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2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 1: Socializing I

Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
zero cero adjective a cardinal number; 0 Lilly received zero points in the game.
one uno adjective a cardinal number; 1 I have one nose.
two dos adjective a cardinal number; 2 Melissa has two ears.
three tres adjective a cardinal number; 3 My cousin is three years old.
four cuatro adjective a cardinal number; 4 I have four sisters.
five cinco adjective a cardinal number; 5 Five colones is not a lot of money.
six seis adjective a cardinal number; 6 I have six best friends.
seven siete adjective a cardinal number; 7 There are seven provinces in Costa Rica.
eight ocho adjective a cardinal number; 8 Susan has eight dogs.
There are nine different sodas at the
nine nueve adjective a cardinal number; 9
ten diez adjective a cardinal number; 10 Billy has ten fingers.
black negro adjective the color of darkness The night sky is black.
blue azul adjective the color of the sky and water The ocean is blue.
brown caf adjective the color of coffee Lucy has a brown dog.
The clouds turn gray when a storm
gray gris adjective the color from mixing black and white
green verde adjective the color of grass The grass is green.
orange anaranjado adjective the color made from mixing red and yellow Jose is wearing an orange shirt.
pink rosado adjective the color made from mixing red and white The flower is pink.
purple morado adjective the color made from mixing blue and red Saprissa jerseys are purple.
red rojo adjective the color of blood An apple is red.
white blanco adjective the color of snow The board is white.
yellow amarillo adjective the color of a banana peel The sun is yellow.
cloudy nublado adjective overcast When it rains it is cloudy.
rainy lluvioso adjective a state in which rain is falling Costa Rica is rainy during the winter.
sunny soleado adjective abounding in sunlight It is sunny during the summer.
There is dust everywhere because it is
windy ventoso adjective a state in which more wind blows than usual
fine bien adjective good, OK I am fine. And you?
good bien adjective fine, OK Im good. How are you doing?
hello hola a greeting in English Hello! Whats your name?
hey hola a greeting in English Hey! How are you?
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 2: My Body I
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
a limb that comes from the shoulder (usually
arm brazo noun Francisco broke his arm.
we have 2)
back espalda noun the rear part of the human body Alonso always sleeps on his back.
His whole body hurt when he had
body cuerpo noun the entire physical structure of a person
dengue fever.
bone hueso noun a hard structure that makes up the skeleton My friend has never broken a bone.
the tissue inside your skull that you use to
brain cerebro noun Most dinosaurs had a very small brain.
Everyone stared at Francos hairy chest
chest pecho noun the upper front part of the body
at the beach.
ear oreja noun a part of the body you use to hear An earring fell out of Marias ear.
elbow codo noun the joint that allows the arm to bend I broke my elbow two years ago.
My friend has one blue eye and one
eye ojo noun a part of the body you use to see
brown eye.
the front part of the head from forehead to
face cara noun Lorena has an oval shaped face.
both of the lowest parts of the legs (usually Her feet were sweaty in her shoes from
feet pies noun
we have 2) walking.
finger dedo noun one of the five digits attached to the hand Jefferson stuck his finger up his nose.
Eduardo kicked the soccer ball with his
foot pie noun the lowest part of the leg
hair pelo noun any of the small strands that grow out of skin He got his hair cut at the barbershop.
Marco used his hand to give Francesca a
hand mano noun a part of the body at the end of the arm
the upper part of the body that is connected His head hurt because he was
head cabeza noun
to the neck dehydrated.
the organ that pumps blood throughout the Eating greasy foods is not good for your
heart corazn noun
body heart.
a part of the body between the waist and
hip cadera noun My grandma broke her hip during a hike.
the joint that connects the thigh to the lower He scraped his knee when he fell off his
knee rodilla noun
leg bike.
a limb that comes from the hip (usually we
leg pierna noun Carl fell on his leg while dancing.
have 2)
lip labio noun one of the two parts that surround the mouth Juliana licked her upper lip.
My friend opened her mouth to yell at
mouth boca noun the part of the body you use to eat
the thief.
a part of the body that connects the head to She wore a ruby necklace around her
neck cuello noun
the shoulders neck.
nose nariz noun a part of the face you use to smell Isabella has a long thin nose.
Luisa used her shoulder to push open
shoulder hombro noun the top part of the arm
the door.
skin piel noun the soft tissue that covers the body A babys skin is very soft.
a big sack between the esophagus and the She ate so much that her stomach got
stomach estmago noun
small intestines bigger.
She left teeth marks on the apple after
teeth dientes noun all of the hard white structures in the mouth
she bit it.
toe dedo del pie noun one of the five digits attached to the foot Hernando dropped a pot on his toe.
Samantha chipped her tooth when she
tooth diente noun a hard white structure in the mouth

2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 3: My Family
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
aunt ta noun the sister of your mother or father I have one aunt.
baby beb noun an infant or very young child We are going to have a baby!
The boy did not want to go to
boy nio noun a male child
brother hermano noun a male son of your parents Jenny's brother is older than her.
child nio noun a son or daughter or a young person I am my mother's child.
cousin primo noun the child of your aunt or uncle I only have one cousin.
dad padre noun short for father My dad is from Guanacaste.
daughter hija noun the female child of her parents His daughter has blond hair.
a group of people who are related to each
family familia noun I have a big family.
father padre noun a male parent My father is tall.
friend amigo noun a person regarded with liking Edwin is Juan's friend.
girl nia noun a female child The girl wanted an ice cream.
abuelo noun your father or mother's father His grandfather is 75 years old.
abuela noun your father or mother's mother Her grandmother is short.
husband esposo noun the man you are married to Her husband is from San Jose.
a person who belongs to a group or an
member miembro noun I am the youngest member of my family.
mom madre noun short for mother My mom is beautiful.
mother madre noun a woman who has a child John's mother is tall.
nephew sobrino noun the son of ones sibling Her nephew is two years old.
niece sobrina noun the daughter of ones sibling The doctor's niece is sick.
sister hermana noun a girl that has the same parents as you My sister is a teacher.
son hijo noun the male child of his parents My son is in first grade.
the uncle of one's parents, or the husband of
uncle to noun My uncle is a firefighter.
one's aunt
wife esposa noun the woman you are married to His wife is a teacher.
having a strong feeling against someone who has
The teacher was angry when her
angry enojado adjective behaved badly, making you want to shout at
students arrived late to English class.
them or hurt them
feeling, showing, or causing pleasure or Amanda is always happy and always
happy feliz adjective
satisfaction smiling.
The children are always hungry after
hungry hambriento adjective wanting or needing food
Issac was sad when he broke up with his
sad triste adjective unhappy or sorry
thirsty sediento adjective needing to drink Maria was thirsty after playing soccer.
tired cansado adjective in need of rest or sleep I was tired after working all day.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 4: Socializing II
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
Monday lunes noun first day of the week The student goes to school on Monday.
Tuesday martes noun day that follows Monday She washes clothes on Tuesday.
mircoles noun day that follows Tuesday I exercise on Wednesday.
Thursday jueves noun day that follows Wednesday He went to Liberia on Thursday.
Friday viernes noun day that follows Thursday Friday is my favorite day.
Saturday sbado noun day that follows Friday There is a soccer game on Saturday.
Sunday domingo noun day that follows Saturday We go to church on Sunday.
January enero noun the first month of the year There are fiestas in Santa Cruz in January.
We celebrate Valentine's Day on the 14th of
February febrero noun the second month of the year
March marzo noun the third month of the year Her birthday is in March.
April abril noun the fourth month of the year Semana Santa is in April.
May mayo noun the fifth month of the year The sun always shines in May.
June junio noun the sixth month of the year I always go to baseball games in June.
July julio noun the seventh month of the year We have a short break from school in July.
We celebrate the Day of the Virgin in the
August agosto noun the eighth month of the year
beginning of August.
Costa Ricans celebrate Independence Day in
September septiembre noun the ninth month of the year
October octubre noun the tenth month of the year It is always rainy in October.
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in
November noviembre noun the eleventh month of the year
November in the United States.
