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Scream bloodshot regret surround wet wisdom -

Should have + past participle

We use this grammar to talk about things we regret.
- I got really wet walking home last night, I should have taken an

These past modal verbs are all used hypothetically, to talk about thing that didnt
really happens in the past.
Would have + past Should have + past Could have + past
participle participle participle
Part of the third conditional. [1] Can mean something that would Means that something was
To talk about have been a good idea, but that possible in the past. Or you had
you didnt do it. It' like giving the ability to do something in the
advice about the past when you past, but that you didnt do it. [1]
say it to someone else, or When we want to make a guess
regretting what you did or didnt about something that happened
do when youre talking about in the past. In this case, we dont
yourself. [1] know if what were saying is true
To talk about something that, if or not true. [2]
everything is normal and okay,
we think has already happened. We can use:
But were not certain that Might have + past participle
everything is fine. [2] To mean the same thing. [3]
- If I had had enough money, I - I should have studied - I could have stayed up late,
would have bought a car. harder [1] but I decided to go to bed
- John should have left early, early. [1]
then he wouldnt have - He could have studied
missed the plane. harder, but he was too lazy
- His plane should have arrived and thats why he failed the
by now. (If everything is fine, exam. [1]
the plane has arrived.) [2] - Why is John late? He could
have got stuck in traffic. [2]
- He might have stuck in
traffic. [3]
Couldnt have + past
Means that something wasnt
possible in the past, even if you
had wanted to do it.