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BUSI 472



As you prepare to do this assignment, schedule several blocks of time

to get alone with your own thoughts. Begin by thinking about your
own goals, norms, beliefs and values. You will not be asked to discuss
these in class or with anyone else. Ask yourself what is really
important in your life, and begin to reflect upon these areas, jotting
down notes for review and further reflection. After you have done
this, probably over several days, make a list of statements that you
believe are an accurate representation of your beliefs and values, etc.
You may find that the person you are may be somewhat different from
whom you would really like to be as a Christian businessperson.

Your graded assignment is to compile a series of statements that will

assert the attitudes, actions and behaviors of the person you genuinely
aspire to become.

Take the assignment seriously. Work privately and independently. Do

not try to flatter your professor with words you do not mean. Avoid
trite expressions or high-and-mighty phrases. This work should be an
earnest endeavor to represent the person you are happy with and/or
actually want to be. It is not a confession of your shortcomings. It is
not something that is so idealistic that you would be embarrassed if
someone else were to read it. It should be realistic and attainable.
You should be willing to put the finished document in a place where
you can refer to it frequently so that you can make the statements an
active part of your consciousness. Some day in the future, of course,
you may make modifications, but do your very best to make it as
appropriate as possible for your present understanding.

This assignment constitutes of 2% of your final grade. Type your name

and course information in the upper left-hand corner. The title should be,
Personal Code of Ethics. Limit your work to one typed page. You should
have a minimum of five ethical statements, and a maximum of twelve.
Type each statement in a bold font, and begin each statement with the
words, “I will….” Single-space within each statement, and double-space
between statements.

Carefully review the above guidelines to make sure that your paper
complies with each point.
I will treat others as I would like to be treated

It’s very important for me to treat every person with the dignity and
respect I expect someone to give me to. I cannot treat them wrong
because they had done the same thing to me. I’m to love my enemies in
order to change their behavior.

I will be honest in all my dealings

If I made a promise to do something, I must execute it promptly. If

execute that promise. If for some reason I cannot fulfill my promise, I will
mentioned my concerns before the agreement is set in stone. Not
satisfying a promise also stands as I lie and I cannot be deemed as
trustworthy. I must do all I can to maintain a level of trust that will
identify me as someone who does what he says and mean what he says.

I will not put things off until the last minute

I’m doom to failure by doing things at the last minute because I have
limited time to fulfill obligations I promise to execute. If there is no time
for planning, I cannot perform my best work. Therefore, I must motivate
myself more time in doing things I’m required to do in order to have the
highest degree of performance.

I will stand up and fight for what I believe in

I must not give in to the pressures of my peers in order to fulfill

something that is against my own personal moral standards. If I listen to
everyone all of the time, my identity is shattered and my conduct of
principles are shared that of the world. I must be able to discover wrong
and stand up for what is right.

I will provide an apology for everything I face in life

If someone is an error of the trust, it’s my obligation and duty to correct

those who seek right way of saying and doing things. According to this
obligation, I must be certain that my knowledge is correct and share such
knowledge with love and constructed criticism that they will listen and do
that which is right not by my standards but the moral character of a
higher power (God).