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DRUG STUDY Zyrah Ziska Z.

Zafra BSN4-A

Drug Name Dosage, Mechanism of Indication Contraindication Adverse Reactions Nursing Response/
Frequency, Route Action s Patient Teaching
Generic Name: Dosage: Increases glucose Moderate to Contraindicate Metabolic: hyperglycemia, 1. Assess patients glucose
Insulin 100 units/mL transport across severe diabetic d with hypoglycemia. level before starting therapy
Injection[Regular muscle and fat cell ketoacidosis or hypersensitivit and regularly thereafter. If
] Frequency: membranes to Respiratory: dyspnea, patient is under stress,
hyperglycemia, y to insulin
reduce glucose increased cough, reduced unstable, pregnant, recently
Brand Name: Route: level. Promotes mild diabetic pulmonary function, diagnosed, or taking drugs
Humulin R, protein.
Subcutaneous conversion of ketoacidosis, respiratory tract infection. that can interact with
using insulin glucose into its newly diagnosed insulin, monitor level more
Classification: syringe storage form, Skin: itching, rash, redness, frequently.
diabetes mellitus
antidiabetic glycogen (Williams stinging, swelling, urticaria,
agent; insulin; to control 2. Monitor patients
& Wilkins, 2009, warmth at injection site.
hormone and hyperglycemia. glycosylated hemoglobin
page 689)
Other: anaphylaxis, level regularly.
substitute hypersensitivity reactions, 3. Monitor urine ketone
lipoatrophy, lipohypertrophy, level when glucose level is
rash. elevated.
4. Be alert for adverse
reaction and drug
5. Monitor injection sites
for local reactions.

6. Assess patient and

familys knowledge of drug