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f Health Insurance Companies / HMOs in the Philippines

Raymund Camat November 12, 2016

Health Insurance



In the Philippines, there are only few

health insurance companies or health maintenance organizations (HMOs) operating
with license from the Insurance Commission (IC). Previously, HMOs are regulated by
the Department of Health (DOH) until the IC took over in regulating them. The
Insurance Commission supervises and regulates the operations of life and non-life
companies, mutual benefit associations, and trusts for charitable uses. It issues licenses
to insurance agents, general agents, resident agents, underwriters, brokers, adjusters
and actuaries. It has also the authority to suspend or revoke such licenses. HMO is a
non-life insurance company.
HMOs sell health cards to the public. It is usually given as a benefit by employers to
their employees in addition to the Philhealth card. However, self employed individuals
can also avail health cards for themselves and their families. You can use the health card
in outpatient check ups and hospital confinements. Your health card will shoulder your
medical bills up to a certain limit. The health card is renewed every year by paying the
required renewal premium.
If you are getting a health card,it is very important that you check if the HMO you are
getting from is authorized by the Insurance Commission to operate. Yearly, the
commission publishes the companies that they authorized to offer health insurance to
the general public. Here is the list of companies they authorized for 2016:

1. Asalus Corporation (Intellicare)

website: https://www.intellicare.com.ph/
hotline: (02) 789-4000
2. Carehealth Plus Systems International, Inc
website: http://www.carehealthplus.com/
hotline: 09228447644
3. Carewell Health Systems, Inc.
website: https://www.facebook.com/Carewell-Health-Systems-Inc-130500297034459/
hotline: 4344868/3555771
4. Caritas Health Shield, Inc.
website: http://www.caritashealthshield.com.ph/
hotline: (02) 711-2411 / 09178733882 / 09985795518
5. Fortune Medicare, lnc
website: http://www.fortunecare.com.ph/
hotline: (632) 857-5499 (Manila) / 1-800-10-633-8888 (Provincial Toll Free)
6. Health Maintenance, lnc
website: http://www.hmi.com.ph/
hotline: +63 (2) 811-1313 / +63-917-853-3705 / +63-943-136-5772 / +63-943-136-5773
7. Health Plan Philippines, Inc.
website: http://mainsite2.hppi.com.ph/home
hotline: (+632) 907-2539 (0917) 539-4504
8. Insular Health Care, Inc
website: https://www.insularhealthcare.com.ph/
hotline: (632) 813-0131 / Toll Free Number 1-800-10-8177857
9. Kaiser International Healthgroup, Inc.
website: http://www.kaiserhealthgroup.com/contact.php
hotline: (02) 274 8202 / (02) 274 8203 / (02) 274 8205 / 0917 5642 398 / 0998 9591
10. Life & Health HMP, Inc.
website: http://lifeandhealthhmp.com/
hotline: 742-9750/ 781-9682/ 732-4415/ 411-0555/ 4116384
11. Medocare Health Systems, lnc
website: none
hotline: +632 781-9682,
12. Pacific Cross Health Care, lnc. (Formerly Bluecross)
website: http://www.pacificcross.com.ph/
hotline: +63 2 899-8001
13. PhilhealthCare, lnc.
website: https://www.philcare.com.ph/
hotline: (02) 462 1800
14. Value Care Health Systems, Inc.
website: http://www.valucare.com.ph/
hotline: 0917-7-WECARE / (02) 687-3219 / 0917-8862892 / 09256100301
The official list can be found here.