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thursDAY January 21, 2016

Vientiane Times ISSUE 17

The First National English Language Newspaper
The 10th Congress of Lao
Peoples Revolutionary Party

4500 kip

Congress sets course for

exit from LDC status
Somsack Pongkhao

Ensuring that Laos graduates

from Least Developed Country
(LDC) status in five years time
has been the focus of discussion
at the 10th Party Congress, a
Party leader has said.
Party Politburo member
and Deputy Prime Minister
Mr Somsavat Lengsavad
highlighted this fact when
speaking to the media yesterday
on the sidelines of the ongoing
The most important
Lutheran World Federation and Luang Namtha Rural Development and Poverty Eradication Office sign outcome of talks at the
a MoU for the RBEP project in Luang Namtha province this week. 10th Party Congress is our
determination to ensure that

LWF supports rural our country sheds its least-

developed status by 2020, he
Mr Somsavat Lengsavad speaks to the press on the sidelines of the
10 Party Congress.

development in northern Laos Mr Somsavat called for the

entire Party and society to work
together to fulfill this ambitious
a higher middle income nation
in 2030, Mr Somsavat said.
He highlighted the
We can see that the
number of poor families has
declined to 6.59 percent of all
goal. implementation of the four families nationwide. We have
Times Reporters Namtha province, running project from the Integrated The congress will elect new new breakthrough approaches not only achieved goals in
from the Memorandum of Rural Development Programme Party leaders, including Party that were approved at the 9th poverty reduction, we have also
Lutheran World Federation Understanding (MoU) signing (IRDP) that has been Central Committee members Party Congress in 2011. These accomplished the development
(LWF) has agreed to fund an date until the end of 2020. implemented from 2012-2015 and Party Politburo members, approaches aimed to accelerate of essential infrastructure such
extension of the Right Based The MoU for the project with a budget of over US$1 who will lead the country in its national development and as roads, telecommunications,
Empowerment Project (RBEP) was signed in Luang Namtha million (about 8.3 billion kip), effort to accomplish set goals on sustain economic growth. and hydropower. We are also
in Luang Namtha province, province this week between under funding by Bread for the road to future development. The breakthrough approach building a railway, he added.
with funding of US$3 million Lutheran World Federation the World, Finish Evangelical If we cannot accomplish to poverty reduction had Concerning the
(about 24 billion kip). and Luang Namtha Rural Lutheran Mission (FELM), our goals by 2020, it might be accomplished more than breakthrough approach to
The project will be Development and Poverty German National Commission impossible for Laos to become anticipated, Mr Somsavat said. Continued page 3
implemented in Viengphoukha Eradication Office. (GNC) and LWF.
and Nalae districts of Luang RBEP is an extension RBEPs overall objective is to
contribute to poverty eradication Survey underway for railway service businesses
in Laos by empowering people
in sustainable development that Souksakhone Vaenkeo the developers of the project are Mr Lattanamany said the
LAO FREIGHT FORWARDER CO., LTD promotes the strengthening of conducting the survey. developers will look at ways to
local leadership for fulfilling A survey is being carried out The Lao and Chinese promote private businesses to
- Offers transport, forwarding and packing of their responsibilities towards: in order to develop service governments have established a invest into developing service
all kinds of outgoing and incoming goods by equitable and sustainable businesses at railway stations joint venture company to develop businesses at the railway stations
overland, river, air and sea. development, empowering along the 427 km Laos-China the US$6.04 billion project with such as restaurants, hotels and
-Worldwide Courier Express Service people to access social rail line to provide services to the Chinese side investing 70 other services.
Please contact us at: Authorized Cargo Agent for:
services, improving economic passengers once the railway is percent of the project, while Laos He added that those service
Km 3 Thadeua Road, livelihoods and using natural operational, a senior government is responsible for the remainder. businesses in which the private
TG Thai Airways International
Vientiane, Lao PDR. P.O. Box 3145 resources in sustainable ways official has said. Construction of the sector is not interested in but
(opposite French School ) in order to reduce risks from Deputy Minister of Public project is set to take about five are seen as necessary to provide
Tel: 313321, 313351, 314524, 315165, 313392 Fax: ( 856-21 ) 314831 disaster.
Email: laoffimp@laotel.com, laoffair@laotel.com, laoffexp@laopdr.com, laoffexp@laotel. Works and Transport, Mr years to complete following services to passengers should be
com, phasavath.somphone@gmail.com, www.laopdr.com, www.lao-freight.com RBEP focuses on poor Lattanamany Khounnivong told groundbreaking on December invested by the developers of
Continued page 2 Vientiane Times this week that 2, 2015. Continued page 2
2 Home news Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

Lao-Thai experts assess Vientiane

agriculture cooperation
year, focusing on strengthening project, he said.
capacity in the agriculture sector The projects goals are to
on an ongoing basis, officials enhance cooperation in a wide
confirmed. range of agricultural sectors, to
Speaking at the workshop develop the trading relationship
ceremony, Executive Vice and to provide a forum for
President of Lao National the exchange of scientific
Chamber of Commerce information. Previously, the
and Industry, Mr Daovone agreement has facilitated
Phachanthavong said the exchange visits between two
project had an important role in countries, he added.
developing cooperation between He explained the project
the two countries in agriculture. continued to promote agricultural
The project aims to enable cooperation between Thailand
local remote ethnic groups and and Laos, while developing Participants attend a workshop on the Convention against Torture.
local authorities in Sangthong trading relationships and
Mr Daovone explains the aims
of the project.
district, Vientiane to cooperate
in realising inclusive economic
development and poverty
the exchange of agricultural
scientific information to enhance
linkages between the nations.
Officials share ideas on
Convention against Torture
Phetphoxay Sengpaseuth alleviation. Representative of the
Another focus is to increase Kasetsart University of
Agriculture experts from the Lao the productivity of household Thailand Assoc. Prof. Dr Viroch
National Chamber of Commerce staple food production systems Impithuksa said the project was
and Industry and Kasetsart and income production and cooperating in human resource Times Reporters treatment or punishment, the Lao prohibition of acts of torture.
University of Thailand met in the improve knowledge and learning development with training for legal framework and the update Furthermore, Laos is in the
capital yesterday to review their about gender-equitable and agriculture professionals and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the draft Penal Code related process of drafting the Penal
cooperation project in Vientiane. sustainable food security, he improving access to agricultural organised a workshop on the to the convention. Code, in which the provisions
During the workshop, said. information. Convention against Torture last These topics were presented related to the convention will be
participants reported progress The project had improved He said the project would week in Vangvieng district, by Lao resource persons incorporated.
of their activities while looking the development of knowledge fund activities in the target Vientiane province, supported from the National Assembly, The ratification of the
to future plans. The project in the agriculture sector by using villages which included the by the Laos-EU Project Support Ministry of Foreign Affairs, convention by Laos in 2012
started in Sangthong district, modern technology to assist local Kasetsart University providing to Laos-EU Human Rights Ministry of Justice, and foreign was an important commitment
Vientiane in 2014 with the Laos- people in Sangthong district, and training to local people in rice Dialogue. consultants, including Laos-EU and highlights the efforts made
Thai agricultural cooperation following its success there would planting and other technical areas More than 50 representatives Human Rights Support Project by Laos in the promotion and
agreement signed the same be a commercial agriculture pilot of agriculture. from related ministries and Consultant Dr Jayampathy protection of human rights,
agencies attended the workshop, Wickramaratne and Chief especially with regard to the
Four killed last week in Vientiane road accidents which was chaired by Deputy
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr
Technical Advisor of the Support
Programme to the Legal Sector
prevention of torture and cruel,
inhumane or degrading treatment
Alounkeo Kittikhoun. Master Plan, Ms Shaemeela and punishment.
Times Reporters During the two-day Rassool. The ratification and
workshop, participants discussed Lao legal frameworks, implementation of this
Many people sustained various topics, such as the including the Constitution, convention supports the efforts of
injuries and four people died overview of the convention, the Penal Law and Law on Criminal the Lao government on the way
in road accidents around the understanding of torture and other Procedures, among others, to building a state governed by
capital last week, according cruel, inhumane or degrading stipulate the prevention and the rule of law by the year 2020.
to the Vientiane Traffic Police
The department reported
that from January 11-17
Survey underway for railway... from page 1
there were 30 road accidents the project. where the groundbreaking to justify them. Developing
involving more than 40 people. The real needs in relation ceremony took place. A goods service businesses at the railway
In those accidents, four to service businesses must be transportation station for the stations is seen as necessary to
people were killed, eight studied, he said. railway will also be built in provide services to a number
people were left in a critical According to the plan, the Vientiane. With the railway of passengers expected to
condition, 13 people were railway composes 11 passenger stations to be built and located commute via the railway once it
seriously injured, and 18 stations. Two will be built in the not far from the city centres is operational.
people were slightly injured. Boten and Nateuy areas of Luang where transport networks from A study has shown that the
In the collisions, 40 vehicles Namtha province. Three stations the stations to the cities are number of domestic passengers
sustained moderate damage will be built in Oudomxays available, Mr Lattanamany commuting through the Laos-
and 22 vehicles sustained Namor, Xay and Nga districts. stated that there is no plan at China railway is expected to
minor damage. Two stations will be built the moment to build particular reach 3.98 million passengers
A police officer said most in Luang Prabang and Xieng- expressways between the a year once the project is
road accidents occurred as a ngeun districts in Luang Prabang stations and the cities. operational.
result of drunken driving and province. Another three will be Transport networks are The numbers of domestic
speeding, with the most serious constructed in Kasy, Vangvieng already available to enable passengers are forecast to rise
accidents taking place during and Phonhong districts of passengers to commute between further to 6.11 million passengers
the evening and night. A recent accident in Vientiane. Vientiane province. the cities and the stations, he per year in the following years
In one accident last week In Vientiane, the main said, adding that expressways and spike further to 8.62 million
a truck and a motorbike were opposite direction. The victim Prabang province Mr Vilasak, passenger station will be built in could be built in the longer- passengers per year in the longer
involved in a fatal collision at was identified as Mr Kham, 18, of Khomkhuang village, Xay village, Xaythany district term when demand is sufficient term.
traffic lights in Sihom village, 20, of Sokpaluang village, Luang Prabang district, was
Chanthabouly district, in which Sisattanak district. travelling at high speed in
the motorcyclist was killed. In another incident, Mr a Prado SUV when he went
Somchit, 57, of Sengsavang through an intersection and
LWF supports rural... from page 1
The department reported
that the driver of the truck, village, Xaysettha district, was hit a motorbike coming in the people, the disadvantaged, women, children, youth, and disabled people in 76 target villages in
Mr Saisamone, 24, of driving a pick-up truck from opposite direction. Viengphoukha and Nalae districts. During project implementation, LWF additionally contributed
Maisaisomboun village, Dongchong to Amone when T h e m o t o r b i k e r i d e r US$110,000 (about 880 million kip) supporting rapid relief missions to assist people affected by
Xaythany district, was he lost control and crashed into was killed instantly. He was flash floods in Oudomxay province in 2013 and Luang Namtha province in 2015.
travelling from Sihom to the roadside. The impact killed identified as Mr Anoulack, 24, The RBEPs implementation has been made possible thanks to collaboration and supervision
Km2 when he collided with him instantly. of Phonheuang village, Luang support from National Committee for Rural Development and Poverty Eradication, the Ministry of
a motorbike travelling in the E l s e w h e r e , i n L u a n g Prabang district. Foreign Affairs and concerned offices at all levels.

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Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 Home news 3
Party Central Committee congratulates
Vietnam Party Congress
Times Reporters solidarity, and comprehensive Laos will work with the Party,
cooperation between Laos and government and people of
The Party Central Committee of Vietnam, which was established Vietnam to protect and cherish
the Lao Peoples Revolutionary by the great President Ho further the friendly relations for
Party (LPRP) has sent a message Chi Minh, beloved President the benefits of the two peoples
of congratulations to the Party Kaysone Phomvihane and and to promote regional and
Central Committee of the President Souphanouvong international peace, stability and
Communist Party of Vietnam and cherished by successive cooperation.
(CPV) on the occasion of the leaders of the two countries T h e L P R P s c e n t r a l
CPV convening its 12th congress. and continues to be preserved committee also expresses
The message reads On the and enhanced. This has become confidence that the Vietnamese
occasion of the Communist a valuable legacy and one of people will be able to achieve
Party of Vietnam convening the the factors that determines the greater victories and successes
12th Party Congress, on behalf success of the revolutions of the in the years to come in line with
of the Party Central Committee, two nations. the resolution of the 12th Party
members of the Lao Peoples T h e L P R P s c e n t r a l Congress.
Revolutionary Party and the Lao committee expresses its gratitude T h e L P R P s c e n t r a l
multiethnic people, we would and sincere thanks to the Party, committee wishes the 12th
Savannakhet Governor, Dr Souphanh Keomixay addresses the 10th party congress. like to extend our best wishes and government and people of Congress of the CPV great
profound love as close comrades Vietnam for having always

East West economic

to the 12th Party Congress, and extended immense, valuable, T h e L P R P s c e n t r a l
through the congress to the CPV timely and effective support and committee also expresses the wish
members and all the brotherly assistance to the revolutionary that the friendly relations, special

corridor brings results

Vietnamese people. task of the Lao people. solidarity and comprehensive
T h e L P R P s c e n t r a l Meanwhile, the LPRPs cooperation between the two
committee expresses its pride at central committee makes a Parties, governments and peoples
witnessing the sound tradition of commitment that the Party, is further consolidated and
great friendly relations, special government and people of longlasting.
Times Reporters confidence amongst domestic border area and outside

