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United States Government

Mr. Birkholz

Course Description
This course is designed to help you understand the basics of our government. We will be studying the
foundations of government, the constitution, the political spectrum/parties as well as the three branches of

The RULES: Attend class. Participate. Ask questions. Complete your work. Be respectful.
Have fun!

*** Attendance is crucial. If you want to pass you will need to attend class on time! If absences become an
issue a meeting will be set up between an administrator, me and the student.

Grading: A = 100-90% B = 89-80% C = 79-70% D = 69-60% F = 59% and below

*1st quarter=45% 2nd quarter=45% Final Exam=10%

I use a total point system for your grades. If you earn an F you will not graduate. Extra credit will account
for no more than a 2-3% bonus to your grade. To be eligible for extra credit, all of your regular credit
work must be handed in.

Assessments: you will take 6 unit tests, 3 each quarter. Exam view will be the format. One essay per unit
test. You will also take a News Quiz during each unit test. We will have regular Google Form quizzes on
class activities as well.

Homework/Projects: You will receive regular assignments/activities that you must complete during the
unit (due day of test). You will also have one Current Event assignment during each unit, which is also due
the day of that unit test.
**Expect a more significant research project [4th quarter] and a citizenship test [final exam] based
on the pre-test.

City Council Meeting: You must also attend one government meeting-a popular choice is a City Council
meeting which is typically on Mondays evenings (7:00-8:30ish), so please make arrangements to be there
or to attend another meeting.

Late Work: If you turn in work late it is up to a 40% credit reduction. If you do not turn in an assignment
it is a 50%-100% reduction. Once we test on a unit you may not turn in missing assignments for that unit.
If you have unexcused absences you may receive a reduced grade for any assignments that were due or
assigned that day.

Make-up work: Every day that a student is absent they will receive two days to make-up the work that
was missed. Absences prior to quizzes or tests do not excuse the student from taking the quiz or test if
he/she was in class on the day the quiz/test was announced. The expectation will be that the test is made-
up on your own time. Check Google Classroom often. You will be able to print off all assignments from
Google Classroom. I will also send messages periodically through Google Classroom. It is the students
responsibility to check Google Classroom and collect any work that needs to be completed from the
**Plagiarism is the act of taking ideas, concepts, facts, and or words from another and using them as your
own. Plagiarism could result in failure.

No man is good enough to govern another man without the other's consent.
Abraham Lincoln
Sign, Date, and Hand In. A copy of this can be found on Google Classroom
I have received, read, and understand the expectations and policies of Government with Mr. Birkholz and
find them to be reasonable and clear.

Student Signature Date