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Linux Explained: What is Linux?

do you have a friend who says things like unzip strip touch finger grip mount

a knapsack either he gets laid a whole lot or use the next user so what is the NEX ok
let's start simple you're familiar windows and mac OS well another operating
system is Lennox now technically text refers to the colonel could look up a colonel
at the base structure or framework an operating system is built around while
gnu/linux refers to the whole package genius software plus the linux kernel but just

know everyone simply cause it 1x so how was the next different from windows for
starters texts open-source this means that anyone can help contribute to
development and anyone is free to modify and redistribute the source code as a
result there are many operating systems using the linux kernel such as a 12 from
OS and Android and backed in finance running on many things such as ATM
machines government

facilities NASA Amazon Facebook and Google all use the next to some way most
web servers use flex and even some cars and made movies use on ex the
development Alexis very fast thanks to the many contributors from all over the
world and new kernel is released every three months compare that to at least every
three years for windows also the mix is typically more secure the windows to how
manages account privileges

what about linux and mac OS well this gets a little complicated you can say that
linux and mac OS are distant cousins without getting into too much detail know that
mac OS uses a carnal called Darwin this Colonel is based off of bsd which uses unix
see everything began around a system called unix AT&T of all people create this is
done in late sixties it was an open source that had to be licensed out to different
companies line is tavern the

Creator linux comes along and creates a colonel like unix but without using any
proprietary code this is dubbed the max Mac OS makes use of BSC which again use
unix so indirectly mac OS uses eunuchs which is the grandfather to max like i said
this can get a little complicated ok so if linux is so great why isn't everyone using it
well two big reasons compatibility and user-friendly list think about this i

use Windows my primary operating system simply because all my software namely
adobe creative suite is only compatible with Windows and Mac boiled steamed does
work on X you're not going to find many of the latest boy titles available products
and finally hate a minute but Lex is not that user friendly they're often not to do
some research and figure a lot of things out for yourself so guys there you have it
that is a quick look at lenox IA flights video

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What is Linux?
when linux one . was released to the world almost 25 years ago its model of

free and open source software knocked down all of the walls that had previously
been put in place by proprietary software giant's like Microsoft in order to maintain
control over the development and distribution of computer programs and as was
said in a world without walls who needs windows and gates when using windows its
high degree of compatibility makes it fine for everyday use for many people
especially gamers but since

windows is a proprietary operating system developers and users more or less have
to work within a relatively closed software environment that places certain
restrictions on what you can do anyone who has dealt with windows update or
Microsoft CRM features knows what I mean linux on the other hand has a
completely open source Colonel the central part of

the operating system that links your hardware with applications meaning that it can
be used freely for a purpose of whatever you want four tons of different use case
scenarios etc these different versions of linux are commonly called the distributions
or distros which provide different stacks of software tools and desktop environments
all of which are tied to the linux kernel that combine to form a complete operating
system these

districts can range from anything like ubuntu or mint which are popular desktop
distributions often uses alternatives to windows to something like android on your
smartphone two versions of linux found on super computers linux is focused on
security and stability compared to windows which focuses more on ease of use has
made linux extremely popular for servers and other super critical applications

linux is also generally more lightweight and less resource heavy than windows
which is beneficial for home users who just want a very fast computing experience
on a possibly low-end machine and even professionals running servers that require
high efficiency as they can pick a distro tailored for them by being very light on stuff
like I candy and background processes even to the point of being just a command-
line interface and well that all sounds

great that doesn't mean that it's a great idea to just run home and migrate your
home pc from Windows to Linux although a lot of work has gone into making
desktop linux distributions more user-friendly over the last 10 years there still is
pretty sharp learning curve if you've never used linux before linux offers a lot more
granular control over your computer than something like
windows or mac OS which actually does share a common ancestor with linux being
unix but that's maybe something for a different day taking advantage of this
granular control often requires a fair amount of technical knowledge even if you're
running a simple system like something like a raspberry pi it can still be rather
complicated and even distros that place a greater

emphasis on ease of use do take some getting used to if all you've ever known is
windows or mac for example most software isn't downloaded through a web
browser and installed during exe file like as it is in Windows but instead goes
through a package manager which download software from large repository specific
to each distribution kind of like an app store on your phone

that might sound a little bit restrictive compared to the open nature of searching for
Windows software on the web there's actually a wide variety of applications
available through these package managers and tons of these are free programs
continuing the linux tradition of using open source code but what if you want to
game this can admittedly be a challenge for a number

of titles requiring you to run a windows compatibility layer such as wine to even to
get them to work at all but the good news is that steam now features over 1,000
games that work on linux just fine and the new steam OS is linux-based as well so
trying to master the challenges that linux presents in order to tap into its potential
sounds like something that you want to do

check out some of the numerous free resources available online like linux newbie
guide to get additional technical info and figure out exactly how you'd like to
customize it but if that sounds a little bit overwhelming and you're mostly drawn to
linux because of its infinitely cute penguin mascot tux

you can download the completely open source sewing patterns to make your own
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Linux 1 - Introduction
hello my name is Peter Baker with this course we will look at a basic overview