December diciembre noun the twelfth month of the year I enjoy Christmas in December.
eleven once a cardinal number; 11 My favorite number is eleven.
twelve doce a cardinal number; 12 Jesus prayed with twelve disciples.
adjecti There were thirteen colonies in the
thirteen trece a cardinal number; 13
ve United States.
fourteen catorce a cardinal number; 14 The cat had fourteen kittens!
fifteen quince a cardinal number; 15 Fifteen is half of thirty.
adjecti If you are sixteen years old, you can
sixteen diecisis a cardinal number; 16
ve drive a car.
seventeen diecisiete a cardinal number; 17 We have seventeen cousins.
adjecti You can vote when you are eighteen
eighteen dieciocho a cardinal number; 18
ve years old.
nineteen diecinueve a cardinal number; 19 I ate nineteen cookies for lunch.
twenty veinte a cardinal number; 20 There are twenty students in the class.
thirty treinta a cardinal number; 30 Thirty years ago it was 1984.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 5: My Home
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
the part of a building, especially of a house
attic tico noun The attic is below the roof.
, directly under a roof
baseme a room that is under the house,
stano noun My house has a big basement.
nt underground
bathroo cuarto de
noun a room that has a toilet I shower in the bathroom.
bedroom (dormitorio noun a room where you sleep Francine went to her bedroom after dinner.
garage garaje noun a room that a car or motorcycle is kept in The car is parked in the garage.
an area of land used for growing flowers or
garden jardn noun There are flowers in the garden.
hallway pasillo noun a narrow passage in a house or building A hallway connects the two rooms.
house casa noun a building made for people to live in Our house is made of wood.
a room in a house or business where food
kitchen cocina noun My mother cooks in the kitchen.
is cooked
lawn csped noun an area of land with grass that is cut short The lawn is in front of the house.
office oficina noun a building or room where people work My mom works in an office.
a structure in front of the house with a roof but
porch porche noun I sit on my porch and talk to friends.
no walls
roof techo noun the cover or top of a building The large roof is red.
The neighbors have a yard big enough to play
yard patio noun the area in front of a house, usually grassy
armchair silln noun a piece of furniture you sit on She sits in the armchair and reads a book.
a fixture in the bathroom where you wash
bathtub baera noun My sister washes her baby in the bathtub.
your body
a piece of material used on a bed for
blanket cobija noun My bed has a soft blanket.
librero noun a piece of furniture used to hold books My father's books are on the bookshelf.
broom escoba noun a device for sweeping I clean the floor with a broom.
cabinet gabinete noun a piece of furniture used for storage The dishes are stored in the cabinet.
freezer congelador noun a very cold refrigerator that freezes food The ice cream is in the freezer.
microondas noun a machine that cooks food quickly When the food is cold I put it in the microwave.
a smooth surface that reflects whatever is
mirror espejo noun I comb my hair using a mirror.
in front of it
picture foto, dibujo noun a painting, drawing or photograph A picture of my grandparents is in my bedroom.
a soft, stuffed item used to rest a head
pillow almohada noun My bed has a fluffy pillow.
during sleep
a piece of furniture that is used to store
shelf estante noun My pictures sit on the shelf.
silverwar a name for a group of knives, forks, and
cubiertos noun The restaurant has a lot of silverware.
e spoons
servicio, a place where people get rid of bodily
toilet noun His bathroom has a blue toilet.
inodoro waste
toothpas pasta de
noun a paste used with a toothbrush to clean Crest makes good toothpaste.
te dientes
wall pared noun vertical dividing surface The wall of the house is white.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 6
Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
adjecti My Uncle Mike wears a hat to cover his bald
bald calvo without any hair
ve spot.
blind ciego not being able to see Erik is blind so he uses a seeing eye dog.
blow soplar verb a burst of wind The wind will blow hard during the storm.
A branch fell on my car during the storm and broke
branch palo noun a part of a tree that grows out from the trunk
my windshield.
bread pan noun grain that is baked and ground The bread in the bakery is fresh.
bull toro noun a male cow The bull was very big and scary.
quemadur an injury to skin or other material from The hot sun gave me a bad burn on my back
burn noun
a extreme heat and neck.
a shrub or clump of shrubs with medium
bush mata noun The bush was shaped like an elephant.
length stems
chalk tiza noun a white material used to write on blackboards The chalk broke all over the floor.
papas (de
chips noun thin slices of fried potatoes I ate tortilla chips with guacamole.
The Pacific coast of Costa Rica has beautiful
coast costa noun the land that borders the ocean
corn maz noun a yellow vegetable that has rows of seeds Many tortillas are made of corn.
a painful, involuntary contraction of a muscle
Richard could not walk due to the cramp in his
cramp calambre noun or muscles, typically caused by fatigue or
The creek by my house was my favorite place to
creek quebrada noun a stream
adjecti Guanacastecos tend to be dark compared to
dark oscuro being close to black in color
ve people from the Central Valley.
small drops of water that form on cool
dew roco noun Some animals drink dew in the morning.
surfaces at night
a substance, such as mud or dust, that soils Manuel had to clean a lot of dirt out of his
dirt tierra noun
something house.
a stocky bird with a small head, shorts legs, and a
dove paloma noun A white dove is a symbol of peace.
cooing voice
fine, dry powder made up of particles of
dust polvo noun A piece of dust got in my eye.
claro, adjecti She needs to wear sunscreen because she is
fair having light colored skin and hair
rubio ve fair.
feed alimentar verb to give food to a person or an animal I feed the cat each morning.
fork tenedor noun an utensil used for picking up food Maria used her fork to eat salad.
fried frito when a food is cooked in hot bubbling oil Fried chicken is a very popular food.
fries noun fried chopped potatoes Fries are a popular side dish for hamburgers.
a hard substance used to make things like The glass in the window shattered during the
glass vidrio noun
windows storm.
Isabel looked at the goat and saw that it had
goat cabra noun a farm animal with hooves and horns
yellow eyes.
gold oro shiny deep yellow The teachers ring is gold.
a waterbird with a long neck, short legs and a
goose ganso noun The goose flew away.
short bill
vegetation made of short plants with long The grass in Guanacaste gets brown in the
grass pasto noun
narrow leaves summer.
hail granizo noun rain in the form of balls of ice Hail can break windows.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 6
Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
half media noun two equal parts of a whole We have recess for half an hour.
any plant used for flavoring, food, medicine,
herb hierba noun My favorite herb is rosemary.
or perfume
My brother likes to roll down the
hill cuesta noun a raised area of land
neighborhood hill.
hour hora noun unit of time with sixty minutes Lunch lasts one hour.
lake lago noun a large body of water surrounded by land I like to kayak in the lake by my house.
lamb cordero noun meat that comes from sheep Lamb chops are expensive.
miss seorita noun a polite way to address a young woman Excuse me, miss. Wheres the bathroom?
moss musgo noun a small green plant that grows in a carpet Moss grows on the forest floor.
nurse enfermero noun a person who cares for the sick Juan is studying to become a nurse.
physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness Ryan felt a lot of pain in his foot after he
pain dolor noun
or injury stubbed his toe.
a small road made by animals or people
path camino, noun When hiking you should stay on the path.
a sweet round red and yellow fruit that has
peach melocotn noun The state fruit of Georgia is the peach.
a lot of juice
a small object that contains medicine or When you are sick, you can take a pill to feel
pill pastilla noun
vitamins better.
pond charca noun a small body of still water Frogs can lay their eggs in a pond.
seat asiento noun a thing used for sitting on Harry sat in the wrong seat on the bus.
Yessenia is short. She cant reach the
short bajo adjective having little length or height
snack merienda noun a small meal eaten between main meals Fiona had an empanada as a snack.
snake serpiente noun a reptile that has no legs My brother has a pet snake.
piece of clothing worn on your feet under
socks medias noun My fuzzy socks keep my feet warm.
some unos adjective an unspecified amount or number of Some foods are not very healthy.
sour cido adjective having an acid taste like lemon The orange was very sour.
spoon cuchara noun a round utensil used for picking up liquids She used a spoon to eat her soup.
a hard, solid, nonmetallic matter that makes The archway in the church was made of
stone piedra noun
a rock stone.
strong fuerte adjective having the power to move heavy weights Emilio lifts weights to become strong.
sweet dulce adjective having a sugary taste The birthday cake was sweet.
tape cinta noun a narrow strip of sticky material Alicia put tape on the paper.
used to identify a person or thing observed by
that eso pronoun That house is beautiful.
the speaker
trash basura noun discarded matter; refuse We should pick up all the trash by the river.
warm calido adjective a moderately high temperature I put ice in my cup of warm water.
year ao noun unit of time with 365 days One school year is ten months.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 7
Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
a means of transport that flies with two It is easiest to fly in an airplane to the United
airplane avin noun
wings States.
baker panadero noun a person who makes bread and cakes The baker starts baking at 4:00 am.
a written work consisting of pages bound in
book libro noun My favorite book is Huck Finn.
a plant with a fleshy stem that has spines
cactus cactus noun A cactus doesnt need a lot of water.
and no leaves
chalkbo pizarra de The teacher wrote a sentence on the
noun a large board used in schools to write on
ard tiza chalkboard.
a severe fever caused by a virus carried by
dengue dengue noun Having dengue fever is not fun.
desk mesa noun a table used to write on at school Sit down in your desk.