By implementing decisions
and foreign investors and
strongly contributing to the
the special zone. These are
involved in manufacturing: Irrigation systems running
up electrical debts
of the previous 9th party growth of socio-economic Japanese camera parts, French
congress, east-west economic development in the province. sunglasses, Korea vehicles,
corridor integration has been GDP growth increased Toyota spare parts, aviation
achieved greatly contributing from 10 percent in 2010 to 12.5 spare parts, telecommunication
to Savannakhet provinces percent in 2015, with annual equipment, and other vital Khonesavanh Latsaphao money in the water users more water available to the
social and economic growth, average GDP per capita going products. groups dont send the money nations many thousands of
according to the governor. from US$897 per person in Freight and passenger Irrigation systems that use to the village authorities to pay farmers.
Savannakhet Governor, 2010 to US$1,785 last year. vehicles crossing Savannakhet- electrical pumps to feed water the electricity, he said. Right now all kinds and
Dr Souphanh Keomixay, Foreign investment Mukdahan Friendship Bridge into channels to farmers According to the Vientiane sizes of irrigation schemes
reported to the 10th party amounted to US$5.2 billion and Dansavan border (Lao- fields owe a lot of money Power Distribution Department are delivering water to the
congress this week that based last year, which is a 58 percent Viet) increased from 77,800 to Electricite du Laos, the under Electricite du Laos, countrys wet and dry season
on its strategic location and increase compared to five years vehicles in 2006 to 216,700 national electricity authority, house owners in Vientiane do rice along with other crops. In
continually implementing the ago. Currently the province has vehicles in 2015. with many utilities bills not owe too much for their use addition, people can use the
government stimulus policy, 160 investment projects from The value of imports and remaining outstanding. of electricity if compared to water to raise more animals
implementation of the east- more than 20 countries. exports at the Savannakhet- Deputy Director General various state departments or and of course have a plentiful
west economic corridor was Numerous modern Mukdahan Friendship Bridge of the Department of irrigation schemes. source of water for household
progressing well and bringing industrial factories have set reached US$1.341 billion Irrigation under the Ministry Mr Nouanedeng added that use.
tangible results. up in the Savan-Seno special last year while the number of Agriculture and Forestry, the state sometimes needs to In order to increase crop
This was creating economic zone, Dansavan of tourists increased from Mr Nouanedeng Rajvong told pay debts incurred by irrigation yields for food security
435,900 in 2006 to about 1 Vientiane Times on Wednesday systems that use electrical and commercial gain, the
Weather forecast million in 2015. that the debts outstanding from pumps when the electricity is government is continuing to
Exports for the five years irrigation systems are very about to be cut off by voltage build more new irrigation
( 2 0 11 t o 2 0 1 5 ) r e a c h e d large. workers. schemes by using both its
US$3.6 billion, and imports There were many reasons Irrigation schemes need budget and borrowed funds
US$1.2 billion, while revenue that the bills remain unpaid, to be designed so that water which attract low interest rates.
collection was over the plan including that the irrigation overflows into channels More than 778,000 hectares
each year by about 18 percent systems are broken or that automatically and can be of wet season rice and over
to 20 percent. rice crops were destroyed by delivered to crops in both the 126,600 hectares of dry season
The electricity grid has natural disasters. wet and dry seasons. rice are grown annually in
gradually been developed to H o w e v e r, m e m b e r s Irrigation systems that use these areas.
provide sufficient supply for of water users groups also electrical pumps to feed water But about 226,000 hectares
industrial needs and to expand say that they have given the into channels are not attractive of rice fields in the flatland
into remote areas, with over 80 money for electricity to a to farmers because they have areas are totally dependent on
percent of villages presently representative of their group to pay for the electricity rainwater because irrigation
being able to access electricity but the bills remain unpaid consumed. channels have not been built
covering 87.8 percent of all anyway. However, the Party and in these locations yet.
households. Many farmers pay their state have been investing a When rice is not only
Wi t h s o c i o - e c o n o m i c bills but the irrigation schemes large amount of money over consumed domestically but
development growth, poverty still owe money for using the last 40 years to build many also exported to neighbouring
has been reduced. Presently, electricity because some irrigation systems throughout countries, Lao farmers and the
throughout the province there individuals who collect the the country, aiming to make nation as a whole will benefit.
are only 149 poor villages,

Congress sets course... from page 1

which is about 14.6 percent of
the total.
There are 8,633 poor
households or 5.3percent of the human resource development, something we need to continue end on Friday. Yesterday, the
provinces total with only the Mr Somsavat said Laos had to address, Mr Somsavat said. requirements for and a list of
districts of Xepon and Nong come close to reaching set goals In addition, the candidates for election to the
identified as poor. in this area. breakthrough in thinking may Party Central Committee were
The governor added that He said the Party and need further attention because announced.
implementing east-west government had arranged for certain outdated dogma was Party members will elect
economic corridor integration people to study both in Laos still adhered to and not many 69 Party Central Committee
still faced challenges that and abroad which had resulted innovations had occurred. members from 77 candidates
needed to be continuously in more qualified and highly The 10th Party Congress and eight alternative Party
addressed, such as socio- educated people working in strongly emphasises further Central Committee Members
economic infrastructure, the various sectors in Laos. implementation of the from 11 candidates, with the
lack of financial resources, Meanwhile the breakthrough breakthrough in thinking, he election set to take place today.
technology, labour force issues, approach to improving the said. Meanwhile invited guests
the competitive abilities of mechanisms, procedures and If Laos could not achieve went on a field trip to Phanphet
businesses, and the quality of rules of administration had been a breakthrough in thinking, it farm in Hadxaifong district
management. partially successful but had not would be hard for the country to watch a demonstration
For the next five year plan, fully met the expectations and to develop a sustainable or of mechanised rice seedling
the province will focus on needs of the country. knowledge-based economy, he transplanting.
resolving issues to ensure We still have a number of explained. They also visited an organic
better results based on the procedures and barriers that The 10th Party Congress farmers group in Nontae
governments directions. hinder productivity and thats opened on Monday and will village, Xaythany district.
4 Home news Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

Lao Red Cross lends helping News in Brief

hand to chilly northerners

Five drug dealers arrested in Vientiane
Vientiane police have arrested five drug dealers and
seized over 3,000 amphetamine pills, according to the
Khuamsangob Daily.
Times Reporters
The dealers were named as Mr Yotkeo, 31, Ms
Latsamy, 35, Mr Laomor, 37, Mr Somvang, 24, and
Mr Tualy, 21. Police first arrested Mr Somvang who
The Lao Red Cross handed confessed to buying 2,800 amphetamine pills from
over blankets, clothes and Mr Laomor. Police took the pills as evidence and
instant food for distribution then arrested the other four dealers and confiscated an
to communities suffering from additional 300 amphetamine pills.
the cold in three districts of
Luang Namtha province. Huaphan court imprisons woman for
Representative committee murder
members of the Lao Red Cross A court in Huaphan province recently sentenced a
recently distributed assistance woman charged with murdering her husband to 10
to 186 villagers in Namtha, years in prison, according to the Khuamsangob Daily.
Sing and Nalae districts. Police arrested Ms Phaengkham, 58, who lived in
The goods were donated by Xamtay district and she confessed to killing her
husband Mr Amphone, 41, after the two quarrelled
ministries and local donors
and Mr Amphone tried to strangle her. She hit him
through the Lao Red Cross. on the head with a piece of wood three times, and he
Lao Red Cross committees succumbed to his injuries.
organised the project in 2014
with the aim of providing Luang Namtha eyes 400,000 visitors in 2016
adequate clothing to those Luang Namtha province expects to receive over
suffering in the colder provinces 400,000 visitors this year after carrying out a number
of Laos. of tourism-related infrastructure developments,
A committee member told according to the Lao Economic Daily.
Vientiane Times that before The provinces Information, Culture and Tourism
distributing the supplies, Lao Representatives of the Lao Red Cross give blankets to villagers in Luang Namtha province. Department reported that it had improved access to
Red Cross officials had to visit tourist sites and services and installed better signage.
target areas to identify the of the Meteorology and the afternoon. In Luang Namtha province, The province has 125 officially designated tourist
communities most in need of Hydrology Department, Sing Temperatures are set to temperatures will range from sites, 102 hotels and 160 restaurants.
warm clothing. and Viengphoukha districts drop by 1-3C in all provinces 12-28C on January 21, 13-28C Thakhaek officials warn of dangers of drug
Since 2014, the Lao have lower temperatures of Laos from January 22 to 25. on January 22, and 9-25C on abuse
Red Cross has helped poor than other areas in Luang The Meteorology and January 23. Fog and isolated
Officials in Thakhaek district, Khammuan province,
communities in the provinces Namtha province, with Hydrology Department has showers are expected during recently gave a talk to educate people considered to
of Phongsaly, Huaphan and daily temperatures currently updated the latest three day this time. be at risk of drug addiction, in a bid to protect them
Luang Namtha, but do not yet between 7C and 25C. weather forecast for the main In Vientiane, temperatures from the dangers of drug abuse. Speakers explained
have plans for the year ahead, An official from the provinces. Xieng Khuang between 21-31C are expected the negative impacts of drugs on users and society as
the committee noted. division told Vientiane Times will have temperatures of 12- on January 21, from 21-30C on a whole, according to the Khuamsangob newspaper.
According to the Weather yesterday that temperatures on 22C on January 21, 11-22C January 22, and from 18-29C on The district targeted 22 groups thought to be at risk of
Forecasting and Aeronautical January 19 and 20 were low in on January 22, and 8-21C on January 23. Vientiane will also drug addiction.
Meteorology Division the morning before rising in January 23. experience isolated showers.

Lao Peoples Democratic Republic

Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Second Trade Development Facility
Project ID No: P130512
National Consultant to Support MRA on Accountancy Services
The Second Trade Development Facility (TDF-2) is a multi-donor program financed by Australia, the European
Union, Germany, Ireland, USAID and the World Bank focusing on improving trade and private sector development
in Lao PDR. The development objective of the TDF-2, which is implemented by The National Implementation
Unit (NIU) within the Foreign Aid Division of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), is to support the
implementation of governments trade and integration priorities outlined in the 2012 Diagnostic Trade Integration
Study (DTIS) Roadmap, and in particular to contribute to improved competitiveness and diversification, focusing
outside the natural resource sectors.

The objective of the National Consultant is to support the Accountancy Department of the Ministry of Finance and
support International consultant hired by the TDF-2 in the implementation of ASEAN MRA on Accountancy Services
in Lao PDR. Main responsibilities are:

Collect and review relevant laws, policies and other documents as requested by the International Consultant;
Translate relevant laws, regulations, policies and other documents form Lao into English and vice versa as requested;
Facilitate and organize meetings and consultations with government and other agencies, and provide interpretation
services during such meetings;
Assist the organization of the first Aptitude Test for foreign accountancy professionals wishing to practice in Lao PDR;
Provide comments on various draft reports prepared by the international consultant utilizing knowledge on
country institutional set up and political economy of the sector;
Any other tasks required to support the international consultant and the Accountancy Department team.
The estimated inputs for this assignment are 110 working days or 5 months over a period of 12 months. It is expected
that inputs will be delivered in Vientiane, Lao PDR, working alongside International Consultant and government
officials. The expected commencement date for Services in Lao PDR is as soon as possible. The full detailed ToR
is available at the NIUs website: http://t4dlaos.org/index.php/en/work-with-us/vacancies

In order to be considered for the position, the candidates should meet the following qualifications and experience
An advanced degree in accounting or related field (commerce or economics);
Membership in a professional accounting body which is a member of the International Federation of Accountants
(IFAC), or a post graduate qualification in Accounting or related field will be an advantage;
Fluency in English and the Lao language (written and spoken);
Minimum 3 years of working experience in relevant field;
Familiarity with trade in services and development issues;
Good translation skills (English-Lao-English), especially of law texts, will be an advantage;
Good interpersonal skills to facilitate dialogue with various government agencies, senior and technical staff,
and the private sector and result oriented; and
Willing to work alongside and assist international and national counterparts in a practical and proactive way.

National Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultants (IC) selection method set out in the
Consultant Guidelines, in line with the World Banks Guidelines Selection and Employment of Consultants, January 2011.
The NIU now invites interested eligible consultant to provide information indicating that you are qualified to
perform the services (curriculum vitae with expressions of interest and references). Expressions of interest must
be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail) by January
26, 2016, 16:00 oclock.

National Implementation Unit (NIU)

Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ban Phonxay, Xaysettha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
Tel: +856(21) 41 39 16 45 39 82; Fax: +856(21) 41 39 16
E-mail: Amphaphone.t@laosaft.org
Attention: Mr. Phouvieng Phongsa, NIU Director
Note: only short list will be contacted.
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 Photo news 5

Delegates and
guests of the 10th
Party Congress on
Wednesday visit an
organic farm in Nontae
village, Xaythany
district, Vientiane.
The chemical-free
vegetables are sold in
farmers markets in

10th Party Congress delegates yesterday visit Phanphet Agriculture Development Farm in German-Laos Association for Development (GLAD) representative Ms Ingrid Korn (third right)
Hadxaifong district to see farmers using a mechanised process to transplant rice seedlings. stands with officials from Xebangfai district and Khammuan province after the handover ceremony
for an artesian well that cost more than 24 million kip. The well was installed at Vernsanan Primary
School on Friday. It is 30 metres deep and will provide a source of clean water for the children
at the school. --Photo Daengsavath Senphanit

The Lao Solidarity and Development Fund Committee and the Taiwan Lion Clubs International
Eden Social Welfare Foundation hand over table lamps to the Ministry of Education and Sports
on Tuesday for distribution to poor children in remote areas of Laos. Present at the ceremony were
Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Ms Sengdeuane Lachanthaboun (third left) and Chairman
of the Lao Solidarity and Development Fund Committee, Mr Yuhao Aixinjueluo (second right).

