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Student Name: Vasiliki (Maria) Hatzitolios Date: Friday, January 27, 2017

Age Group: Grade 4

Purpose: Purpose:
Reason for developing The reason I am creating this activity is because
therapeutic experience. I had a discussion with my supervisor about the
This could be in response health curriculum that needs to be followed.
to an observation, She expressed that the child wasnt getting any
discussion with the site information out of the health classes because
supervisor, etc. he doesnt understand to much due to the
Observation language barrier. The goal is to get the child to
- Document what you saw understand what second hand smoke is. What
and heard influences people to smoke, the effects of
- Document non-verbal second hand smoke, and the ingredients in a
communication (i.e.,
cigarette. I decided I wanted to encourage the
body language, facial
expressions and voice child to participate in the health lesson without
tone) getting discouraged about not understanding so
- Document in detail: who, I created this lesson for him
what, where, and when
- Documentation should
be written in past
tense, objective, and in
anecdotal format
Discussion: Document
the discussion between
you and your site
supervisor that led to
the planning
Therapeutic I decided to plan this activity for the child so he
Experience will be able to participate in the learning of
What are you planning in what smoking is and how it affects people.
response to your Therapeutic Objectives:
purpose? 1. The child will enhance his knowledge of
- Label your experience the health risks of smoke and participate
(e.g. Painting with in the learning as the Ontario curriculum
cars). suggests
- What are your 3 2. The child will enhance his reading skills
therapeutic objectives?
when reading about second hand smoke
with me in English
3. The child will enhance his oral
(eg. Sense of communication skills when he is having
normalcy, control, conversations with me about smoking
independence, etc) Who will be involved: The child and I will be
involved in the activity.
Describe the experience:
Where will it take place: The activity will
- Who will be involved in
take place during the childrens health period in
the experience?
- Where will the the morning
experience take place? Materials: Pencil, Eraser, second hand
- List the materials and smoking article, computer for reference
resources you will use Implementation:
- Describe the 1. Explain to the child that we will be talking
implementation of the about second hand smoke
experience, with a step 2. Show him a picture that describes second
by step description hand smoke
- Describe any precautions 3. Ask the child if he knows anyone who
you needed to take smokes so we can get some of his
with the activity, or personal experiences into the lesson
any restrictions that 4. Then I will show the child a picture of the
existed, effecting the ingredients of a cigarette and have the
child(ren)s ability to Spanish words of the ingredients for him
complete the task to reference. Then we will read about on
(Precaution eg. Child the computer what each ingredient is.
has a type of blood 5. Then we will research together what
cancer, so he/she has influences the people to smoke
to be careful not to get 6. After we will look at short term and long
a cut; Restriction eg. term effects of smoking using visual aids
Child has an IV in to assist the child in his understanding
his/her dominant hand, Precautions: Since the child is learning English
limiting use of the I had to be cautious of losing him during the
hand) lesson because of how information heavy it
was. I will continually ask the child if he
understands and if he needs me to talk slower
or slow down the lesson.