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Ashish Panchiwala

Mobile: (+91)9510249572

• Have 1.2 year of experience in Eternal Software Solutions Ltd in Java, J2EE,
JSP, Servlet, Struts, Swings , GWT 2.0,EXTJS 2.0,Spring,Hibernet.
• I have Four Month Training Experience in Starnet Software India(L) in Struts
Framework (JAVA) Technologies
• I have cleared IBM Tivoli examination with 80% score.
• I have cleared three C2C exam for Java certificates jointly organized by BISAG and
• I have been certified by IBM Invite 2005 and GIL for successfully completion of
project titled “Sports Hostel Management System”.
• Designed and developed multiple J2EE Model 2 MVC based Web Application using
J2EE Technologies (Servlet and JSP), and popular open-source framework Struts.
• Strong development skills in Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlet, C, HTML, Java Script, Oracle,
My SQL and Macromedia tools.
• Understanding an implementation of software development life cycle (SDLC) in
software products - Analysis, Design, Development and Testing with Documentation.
• Working experience in various IDE like Eclipse, Net Beans, , Dreamweaver.
• Development experience of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Java
• Development experience of the Oracle Report using Oracle Report Builder.
• Use of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for version control and backup projects.

• Java Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Swing, TCP/IP Socket
• Framework: Gwt 2.0,Hibernate,Struts,Spring 1.2 MVC, Tiles frameworks.
• Languages: Java,C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, PL/SQL.
• Operating systems: Windows (2000/NT/XP),UNIX.
• Development Framework: Struts (MVC Architecture),Hibernate,Spring,Gwt
• Tools: Microsoft Project, MS VSS, MS-Office.
• Development Tools: MyEclipse 3.1, NetBeans IDE, DreamWeaver.
• Database: MySql, Oracle, Microsoft Access,Google App-engine.
• Web/ App Server: Apache, Tomcat,Google App-engine.
• Reporting Tools: IReport, Oracle Report

Hemchandracharya 76.19%
Jan-May 2009
MCA North Gujarat (Aggregate Up
University, KADI to 6th sem)
B.Sc.( Computer Applications & Hemchandracharya
Information Technology) North Gujarat 60% 2006
Gujarat Secondary
S.S.C 56% 2001
Education Board
Gujarat Secondary
H.S.C 62% 2003
Education Board


Eternal Software Solution.

Title: Model Our Community

The Model Our Community company (MOC) is a non-profit company set up to develop and
make available expertise in establishing success full Google 3D Cities modeling projects.
The company will develop a web portal that is based on a "Wikipedia like" system of
community driven content publishing tailored to support the establishment of local,
government moderated, community Google 3D modeling projects. The Model Our
Community project is aimed at identifying, developing and documenting best practices with
regard to the many different 3D Cities modeling projects that are gathering momentum
around the world.

• Gathering User Requirements and system design diagrams using UML.
• Code Development process using MyEclipse IDE
• Use of Google App-engine.
• Implementation of Business logic.

Environment: Java Gwt 2.0,ExtJs,Hibernet,Google App-engine,Spring.

Eternal Software Solution.
Title: Online ISO Implementation(e-ISO)

To built a site that helps the ISO standardized companies all over India. The project has
been developed to maintain all the project details like the no of projects company has
worked on, how many clients the company has as well as their details, the no of employees
in the company, how many are involved in development of the any particular project, their
team size, their designation, as well as the work order details, stages of the project, the
modules and the tasks involved in any project, the project deliverables details, the
customer satisfaction records (feedback), the audit file details and the testing details. On
the basis of outcome of those records the auditor judges the company work, whether the
company has fulfilled the requirements as per the standards. Based on it the company is
given ratings.
It can generate various reports and Maintain records of all the projects that company has
worked upon.

• Gathering User Requirements and system design diagrams using UML.
• Code Development process using MyEclipse IDE
• Use of MySql for data backup.
• Implementation of Business logic and jsp report generation.

Environment: Java Struts, JSP, Servlets, MySql, Apache tomcat

Eternal Software Solution.

Title: Advantage Immigration

The purpose of the portal is to provide aspirants desirous of immigrating to Canada with
relevant information and online access to the facilities provided by the Service Provider.
The web portal would serve the requirements of aspirants desirous of immigrating to
Canada. Such aspirants require a single point of interface wherefrom they can:
- Perform an Online assessment of their eligibility to immigrate.
- Enter into a contractual agreement with the Service Provider.
- Facility to enter information and generate forms required as part of statutory requirement
for Immigration by Canadian authorities.

• Gathering User Requirements and creating System flow with Diagrams.
• Involved in developing User Interface using Eclipse.
• Use of MySql for data backup.
• Use of iReport for creating PDF Reports.
• Creating backend java classes for implementing Business logic.

Environment: JSP, Java Struts, Java Script, Eclipse3.1, Tomcat 5.0.20, MySql, IReport.

Ganesh Housing Cor poration Limited


Technology: Java ,JSP,Servlet

Database: MySql

The site provides all the information of the group regarding its current and upcoming projects and
also the financial data of the company.

Project/Customer Management Module


An in-house system is developed for the staff. The system is role based for different levels of user.
The system provides the exclusive access to the registered user.

· Unit Booking

· Check paid/ pending installment

· Generate payment receipt

· Generate user level report

Administrator has special rights and access to the system.

· Activate/Deactivate user

· Run various reports

· Add various Projects

Eternal Software Solution.

Title: N.A.OIL Account System(Desktop Application)
It is a Account Base module that Keep hole Information about Oil and its also provide
facilities maintain stock of oil and we Generate Report how many stock in company and
which no of stock Require in company and also included employee Salary task System
• Understanding Requirements and creating Design flow of the system with UML
• Used Java Swing for creating Graphical User Interface and creating custom
• Provide interrelationship between forms.
• Developed Validation Class for doing various validations in the entire project.
Environment: Java Swing, NetBeans, JReport

Eternal Software Solution.

Title: Diamond Photos UK

Technology: Java Applet , JSP,Servlet
Database: MySql

The system provides facility of sharing photos between customer and owner of well known Diamond
Photos Studio in UK. Using this application customer can directly upload photos that they need to process.
Customer can manage albums for the same.

Admin is able to view all customer albums and process them directly.
• Understanding and analysis Gathered User Requirements.
• Involved in developing through the Application.
• Implementation of JavaScript related programming.

Environment: My Eclipse , MYSQL, JavaScript.


Date of Birth : 18th Jan, 1986

Marital Status : Single
Language Known : English, Hindi, Gujarati
Address : Gota Road Vishvash-5 Block B-405
Ahemedabad Gujarat