General Manager of Lao Ford City Mr Dilip Jesuthasan (left) presents a Ford Ecosport to Mr Lattanavong
Kindavong on Wednesday representing the winner Mr Siphandone Michai from Savannakhet province
in Lao Ford Citys Big Deal Promotion which was open to customers who bought Ford vehicles from
October 1 to December 31. Other prizes were five Dhip gold car insurance policies from Diphaya
Insurance Co., Ltd, six IPhone 6s, seven Samsung TVs, eight home theatres, nine CCTV cameras, and
10 free oil changes and filters.
6 Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times
In brief from Asia
News Network Xi boosts ties
14 provinces, 4.5 percent
of villages hit by drought
THAILAND (The Nation)
with Saudis
-- Drought has already hit 14 SAUDI ARABIA (China Daily, ANN) Al Saud witnessed the signing of a
provinces, Disaster Prevention -- President Xi Jinping witnessed ties memorandum of understanding on
and Mitigation Department between China and Saudi Arabia lifted advancing the Belt and Road Initiative
chief Chatchai Promlert said on to a higher level on Tuesday by securing and production capacity cooperation.
Tuesday. wide-ranging deals covering energy, Other agreements were signed on
Among these provinces were industrial capacity cooperation and the energy, telecommunication and aviation.
Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nakhon Belt and Road Initiative. The two countries released a joint
Ratchasima, Kanchanaburi, The president arrived in Riyadh, statement on forming a comprehensive
Phichit and Phitsanulok. the Saudi capital, at the start of a three- strategic partnership and agreed to boost
Speaking on the number of nation Middle East tour that will also their joint development strategies.
affected villages, about 4.5 take him to Egypt and Iran. It is his first Annual trade between the nations
percent of all villages in the visit to the region since he took office. reached US$69.1 billion in 2014, about
country are now suffering from Four Saudi fighter jets escorted the 230 times the figure in 1990, the year
water shortage, Chatchai said. plane carrying Xi into Riyadh. that diplomatic ties between Beijing and
He added that his department Xi said Saudi Arabia is a major Riyadh were established.
was now working with Arab country and Islamic power, and Ahead of his talks with the king,
provincial authorities in the two-way relationship has achieved Xi received a ceremonial welcome at
delivering help to affected great leaps forward in the past 26 years, the Royal Court. His motorcade was
people and best managing greatly benefiting the two peoples. escorted by mounted guards, and he President Xi Jinping is welcomed by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at
available water resources. Xi and King Salman bin Abdulaziz inspected an honour guard of troops. a ceremony in Riyadh. --Photo Agencies

China to support
Indonesia as ASEAN hub
JAKARTA (The Jakarta Post) --
Eight killed, over 50 injured in university
Indonesia and China will discuss
the possibility of the former
becoming an Asean hub during the
attack in NW Pakistan
upcoming visit of the Cyberspace ISLAMABAD (Xinhua) -- At least The killed professor was from the of fire with the army commandos who Emergency has been declared at all
Administration of China (CAC) eight people were killed and over chemistry department of the university, have cornered them in certain blocks the main hospitals in the district.
to Jakarta, an official said on 50 others injured when an unknown said the report. of the university. Hospital sources said the seriously
Wednesday. number of gunmen stormed a university Geo also quoted officials and A large contingent of security wounded people have been shifted to
The CAC delegation will in Pakistans northwest district of hospital sources as saying that over 50 forces, including army, police and the neighbouring city of Peshawar,
meet with officials from the Charsadda on Wednesday morning, others were injured in the attack. paramilitary forces Frontier Corps, were capital of Pakistans northwest province
Coordinating Political, Legal reported local media. The number of attackers is not dispatched to the university shortly after of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
and Security Affairs Ministry, Fazal Raheem, vice chancellor of known at the moment, said police. the attack was reported. No group has claimed responsibility
specifically with representatives Bacha Khan University which came Army spokesman Asim Saleem Three army helicopters have been for the attack yet. Pakistani Prime
from the national cyber under the attack, told local Urdu TV Bajwa confirmed on his twitter employed to monitor the operation, Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the
information defense security and channel Geo that those killed include account that four gunmen have so far said army sources. All the injured attack and was closely following the
resilience division, on Thursday. one professor, two students, four been killed in the operation and the have been shifted to local District development of the incident while on a
security guards and one policeman. remaining ones are still in exchange Headquarter Hospital in Charsadda. foreign tour, said the PM Office.
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 Region 7
Pollutants reduced by 18 Park advocates petition
percent during odd-even trial
INDIA (The Statesman, ANN) --The
volume of respirable pollutants in
the study said.
The study has based its findings on
campaign on labour bills
the citys air reduced by upto 18 per Central Pollution Control Board and KOREA (The Korea Herald, ANN) petition) if not for these pressing
cent during the odd-even scheme that private portal IndiaSpend data. -- Stepping up the pressure upon the situations?
regulated the plying of four-wheelers Particulates (PM 2.5) declined by National Assembly to pass the pending The president had joined the
on Delhi roads for a fortnight, a new 10-13 percent on an average (i.e overall labour reform bills, President Park petition campaign Monday after
study has claimed. 24 hours) and by 18 percent on average Geun-hye repeated her calls for the receiving the annual business reports
While absolute pollution levels during the period when the scheme was nation on Tuesday to participate in a and before delivering her New Years
increased across the National Capital in force (i.e between 8 AM to 8 PM). petition campaign led by economic greeting to the Korea Federation of
Region (NCR) in January as compared After 8 PM there was (as expected) organisations. SMEs.
to the previous month, the levels in no effect, which is why the average In response to the growing Led by 38 economic bodies,
Delhi saw a smaller increase owing for overall 24 hours is lower than the criticism that her participation including the Korea Chamber of
to the pilot license plate policy, the US- average of daytime, Anant Sudarshan, infringed upon the legislatures C o m m e r c e a n d I n d u s t r y, t h e
based study stated. Director EPIC-India said. independence, the president claimed Federation of Korean Industries
Jointly conducted by researchers PM 2.5, the tiniest and deadliest that the petition was the last resort and the Korea International Trade
at the Energy Policy Institute at the of all respirable pollutants, measures to save the economy and to boost Association, the campaign seeks to
University of Chicago (EPIC) and around 2.5 microns enabling it to embed employment. gather 10 million signatures asking for
Evidence for Policy Design group at deep into the lungs and subsequently Companies, whether the passage of the labour bills. President Park Geun-hye presides
Harvard University, the study found enter the bloodstream. conglomerates or small and medium- The presidents move was seen over the Cabinet meeting at Cheong
stark reductions in pollutants around Under the scheme, cars with odd sized firms, have repeatedly appealed as a last-minute effort to whip up Wa Dae. --Photo Yonhap
the noon hours from January 1 to 15. and even number registration plates for the passage of the pending bills, but public opinion as the Federation of
The impact was much higher plied on alternate days for the first 15 the National Assembly has neglected Korea Trade Unions, in opposition Party of Korea, which has been
during the hours when the scheme was days of the year. Delhi Government their needs, Park said at the Cabinet to the labour bills, has hinted at blocking the bills citing employment
in force as the gap between Delhis is likely to roll out its second phase in meeting. withdrawing from the labour- instability, denounced the president
pollution and the neighbouring regions March-April, after the completion of Would these businessmen and management-government trilateral for detouring due legislative procedure
widened steadily until at least midnight, the board exams. people have rushed out to the streets deal on Tuesday afternoon. and siding with the conglomerates by
on this severe winter day (for the The main opposition the Minjoo joining their initiative.

New Zealand to fly two flags in run-up to referendum

WELLINGTON (Xinhua) -- Visitors The alternative flag, featuring However, campaigners for
to New Zealand over the next two a white stylised silver fern and the retaining the current flag accused
months will be forgiven for not Southern Cross star formation against the government and Prime Minister
recognising the national flag as the a blue and black background, was John Key, who early on expressed
country flies two flags over official selected from five possible alternatives a preference for a change to a flag
buildings and other sites. in a referendum in November last year. featuring a silver fern, of promoting
The government announced Having the two flags flying side the alternative.
Wednesday that the proposed by side around New Zealand will They have no statutory right to
alternative to the official flag will fly help people compare the designs do it - this is just a blatant attempt
over 250 sites - including the iconic before making a decision in the by the Prime Minister to put his fern
Auckland Harbour Bridge - alongside final flag referendum, which runs flag on the same level as our national
the current flag until the end of a from March 3 to March 24, Deputy flag, leader of the opposition New
referendum to choose the preferred Prime Minister Bill English said in Zealand First party Winston Peters
flag in March. a statement. said in a statement.
8 Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times
Global unemployment to reach more
than 200 m by 2017: report
GENEVA (Xinhua) -- A report slowdown in emerging does not necessarily lead to
published by the International economies coupled with a an escape from poverty,
Labor Organisation (ILO) on sharp decline in commodity Ryder explained, adding that
Tuesday reveals that global prices is having a dramatic the lack of decent jobs leads
unemployment figures are effect on the world of work. people to turn to informal
expected to increase by 1.1 Providing both a unemployment, which is
million between 2016 and quantitative and qualitative typically characterised by low
2017, passing from 199.4 overview of the global productivity, low pay and no
million by the end of this year labor market, ILOs World social protection.
to 200.5 million a year later. Employment Social Outlook Though underlining
Up from 197.1 million in -Trends 2016 report also significant improvements since
2015, a year which saw 27 explains that though the trend 2000, the report estimated that
million more jobless people in vulnerable employment is 327 million employed people
in the world compared to the improving, it is still affecting were found to be living in
pre-crisis level of 2007, ILO some 1.5 billion people extreme poverty, with a further
Director-General Guy Ryder worldwide. 967 million living in moderate Image provided by Colombias Presidency shows Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos addressing
stated that the significant The fact of being at work or near poverty. a press conference in Bogota.

Colombian govt, FARC request UN

mission to oversee peace process
HAVANA (Xinhua) -- The and work along with the expressed his satisfaction with
Colombian government and Colombian government and the the agreement. The talks in
the Revolutionary Armed FARC as a trilateral mechanism search of reconciliation have
Forces of Colombia (FARC) to monitor disarmament of the entered the final stage, he said.
guerrillas agreed on Tuesday guerrilla group and the ceasefire. The Colombian government
to request a UN observer The mission will also has held several rounds of peace
mission to monitor the ongoing settle disputes, make talks with the FARC in Cuba
peace process and end the recommendations and hand in since November 2012.
50-year-old conflict in the reports. So far, the two sides have
South American country. The UN mission will begin reached consensus on land and
We decided to ask the UN its work after a final peace rural development, political
Security Council to create an agreement is reached, according participation for former rebels,
unarmed political mission for a to the statement. combating drugs and narcotics
period of 12 months, renewable The step we have taken trafficking, and reparations for
at the request of the government today is a significant one victims of the conflict.
and the FARC, the two sides toward ending the conflict, The remaining topic is
said in a statement issued here. said Humberto de la Calle, the the final accord on the end of
The statement said the governments chief negotiator. the conflict, which both sides
mission will comprise observers M e a n w h i l e , FA R C are committed to reaching by
from Latin American countries negotiator Ivan Marquez March 23.

US Supreme Court to hear case challenging

Obamas executive actions on immigration
WASHINGTON (Xinhua) dominated Congress. he will preserve one of the
-- The US Supreme Court The action was directed at key legacies in his eight-year
announced Tuesday that it people who have no criminal presidency.
would hear the case that records and whose children This will also shape the
challenges President Barack are US citizens. Under the debate on immigration among
Obamas executive actions order, they will get working presidential candidates in this
to shield millions of illegal permits and receive some election year.
immigrants from deportation. federal benefits. Facing insurmountable
The court will review a Obama already issued a opposition in the Republican-
ruling by the New Orleans- similar order in 2012 to exempt controlled Congress, Obama
based 5th US Circuit Court those who became illegal has repeatedly resorted to
of Appeals in November that immigrants as children from the issuance of presidential
upheld the decision by US deportation. There have been executive orders to take
District Judge Andrew Hanen more than 600,000 people who actions on critical issues
in Brownsville, Texas to halt have successfully applied for such as healthcare reform,
Obamas actions. this programme. immigration, and gun control.
Obama issued an executive The Supreme Court is The Republicans have
order in 2014 to shield about expected to issue a decision b las ted s u ch actio n s as
5 million illegal immigrants on the immigration case at end unconstitutional because they
from deportation, a move that of June. bypassed Congress that is the
bypassed the Republican- If Obama wins the case, sole lawmaking body.