The presidents driver crashed on the
driver chofer noun a person who drives a vehicle
Earth la Tierra noun the planet that we live on We need to take care of planet Earth.
eighty ochenta a cardinal number; 80 I have eighty dollars!
the gradual destruction or diminution of
erosion erosin noun Rivers and oceans cause erosion.
an abnormally high body temperature, sometimes
Alison could not go to school because of her
fever fiebre noun including shivering, headache and in some cases,
high fever.
fifty cincuenta a cardinal number; 50 Fifty years is half a century.
forest bosque noun an area covered with trees and undergrowth Lots of different animals live in the forest.
forty cuarenta a cardinal number; 40 Jesus wandered the desert for forty days.
a unit of heredity that is transferred from a parent Dominant genes express themselves over
genes genes noun
to offspring recessive ones.
glue goma noun a material that sticks things together We used glue to paste the picture in the book.
homewo The children do their homework when they
tarea noun extra class work to do at home
rk come home from school.
horrible horrible something that is shocking The horrible meal made us sick.
a place where people go to get healed when
hospital hospital noun Doctors work in a hospital
hundred cien a cardinal number; 100 My grandmother is a hundred years old.
light claro pale in color Turtle eggs are a pale white color.
In Peru you can buy sweaters made from
llama llama noun a domesticated animal with soft wooly fleece
llama wool.
metro metro noun a subway system in a city Elizabeth takes the metro to the museum.
month mes noun unit of time with 28-31 days I am going to San Jose in one month.
mosquit a type of fly that sucks blood and carries
mosquito noun I hate it when a mosquito bites me.
o diseases
muscula adjectiv
muscular having well developed muscles The men on Combate are very muscular.
r e
next contiguo to the side of The bakery is next to the hospital.
ninety noventa a cardinal number; 90 There were ninety people at the meeting.
noteboo You should always write clearly in your
cuaderno noun a book for taking notes in
k notebook.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 7
Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
a mathematical concept used to count or
number nmero noun My favorite number is 4.
a wet colored substance used as a decorative
paint pintura noun Ashley got paint on her shirt.
pancake noun a thin flat patty of batter Richard ate a pancake for breakfast.
a large oval fruit with a yellowish skin and
papaya papaya noun sweet orange flesh, or the tropical tree on Many people don't like papaya.
which this grows
a piece of land almost completely surrounded
peninsula pennsula noun Osa is a large peninsula.
by water
picnic picnic noun a meal that is eaten outdoors. My family has a picnic every weekend.
pretty precioso adjective pleasing to the eye, delicate Pretty flowers decorated the bedroom.
examencit The students failed the quiz because they
quiz noun a small test given to students by a teacher
o hadn't studied.
rainbow arcoiris noun a bow of colors that appears after rainfall There was a rainbow after it rained
an organized system of belifes, ceremonies,
religion religin noun What religion are you?
and rules used to worship a god or gods
river ro noun a large natural stream of water The Nile is the longest river in the world.
ruler regla noun a tool used to measure things A ruler is twelve inches long.
scared asustado adjective frightened or worried Brian is scared of snakes.
school escuela noun a place where people go to learn I go to school during the week.
seventy setenta adjective a cardinal number; 70 There were seventy horses in the tope.
shoes zapatos noun piece of clothing worn on your feet Put on your shoes before you go outside.
sixty sesenta adjective a cardinal number; 60 My mom is sixty years old.
a piece of clothing that is worn around the
skirt falda noun Some girls wear a skirt to school.
square cuadro noun a polygon with four equal sides and angles My mom made my birthday cake a square.
The teacher asked us to staple our papers
staple grapar verb to attach or secure with a metal clip
sugar azcar noun a substance added to food to make it sweet You need sugar when you bake cookies.
suit traje noun formal attire with pants and a jacket The man wore a suit to the wedding.
terrible terrible adjective something that is very bad The service at the restaurant was terrible.
tornado tornado noun a destructive windstorm occurring over land The tornado sent a cow flying in the air.
My grandmother makes a tortilla every
tortilla tortilla noun a flat circular food made of flour
a shape that has three straight sides and The leaves of that tree are shaped in a
triangle tringulo noun
three points triangle.
prepositio directly below or at a lower level than
under debajo The ball is under the chair.
n something
wavy ondulado adjective Having a slight curve Kevin has short, wavy hair.
worker trabajador noun a person who is employed The worker put the food on the shelves.
young joven adjective not having existed for many years She is a young girl of 10 years old.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 8
Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
airport noun a place where airplanes can land or take off Mary needs to go to the airport.
astronau astronaut Franklin Chang is a Costa Rican astronaut that
noun a person who travels in a spacecraft
t a has been to space seven times.
attractiv adjecti
atractivo aesthetically pleasing Models are usually attractive people.
e ve
a person who write books, articles, or
author autor noun My favorite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
blouse blusa noun a loose shirt worn by women Jessica wore a purple blouse.
desayuno noun the first meal of the day Kevin had gallo pinto and natilla for breakfast.
brownie brownie noun a chocolate dessert that is cut into squares My neighbor baked me a brownie.
butterfly mariposa noun an insect with large colorful wings The butterfly flew around the garden.
a bird with a melodious song having yellowish-
canary canario noun They kept the canary in a cage.
green feathers
canoe canoa noun a light, narrow boat propelled by paddles We paddled the canoe around the lake.
a small, round red or black fruit with a large
cherry cereza noun Cherry is a popular flavor of granizado.
seed inside
condime condiment The food was bland so she added some
noun substances added to food to give it flavor
nts os condiments.
crayon crayola noun a colorful, waxy stick used to make pictures Tara likes coloring with a crayon.
a mammal of the horse family with long
donkey burro noun When I was little I liked to ride on the donkey.
a plant of the onion family that has a strong
garlic ajo noun taste and smell and is used in cooking to Garlic has a very strong flavor.
add flavour
glasses anteojos noun used to correct bad vision My grandpa is getting old and needs glasses.
gloves guantes noun worn over the hands to warm them When I go skiing I need gloves for my hands.
guide gua noun a person who conducts tours or expeditions They got lost in the jungle without their guide.
helicopte helicpter a means of transportation that flies by electric In an emergency, a helicopter can fly to the
r o propellers hospital.
history historia noun the study of past events and occurrences Jorges favorite class in school is History.
humid humedo a high amount of water vapor in the air Limn is very humid.
a tropical area overgrown with forest and
jungle jungla noun Jaguars live in the jungle.
marker marcador noun a writing tool, often used to color The marker is blue.
special food or a chemical that makes
medicine medicina noun My mom gives me medicine when I am sick.
someone better when they are ill
minute minuto noun unit of time with sixty seconds I ran for one minute.
the physical world collectively (including
nature naturaleza noun Costa Rica is a good place to observe nature.
plants, animals, the landscape, etc.)
block de
notepad noun a small stack of paper for taking notes A notepad is smaller than a notebook.
officer oficial noun a person who holds a position of authority Josefina is a bank officer at Banco Nacional.
a person who paints pictures on canvas,
painter pintor noun The painter painted the world map on the wall.
buildings, etc.
paramed paramdic a person who is trained to do medical work in an
noun The paramedic did CPR on the victim.
ic o emergency
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 8
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
paste pegar verb to attach an object to paper using glue Please paste the picture into your notebook.
plastic plstico noun a synthetic material used for many things Many storage containers are made of plastic.
a substance that builds muscles and is found in
protein protena noun Protein is important for your diet.
some foods
impermeabl Im going to Osa so I need to bring my
raincoat noun a jacket worn during the rain
e raincoat.
a short period of time during a school day
recess recreo noun I play soccer during recess.
where kids can play
a shape with four sides and four corners
rectangle rectngulo noun My pencil case is a rectangle.
that are all right angles
reduce reducir verb to make less of something. We should reduce our carbon footprint.
a person who interviews people and reports
reporter reportero noun The reporter interviewed the new president.
the news
an area of land where animals and plants A nature reserve is full of animals and
reserve reserva noun
are protected plants.
reuse reusar verb to use something again I like to reuse plastic bags.
salty salado tasting like salt My grandmas chorreadas were too salty.
sandwich emparedado Noun food between two pieces of bread Felipe got a sandwich at Subway.
scarf bufanda Noun worn around the neck in cold weather My mom knit me a scarf.
second segundo Noun a sixtieth of a minute of time I need one second to jump.
a person who keeps records and makes
secretary secretario Noun Olga is the secretary at the office.
