnesium has completely of the combustion tube, until no
reacted? pop sound is heard.
Repeat the ..,
., and .. 6. Why hydrogen gas is pass through
process until a constant .. the combustion tube during
is obtained. cooling?
To make sure the hot copper is not
.. back to copper(II) oxide