Almost 19,000 Iraqi civilians killed in

22-month long conflict: UN report
UNITED NATIONS (Xinhua) Fighting between the directly from victims,
-- More than 18,800 Iraqi Islamic State, Iraqi security survivors and witnesses.
civilians were killed and another forces and pro-government The report details numerous
36,000 wounded during the militias from the start of 2014 examples of killings by the
22-month long between Jan. to the end of October 2015 Islamic State in gruesome
1, 2014 and Oct. 31, 2015, said have caused the staggering public spectacles, including
deputy UN spokesman Farhan casualties, said the report. by shooting, beheading,
Haq at a daily briefing, citing The report was compiled bulldozing, burning alive
a UN report released Tuesday. by the UN Assistance and throwing off the top of
Another 3.2 million Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) buildings, said Haq.
people have become internally and the Office of the High There are also reports of
displaced since January 2014, Commissioner for Human the murder of child soldiers
including more than a million Rights (OHCHR), based who fled fighting on the
children of school age, said largely on testimony obtained frontlines in Anbar, he said.
Vientiane Times 9

Read more news at www.vientianetimes.org.la Thursday January 21, 2016

Dubai tower blaze Asean, EU boost economic

shows risks in common
building material and trade cooperation
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates professionals in particular
(AP) -- Within minutes, the are drawn to the ear-popping
revelry of New Years Eve apartments the citys hundreds of
in Dubai turned to horror as high-rises offer, and skyscraper
those gathered for fireworks hotels accommodate millions of
downtown watched flames guests each year. The city-state
race up the side of one of the aims to attract 20 million visitors
glistening citys most prominent annually by the time it hosts the
luxury hotels. World Expo in 2020.
But the fire at the 63-story That means the risk of high-
The Address Downtown Dubai rise fires touches people from all
wasnt the first, second or even over the world.
third blaze to spread swiftly Typically, the cladding is a
along the exterior of skyscrapers half-millimetre (0.02-inch) thick
that have risen from the desert piece of aluminum attached to a
at a torrid pace in and around foam core that is sandwiched to
Dubai over the past two decades. another similar skin. The panels
It was at least the eighth such are then affixed to the side of a
fire in the Emirates alone, and building, one piece after another.
similar blazes have struck major The biggest problem lies
cities across the world, killing with panel cores that are all or
dozens of people, according to mostly polyethylene, a common Asean senior officials and EU delegates link hands at the meeting in Vientiane.
an Associated Press survey. type of plastic, said Andy Dean,
The reason, building and the Mideast head of facades at
Times Reporters economic cooperation for Lao Handicraft Association. exceeded 66.28 trillion kip
safety experts say, is the material the engineering consultancy
market integration. Woven textiles are currently (US$8,115 million). Exports
used for the buildings sidings, WSP Global.
Following the development Director General of exported throughout Asia and to 76 countries were valued
called aluminum composite The ones with 100-percent
of the Asean Economic the Foreign Trade Policy most of Europe where they are at about US$3,433.7 million,
panel cladding. While types polyethylene core can burn
Community, Asean members Department, Dr Laohoua sold to France, Switzerland, while imports from 73 countries
of cladding can be made with quiet readily, Dean said. Some
and the European Union will Cheuching, told local media Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, were worth about US$4,680.8
fire-resistant material, experts of the older, even fire-rated
step up economic and trade at the meeting that the EU Czech Republic, Belgium, million, the ministry reported.
say those that have caught fire materials, still have quite a lot
relations in a bid to promote market needs a supply of quality the Netherlands and Portugal. The main export products
in Dubai and elsewhere werent of polymer in them.
Asean markets to the EU. products, which is good for Laos They are also going to other are ores and processed ore,
designed to meet stricter safety The panels themselves dont
The Foreign Trade Policy as well as other Asean members. markets such as Australia and electricity, garments, rubber,
standards and often were put spark the fires, and the risks can
Department of the Ministry Laos is currently Canada. tapioca, sugar, wood products,
onto buildings without any be lessened if they are installed
of Industry and Commerce exporting various handicraft The Ministry of Industry maize, coffee and bananas.
breaks to slow or halt a possible with breaks between them to
represented the Lao government and agricultural products, and Commerce reports that The major imported
blaze. curb a fires spread. The panels
yesterday by hosting the 23rd particularly textiles and rice, Laos now has trade cooperation products are construction
While new regulations are flammability can be significantly
Senior Economic Officials he said. and services with more than 70 equipment, vehicles and spare
now in place for construction in reduced by replacing some of
Meeting - European Union The export of textiles via countries, mainly through Asean parts, fuel, industrial products
Dubai and other cities, experts the plastic inside the panels
Consultation in Vientiane. the association was just over free trade agreements. and electrical equipment.
acknowledge they have no idea with material that doesnt burn
The meeting reviewed trade 1.4 billion kip (US$178,900) Laos also has trade The meeting is part of the
how many skyscrapers have the so easily.
relations between Asean and the in 2014, and the Ministry agreements with the Asia-Pacific first meeting of Asean Senior
potentially combustible paneling However, when installed
European Union, discussed free of Industry and Commerce and enjoys trade priority through Economic Officials, which
and are at risk of similar fast- uninterrupted row after row,
trade negotiations between the reported that the export of the Generalised Scheme of Laos is hosting in Vientiane
moving fires. more flammable types of
two sides, and established a long handicrafts (via the ministry) Preferences with both developed from January 18-22 in
Its like a wildfire going up cladding provide a straight line
term cooperation plan. was more than 42.44 billion kip and developing countries. preparation for the 47thAsean
the sides of the building, said of kindling up the side of a tower.
Participants also discussed (US$5.3 million) in 2013-14, In the fiscal year 2013- Economic Ministers meeting
Thom Bohlen, chief technical That was the case in 2012
trade policy and discussed according to a report from the 14, the value of Laos trade to be held in Laos in August.
officer at the Middle East Center when a spate of fires struck
for Sustainable Development Dubai and the neighbouring
in Dubai. Its very difficult
to control and its very fast. It
emirate of Sharjah. Blaze after
blaze, though some ignited
Global unemployment to reach more than 200 mln by 2017: report
happens extremely fast. differently, behaved the same
Cladding came into vogue way: fire rushed up and down GENEVA (Xinhua) -- A report pre-crisis level of 2007, ILO explains that though the trend significant improvements since
over a decade ago, as Dubais the sides of the buildings, fueled published by the International Director-General Guy Ryder in vulnerable employment is 2000, the report estimated that
building boom was well by the external panels. Labour Organisation (ILO) on stated that the significant improving, it is still affecting 327 million employed people
underway. Developers use it The day after an April 2012 Tuesday reveals that global s l o w d o w n i n e m e rg i n g some 1.5 billion people were found to be living in
because it offers a modern finish fire at a 40-story building in unemployment figures are economies coupled with a sharp worldwide. extreme poverty, with a further
to buildings, allows dust to wash Sharjah, Dubai issued new expected to increase by 1.1 decline in commodity prices is The fact of being at work 967 million living in moderate
off during rains, and is relatively building regulations barring the million between 2016 and 2017, having a dramatic effect on the does not necessarily lead to an or near poverty.
simple and cheap to install. use of cladding constructed with passing from 199.4 million by world of work. escape from poverty, Ryder In light of these realities, a
Dubai has since burgeoned flammable material. Officials the end of this year to 200.5 Providing both a explained, adding that the lack moderate unemployment rate
into a cosmopolitan business elsewhere in the United Arab million a year later. quantitative and qualitative of decent jobs leads people to decrease in developed countries
hub of more than 2 million Emirates followed suit, though Up from 197.1 million in overview of the global turn to informal unemployment, (dropping from 7.1 percent
people. As in other Emirati cities, by that time, the building boom 2015, a year which saw 27 labour market, ILOs World which is typically characterised in 2014 to 6.7 percent a year
foreign residents far outnumber had subsided in the wake of a million more jobless people Employment Social Outlook by low productivity, low pay and later) did little to offset the
the local population. Expatriate global recession. in the world compared to the -Trends 2016 report also no social protection. worsening situation in emerging
Though underlining economies.

Exchange rates as of January 20, 2016

Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public
Foreign Currencies Buying Selling

US Dollar 50-100 8,128 8,168

Thai Baht 224.62 226.3

Euro 50-500 8,864 8,909

10 Business Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

South Korea rules the world Sembcorp Marine shares jump

on reports of rescue by parent
as most innovative economy
SINGAPORE (The Straits Times) -- Singapore- Shares of Sembcorp Industries, which holds
listed rig builder Sembcorp Marine shares jumped 61 percent of Semb Marine, slid as much as 6.7
on Wednesday after reports its parent, Sembcorp percent to S$2.37 for the worst performance on
Industries, might inject funds or take full control the STI. The counter was down 5.12 percent at
of the company to replenish finances strained by a S$2.41.
collapse in oil prices. Talk of a potential merger between SembMarine
SembMarine rose as much as 8 percent to and its bigger rival Keppel Corporation sent
S$1.60, before paring gains to trade up 6.1 percent Keppels share price down as much as 5 percent
at S$1,570 as of 11:06am. The benchmark Straits on Wednesday morning. They were 4.63 percent
Times Index was down a hefty 2.06 percent. lower at S$4.94 as of 11:06am.

Obama to take in Detroit auto

show as industry flourishes
WA S H I N G TO N ( A P ) - - and requires a 25 percent match in the kids in a rich suburb of Detroit
President Barack Obama will funding from the state. The White had been drinking contaminated
Visitors wear Samsungs Galaxy VR headsets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early take a victory lap Wednesday in House also said it had appointed water and being bathed in it, there
this month. Samsung Electronics. Detroit with a tour of the North a Health and Human Services would have been action.
American International Auto official to coordinate federal help White House spokesman Josh
Show. provided to local responders and Earnest said he didnt expect the
KOREA (The Korea Herald) for researcher concentration. workplace, he said. If youre a The tour gives Obama the the state. president to make a detour to
-- Germany, Sweden, Japan While the top spot is befitting scientist or engineer at Samsung chance to highlight the industrys The crisis began in 2014 when Flint, but the White House noted
and Switzerland rounded for a country that puts a lot Electronics, and you come up remarkable turnaround over the a state-appointed emergency that Obama did meet with Flint
out the top five in the 2016 of money toward developing with some brilliant new idea, you past seven years, and to remind manager appointed by the Mayor Karen Weaver when she
Bloomberg Innovation Index, new technologies and produces dont quit and start pitching your the public that his administration governor to administer the visited Washington Tuesday,
which scored economies using its fair share of the worlds ideas to venture capitalists and set came to the industrys rescue at financially troubled city instead saying he heard firsthand how
factors including research and engineers, the conversation in up your own firm you go to a time when most Americans of the elected government the residents of Flint are dealing
development spending and South Korea has been more management within Samsung. opposed any further financial switched Flint from Detroit with the ongoing public health
concentration of high-tech public about how the economy can South Koreans also are aware assistance for Chrysler and water to Flint River water to crisis, and the challenges that still
companies. get the bang for its buck in of institutional factors that might General Motors. save money. The corrosive water exist for the city, its residents, and
South Korea notched innovation, according to be limiting how much they Critics said it was a road to caused lead to leach from old the business community.
top scores worldwide for Marcus Noland, director of take advantage of innovative socialism or a disaster waiting pipes. Flint returned to the Detroit The White House said that
manufacturing value-added as studies at the Washington- behavior, Noland said. to happen, Obama said earlier system in October after elevated Obama reiterated to Weaver that
well as for tertiary efficiency a based Peterson Institute for Emphasis on wages being this month. But Id make that lead levels were discovered in his administration will continue to
measure that includes enrollment International Economics, with determined by tenure and bet again any day of the week. children. support state and local officials in
in higher education and the a focus on North and South seniority, together with a lack At the same time, Obama is Hillary Clinton brought more their response.
concentration of science and Korea. of pension mobility, means that taking steps to make it clear hes attention the problem and its As to the auto industry, the
engineering graduates. While Fresh ideas in Silicon theres not that much inter-firm not ignoring the water problems potential political ramifications US treasury invested about
the countrys No. 39 ranking Valley might translate to a or inter-sectoral movement of in nearby Flint, Michigan. when she declared during US$80 billion in it during the last
for productivity might pass for burgeoning start-up business people, he said. Its thought The president signed a Sundays presidential candidate recession. After counting loan
mediocre, it was second for R&D that adds to the U.S. economy, within South Korea that that hurts federal emergency declaration debate that every single repayments, dividends and stock
intensity, high-tech density and but pitches stay too close to them, especially in this innovative over the weekend that allows American should be outraged by sales, the federal government
patent activity and ranked sixth home in the South Korean area theres less churn. up to US$5 million in assistance the water crisis. She said that if recovered US$70.5 billion.