The teacher likes silence when she is
silence silencio Noun the lack of sound or noise
spice especie Noun an aromatic substance used to flavor food Pepper is a type of spice.
stapler grapadora Noun an office tool used to put items together Do you have a stapler I can borrow?
steak bistec noun a thick slice of beef Steak is usually expensive at restaurants.
There were tadpoles swimming in the
stream riachuelo noun a small, narrow river
submarino noun a ship that can go under water completely Her dream is to ride in a submarine.
a piece of clothing worn to keep someone
sweater suter noun I wear my sweater when I go to San Jose.
these estos prono plural form this These markers are dry.
this esto used to identify a person or thing close by Is this pencil yours?
those esos plural form of that Those cars are cool.
toast tostada noun a slice of bread that is heated I like to put jam on my toast.
toxic txico poisonous Toxic waste kills animals.
volcano volcn noun a mountain from which lava comes from Cartago has an active volcano.
watch reloj noun worn on the wrist and used to tell time I am never late because I wear a watch.
writer escritor noun a person who writes for a living She wants to be a writer for La Nacin.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 9
Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
a women who acts on the stage, movies, or
actress actriz noun Jennifer Lopez is an actress.
Please stay in your seat and out of the
aisle pasillo noun a passage between rows of seats
a bodily reaction to a substance, ex. pollen, fur, a Tim has a severe allergy to peanut
allergy alergia noun
particular food, or dust butter.
ambulanc ambulanci a vehicle used to transport people to and from a Please pull over when an ambulance
e a hospital passes.
The architect designed the new school
architect arquitecto noun a person who designs buildings
athlete atleta noun a person who is trained to compete in sports Andrey Amador is a Costa Rican athlete.
adjecti partly or fully recovered from illness, injury, or
better mejor Mary is feeling much better today.
ve mental stress
a two-wheeled vehicle propelled by a rider using His bicycle was stolen because he did
bicycle bicicleta noun
two pedals not lock it up.
binder ampo noun a folder that papers can be clipped into All the papers were put into the binder.
The blazer made the man look
blazer saco noun a formal jacket
blonde rubio having a golden color Britney Spears has blonde hair.
broccoli brcoli noun a green vegetable that looks like a small tree Jaime doesn't like broccoli.
adjecti Third place in the Olympics gets the
bronze bronce shiny yellowish brown color
ve bronze.
calculator noun a tool used to do mathematical calculations Doing math with a calculator is easy.
a chart showing the days, weeks, and months of a
calendar calendario noun It is popular to gift a calendar in January.
a deep gorge usually with a river flowing through The Grand Canyon is in the United
canyon can noun
it States.
career carrera noun profession or occupation She chose engineering for her career.
cholera clera noun a disease that causes stomach aches and diarrhea Cholera is a very serious illness.
cilantro culantro noun an herb used to add flavor to food Alex puts cilantro in with his gallo pinto.
clothes ropa noun a shorter word for clothing I go shopping for summer clothes in May.
conservat conservac noun preserving and protecting natural environments Conservation is very important to protecting
ion in animals.
dairy los lcteos noun product derived from milk Ice cream and cheese are dairy products.
a dry barren area of land (usually covered with
desert desierto noun Africa has the largest desert in the world.
a condition in which feces are discharged from the After eating old eggs, Al had terrible
diarrhea diarrea noun
bowels frequently in a liquid form diarrhea.
the process by which organism develop and Charles Darwin proposed the theory of
evolution evolucin noun
diversify evolution.
a person who fights fires and rescues people from
firefighter bombero noun Daniel wants to be a firefighter.
burning buildings
adjecti feeling annoyed or less confident because you Daniel was frustrated that he didn't
frustrated frustrado
ve cannot achieve what you want understand the homework.
My grandfather hiked a glacier in
glacier glaciar noun a slow moving mass of ice
hamburge hamburgue Lucia ate a hamburger with her friends at
noun ground beef made into a patty
r sa the mall.
hamster hmster noun a rodent with a short tail and large cheek pouches Frank has a pet hamster.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 9
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
hazel avellana a greenish brown color Maria inherited her fathers hazel eyes.
hepatitis hepatitis noun a disease that inflames the liver I got the hepatitis vaccine last week.
a woman who cares for her children and The housewife cleaned the kitchen while the
housewife ama de casa noun
does the house work kids where in school.
hurricane huracn noun a strong tropical storm A hurricane destroyed the beach town.
island isla noun a land surrounded by water. Isla Chira is one of Costa Rica's islands.
knife cuchillo noun utensil used for cutting She uses a fork and a knife to eat.
naturally-occurring, solid substances found Mariela collects many types of rocks and
minerals minerales noun
in the Earth minerals.
mountain montaa noun a large steep hill Cornelio climbed a mountain this weekend.
musician msico noun a person who plays instruments The musician plays the guitar and drums.
adjecti Karen was nervous about her grade on the
nervous nervioso worried and anxious
ve history test.
obese obeso very overweight Being obese is very unhealthy.
observe observar verb to notice or perceive something Laura went to Monteverde to observe birds.
a food made from scrambled eggs and
omelette omelette noun Julianna made an omelette for her sister.
pajamas pijamas noun clothing worn when you fall asleep My pajamas are very comfortable.
a piece of bent metal used to hold papers
paperclip clip noun I held my papers together with a paperclip.
a bright-colored, tropical bird that can
parrot loro noun The parrot kept calling my name.
imitate speech
a person who installs and repairs pipes in The plumber fixed the broken pipe in the
plumber plomero noun
buildings bathroom.
preparacin noun the way something is made There was a lot of preparation for the dinner.
prepositio We use a preposition to signify where
preposicin noun a word expressing relation to another word
n something is.
profession profesin noun job, career Doctor was her profession.
Rice pudding is a traditional Costa Rican
pudding pudn, budn noun a thick, semi-solid dessert
the emission of energy as waves or
radiation radiacin noun Radiation poisoning is a dangerous problem.
sandals sandalias noun open footwear used in warm weather I wore sandals to the beach.
the study of nature and the behavior of
science ciencia noun Science is one of the subjects in school.
sneakers tenis noun informal shoes The kids wear sneakers when they play.
a group of organisms capable of exchanging
species especies noun There are millions of species of insects.
a piece of paper that gives the holder a
ticket tiquete noun You cannot enter the bus without your ticket.
certain right
a large sea wave cause by an earthquake or
tsunami tsunami noun A tsunami can destroy a beach town.
underwea Its important to wear comfortable
ropa interior noun clothing worn under your clothes
r underwear.
Andrea mixes yogurt and granola for
yogurt yogur noun semisolid food from fermented milk
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 10
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
bitter amargo having a sharp taste thats isnt sweet Burnt coffee tastes bitter.
adjectiv when a food is cooked in hot bubbling
boiled hervido Boiled eggs are easy to make.
e water
breaded empanizado when a food is covered in bread crumbs My mom made breaded chicken for dinner.
having been damaged and no longer in one
broken roto noun Joe had a broken arm from his soccer injury.
piece or in working order
cartn noun pasteboard or stiff paper I used cardboard to make a bed for my dog.
cattle ganado noun large farm animals; cows The herd of cattle crossed the road slowly.
adjectiv If you eat too much pinto, you might get
chubby gordito being slightly overweight but not quite fat
e chubby.
The soccer player put on his cleats before
cleats tacos noun sneakers with spikes used for sports
the game.
The child grew fast and his clothing doesnt
clothing ropa noun used to cover up the body of a person
cooked cocinado when a food is not raw Cooked fish is healthy.
adjectiv Schnauzers have curly fur all over their
curly rizado having a strong curve
e body.
adjectiv All the women in Samanthas family are
curvy curvilneo shapely and voluptuous
e curvy.
fumes gases noun gas, smoke, or vapor that smells strongly Factories produce smelly fumes.
grasslan a large open area of country covered with Large herds of cattle graze in the
sabana noun
d grass grassland.
adjectiv Grilled cheese sandwiches with onions are
grilled asado when a food is cooked on a grill
e good.
a piece of equipment worn on the head for It is a good idea to always wear a helmet
helmet casco noun
protection while on a motorcycle.
adjectiv Mashed potatoes are a traditional
mashed pur de when a food is crushed into a soft pulp
e Thanksgiving dish.
a viral disease of the human species;
mumps paperas noun She has a sore throat from having mumps.
causing fever, headaches and sore throat
mustard mostaza noun a yellow sauce My friend puts mustard on her hot dogs.
necklace collar noun accessory worn around the neck The gold necklace was very expensive.
paintbru You should wash your paintbrush
brocha noun a tool used to spread paint
sh thoroughly.