of what linux is well then move on to using the shell terminal where we will cover
the file system configurations commands permissions and then finally how we can
automate processes with the use of bash shell scripts let us understand what linux
is first of all it's not a program like a word processor is it's a colonel created by linus
torvalds what he was a student at the University of Helsinki the colonel is essential
but by itself useless it can

only function in the context of a complete operating system it's used in combination
with the new operating system imagine can do as a big complex puzzle with a big
piece in the middle missing the big piece being the linux kernel the complete puzzle
equates to a functional operating system it's important to understand what a kernel
is as this is the defining component of linux kernel is the central part of an operating
system that is responsible for

interfacing all your applications down to the physical hardware there are two major
types of kernels competing in today's market windows and unix like Colonel's the
linux kernel falls under the latter as does bsd mac OS and solaris the term unix-like
reverse to the fact that they are based on or operate similar to the original Bell Labs
unix operating system Colonel's tend to fall under three categories microkernel
monolithic and hybrid a

microkernel only manages what it has to cpu memory and I pc or inter-process

communications everything else in a computer is seen as an accessory and can be
handled in user mode monolithic kernels like linux are the opposite they encompass
not only the cpu memory and into process communications but other things such as
device drivers file system management and system server calls the windows kernel
falls under hybrid because it has the ability to

pick and choose want to run in both user and supervisor mode in the 21st century it
is proven to be one of the most important technological advancements enabling
technology for a range of computer-driven devices is not only used to run on
smartphones desktops and laptops big corporate companies also use it to power
their infrastructures when you and many other people around the

world make a search with google behind-the-scenes thousands if not tens of

thousands of servers are powering its search technology to deliver you the results
you desire it's used in government's stock exchanges amazon wikipedia the list is
exhausted typically linux is packaged in a form known as a linux distribution mainly
for desktop and survey's popular mainstream linux distributions include

debian bhutto mint and fedora these all include the linux kernel supporting utilities
and libraries and a large amount of application software to fulfill the distributions
intended use the linux kernel is released under the gnu general public license and is
a prominent example for free and open source software with a strong ever growing
community if you're not familiar with the open source community it is a community
that believes that our model

of public collaboration and contribution creates better software than private

companies who want to keep everything they do under wraps but if this is the case
how is there any money to be made if all your hard work can be seen by anyone in
the world open-source institutions such as red hacking provide training support and
certification subscriptions or any forwarded donations to keep alive

finally you can imagine companies that have a big responsibility with their data
such as medical or financial institutions who would need support and who would be
willing to pay for these services if a problem was to arise in the next lesson we'll
move straight on to using linux why the terminal this has been Peter Baker and
thank you for watching please do not forget to subscribe to the SMK schannel

Introduction to Linux
hello and welcome to beginners guide to linux by shadow formed productions

if you come across this video you've probably heard about linux on the internet or
from friends that use linux but you don't exactly know what it is let's assume that
you're a novice with computers when you turn on your PC chances are it's running
windows or mac OS x microsoft windows and mac OS x are examples of an
operating system put simply an operating system is the software that operates your

windows has a task bar which used to run your applications a file browser that you
used to manage your files like photos and music a web browser to access the
internet and more linux officially known as - linux is another operating system with
its own desktop file browser and tens of thousands of different software applications

so here's the big question if linux does everything that windows does then why
would I use linux as my computer's operating system well there are a few key
differences between linux and other operating systems like Windows and Mac OS
first is that Linux is open source software which basically means that anyone can
change the operating system if someone doesn't like the way part of linux works

they are able to change it any way they like to see if their needs because of this
particular type of Licensing you see many different versions of linux or distributions
available each of them are similar but with their own benefits and all our linux what
this means is that you have the freedom of choice to find the version of linux that
works best for you and believe me there's distribution out

there for everyone while operating systems like windows or mac OS may suit your
needs just fine if there's something about the way it works that bothers are annoys
you there's very little chance of being changed or improved the second big
differences cost currently windows 8 pro runs for forty dollars at its cheapest and
mac OS mountain line runs 4 20

while both are much cheaper than they used to be you have always been able to
download most distributions of linux completely free of cost with software
improvements and bug fixes to linux offered free as well application software is the
same story almost all software for linux is free from office suites to web applications

games and even photo and video editors another key differences linux offers a
variety of desktop environments that you can use many open source developers
have created intuitive desktop environments for linux that work in their own unique
white to help you better interact with your computer one of the most popular
desktops for linux is called known they released version 3.6 in September 2012
which uses an overview pane by default to manage

your windows and applications instead of a traditional taskbar and start menu to
open a program or switch windows you would click the activities button in the top
left corner or move your mouse all the way to the top left corner of the screen
another popular desktop environment is the K desktop environment or que de que
te has a desktop and taskbar similar to windows but it is incredibly

customizable allowing you to make the desktop and taskbar exactly how you want it
you can have a number of extra features to the taskbar and desktop with widgets
which are customizable controls to enhance your desktop capabilities to summarize
for many Linux means freedom the freedom to use your computer how you want it
with his few restrictions as possible as with learning anything new there is a
learning curve but luckily there are many options for trying linux

on your pc without actually affecting your current operating system or date which
will include a few options in the details below so whether you use the computer to
browse the web perform office tasks graphic design games or even as a video
producer like me linux offers an endless array of computing possibilities