In brief
WTO favours China in longstanding trade dispute with EU
Investing in local leaders to create global change GENEVA (Xinhua) -- The World Trade Organisation (WTO) on Tuesday confirmed its ruling
VACCANCY FOR LAO NATIONAL that the European Union (EU)s imposition of anti-dumping measures on certain iron or steel
fasteners from China was illicit, ending a seven-year legal battle which saw Chinese exports of
Shelter Manager (Female):
Protection and Empowerment of Women and Children (PEWC) programme screws, nuts and bolts to the EU plummet.
Following the imposition of EU duties on the Chinese imports, China said in 2009 that strict
Village Focus International (VFI) is an INGO working in the Lao PDR since 2001. VFI is looking to fill the position of
Shelter Manager, who will be responsible for leading the shelter team, to manage a shelter for trafficking survivors
rules regulating the implementation of anti-dumping measures had not been respected.
especially women and children. This position will be based in Vientiane capital. This saw the WTO rule in favor of Chinese claims against EU tariff policies in both 2010 and
2011, though the Asian economic powerhouse deemed subsequent EU compliance measures
Be leader for the shelter component in Vientiane capital. insufficient.
Provide technical assistance and advise the shelter team to ensure that smooth running of the activities, This prompted China to return to the WTO and ask for the establishment of a compliance panel
effectively and follow the plan.
Monitor of the shelter policy, roles and child protection policy are effectively implement at the shelter to decide whether or not EU policies were legal under its framework.
Provide Cleary on residents rights, shelter policy, and resident roles to the new admitted shelter residents
Supervise staff to document and update the residents data regularly.
Prepare resident individual planning and review to ensure that meet with the resident goal Bazaar launched in Myanmar-China border town
Prepare case study to PM every quarterly YANGON (Xinhua) -- A bazaar was launched in Myanmars Muse town Tuesday, the main
Over see the individual and group case counseling with the counselor to ensure effectively rehabilitation progress.
Prepare monthly planning and reporting to project manager
border gateway that links Myanmar and Chinas Yunnan Province, aimed at enhancing border
Assist to prepare yearly, and quarterly plan and report to donor and government counterpart when require. trade between the two countries, according to official sources.
Conduct staff weekly, and monthly meeting to plan and feed back The international-standard walking bazaar, which is part of the Muse Central Economic Zone
Conduct weekly and monthly resident meeting to feed back of the shelter services, residents feeling and improve
performance Project being implemented by Shan state government and the private-run New Star Light
Organize and facilitate the case conference meetings with social worker team to prepare case planning and construction Company, will display various products of China and Myanmar.
case reintegration
Assist to conduct case management meeting with government partner for special case when require. Muse, a small town on the banks of the Shweli river, is a bustling trading center.
Communicate and coordinate with other project stakeholders and government partners in order to build a Annually, a Myanmar-China border trade fair is launched on alternate basis in Muse 105th
strong network and present of the shelter activity.
Mile Border Trade Zone of Myanmar or in Ruili, southwest Chinas Yunnan Province linking
Qualification and Experiences Myanmars Muse.
Bachelor Degree in social or related field
Ability to develop plans and reports in Lao and English (with minimal assistance)
According to official statistics, Myanmar-China bilateral trade hit US$3.764 billion in the first
A minimum of 2-3 years of management experience five months (Jan-May) of 2015.
Experience working with NGOs
Basic understanding of trafficking, CRC, CEDEW and related issues
Computer skills: word processing, Excel, power point, email, internet Park renews calls for job creation
Leadership skills: able to train, supervise and manage team KOREA (The Korea Herald) -- President Park Geun-hye on Wednesday renewed her calls for
Fluency in spoken Lao and English
job creation as she pressed labour and management to reach a compromise for labour reform.
Social Characteristics The government has set aside 2.12 trillion won of this years budget meant to create jobs for
Open-minded and willing to work with trafficking victims
Ability to work with and communicate effectively with other staff and partners. young people, up 20.3 percent from a year earlier.
Ability to work on the weekend, holiday and emergency time when require Park said job creation through labour reform is the most urgent task.
Ability to communicate effectively and network with a range of stakeholders
Ability/interest to work closely with Government, INGOs and the private sector
Labour and management should make concessions and share pains, Park said in a meeting at
Experience in and appreciation of ethnic minority groups and gender-related issues Cheong Wa Dae, South Koreas presidential office. I expect labour and management to make a
Able to travel in Laos and other country when require determination to ensure labor reform is accomplished and its reform takes root.
Please send your written application together with CV, copies of certificates and references by January 30th, 2016 The parliament showed no signs of passing the set of bills which Park said would help reform
to Kongseng SIRIVATH at kongseng@villagefocus.org and Soyfa DALALOY at soyfad@yahoo.com
or send to: VFILAO Box 4697 Vientiane, Lao PDR / Tel: 021 312519 / fax: 021 350740 South Koreas labour markets and revitalise the economy.
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 Business 11
Bernanke soothes concerns over China Asean Economic Community
United States has become an oil producer, so
these developments are holding down crude-oil

Footwear industry exports

prices because of a supply boost.
Postive for world economy
This is positive for the global economy and

to grow 20 percent
there are clear benefits for major economies,
Bernanke said.
On the US interest-rate outlook, a stronger US
economic performance will prompt the Fed to raise
its rate more quickly. This will lead to a stronger
US dollar, but the upside is that there will be more Workers on a
exports to the US market. production line at
Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the US Federal
Reserve, told the Asian Financial Forum in Hong
The Fed was expected to raise its rate in Dong An Economic
Kong yesterday that Chinas economic turbulence September 2014, but the move was probably Investment and
would not whiplash the global economy. delayed by global uncertainties, so in hindsight Company in Ha
such caution was appropriate, he said. Noi. This year,
THAILAND (The Nation, ANN) -- Bernanke, On the issue of secular stagnation as raised the footwear
who ran the Fed from 2006-14, was speaking at a by former US treasury secretary Lawrence industry expects
special luncheon talk moderated by economist and Summer, low productivity and population growth to reach a growth
rate of 15-20 per
Asia News Network columnist Andrew Sheng. He rates in developed economies such as the US cent in export
said China was transitioning from an export-led, and emerging ones such as China are a cause of value thanks to
investment-driven economy to a consumption-led, concern, Bernanke said. opportunities
services-based economy, so it was natural that the Structural reform and other policies are from FTAs.
--Photo Tran Viet
economy was running a little sluggishly. required to address the issues, since monetary
Chinas gross domestic product - the second- policy is not a cure-all.
largest at US$10 trillion - is projected to grow by To maintain reasonable growth of its economy,
6.7 percent this year, down from 6.9 percent last China may not need a high savings rate - which
year, as policymakers navigate the economy to is around 30 percent of GDP, compared with the HANOI (VNS, ANN) -- Export Vietnams enterprises, including the TPP, but those agreements
new stages after recording high growth rates for United States 5 percent - but should use savings value of the domestic leather firms from the textile, garment, will also create more challenges
the past three decades. to boost household spending and domestic and footwear industry could leather and footwear industries, for the export activities of local
The World Bank has cited Chinas slowdown consumption to drive GDP, he said. grow between 15 percent and reported online newspaper footwear firms.
as a factor for revising its global economic- Concerning his legacy as Fed chairman, he is 20 percent this year due to bnews.vn. However, buoyed by the
growth forecast for 2016 to 2.9 percent from not sure if he would have done things differently, opportunities from free trade To take advantage of those recovery in the economy and
more than 3 percent. given the magnitude of the US financial crisis agreements (FTAs). agreements, the local leather trade activities, the local firms
For the Thai economy, the China factor, At a conference on and footwear industry should expect to achieve high growth
back in 2008-09. While monetary policy and
production, export and import prepare material at home to join in revenue this year, he said.
the collapse of oil prices and next round of US quantitative easing were not perfect tools, they of leather and footwear in Hanoi preferential tariffs from the deal To ensure that, they should
interest-rate increases are among key factors were the only option to save the US economy yesterday by the Vietnam Leather when exporting their products implement technology to
dictating this years growth, which is projected at at the time. and Footwear Association to the US, the European Union improve production.
3-3.5 percent, up from 2.8 percent seen last year. As for the role of the US dollar in the global (Lefaso), Deputy Minister of and some other markets, Thoa Last year, the domestic
On the outlook for oil prices, which have economy, the Special Drawing Rights of the Industry and Trade Ho Thi Kim said. leather and footwear industry
dropped to US$30 per barrel, the big change is that International Monetary Fund are unlikely to Thoa said signing of negotiations Nguyen Duc Thuan, Lefaso gained a year-on-year increase
bargaining power has shifted from oil-producing replace it because there is simply no infrastructure on the Trans Pacific Partnership chairman, said the local leather of about 16 percent in export
countries to buyers as supplies become more to support its role as the global unit. (TPP) deal and other FTAs would and footwear industry will have value to US$15 billion, including
abundant. However, markets may move to using other present more opportunities in more business opportunities US$12 billion from footwear,
Iran has returned to the oil market, while the international currencies, he said. production and business for from the agreements, including and US$3 billion from handbags.
(Announcement No.16/02)
OPEN TO: All Interested Candidates / All Sources
POSITION: Administrative Assistant, FSN-7
OPENING DATE: January06, 2016 Small and Medium Enterprises Access to Finance Project
CLOSING DATE: January 22, 2016 Credit No. 5471-LA, Grant No. H958-LA
WORK HOURS: Full-time; 40 hours/week
SALARY: Actual grade and salary will be based on the qualifications of the applicant.
The U.S. Embassy in Vientiane is seeking an individual for the position of Administrative Assistant in the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL).
The Government of Lao PDR is receiving support from the World Bank Group for improving access to
The incumbent serves as the administrative and other office-management support to the INL Section, which comprises one U.S. Direct-Hire position and four LE finance by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through the Small and Medium Enterprises Access to
Staff including the incumbent. The Section receives and produces a large number of documents, including procurement and travel forms as well as documents Finance Project (the Project). The objective of the Project is to provide long-term funding sources for
connected with the frequent travel of the director and the two program managers, making filing and proper record-keeping an important part of this job. banks to provide long-term credit to small and medium enterprises. This will be achieved by increasing
QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED the supply of long-term finance provided by commercial banks and by strengthening the capability of
Applicants must address each required qualification listed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each item. Failure to do so may DOSMEP to formulate and implement public policies that promote access to finance for SMEs. The
result in a determination that the applicant is not qualified.
Project includes three components: 1) A Line of Credit Facility; 2) A Risk Sharing Facility; and 3)
1. Education:Completion of secondary school. Some business, technical or vocational training is required. Technical Assistance.
2. Experience:Two years of performing progressively responsible work in an office environment in an area such as protocol, or office administration.
3. Language:Good working knowledge of spoken and written (Level III) of English and Lao language are required.
4. Skills and abilities:Ability to use Word and Excel, and to trouble-shoot malfunction in copy machines, scanners and other common office equipment As part of the Component 3 above, the DOSMEP is looking for a dynamic and experienced Full Time
at a basic level.
Job Knowledge:A good working knowledge of State Department management and financial regulations.
National Consultant to fill the position ofthe above position to assist DOSMEP in the management and
coordination of the SME Access to Finance Project.
SELECTION PROCESS: When qualified, applicants who are U.S. Citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFMs) and/or preference-eligible U.S. Veterans are given
a preference in hiring. Therefore, it is essential that these applicants make themselves known as having a hiring preference and specifically address the
required qualifications above in their application. The Consultant is expected to be hired for the 40 months periodand will be called upon to assist
DOSMEP as per the scope of work. The contract duration maybe adjusted up or down if required at
HIRING PREFERENCE ORDER: the sole discretion of DOSMEP. The full text of the ToR can be accessed at the NIUs website: http://
(1) USEFM who is ALSO a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran t4dlaos.org/index.php/en/work-with-us/vacancies.
(2) USEFM OR a preference-eligible U.S. Veteran
(3) FS on LWOP
In order to qualify for this position, the candidates shall meet the following experience and competence
1. Management may consider the following when determining successful candidacy: nepotism, conflicts of interest, budget, and residency status.
2. Current OR employees serving a probationary period are not eligible to apply. Current OR employees with an Overall Summary Rating of Needs
Improvement or Unsatisfactory on their most recent Employee Performance Report (EPR) are not eligible to apply. Minimum Bachelor Degrees in Economics, Finance, Business Administration, Engineering, Science
3. Current NOR employees hired on a Family Member Appointment (FMA) or a Personal Service Agreement (PSA) are not eligible to apply within the
first 90 calendar days of their employment, unless they have a When Actually Employed (WAE) work schedule.
or related field
4. The candidate must be able to obtain and hold a (insert Secret or Top Secret) security clearance. Minimum 5 years of working experience with Lao national development projects funded by
5. Candidates who are EFMs, USEFMs, AEFMs, or MOHs must have at least one year remaining on their sponsors tour of duty to be considered eligible international donors
to apply for this position.
Work experience under WB financed projects is highly preferable
TO APPLY At least 2 years of experience in a project management unit of donor funded projects
Interested candidates for this position must submit the following for consideration of the application:
Good understanding of the government policy with respect to SME development
1. Universal Application for Employment as Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174); Download the form at: http://laos.usembassy.gov/ Knowledge and experience related to SMEs promotion and SME banking services will be desirable
job_opportunities.html; or English language fluency in reading, writing and speaking is mandatory
2. A current resume or curriculum vitae that provides the same information found on the UAE; or
3. A combination of both; i.e. Sections 1-24 of the UAE along with a listing of the applicants work experience attached as a separate sheet; plus High degree of computer literacy, and intermediate to advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office
4. Candidates who claim U.S. Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application. Candidates who claim U.S. Veterans Package (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)and internet
preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a conditional preference in hiring with their application.
5. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.
Sound project management skills with a strong focus on attention to detail and deadlines, coordination
and working with a diverse group of staff and consultants and other stakeholders
Human Resources Office
The Consultant will be selected in accordance with the World Banks Guidelines Selection and
American Embassy Employment of Consultants, Individual Consultants (IC) selection method, January 2011.
Thadeua Road, Somvang Tai Village
PO Box 114, Vientiane, Laos
(Hardcopy or e-mail attachments are accepted) The NIU now invites interested eligible consultants to provide information indicating that you are
E-mail: VientianeHRO@state.gov qualified to perform the services (curriculum vitae with expressions of interest and references). Interested

consultants may obtain further information at the address below. Expressions of interest must be
Telephone: 856-21-487000 delivered to the address below or no later than January 29, 2016, 16:00 oclock (submissions via
Fax: 856-21-488002 email are also acceptable).
The U.S. Mission in Vientiane provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, To: Mr. KeophouthoneInthivong, Procurement Officer, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, National
religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives toachieve equal
employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.
Implementation Unit (NIU), Ban Phonxay, Xaysettha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR, Tel:
+856(21) 41 39 16 45 39 82; Fax: +856(21) 41 39 16, E-mail:keophouthone.in@laosaft.org; Attn:Mr.
The EEO complaint procedure is not available to individuals who believe they have denied equal opportunity based upon marital status or political PhouviengPhongsa, NIU Director.
affiliation. Individuals with such complaints should avail themselves of the appropriate grievance procedures, remedies for prohibited personnel
practices, and/or courts for relief. Noted: Only Short-listed candidates will be contacted for the interview.
12 Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic VFI is seeking a full time Social Enterprise Advisor (SEA) to support a
Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Second Trade Development Facility partnership with Lao Coca-Cola Bottling Co Ltd, focusing on VFIs Green Earth
Project ID No: P130512 Centre in Salavan Province and VFIs Dream Weaver enterprise in Pakse.