Sam breathed in pepper and it made her
pepper pimienta noun a spicy-tasting black powder
pia noun a large fruit that has a yellow, juicy inside I love sweet pineapple.
a tropical fruit similar to a banana with
plantain pltano noun green skin, or the plant that produces this There are many ways to cook plantain.
plump gordito a little chubby Babies are usually plump.
popcorn palomitas noun corn that is heated so that it pops Olga bought popcorn at a movie theatre.
The principal spoke to the students that
principal director noun a person who is in charge of a school
protect proteger verb keep safe from harm or injury It is important to protect the environment.
rainfores bosque a dense forest with consistently heavy
noun Costa Rica has a beautiful rainforest.
t lluvioso rainfall
redhead pelirrojo someone who has red hair Lindsey Lohan is a natural redhead.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 10
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
rooster gallo noun an adult male chicken The rooster is very colorful.
adjecti Steve had a runny rose when he was sick
runny moqueado producing or discharging mucus
ve last week.
a boat that moves by using sails to catch
sailboat velero noun Richard loves sailing in a sailboat.
scissors tijeras noun a tool used to cut things Dont cut yourself on the scissors.
a tool used to make a point on the end of a
sharpener maquinilla noun I lent my pencil sharpener to Harold.
shine alumbrar verb to cast light The sun will shine at noon.
silver plata shiny gray-white color The old ladys hair is silver.
skinny flaco lean or thin Bamboo stalks are skinny.
Spain Espaa noun country in Europe Spain influenced much of Latin America.
status estado noun the standing of travel plans Your flight status is on time.
strawberry fresa noun a small red fruit with seeds on the outside Strawberry is in season during summer.
adjecti It was hard to breather because of my
stuffy tapado filled with mucus due to illness
ve stuffy nose.
subway metro noun a railway system underground She takes the subway to work every day.
reddening, inflammation, and, in severe
quemadura After going to the beach, Joe had a bad
sunburn noun cases, blistering and peeling of the skin due
del sol sunburn.
to overexposure to the sun
sunglasses gafas del sol noun worn when it is sunny to protect the eyes I lost my sunglasses at the beach.
swamp pantano noun a low area of land that collects water The Everglades is a swamp in Florida.
tailor sastre noun a person who makes clothes to fit individually The tailor fixed my pants to fit me.
tasty sabroso something that is delicious A tasty snack is exciting.
thick ancho made up of a large number of things Her thick hair made her neck hot.
thorn espina noun a stiff, sharp projection on the stem of a plant I poked my finger with a thorn.
thunder trueno noun the noise that comes after a lightning strike The thunder was super loud.
trail sendero noun a path, especially through the wilderness The hikers followed the trail to the beach.
trunk tronco noun the woody stem of a tree That trunk of that tree is tall!
For Thanksgiving, many families eat
turkey pavo noun a large bird with a bald head; a meat
a man who serves the customers at a The woman asked the waiter for more
waiter mesero noun
restaurant water.
waterfall catarata noun a cascade of water falling from a height Niagara falls is a very large waterfall.
a large, round or oval-shaped fruit with dark
sanda noun green skin, sweet pink flesh, and a lot of The girl likes to eat watermelon.
black seeds
the state of the atmosphere with respect to
weather clima noun wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, The weather changes with the seasons.
a person who unites pieces of metal by The welder uses fire to weld the pipes
welder soldadura noun
heating them together.
adjecti of poorer quality or a lower standard; less Unfortunately, Jack is feeling worse today
worse peor
ve good or desirable than yesterday.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 11
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
account a person who keeps and inspect financial
contador noun An accountant helps her with her taxes.
ant accounts
always siempre adverb one hundred percent of the time She always takes a shower.
another otro ms one more of something Florence asked the baker for another cookie.
arrival llegada noun the action of getting somewhere Barbras time of arrival was 3:30pm.
backach dolor de
noun pain or soreness in the back My mom has a backache.
e espalda
Pick up your baggage after you get off the
baggage equipaje noun personal belongings packed in suitcases
You must bathe the dog at least once a
bathe baar verb to give a person or an animal a bath
boulder roca grande noun a large rock The boulder blocked the mountain road.
adjecti When it is humid, Elises hair becomes
bushy espeso growing thickly to resemble a bush
ve bushy.
butcher carnicero noun a person who cuts and sells meat in a shop The butcher gave me ground beef.
a large round vegetable with large green,
cabbage repollo noun white, or purple leaves that can be eaten Cabbage is a healthy food.
cooked or uncooked:
a vegetable with long, thin, whitish or pale
celery apio noun green stems that can be eaten uncooked or Celery is delicious in soup.
confiden adjecti
seguro being certain of ones abilities Harry is very confident speaking English.
t ve
adjecti unable to think clearly or to understand Steven was confused about his schedule on
confused confundido
ve something the first day of school.
expel air from the lungs with a sudden sharp
cough tos verb I cough a lot in my sleep.
crackers galletas noun a thin, crisp wafer Some people put tuna on their crackers.
The tourists taking a cruise stopped in
cruise crucero noun a vacation trip on a massive ship
Puerto Limon.
delicious delicioso something that tastes very good My moms cooking is delicious.
salida noun the action of leaving somewhere Your time of departure is 12:45pm.
dessert postre noun a sweet dish at the end of a meal Dessert is my favorite part of the meal.
destino noun the place you are going to San Jose is our destination.
to examine a person in order to identify a I like to diagnose myself, but I am not a
diagnose diagnosticar verb
disease doctor.
disease enfermedad noun illness or sickness Dengue is a common disease in Costa Rica.
earrings aretes noun accessories worn on the ears Sally got new earrings for her birthday.
sobre noun a flat, paper container with a sealable flap I put the letter in an envelope.
a long, skinny pet that is usually brown or
ferret hurn noun My sister has a pet ferret.
flight vuelo noun the distance covered by a flying object His flight leaves at 10:00 am.
There is a lot of garbage by the side of the
garbage basura noun wasted or spoiled food and other refuse
a rodent that is specially adapted to live in Susy always wanted a pet gerbil, but she got
gerbil jerbo noun
dry conditions a cat.
gorge can noun a narrow valley between hills or mountains There was a secret path in the gorge.

2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 11

Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
hairy peludo covered with hair Tarantulas are usually hairy and brightly colored.
headach dolor de Erin had a terrible headache and had to go lie
noun a continuous pain in the head
e cabeza down.
highlight a broad felt-tipped pen used to mark Erin used her highlighter to mark important
resaltador noun
er notes notes.
Route 32 is the highway between San Jos and
highway carretera noun a main road connecting two major cities
janitor conserje noun a person who takes care of a building The janitor swept the classroom floor.
lawyer abogado noun a person who practices law The lawyer convinces a juror to change his mind.
a flattened structure of a plank attached
leaves hojas noun The leaves are falling off the tree.
to the stem
a green vegetable that is very healthy to
lettuce lechuga noun Karina likes to eat sandwiches with lots of lettuce.
suitcases or bags used to pack personal
luggage equipaje noun Dont bring more luggage than you can carry.
a person who is responsible for controlling He got a promotion to the manager position at
manager gerente noun
all or part of a company the hotel.
mechani The mechanic repaired the transmission on my
mecnico noun a person who repairs vehicles
c car.
motorcy a two-wheeled vehicle resembling a bicycle It is important to wear a helmet while riding a
motocicleta noun
cle with a motor motorcycle.
a yellow or purple vegetable used for
onion cebolla noun Henry likes to put onion in his rice.
seasoning food
passeng a traveler on public or private
pasajero noun The passenger fell asleep on the train.
er transportation
a bird similar to the dove but larger with
pigeon paloma noun A pigeon is a common animal to see in San Jose.
white or gray feathers
to make land, water, air, ect. dirty or Factories often pollute the rivers and streams of
pollute contaminar verb
unhealthy Costa Rica.
range cordillera noun a line or series of mountains or hills There is a mountain range in central Costa Rica.
a thick liquid served with food to add
sauce salsa noun Mushroom sauce tastes really good with pork.
