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CthulhuTech Open Beta V2

Revision 1.2

The Good News:

New chapter header font!
First complete pass of the Setting chapter
New Social Combat rules
New Chase rules

The Bad News:

You've got a lot more reading on your hands. :)

Change Log 1.2:

The first complete pass now implemented.

New Characteristics: Added Resilience & Wit as part of the new Social Combat system.

Implemented new Social Combat system.
Implemented new Chase system.

Change Log 1.1:

Increased starting Tenacity to 6, since it's required for the Tager Asset.
Amlati Racial Template: Changed the Attribute Bonus for Backgrounds, to reflect the
increase in starting Tenacity
Added Nazzadi (and Amlati) Phenotype as a new Character Generation option
Expanded Civil Service templates
Revised Cultural Skills (Starting Languages) everyone gets English and another now.
Revised Cultural Skills added Education, revised to reflect the new Hobbies & Trivia
Added New Nazzadi Backgrounds Orphan and White Sheep.
Added New Human Backgrounds Refugee, Scion, and Survivalist.
Revised Freeform Design Rules now you can create a Character from scratch and
ignore the templates.

Revised Skill List tightened list and removed 12 Skills, bundling some effects into
others. For those concerned by language in the Seduction skill, its been removed and
bundled with Convince.
Revised all mention of the Fighting and Armed Fighting skills to read Martial Arts.

Added Adaptive Coloring Asset to match with the new Keladi Nazzadi Phenotype.
Revised Alluring Asset made more preference neutral, removed Intimidation penalty,
removed reference to Sultry Voice
Revised Associates Asset removed references to the old name.
Revised Geek Asset fixed mechanical effect.
Revised Jock Asset fixed mechanical effect.
Revised Loaded Asset reduced options, added increase in Personal Wealth.
Revised Muse Asset fixed mechanical effect.
Revised Noteworthy Asset now fixed cost, increases Sponsored Wealth.
Removed Peripheral Vision Asset it wasn't really doing anything for us.
Removed Quick Fix Asset it's not useful for Tagers.
Removed Sultry Voice Asset double beat with Alluring.
Revised Arrogant Asset removed reference to Grating Voice.
Revised Broke Asset reduced options, added decrease in Personal Wealth.
Revised Chronic Pain Drawback changed duration to next scene from game time.
Revised Damaged Drawback added Insanity game mechanic.
Revised Delusional Drawback added Insanity game mechanic.
Revised Gloomy Drawback increased cost and made trigger more specific, changed
duration to next scene from game time.
Removed Grating Voice Asset double beat with Repulsive.
Revised Greed Drawback added mechanical effect.
Removed Hemophiliac Drawback it doesn't apply to Tagers.
Revised High Strung Drawback changed duration to next scene from game time.
Revised Rash Drawback changed condition to something more concrete.
Revised Repulsive Drawback removed Intimidation bonus, removed reference to
Grating Voice
Revised Seasoned Drawback changed requirements.
Revised Shadow Walker Drawback added game effect.
Revised Vatborn Drawback to match ages in Nazzadi Backgrounds.
Revised Vow Drawback decreased penalty and duration.
Revised Zealot Drawback reduced options, fixed cost, added game effect.

Revised description of Team Talents to show that they reflect Tactics.

Revised Tager Insanity Rules now tied to Power Advances at Challenging Difficulty.
Revised Manifestation added Your Things section.
Added Sidebar: Tagers & Guns
Added descriptions of Role and Special Attack terms.
Revised all Tager option costs to reflect both incremental and total costs.
Tagers now all get Nightvision for free.
Added Symbiont Bleed to Tagers you now start with one for free.
Revised Phantom Tager bundled Claws option with Blades.
Revised Shadow Tager now venomous, instead of poisonous.

Added Character Boosts for those who want to start with more powerful Characters.

Social Combat has not yet been revised to reflect the new Social Skills.
The Nightmare Rend attack is not yet fully functional.