Senior Trade Analyst Business Development and Marketing Planning:

The Second Trade Development Facility (TDF-2) is a multi-donor program financed by Australia, the European
Union, Germany, Ireland, USAID and the World Bank focusing on improving trade and private sector development The SEA will lead a process of 1) village-based product identification, 2) market
in Lao PDR. The development objective of the TDF-2, which is implemented by The National Implementation
Unit (NIU) within the Foreign Aid Division of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), is to support the research & analysis, 2) processing and packaging options, 3) distribution
implementation of governments trade and integration priorities outlined in the 2012 Diagnostic Trade Integration
Study (DTIS) Roadmap, and in particular to contribute to improved competitiveness and diversification, focusing networks in Laos and the region, and 4) planning for improved consolidation
outside the natural resource sectors.
and market positioning.
The objective of this assignment is to support NIU in performing its coordinating role as core technical and
fiduciary unit for TDF II project. Particularly, this assignment will assist NIU in coordinating relevant implementing
departments/agencies responsible for managing project activities at the technical level, managing the work planning
process, and coordinating progress and financial reporting at the project level, and performing its secretariat functions Minimum Qualifications:
for both PEC and SWG. Main responsibilities are:
Advanced communication (writing and speaking) skills in Lao and English
Support to Lao Business Forum (LBF);
Overall Coordination of TDF II project; Education in related field
Operations of the Project Review Committee (PRC)/ Project Executive Committee (PEC) and Sector Working
Group (SWG); Experience conducting business planning and market research with proven
Perform backup role for technical support to other components of the TDF II project as deemed necessary;
Any other tasks required to support effective functioning of the NIU. results
The estimated inputs for this assignment is full time 12 months with possible to extend based on satisfactory
performance and available of fund. It is expected that inputs will be delivered in Vientiane, Lao PDR, working
alongside government officials. The expected commencement date for Services in Lao PDR is as soon as possible.
Experience working with business or social enterprise in Laos
The full detailed ToR is available at the NIUs website: http://t4dlaos.org/index.php/en/work-with-us/vacancies Availability to live and travel in field sites& ability/interest to engage directly
In order to be considered for the position, the candidates should meet the following qualifications and experience
with farmers
At least Graduate degree in development economics, trade, commerce, international development or similar;
Knowledge/experience of bringing raw farm products to market, processed
Minimum 8 years of working experience in policy issues, and 5 years of working experience in trade and
investment environment reform; & packaged
Previous work experience with international development institutions and donor funded projects, although not
mandatory, would be an advantage; Ability to work well with / guide (both in person and from a distance) a
Previous experience on activity / project coordination, especially within the government structure, is an asset.
Familiarity with government structure, trade and private sector development issues; local team
Capable of strategic thinking and have the ability to advocate and engage in policy discussions with senior
representatives of the government and private sector
Fluency in English and the Lao language (written and spoken);
Strong skills in report writing and conceptualizing technical presentations Additional Desired Qualifications:
Good computer using skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, E-mail, Internet etc.)
Lao citizen with outstanding Lao language skills and experience; English
National Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Individual Consultants (IC) selection method set out in
the Consultant Guidelines, in line with the World Banks Guidelines Selection and Employment of Consultants, capacity desired
January 2011.
The NIU now invites interested eligible consultant to provide information indicating that you are qualified to Demonstrated interest experience in social enterprise development
perform the services (curriculum vitae with expressions of interest and references). Expressions of interest must be
delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail) by February Experience with NGO or hybrid social enterprises attractive but not required
02, 2016, 16:00 oclock.

National Implementation Unit (NIU)

Ministry of Industry and Commerce Please send a letter of interest, CV and relevant documents to Soyfa
Ban Phonxay, Xaysettha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
Tel: +856(21) 41 39 16 45 39 82; Fax: +856(21) 41 39 16 Dalaloy, Email: soyfad@yahoo.com or Tel: 312519;Fax: 315841 before
E-mail: Amphaphone.t@laosaft.org
Attention: Mr. Phouvieng Phongsa, NIU Director
Note: only short list will be contacted.
January 30th, 2016
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 13
14 Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

CARE International in Lao P.D.R

Short Term Consultant

CARE International in Lao PDR is seeking applications for a INTERNATIONAL and/or /

NATIONAL consultant to carry out a baseline assessment and mid-term review for the
Northern Uplands Promoting Climate Resilience project for Remote Ethnic Communities
in Phongsaly province, funded by the European Union. The objective of the project is to
enable improved resilience of remote ethnic upland communities, in particular women, to
the impact of climate variability and change. The project focuses on three results:
1) Improved capacity of local stakeholders to assess, plan, and implement CBA in a
participatory and gender sensitive manner.
2) Improved community resilience through the implementation of CCA and DRR pilot
interventions that benefit women in particular
3) Comprehensive documentation informs mainstreaming and an enabling CCA/DRR policy
environment for the Northern Uplands.
The project will strengthen the capacity of farmer groups to promote understanding of
climate-related risks to their livelihoods and adaptive measures. The project works with 30
farmer groups in three districts of Phongsaly. It also engages local government stakeholders
into adaptation planning, aiming at increasing their ability to integrate adaptation planning
at policy level.
The baseline assessment is conducted at the beginning of year two of project implementation
as at this stage of the project farmer groups have decided on preferred livelihood options
that will increase climate resilience. The baseline will collect qualitative and quantitative
data against select baseline indicators. Key indicators relate to assessing the resilience of
agricultural livelihoods at household level (such as income, prices, and yields from certain
crops as well as asset ownership) as well as data on common agro-ecology practices, such
as practices of inter-cropping and attitudes towards adopting changes in agro-ecology
practices. The baseline will also explore gender relations, in particular with regards to
workload sharing for the particular livelihood options selected as part of village adaptation
plans as well as womens control over assets and access to information.
The formative mid-term review will be conducted at the same time as the baseline and will
assess efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of the project strategies towards achieving the
overall objective to date. It will also include an assessment of how the project is integrating
gender aspects and provide recommendations on enhancing contribution to transforming
unequal gender relations. An assessment of key partnerships will also be part of this MTR.

Objectives of the consultancy

The key objectives of the consultancy are to provide the following:
1. Baseline assessment of key project indicators.
2. Formative mid-term review.

Roles and responsibilities

In consultation with CARE staff, the consultant is responsible for:
Designing the research methodology
Implementing the agreed methodology
Training data collectors and oversee data collection
Support data collectors to work effectively and to achieve research goals, as well as
learning outcomes
Entering and analysing data, drawing on experience of CARE staff and partners through
workshop discussions
Presenting the initial results to stakeholders
Documenting outcomes (report + data)
Preparation of a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the study findings for use by
CARE with external audiences.
CARE will ensure effective administrative support for the assessment, and provide inputs
into the research process, as determined by the agreed methodology. CARE will also make
available preparatory documentation.

The application should include a basic work-plan (indicating availability/timing), brief letter
of expression of interest and introduction, budget, and sample of a similar piece of work.
At a minimum, the quote should include the following:
Fixed price package rate for this assignment, including any flights, accommodation etc,
as necessary
A concept paper of the proposed methodology
Detailed research plan
To be carried out during February-March 2016.
Selection criteria

1 Experience At least 5 years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative

research on climate change adaptation and gender relations, preferably
with a focus on South East Asia. Technical Advisory experience in
developing and implementing monitoring systems of climate change
adaptation programmes is an asset.
2 Qualification Relevant post graduate qualifications
3 Technical skills Survey (e.g. PRA), training (participants in PRA), analytical skills, report
writing. Proven skills in tools for monitoring of resilience is an advantage.
Ability to work autonomously, and demonstrated skills in leading a
research project.
4 Language Excellent written and spoken English language skills.
Experience in the region and Lao language skills are desirable
5 References A minimum of two referee contacts who have managed the proposed
consultant previously

As a matter of course, all consultants are subject to the following policies:

CARE Lao Child Protection Policy
Terrorist Check Safety and Security Management Plan
CARE Code of Conduct

How to apply:
Please request the full ToR from: CARE-LAO Head office in Vientiane, CARE Laos, PO Box
4328, 329/25 Sibounheuang Road, Ban Sibounheuang, Vientiane, Or e-mail to request:

Deadline for application submissions is COB 28th January 2016

Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 15

Medical staff proud of services to Party Congress

A medical staffer checks the blood pressure of a congress


Xayxana Leukai samples of water, ice and food

Dr Sivilay Naphayvong (right) and Dr Thongvang Latsavong (second left, back) work with other medical staff to check the quality of food
served up at the congress are and drinks served at the 10th Party Congress each day.
This is a very special the main tasks of medical staff
occasion for us. from the Bureau of Food and known within 24 hours. Every
We feel so proud. Drug Inspection and the Food day, 15 medical staff from
These are some of and Drug Analysis Centre of the centre and the bureau are
the sentiments expressed by the Ministry of Health. divided into two teams. One
doctors and nurses working Deputy Director of team checks the quality of food
in the wings of the 10th Party the Bureau, Dr Sivilay and drinks being served while
Congress this week, as they Naphayvong, explained that the other team goes to the 15
stand ready to help in the event food samples are sent for testing hotels where delegates are
of illness. at the Food and Drug Analysis staying to check the food and
Walking around and taking Centre and the results will be drinks there.

HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION (HAC) is Japanese contractor, we had developed in Lao PDR from 1968
and had constructed Nam Ngum Hydro Power project, National Highway No.9, Vientiane International
Airport Expansion project and others.
GENERAL Dr Bountiem Souviseth (centre) and other medical staff are on standby at the Party Congress.
HAC is starting construction of Vientiane (Wattay) International Airport Terminal Expansion
project with world class engineering and looking for Project Staff for Electrical work, Plumbing
and Air condition work for building and Accounting work . During their visits to the The pair suffered only mild To ensure good health
Location of work: Vientiane (Wattay) International Airport hotels, managers and kitchen symptoms and were treated by throughout the five-day
Re : Electrical work, Plumbing and Air condition work for building
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES staff are advised how to staff from the Central Health congress, Dr Bountiem advised
Studies specifications and design according to construction stage. cook food in a healthy way. Care Department of the participants not to be too
Check time schedule and shop drawing on construction site. This means that the cleaning Ministry of National Defence. earnest and to relax a little
Coordinates the work with subcontractor and building users according to site conditions. process must start with the raw Director General of the during coffee breaks.
Manage safety and quality control on the site.
Make daily report including manpower, progress, quality control, safety control and schedule ingredients, and all items must department, Dr Bountiem Talk about the meeting
control. be washed in clean water. In Souviseth, said that at least 30 should be reserved for
JOB REQUIREMENTS addition to ensuring that food people had been given check- discussion sessions only. If
University diploma or equivalent required.
and drinks are clean, the chef ups at the medical service you are stressed all the time
Fluent written/spoken in English language is strong required.
Hard worker and very good communicate skill as coordinator. and his assistants are advised centre each day. without taking a break, you run
Proficient computer skills (MS office, AUTOCAD, MS Project). to always follow the basic rules More than 20 medical staff the risk of hypertension, said
Experience of construction work field. of hygiene. from the department have been Dr Bountiem who has been
Re :Accounting work
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Anyone working in the on hand to provide health providing his services ever
Daily Petty Cash transaction and record kitchen must wear a hat, apron checks for congress delegates since the Fifth Party Congress.
Record and prepare monthly accounting statement and uniform. Under the Food each day. They include two Dr Bountiem, Dr Sivilay
Prepare monthly payroll Law, all chefs are advised heart specialists from Mahosot and the Director of the Food
Any other work relating to accounting
JOB REQUIREMENTS to have an annual medical Hospital and two specialists and Drug Analysis Centre, Dr
University diploma or equivalent required. check-up. in urgent resuscitation from Thongvang Latsavong, are
Work experience for accounting Dr Sivilay also advised Mittaphab Hospital. hopeful that the congress will
Capability of communication (speak/listen/write/read) in English language
Computer skills (MS office).
congress participants to ensure Most of those who turned pass off smoothly and they will
Interested candidates are asked to mail/hand delivery or e-mail their application with a comprehensive their own good health by up for checks were recorded not be summoned to deal with
CV and cover letter explaining their motivations in English to the listed address; washing their hands before as suffering from common an emergency. So far their luck
By Mail or Hand delivery: Please submit to HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION eating. colds and coughs. Some visited has held.
Attn :Mr.Bounchanh (Administration Manager)
Wattay International Airport So far, only two delegates the centre to have their blood In the meantime they
Souphanouvong Rue, Ban Wattay, Sikhottabong District are thought to have eaten food pressure checked. We have wished State-Party leaders
Vientiane Capital Lao P.D.R., P.O.BOX 3372 that made them unwell. But the basic medication available to at all levels good health and
By e-mail: Please submit to Mr. Bounchanh (Administration Manager) : bounchanh.c@ad-hzm.co.th
food in question was eaten with give to any delegate who falls success in their efforts to lead
The dead line for applicant is 1st February, 2016
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview. friends in places other than the ill during the congress, Dr Laos further along the road to
hotel where they were staying. Bountiem said. development.
16 Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