The garden was filled with the works of famous
sculptor escultor noun a person who makes statues
camarn(es a small crustacean(s) that lives in the
shrimp noun Many people like shrimp in their pasta.
) ocean
shrub arbusto noun a woody plant that is smaller than a tree There is an ugly shrub in my front yard.
spaghett Spaghetti with meatballs is my dads favorite
espagueti noun long thin pasta
i food.
a place where water comes up from We refilled our water bottles at the fresh water
springs manantial noun
underground springs.
steamed al vapor when a food is cooked with water vapor Steamed vegetables are very healthy.
stocky robusto a person who is short and thick My stocky neighbor loves hamburgers.
feeling or showing surprise because
surprise sorprendid adjecti
something has happened that you did not We were surprised by the results of the game.
d o ve
a person who is trained to help patients
therapist terapeuta noun I talked to the therapist about my anxiety.
overcome issues
usually usualmente a lot of the time The bus usually comes at noon.
waitress mesera noun a women who serves customers at a The waitress asked me what I wanted to eat.
watery lloroso teary After dusting, Sally had watery eyes.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 12
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
prepositi at a higher level than but not touching
above sobre The salt is above the sugar on the shelf.
on something else
a dark green, oval fruit that is pale
avocado aguacate noun Kimberly loves to eat tortillas with avocado.
green inside
a person who looks after children while The babysitter watched us while my mom
babysitter niero noun
parents are out worked.
barbeque parrillada verb cooking a meal outdoors My dad likes to barbeque.
a person who mixes and serves drinks
bartender cantinero noun The bartender made a pia colada.
at a bar
adjectiv having a pleasurable appearance or
beautiful hermoso Costa Rica is a very beautiful country.
e personality
prepositi to the far side of something, so as to be
behind detrs Brian is behind Kevin in the line.
on hidden by it
below abajo at a lower level or under something The dictionary is below the binder.
beside a la par at the side of or next to My shoe was beside the bed.
between en medio in the space separating two other things My car was parked between two trees.
biodegradab biodegrada adjectiv
capable of being decomposed Organic peels are biodegradable.
le ble e
biodiversity noun the variety of life in the world Costa Rica has a lot of biodiversity.
a small, soft, dark purple fruit with
blackberry mora noun The blackberry was too sour.
After her fall, Sarah realized her knee was
bleeding sangrando verb to lose blood
blizzard noun a heavy and lasting snowstorm The blizzard left lots of snow.
de nieve
bracelet pulsera noun an accessory worn on the wrist The husband bought his wife a gold bracelet.
to take air into and expel it from the After going for a run, he was breathing very
breathing respirando verb
lungs rapidly.
empresario noun a man who works in financial matters The businessman wears a suit and tie to work.
businesswo empresaria noun a woman who works in financial matters The businesswoman works at the bank.
a person who takes the money at the The cashier gave me change at the grocery
cashier cajero noun
store store.
proveedor a person who prepares the food for a The caterer made delicious cakes for
caterer noun
de comida social event graduation.
chopped picado cut up into small pieces Chopped onions are an ingredient in salsa.
a very large nut with a hard, hairy shell,
coconut coco noun a white part that you eat, and liquid in Coconut is used to make a lot of desserts.
the center
having a bowel movement less than 3 times Luke was constipated from his digestive
constipated constipado adjectiv
per week illness.
to add something harmful to the Please do not contaminate the water with
contaminate contaminar verb
environment trash.
creature criatura noun an animal or person A scary creature was lurking in my closet.
adjectiv a sensation of spinning around and losing
dizzy mareado Jonathan began to suffer from dizzy spells.
e one's balance
somnolient adjectiv After being in the sun all day, I felt very
drowsy sleepy and lethargic; half asleep
o e drowsy.
an oval, purple vegetable that is white
eggplant berenjena noun Eggplant is a dark purple vegetable.
inside and is usually eaten cooked
mayor, adjectiv describing a person who has lived a My elderly neighbor needs help crossing the
anciano e long time street.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 12
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
entree plato fuerte noun the main course of a meal His entre was very big, so he didnt finish it.
when a disease affects a lot people
epidemic epidemia noun There is a malaria epidemic in Haiti.
extinct extinto a species that has no living members Dinosaurs are extinct.
flabby flcido soft, loose and fleshy My grandmother has flabby arms.
peluquero noun a person who cuts and styles hair The hairdresser cut my hair too short.
handsom adjecti
guapo having an attractive appearance Richard is a very handsome man.
e ve
heels tacones noun shoes with a tall back The little girl was learning to walk in heels.
Loriana has to put on a jacket at night when its
jacket chaqueta noun a warm article of clothing
salsa de
ketchup noun a red tomato sauce I like to put ketchup on my French fries.
milkshake batido noun a drink made from ice cream and milk Alicia got a milkshake for dessert.
a piece of cloth or paper used to protect The napkin saved his clothes from the soup that
napkin servilleta noun
clothes and wipe the mouth he spilled in his lap.
oatmeal avena noun a cereal made from ground oats Apple and cinnamon oatmeal is delicious.
pebble piedrita noun a small stone made smooth and round Margarita has a pebble stuck in her shoe.
the presence of a substance that is harmful or
pollution polucin noun Many cities in China have a lot of pollution.
quarter cuarto noun one-fourth It is a quarter until two o' clock.
recipe receta noun instruction for cooking a dish She had her family's famous recipe for tamales.
ridge cresta noun a long narrow hilltop or mountain range Billy the goat was standing on top of the ridge.
sandstor tormenta a windstorm that blows a large amount of
noun There was a sandstorm in the desert yesterday.
m de arena dust and sand
a period of the year characterized by climatic
season temporada noun Fall is my favorite season.
slender esbelto someone that is slim My niece is a slender girl.
adjecti liking to be with and talking with other
sociable sociable Taylor is very sociable.
ve people
a kind of vegetable-like fruit including
squash ayote noun Susan loves to eat squash.
a narrow passage of water connecting two
strait estrecho noun The strait of Magellan is very famous.
areas of water
a bag used to pack personal belongings
suitcase maleta noun Pack your suitcase before we leave.
for travel
supplies tiles noun a stock of resources The teacher asked us to take out our supplies.
the abnormal enlargement of a part of
swelling hinchazn verb His ankle was huge from the swelling.
the body
thundersto a weather pattern that produces
tormenta noun My dog gets scared during noisy thunderstorm.
rm lightning, thunder, wind and rain
dolor de
toothache noun a pain in a tooth or teeth Tom went to the dentist because of a toothache.
a plant, root, seed, or pod that is used as
vegetable verdura noun Broccoli is a vegetable.
eject matter from the stomach through Matt began vomiting after smelling the rotten
vomiting vomitando verb
the mouth food.
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 13
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
aluminum aluminio noun a light silvery-gray metal Jorges house has an aluminum roof.
appetizer entrada noun a dish that comes before the main course Mozzarella sticks are a delicious appetizer.
Argentinia adjecti
argentino from Argentina The best meat in the world is Argentinian.
n ve
atmosphe the envelope of gases surrounding the
atmsfera noun The moon doesnt have an atmosphere.
re earth
auburn castao a light reddish brown color Laurens auburn hair is long and curly.
coliflor noun a white vegetable that looks like a tree My sister does not like cauliflower.
characteri caracterstic
adjecti an indentifying quality Gallo pinto is characteristic of Tico cuisine.
stic a
a person who drives a private or rented
chauffeur chofer noun The chauffeur drove by my house.
a person trained to give guidance or The guidance counselor helped me choose a
counselor orientador noun
advice school.
a long, thin, pale green vegetable with
cucumber pepino noun dark green skin, usually eaten uncooked Cucumber grows best in summer.
in salads
dehydrate deshidratad a state of lack of water in the body of a person I felt dehydrated because of the heat in
d o or animal Guanacaste.
California is currently in the middle of a
drought sequa noun a long period of abnormally low rainfall
embarrass adjecti The mother was afraid that she embarrassed
avergonzado feeling ashamed or shy
ed ve her child.
en peligro
endanger adjecti The leatherback turtle is an endangered
(de seriously at risk of extinction
ed ve species.
a person who designs or creates structures or
engineer ingeniero noun She wants to be a computer engineer.
environm the conditions in which a person, animal or
ambiente noun It is important to protect the environment.
ent plant lives
adjecti drained of one's physical or mental resources; After running the marathon, Susan was
exhausted agotado
ve very tired exhausted.
a substance added to soil or land to increase
fertilizer abono noun It is important to use fertilizer in a garden.
its fertility
natural spots that some people have on
freckles pecas noun Lauren has freckles covering her face.
their skin
frequently adverb most of the time I frequently go shopping in Liberia.
geotherm adjecti relating to or produced by the internal heat of
geotrmico There are geothermal factories in Guanacaste.
al ve the earth
gorgeous hermoso very attractive I think my mother is gorgeous.
a mammal with a spiny coat and short
hedgehog erizo noun A hedgehog can roll up into a little ball.
a person who works as a writer for a Mara Jos wants to be a journalist for La
journalist periodista noun
newspaper Nacin.
knowledg conocimient Going to university will increase your
noun information that one has in one's mind
e o knowledge.
a baked food with layers of pasta, sauce,
lasagna lasaa noun Lasagna is very popular in Italian restaurants.
and cheese
librarian bibliotecario noun a person who works in a library The librarian put away the stack of books.
an electrical spark discharged in the
lightning relmpago noun The lightning lit up the sky.
adjecti Her ears were lopsided, so her glasses looked
lopsided ladeado having uneven body parts
ve crooked.
mayonesa noun a white sauce made from eggs Mayonnaise is good on potato salad.

2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 13

Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
an infectious disease, caused by a virus;
measles sarampin noun She has never had measles.
passed by air
a really bad headache with nausea and Andrew stays in bed in the dark when he has a
migraine migraa noun
disturbed vision migraine.
mushroo a vegetable with a round top and short
hongo noun Brian likes pasta sauce with mushroom.
m stem
con adjecti
nauseous affected with nausea; inclined to vomit After eating too much, he felt nauseous.
nuseas ve
ointment pomada noun a lotion to treat a skin disorder Roy used an ointment on his rash.
oxygen oxgeno noun life-supporting component of the air Humans need oxygen to breathe.
a small parrot with green feathers and a
parakeet periquito noun The parakeet sang all morning long.
long tail
parallelogr paralelogra a polygon with four sides; two pairs of
noun The parellologram block is red.
am mo parallel sides and four edges
adjecti a person that is small in stature and
petite chiquita Yessenia is petite so she can wear small clothes.
ve height
pharmaci farmacutic a person who prepares and dispenses The pharmacist gave me medicine for my
st o medicine cough.
physical fisico having to do with the body Physical activity is important for your health.
prescripti receta a form given to a patient to get special
noun The doctor sent her a prescription for her allergy.
on mdica medicine
to convert something into reusable
recycle reciclar verb My school has bins to recycle plastic and paper.
renewabl adjecti
renovable not permanently depleted when used Renewable energy is an important resource.
e ve
sausage chorizo noun meat that is stuffed into a circular tube Sausage and eggs are a common breakfast.
He missed his bus because he did not know the
schedule horario noun a list of times or tasks to be completed
bus schedule.
scholarshi financial aid provided to a student to
beca noun He won a scholarship to go to the United States.
p study
scramble adjecti
revuelto when eggs are mixed together Scrambled eggs are a popular breakfast food.
d ve
adjecti His beard was scruffy after two days of not
scruffy desaliado shabby and untidy
ve shaving.
to make a sudden, involuntary expulsion
sneezing verb of air from the nose and mouth due to After inhaling smoke, Ally began sneezing.
irritation of one's nostrils
soldier soldado noun a person who serves in an army The soldier had to go to Iraq.
a vegetable with wide, dark green leaves
spinach espinacas noun I prefer spinach in salads.
that are eaten cooked or uncooked
stomachac dolor de
noun a pain in a person's belly Most childhood stomachaches are not serious.
he estmago
straight liso without a bend or curve Tara has long, straight hair.
a person who performs surgeries on The surgeon told Annie the surgery would be
surgeon cirujano noun
people quick.
a change in the body associated with a
symptom sntoma noun Bodyache is a symptom of the flu.
particular disease
utensil cubierto noun a tool for practical use He set the table with the utensils.
to give an injection to protect from
vaccinate vacunar verb I vaccinate my dog every year.
veterinari a person who treats diseased and injured
veterinario noun We took our sick horse to see the veterinarian.
an animals
a long, thin vegetable with a dark green
zucchini calabacn noun Zucchini is my favorite vegetable.

2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 14

Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
adjecti All public buildings must be accessible to the
accessible accesible able to access
ve handicapped.
accidentall accidentalme
adverb happening on accident He accidentally bumped into the kitchen table.
y nte
analyzing the financial position of a Accounting is a common area of study in technical
accounting contabilidad noun
company schools.
adolescenc the transitional period between childhood Adolescence is often an awkward period for kids
adolescencia noun
e and adulthood growing up.
allergic alrgico having an allergy My mom is allergic to cats.
anticlimact adjecti
anticlimtico without a climax The movie they watched was anticlimactic.
ic ve
bibliograph a list of source materials used to write a The bibliography must be attached at the end of
bibliografa noun
y paper every paper.
adjecti the act or process of knowing and Developing new cognitive abilities is important for
cognitive cognitivo
ve remembering children.
committe a group of people working on a The sports committee approved the project to fix the
comit noun
e particular project soccer field.
compleme French fries are the perfect complement for a
complemento noun something that completes or makes perfect
nt cheeseburger.
Management offered a shorter work week as a
concession concesin noun something conceded by those in authority
conjunctio in language, a connector; and or The word "and" is the most common conjunction in
conjuncin noun
n because, for example English.
conscience conciencia noun the inner sense of what is right or wrong The little white lie weighed heavily on his conscience.
contradicti contradiccin noun assertion of the opposite or contrary to what His remarks were a contradiction of what he
on was said originally said.
adjecti The students cumulative test score was a perfect
cumulative acumulativo the addition of successive parts
ve 300 after scoring 100 on the previous 3 tests!
The delinquent was suspended from school for two
delinquent delincuente noun a person who fails in a duty or obligation
demograp The Hispanic population in the U.S. will be an
demogrfico noun a single vital statistic of a human population
hic important demographic for future elections.
adjecti tactful; skilled in dealing with sensitive The solution to the problems in Syria should be
diplomatic diplomtico
ve matters or people diplomatic.
dishonesty noun lack of honesty The lawyer was sent to jail for his dishonesty.
a person or thing that embodies the features
epitome eptome noun Gallo pinto is the epitome of Costa Rican food.
of an entire group
adjecti The fluorescent light bulb lasts longer than the
fluorescent fluorescente strikingly bright, vivid or glowing
ve incandescent.
fundamenta fundamentalme Messi is the best soccer player in the world
adverb being an essential part of a foundation
lly nte fundamentally.
grammatic adjecti His grammatical mistakes made it difficult to
gramatical conforming to standard speech
al ve understand him.
during World War II, the mass slaughter of
Holocaust holocausto noun Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.
European Jews in Nazi concentration camps
pretending to be good when you really are The hypocrisy of the priest got him kicked out of the
hypocrisy hipocresa noun
not church.
immaculat adjecti
inmaculado without spot or stain; perfectly clean Mom mops her floors every day. Theyre immaculate!
e ve
immediatel inmediatament
adverb right now; without delay Open that door immediately!
y e
impeccabl adjecti
impecable flawless; perfect The service at the fancy restaurant was impeccable.
e ve
inconsisten adjecti
inconsistente not consistent Baseball players are inconsistent at times.
t ve
indirectament The taxi drove indirectly to its destination and
indirectly adverb not in a direct way; roundabout
e charged more!

2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 14

Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
The first verb form that you learn in a language is the
infinitive infinitivo noun the simple or basic form of a verb
a word or phrase that expresses emotion such
interjection interjeccin noun To express emotion, use an interjection!
as ouch!
microscpi adjecti being so small that it cant be seen by the Very small things like cells are considered to be
co ve human eye microscopic.
mysterious misterioso full of mystery Bats are mysterious creatures.
narcissism narcisismo noun excessive self-love Napoleon was famous for his narcissism.
necessity necesidad noun something necessary Water is a necessity for all life.
obedience obediencia noun the quality of being obedient Children need to practice obedience to their parents.
occasionally adverb from time to time; now and then Occasionally, volunteers go to San Jos for training.
officially adverb being official Officially, the new year starts at midnight.
a mental disorder characterized by excessive People suffering from paranoia often think they are being
paranoia paranoia noun
suspicion of others followed.
the process of restating or rewording a To summarize a story, you need to learn to
paraphrase parafrasear verb
passage of text paraphrase.
The British parliament decided not to strike against
parliament parlamento noun in British countries, a legislative body
perseveranc perseveran
noun steady persistence Perseverance is a good quality for a person to have.
e cia
persistence noun the quality of being persistent Persistence helps you get what you want.
adjecti opposed to the personal independence of one
possessive posesivo Her ex-boyfriend was very jealous and possessive.
ve s loved ones
probabilida The probability of Costa Rica winning the World Cup is very
probability noun a strong chance; likely
d low.
procedure noun a particular course or mode of action It is important to follow procedure in an emergency.
pronunciatio pronunciaci
noun the production of sounds in order to speak Good pronunciation takes a lot of practice.
n n
the system of certain symbols in writing to
punctuation puntuacin noun make meaning more clear by marking pauses Punctuation is important when youre writing.
and ending sentences
recommendat recomendaci anything that serves to recommend a person She rewrote the paper based on her teachers
ion n or thing recommendation.
especficam European countries are in a financial crisis,
specifically adverb being specific
ente specifically Greece.
subordinad someone or something under the authority of The supervisor is the subordinate of the regional
subordinate noun
o another director.
the coming of one person or thing after Costa Rica has had peaceful succession of presidents since
succession sucesin noun
another in order 1948.
superfluous superfluo adjecti excessive; unnecessary There is a lot of superfluous information on the
ve internet.
sorprenden adjecti
surprising causing wonder or astonishment The end to the classic was surprising.
te ve
adjecti Wash your hands or you will be more susceptible to getting
susceptible susceptible capable of being affected by an outside force
ve sick.
ellos With a win they gave themselves a chance to win the
themselves pronou the reflexive form of they
mismos tournament.
a form of government in which God is the This government has been a theocracy for hundreds
theocracy teocracia noun
supreme ruler of years.
adjecti commanding respect because of great age or
venerable venerable Pope John Paul II was a wise, venerable man.
ve dignity
The visibility on mountain roads is made worse by
visibility visibilidad noun being visible
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 15
Part of
Word Translatio Definition Example Sentence
accommodati alojamient
noun food and lodging We need accommodation for a family of four.
on o
accumulate acumular verb to gather or collect, often slowly Dirt and dust accumulate in my house.
apprehensiv adjecti The exchange student was apprehensive about her trip to
aprensivo fearful that something bad might happen
e ve Costa Rica.
baccalaurea bachillerat an internationally recognized program of The International Baccalaureate program came to Costa
te o study Rica in 1990.
adjecti including members from two groups or To pass the new law, the President needed bipartisan
bipartisan bipartidista
ve factions support.
adjecti Around the world there are many types of bizarre
bizarre extrao very strange
ve foods.
contabilida keeping systematic records of money Her great grandfather studied bookkeeping at
bookkeeping noun
d transactions Harvard.
adjecti characteristic of a bureaucrat or a Bureaucratic organizations are famous for their amount of
bureaucratic burocrtico
ve bureaucracy paperwork.
camarader Sports teams often have a great sense of
camaraderie noun comradeship; good fellowship
a camaraderie.
It is customary to drink champagne on New Years
champagne champaa noun a sparkling white wine
compromis Marriage is a life-long commitment between two
commitment noun a promise to do something
o people.
The girl blushed when her boyfriend gave her a
compliment cumplido noun an expression of praise
compostur self-controlled state of mind; calmness, The criminal kept his composure as he was being
composure noun
a tranquility accused.
courteous corts showing good manners; polite Women look for men that are kind and courteous.
Julius Caesars mission was to decimate the opposing
decimate diezmar verb to destroy a great number
disappearan desaparici The young girls disappearance was on the news all
noun an instance of disappearing
ce n morning.
doubtful dudoso of uncertain outcome or result Its doubtful that Costa Rica will win the World Cup.
effectivenes the degree to which something functions as it
eficacia noun The worker was fired for his low effectiveness.
s should
estimulant adjecti
exhilarating stimulating, invigorating The Fast and the Furious was an exhilarating movie!
e ve
de adjecti
gourmet fancy, specialized or exotic foods Many people go to bakeries for the gourmet breads.
gastronoma ve
garantizad adjecti promised product functionality and duration,
guaranteed The car battery was guaranteed for five years.
o ve usually in writing
handkerchie a small cloth used to wipe sweat off your face
pauelo noun He wiped the sweat off his face with his handkerchief.
f or to blow your nose
adjecti Bill Gates is an influential man because of his
influential influyente having influence over someone or something
ve fortune.
interrogatio interrogato
noun the act of questioning The soldiers used violence during the interrogation.
n rio
kaleidoscop calidoscopi a childrens toy with changing shapes and
noun I always wanted a kaleidoscope to look through.
e o colors
knowledgea adjecti Einstein was one of the most knowledgeable scientists in
enterado possessing knowledge about a subject
ble ve history.
The mouse couldnt find the cheese in the giant
labyrinth laberinto noun a large and confusing maze
loneliness soledad noun the feeling of being lonely Many teenagers suffer from loneliness.
miscellaneo adjecti
miscelneo consisting of many different elements Random office supplies are miscellaneous expenses.
us ve
modificant a word or phrase that qualifies the sense of
modifier noun You need a modifier to better describe that object.
e another word or phrase in a sentence
2014 English Spelling Bee Word List, 4th-6th Grade, Level 15
Spanish Part of
Word Definition Example Sentence
Translation Speech
necessary necesario urgent; of most importance It is necessary for humans to drink water.
Rain in summer is a strange occurrence in parts of
occurrence suceso noun something that happens; event, incident
Costa Rica.
ordinarily normalmente adverb most of the time; generally, usually Ordinarily, school finishes at 2:00 PM.
adjecti What the Nicaraguan President said about
outrageous escandaloso offensive; intolerable; shocking
ve Guanacaste was outrageous!
to steal anothers work when writing an
plagiarize plagiar verb You shouldnt plagiarize when writing a paper.
psychologi adjecti
psicolgico pertaining to psychology The Joker had a lot of psychological problems.
cal ve
the isolation of sick people to prevent the spread People sick with a contagious virus should be put in
quarantine cuarentena noun
of a disease quarantine.
de manera
realistically adverb based on what is real or practical No man can realistically run faster than a car.
recognition noun the acknowledgement of achievement She did not receive recognition for her great work.
reminisce recordar verb to recall past experiences The old man likes to reminisce about his childhood.
the great revival of art and literature from
renaissanc The renaissance was a period of advancement in art
renacimiento noun the 14th to the 17th century; the transition
e and science.
between the medieval and modern world
sacrilegiou adjecti The mans sacrilegious remarks upset the pastor and his
sacrlego involving sacrilege
s ve family.
separately por separado adverb apart, divided Students must work separately on their tests.
alumno de 2 a student in the second year of high school Jerry did not play on the baseball team his
sophomore noun
ao or college sophomore year.
an item given or purchased to remember a My dad always brought me a souvenir from his
souvenir recuerdo noun
place business trips.
sponsorshi the promising of financial support of an
patrocinio noun Saprissa has a sponsorship from Coca-Cola.
p organization in return for advertising
spontaneo adjecti acting upon sudden impulses; doing without Jims dad is spontaneous. He went to Mexico one day
us ve thinking for fun.
obstinacin noun fixed in purpose or opinion The stubbornness of the donkey angered the farmer.
subtlety sutileza noun something subtle The thiefs subtlety surprised the investigators.
adjecti The small town in Switzerland was surrounded by tall
surrounded rodeado enclosed on all sides
ve mountains.
suspiciousl sospechosam adverb arousing suspicion; questionably The watchman was suspiciously looking into the
y ente parked cars.
symmetric adjecti
simtrico well-proportioned; exhibiting symmetry A perfect square is symmetrical.
al ve
synonymo adjecti
sinnimo equivalent in meaning "Smart" is synonymous with "intelligent."
us ve
tardiness tardanza noun late arrival, often repetitive Tardiness in this classroom is unacceptable!
adjecti existing only in theory; hypothetical,
theoretical terico His findings were purely theoretical.
ve speculative
therefore por lo tanto adverb as a result; consequently Therefore, you must always wear a safety belt.
thorough exhaustivo attentive to detail and accuracy; painstaking The search was complete and thorough.
consideracin noun consideration for others Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
unbelievab adjecti unable to be believed; incredible,
increble The goal Messi scored last night was unbelievable!
le ve extraordinary
unfortunat desafortunadam Unfortunately, there are no classes today due to the
adverb suffering from bad luck; lamentably
ely ente civic act.