Partys strong leadership

The 10th Congress of Lao
Peoples Revolutionary Party
drives social, economic growth
Times Reporters Vientiane Times is publishing a series of articles detailing the development and leadership of

fter decades of the Lao Peoples Revolutionary Party to mark the 10th Party Congress this week.
struggle to repel
foreign aggressors
under the renovation policy, which sought
leadership of the Lao Peoples to boost production by following
Revolutionary Party, the country market mechanisms under the
finally achieved liberation on leadership of the Party and state
December 2, 1975 and the Lao administration.
Peoples Democratic Republic GDP grew by 8.85 percent,
was created. although the contribution of the
Since then, the country has agriculture and forestry sector to
laid down its weapons and turned GDP decreased from 60.7 percent
its energy to rebuilding the nation in 1990 to 55.2 percent in 1995.
and eradicating poverty through In other sectors, handicraft
a series of socio-economic production rose from 14.4 percent
development plans following of GDP in 1990 to 18 percent
the direction and strategies of in 1995. The service sectors
the Party. contribution to GDP also rose
This process has been a slightly, from 24.1 percent in 1990
challenge for the Party leadership to 24.5 percent in 1995.
as it seeks to renovate and The inflation rate averaged
develop the nation by improving 11.12 percent over the five year
the living conditions and period while average income per
wellbeing of the people through capita rose from US$213 in 1990
its directions, policies, strategies to US$334 in 1995.
and cooperation. 4 t h s o c i o - e c o n o m i c A road linking Saravan provincial capital to rural Ta-ouy and Samuay districts is asphalted to enable access and communication within
At the time of liberation in economic development plan the province.
1975, the countrys economy was 1996-2000:
virtually non-existent and the Economic development Fifth socio-economic
development process began from focused on various sectors in economic development plan
zero. Facilities and infrastructure order to strengthen environmental 2001-2005:
were severely limited so there protection, develop upland areas The nations economy
were few resources to kickstart continued to grow, with GDP
growth. Most businesses were rising on average by 6.3 percent
collectively managed and state per year while average income per
run, and produced only what was capita reached US$491.
necessary for local requirements. From 2011-2013, GDP Industrys contribution to
But the Party set about grew by 8.2 percent with GDP rose from 23.3 percent
leading the country in social and to 28.2 percent and that of the
cultural development, aiming to
average per capita GDP service sector from 25.7 percent
provide the people with health climbing to US$1,500, to 26.4 percent.
services, education, information, and inflation was brought Sixth socio-economic
and guidance on Party policies. economic development plan
The Party also sought to under control. From 2001- 2006-2010:
improve security and safety, 2015, the agriculture- GDP growth averaged 7.9
and uphold the peoples right to percent per year, with agriculture
protection and administration
forestry sector grew by an growing by 4 percent, industry by
and the use of their rights in average of 2.9 percent 12.6 percent and the service sector
participating in national annually to account for by 8.4 percent.
development. Average GDP per capita rose A chicken farm in Vientiane is one form of productivity that has helped to spur economic growth.
Economic growth under the 25.5 percent of GDP to US$1,069 while the inflation
umbrella of the Party following while industry grew by an rate was maintained at one digit opening of the Lao stock market. network now covers 98 percent healthcare benefits, equal to 25
liberation was structured through and averaged 5.09 percent over From 2013-2014, GDP grew of all villages nationwide. percent of the population.
average of 13.7 percent by 7.5 percent, average per capita Culture:
a series of development plans as the five year period. Currently, there are 17
follows: annually to account for 7 t h s o c i o - e c o n o m i c GDP reached US$1,692, and the private hospitals in Vientiane By 2014, a total of 681,152
2nd socio-economic 30.3 percent of GDP. economic development plan inflation rate averaged 6 percent. and the provinces, along with at households around the country
economic development plan 2011-2015: S o c i a l a n d c u l t u r a l least 1,000 clinics nationwide. had been declared cultural
1986-1990: From 2011-2013, GDP grew achievements under the Party: Labour and social welfare: families, equal to 58 percent of
During this first period of by 8.2 percent with average Education: According The working-age labour all families nationwide. Some
the newly-introduced renovation per capita GDP climbing to to a survey conducted in the force increased from just 1.5 4,227 communities were also
policy, the country struggled to of the country and address the US$1,500, and inflation was academic year 2012-13, fully 88 million people or 41 percent of declared to be cultural villages.
make progress, but economic development gap between urban, brought under control. From percent of all villages nationwide the population in 1985 to more 49 percent of all villages
growth slowly picked up. rural and upland areas. 2001-2015, the agriculture- achieved completion of primary than 2.2 million people or 48 nationwide. In addition, the
Gross Domestic Product It was during this time that forestry sector grew by an school education. The literacy percent in 1995. The numbers ministry certified 95 cultural
(GDP) grew on average by 4.4 Asia suffered a financial crisis, average of 2.9 percent annually rate among people aged 15-24 rose further to 2.7 million people village groups, amounting to
percent annually, which was an which resulted in rampant to account for 25.5 percent of reached 89.1 percent, the rate of or 49 percent in 2005, jumped to 8 percent of all village groups
increase of 2.8 percent compared inflation in Laos from 1997-99. GDP while industry grew by an access to primary schools grew 3.5 million people or 61 percent nationwide.
to growth during the period from This caused the value of the kip average of 13.7 percent annually to 96.8 percent, and the rate in 2010, and then reached 4.1 Laos has two World Heritage
1975-1985. The agriculture sector to plummet and the inflation rate to account for 30.3 percent of of access to secondary school million people or 60 percent in Sites, renowned for their culture
grew by 2.4 percent. In 1990 wet averaged 55 percent over the five GDP. education climbed to 69 percent. 2015. and history. Another 15 sites
season rice production reached 1 year period. Meanwhile, the service Public Health: Today there From 2011-2013, a total have been declared national
million tonnes and the dry season However, economic growth sector grew by 8.6 percent on are five hospitals in Vientiane: of 130,783 Lao nationals were heritage sites. The number of
rice crop was measured at 39,101 flourished in other ways and GDP average each year, contributing Mahosot, Setthathirath (formerly employed either in Laos or in local heritage sites increased
tonnes. increased by an average of 6.2 44.2 percent of GDP. OB), Mittaphab, Mother and other countries. Records show from 92 in 2008 to 174 sites in
Overseas trade expanded, percent per year. The industry and The important features of Newborn Hospital, and the that 52,893 people found work 2013.
with imports rising in value handicraft sector grew by 10.2 this period were developments Childrens Hospital. outside of Laos. Museums have also increased
from US$127 million in 1989 to percent per year on average and in infrastructure. Land and There are three specialised The state-run social welfare in number from six national
US$200 million in 1990. agriculture by 5.2 percent. air transport improved, while treatment centres and 16 scheme opened branches in all museums and 11 local museums
3rd socio-economic Two bridges were built across financial institutions, trade provincial hospitals. There provinces and private health in 2008 to eight national and 16
economic development plan the Mekong linking Laos and networks, tourism, businesses are 130 district hospitals, 894 insurance schemes operated in local museums in 2013.
1991-1995: Thailand, and Wattay and Luang and markets expanded into many dispensaries, and 5,356 village nine provinces. This meant that S o u rc e : P ro p a g a n d a
This period saw the Prabang airports were upgraded urban and rural communities. medicine kits in remote areas. in 2012 over 1.6 million people Training Board of the Central
continued implementation of the to international status. This period also saw the This means the public health had access to social welfare and Party Committee 2015
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 17

What are your thoughts on the importance of the army?

Lao Peoples Army Day falls on January 20 and this year is the 67th anniversary of the
army. Events to celebrate the occasion took place around Laos yesterday and Vientiane
Times asked people for their thoughts on the armys value to the country.
Visith Teppalath we know, the army fought army works for our country by. Even today, soldiers still Soldiers are our heroes the army had not led the
our enemies and protected and would honour them more. work hard in remote areas to because they are the ones people to liberate Laos

M r Chanthavong
Phetsomphou, a
doctor from Xaythany
the people during war time.
The soldiers worked hard
to beat back the enemy; M s Reena
protect our border and help
civilians. They help people
to plant and harvest their
who fight to protect Laos and
its people. They love their
country and want people to
many years ago. The Lao
Peoples Army is strong
and smart. In the war, the
district, Vientiane: I they fought bravely and an official in Xaythany crops, and with other tasks live in independence, peace, army defeated opposing
absolutely congratulate sacrificed themselves for district: We have as requested. I think soldiers and happiness. We can forces whose weapons
the country and people. independence and live and civilians always help support and help the army were a lot more modern
Now the army continues in peace today because each other and we love and than ours. Today the army
to defend Laos and works the army worked hard and respect each other like family works actively to protect
with citizens to develop members. We should value and develop the country and
and modernise the country. the army and soldiers for their sees big achievements every
So, on this anniversary we efforts to defend the country year. Compared to the past, the
should all hold activities and support them in their army is more developed and
to commemorate the Lao work by providing funding so modern and has improved in
Peoples Army and consider that soldiers in rural areas can every respect. We should all
the importance and role of build camps and offices. This celebrate this important day by
the army and all soldiers. year is the 67th anniversary taking part in special activities.
The public, especially the of Army Day and on this On this special occasion,
younger generation, should special occasion everyone all citizens should thank the
learn more about the history should congratulate the army army for its determination
the army on this important and fighting tradition of the and show their gratitude by to defend the country and
day. I think the army has army and how our soldiers giving flowers and gifts. in its work by being good encourage army leaders and
been very important for fought to protect the citizens and obeying the law, soldiers to continue their
our country both in the past
and in the modern era. As
country. Then they would
understand how hard the
delivered Laos from the grip
of our enemies in years gone M r Khammay, a student
in Xaysettha district:
As a student, I have had
and contribute to defence
efforts by keeping an eye
out for suspicious incidents
many lessons about the that could be harmful or
Vientiane Times Subscription 2015 history and deeds of the Lao disruptive.
Peoples Army and I am very
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huge contribution the army
has made to our country.
M s Anoulak Vongxay
a student at the
Banking Institute: I see that
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Our army has a long and many places are holding
fascinating history and I like activities to mark this day.
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Area: Thadeua Rd. Dongdok, to learn about it. The army I think the army is the most
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the way in which we should freedom. We might not have and development. I hope
Deliver to Provinces all live in harmony, and love this peace and freedom if they achieve even greater
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18 Opinion Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

Lao Peoples Revolutionary Party - party of What

the people, by the people and for the people Be a responsible
Vo Khanh Viet fold, up to more than US$1,970. strong growth. In 2015, Laos proven to be faithful and unique drinker!

With these achievements so far, completed its universalisation of in the world.
h e L a o P e o p l e s Laos has basically completed its primary education. Laos and Vietnam also
Translated by Times Reporters
Revolutionary Party poverty alleviation. At present, The LPRP is consistently enjoy close coordination and
(LPRP), a party of the the proportion of impoverished implementing its foreign cooperation in regional and
people, by the people people stands at about 6.59 policy of peace, independence, international fora, such as the Beverages of all kinds from soft drinks to strong alcohol
and for the people is now holding percent. friendship and cooperation, United Nations, Association are on sale wherever we look, but we should try to
its 10th Congress, which is a The economic structure has multilateralisation and of Southeast Asian Nations moderate our drinking and encourage others to do so.
major event of the country that shifted towards industrialisation diversification of relations, ready (Asean), the Ayeyawady-Chao However, the sector concerned has reported that since
takes place in capital Vientiane and modernisation while the to make friends with and be a Phraya-Mekong Economic Co-
from January 18-22, marking a share of agriculture and forestry reliable partner of all countries; operation Strategy (ACMECS), the Law on Alcohol was passed last year people have cut
new stage of development in the in the economy, being 46.2 strengthening the traditional the Greater Mekong Sub-region down on their intake a little.
Lao revolution. percent in the fiscal year (FY) of friendship, special solidarity (GMS), and the Cambodia-Laos- Checks have shown that the amount of alcohol
Over the past 60 years of 1999-2000, fell to 23.7 percent and comprehensive cooperation Myanmar-Vietnam Sub-regional consumed at parties, weddings and festivals has declined
development, the LPRP has in FY 2014-2015. The industrial with Vietnam; cooperation with Cooperation and the Vietnam-
always proved to be a bright Laos-Cambodia Development somewhat.
guiding light of the Lao people. Triangle. This has contributed The Law on Alcohol has been widely publicised in
Under the wise leadership of
The 10th Congress of the LPRP will set the to raising each countrys status rural areas and towns, through various activities such
the LPRP, the Lao people have direction for the building of leadership capacity and prestige in the region and the question and answer sessions, songs and poems.
gained historic achievements world as a whole.
in their national protection and and the pioneering role of the party, and strengthen The 10th Congress of the But plenty of challenges remain because many people
construction progress. LPRP will set the direction are not prepared to reduce their alcohol intake.
the great national unity, consistently embarking
In the role of leading the for the building of leadership And bars and shops continue to encourage people to
Lao people to the final victory on the comprehensive renewal policy under the capacity and the pioneering role drink, especially group of youths, which is causing havoc
in the struggle for national of the party, and strengthen the
independence and the foundation right principles, in line with sustainable national great national unity, consistently on the roads because of the drunk driving that results.
of the Lao Peoples Democratic development and protection. embarking on the comprehensive The control of alcohol consumption in some towns and
Republic on December 2, 1975, renewal policy under the right rural areas is also lax and people are not being warned
the LPRP has gone through seven principles, in line with sustainable of the dangers of alcohol to the extent that is necessary
national congresses, devising share has increased significantly, neighbouring countries; and national development and
or advisable.
comprehensive policies, realising from 7.9 percent in FY 1999- actively joining in Asean activities protection.
and embarking on the renewal 2000 to over 29 percent in FY in line with the fundamental On this occasion, not only --Lao Phatthana Daily, January 20
process and bringing great 2014-2015, and that of the service principles of the association. Party members but also the
achievements to the country. sector has risen from 35.9 percent Thanks to this policy, the people of Laos have every
In the period from 1981-
1985, Gross Domestic Product
in FY 1999-2000 to 47.2 percent
at present. Laos has also become
position of Laos has increasingly
improved in the international
confidence in the success of the
10th Party Congress, which is
Education reform essential
(GDP) only reached an average a rice exporter instead of having arena. In 2016, Laos takes on contributing to the construction Education is fundamental to human development and
growth rate of 5.5 percent. to import as before. the role of the Asean Chair, with of the Lao Peoples Democratic
However, in the period from Previously, the rate of the country of the champa flower Republic, a country of peace, there are many aspects of education that need improving.
2011-2014, the rate was already illiteracy of the Lao population making a positive contribution to independence, democracy, unity Most people hold the opinion that a good education
8.05 percent. In 1980, the per was 95 percent. Thanks to the care the region and the world. and prosperity. does not depend on sending a child to an expensive school
capita GDP of Laos was only and investment of the LPRP and Going through innumerable Vo Khanh Viet but the most important thing is for schools to employ
US$118. Meanwhile, in 2015 the the government, the education challenges and difficulties, the Vi e t n a m I n s t i t u t e o f
figure increased more than 15- system of Laos has experienced Laos-Vietnam relationship has Economics qualified teachers and have a good system of management.
Recently, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports

Declining oil prices may undermine Ms Sengdeuane Lachanthaboun told Target magazine
in an interview that teachers were the key to education

development and humanitarian aid reform and that nothing about the current system would
improve if teachers themselves were not better educated
and more conscientious.
Thalif Deen Closer home, UN agencies and generous support for all these instruments to humanitarian Wise management is also important to support
which depend heavily on migrants and refugees, rather than causes. teachers and drive the process of education reform step
UNITED NATIONS (IPS) -- The Western industrialized nations diverting their already earmarked Our starting point was
sharp decline in oil prices in the for core and non-core voluntary development aid. the stark facts and figures: 125 by step.
world market - the lowest in contributions are preparing for Ban said he realises there is a million people in need; a record --Socio-Economic Daily, January 20
nearly 13 years - is expected the worse. limit to resources. So inevitably, US$25 billion a year going to
to have a devastating impact on Asked for a comment, UN they may have to temporarily aid them; but, in spite of that,
both developed and developing
deputy spokesperson Farhan
Haq told IPS that while
divert and use this development
money for humanitarian purposes
the needs continuing to outpace
resources, said the reports co- Dont be fooled by conmen
As the price of oil hit a new Secretary-General Ban Ki- but in the longer term, if this kind chairs, Kristalina Georgieva of
low of less than US$30 per moon understands the economic of trend continues, it will only Bulgaria and Sultan Nazrin Shah Unfortunately there are too many people out to defraud
barrel last week compared to realities that member states face, perpetuate this bad balancing of Perak, Malaysia. their trusting neighbours, so we should all be cautious
US$110 in 2014 the economic it is crucially important for between humanitarian and A gap of US$15 billion is
realities are gradually coming nations to continue to provide development. a lot of money but in a world and not trust anyone whom we dont know well. While
into play. generously to development In its report, the high- producing US$78 trillion of we might know a persons face, we cannot know what
As the New York Times put assistance and humanitarian aid. level panel makes several gross domestic product (GDP) they are thinking.
it, the long slide in oil prices A new UN report, by a High- recommendations, including the it should not be out of reach to
means oil rich nations are not Level Panel on Humanitarian following: find. Closing the gap would mean A recent example of cheating occurred in Xaysettha
so rich anymore. Financing, released Friday, Reclassifying the nobody having to die or live district, Vientiane, when a man named Mr Deng stole a
And predictably, the so- says there will be a US$15 eligibility criteria of the without dignity for lack of money motorbike from a Ms Ketkeo after pretending to borrow it.
called oil-rich nations of a billion shortfall in funding for World Banks International and a victory for humanity at a
When police arrested Mr Deng, he said he had stolen
bygone era may vanish from humanitarian emergencies in Development Association (IDA), time when one is greatly needed.
market vocabulary. 2016. so that funding follows people As this report points out, the bike from Ms Ketkeo so that he could go to get his
The world economy is already Titled Too Important to Fail in need and not countries to Ban said, more than 120 million salary from his boss in Viengchalern village, Xaysettha
suffering from a slowdown in Addressing the Humanitarian enlarge opportunities to middle- people live in constant distress, district.
China and the appreciation of Financing Gap, the study warns income countries (MICs). without jobs, food, water, shelter
the US dollar resulting in rising of a growing gap between the A far higher proportion of or health care. He did not return the motorbike, but police spent 14
anxieties in global markets. increasing numbers of people in official development assistance If they were all in one months tracking him down and eventually arrested him.
Meanwhile, the decline in oil need of assistance and sufficient (ODA) to be directed to situations country, I am told that it would Mr Ketkeo admitted he needed money to buy drugs,
prices is also expected to drain resources to provide relief. of fragility and protracted be the eleventh largest country on
the US$7.2 trillion in sovereign- Asked about declining aid, emergencies, and oriented earth. And it would be one of the so he decided to sell the bike.
wealth funds, mostly built on Ban told reporters last month towards building resilience and fastest growing nations. He drove it to Thongnamy village in Pakhading
oil and natural gas revenues, he appreciates the difficulties reducing fragility. And if our world were a district, Borikhamxay province, where he sold the bike
held by oil-producing countries, and challenges facing many Tripling IDAs Crisis school, it would have few spaces
including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, European countries. R e s p o n s e Wi n d o w a n d for needy children as you know and used the money he received to buy drugs. He then
Qatar and the United Arab At the same time, I commend expanding the funding capacity we have 60 million children out went to live in Luang Prabang province where he was
Emirates. such compassionate leadership for emergencies in other of school. arrested.
With the lifting of US and generous support for many development finance institutions. This is not an abstract
sanctions on Iran the worlds refugees who are seeking better A voluntary sign-up by analogy, the Secretary-General Mr Ketkeo admitted that he had been using drugs
seventh largest oil producer in opportunities and safety. governments to a solidarity said, pointing out that three since 2013 and had stolen other peoples possessions so
2014 there will be a further glut While I appreciate such levy mechanism to fund quarters of a million Syrian he could obtain the money he needed to feed his habit.
in the market, forcing prices down difficulties, I ask the rich humanitarian aid. children last year were shut out
with negative consequences on countries, the European countries, And channelling Islamic of classes because we could not --Khuamsangob Daily, January 20
the global economy. to increase their financial support social finance and other fund their right to an education.
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 19
Arts & Leisure

Russian artists show their works in Vientiane

Sisouphan Amphonephong

ore than 40
paintings and
drawings produced
by Russian artists
related to Lao culture and
lifestyle, people as well temples
went on display at Madrenter
Hotel in Vientiane on Tuesday.
Russian Artists from the
Russian Bureau of Creative
Expeditions, Mr Vladimir
Anisimov and his colleagues,
have spent their time living
in both Vientiane and Luang
Prabang province, learning
about Lao culture and lifestyle
and producing works depicting
what they have seen. The Russian artists paintings
All of the art pieces created tell stories about Lao culture.
by Russian artists have been Mr Vladimir Anisimov (front, seated) poses for a group photo with
brought for display in order Lao and Russian officials after completing the exhibition. Vientiane, Counseller of the
to encourage local people and Russian Embassy Dr Liudmila
the media to have a better and drawing Lao women in by undertaking artistic journeys Kuntysh said this year is the
understanding about cultural traditional style and displaying to countries as different as year that celebrates 20 years
exchanges in the arts between all their charms. India, Cuba, Kuwait, Nepal, of dialogue, and as such it
Russia and Laos as well as the All of the art pieces that Afghanistan and Indonesia. is a good chance for artists
other Asean countries. were created by him and his Such trips could not be from both Russian and Asean
Mr Anisimov said that colleagues were assembled carried out without the countries to have an exchange
during his journey in Laos over the past nine days before consistent support from a whole in the arts.
he was impressed with the going on display in Vientiane number of governmental and The exchange of culture
large number of beautiful Lao to promote culture and the arts. non-government bodies in shall include many areas
temples after visiting many Mr Anisimov said he also Russia. including music, singing,
in both Vientiane and Luang plans to hold a photo exhibition In an expedition through dance as well as the cultural
Prabang province. in Laos to bring his collection all the countries that comprise performances, she added.
The nature of the Mekong for display, as well other arts Asean as of late 2015, Mr Visitors admire some of the artworks on display. The Russian Bureau of
River in the night time also pieces from Asean countries, Anisimov and his colleagues Creative Expeditions was set up
attracted him to create the art in order to promote cultural have covered more than half of to six Asean nations, namely Asean celebrate two decades of in 1991, in the Moscow studio
pieces as well as Lao style exchange. distance. I n d o n e s i a , P h i l i p p i n e s , dialogue this year. of Vladimir Anisimov, seeking
living, while the female artists For the last 20 years, he has So far, they have successfully Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Director of the Russian to make Russian art better
were interested in painting been trying to pursue this goal accomplished their mission and Thailand before Russia and Science and Culture Centre in known throughout the world.

Vacancy Announcement National Staff Only

Community Development and Monitoring &
Tet Art unites 100 global artists
Evaluation Officer (CD/M&E officer) HANOI (Vietnam News, ANN)
-- Tet Art 2016, the biggest
Fondation Caritas Luxembourg (Caritas) is an international non-government organization, working for the fundamental Vietnamese and foreign art fair of
rights of all people to secure access to food, water, health, education, employment and income, around the world. the year, will kick off on January
In Lao PDR Caritas works in Thathom district, Saysomboun Province and Mok district, Xiengkhouang Province,
21 in Hanoi.
to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustaining rural livelihood security, reducing community vulnerability
to disaster, promotion of Climate Change Adaptation, human capital and economic development, advocacy, and
The 100 participating
gender and community empowerment.
artists include Leonid Tsvetkov,
Baptiste Gilloz, Le Thiet Cuong,
We are now looking for an experienced, and highly motivated Lao National CDO/M&E for Community Disaster Tran Luong, Trinh Tuan, Thanh
Risk Reduction and Management (CDRRM) Project Phase II and Strengthening Livelihood System Project (SLSP), Chuong, and Tran Huy Oanh.
in Mok district, Xiengkhouang Province. A group of curators, art
critics and experts selected 200
Key Responsibility: works that will be displayed on
1. Work closely with Caritas project team members to support district relevant officers to conduct PRA for those the fifth floor of Hanoi Creative
villages that have not complete theirs, support district government counterparts to review VDP annually. City at No 1 Luong Yen Street,
2. Develop and strength appropriate M&E system for the project to ensure that project implementation progress a hub for art lovers.
is follow regularly: monthly, quarterly, six month and annually. Tran Luong, holder of a 2014
3. Facilitate district government counterpart to prepare report, compile and summary finding from project Prince Claus Award, has long A part of an installation by Baptiste Gilloz entitled All about Love.
monitoring and evaluating by using developed formed regularly. been a leader in the Vietnamese
(Job Description is available upon request. Interested candidates are strongly advised to study it before applying) artistic community and a key Salon Natasha, the first private Art films will be screened
player advancing the countrys gallery in Hanoi. During the during the 10-day event with
Requirements Essential:
critical contemporary art. Luong early 1990s, Salon Natasha was support from Hanoi Doclab. The
At least Bachelor in Natural Resource Management or Forest and Environmental management or relate fields.
At least 3 years successful full time field experience of similar responsibilities with another international
graduated from the Hanoi Fine the only independent exhibition schedule will be updated on the
organization, in development assistance, and/or disaster risk reduction.
Arts University in 1983. space free from governmental official website: www.tetart.org.
Excellent experience and skills in community development including promoting income generation and village Luong was a founder of control, and open to both art A workshop on wood prints
development fund (Saving and Credit). Nha San Studio and a member professionals and the public. will be open from 2pm to 6pm
Excellent knowledge of designing M&E methodology and tools relevant to the development context. of the famous Gang of Five. Tan was known for his during the event.
Excellent IT skills and knowledge relevant to MIS, Data base management, excel, etc. Luong focuses much of his time unique and intriguing artistry. Artists Pham Khac Quang
Ability to comprehend the participatory community development practice and its application. and energy on helping young He applied recycled and and Nguyen Duc Manh will
Ability to work collaboratively and successfully with local communities and local government. artists tease out their ideas and abandoned everyday materials showcase traditional and
Ability to live, work in Mok district and well understand living condition in the remote area. bring those ideas to fruition in to his works, such as carton modern wood print techniques.
Good knowledge of English in written and spoken skills. exhibitions. boxes or discarded candy Attendants can create their own
Good communication and able to work in a team environment. Tsvetkov was born in 1980 packets. prints.
Willing to learn and strong desire to assist poor and vulnerable communities in rural areas. in Russia. His works have been His work has been widely Tet Art was founded last
displayed in many countries and exhibited and collected in year to introduce classic and
Requirements Desirable: he has won many international countries such as France, New modern art from remarkable
Knowledge of ethnic minority language (ie., Hmong and Khmu) or willingness to learn awards. Zealand, Australia, Germany, artists; connect artists with
Specific knowledge or skills in Natural resource Management or Forest & Environmental management.
Art critic Natasha Finland, Japan, the US, and collectors, galleries and art
Experience working in the government sector in rural areas
Kraevskaia, the beloved wife Singapore. lovers; connect domestic and
Ability to think and plan strategically
of Vu Dan Tan (1946-2009), A f t e r K r a e v s k a i a s international artists and boost
Candidates who meet the requirements are invited to apply by sending: Application letter, updated Curriculum will bring her husbands work conversation, the art talk series the national fine art market.
Vitae (CV) and copies of relevant certificate by e-mail to the Administration Manager at: keo@carluxlao.org or to Tet Art 2016. Shell also hold will continue with artist Tsvetkov We expect that the event
Orasa.lattanavong@carluxlao.org or sending your application to: House No. 111, Unit 06, Ban Saphanthong Neua, a workshop about the painter and his works, collector Nguyen will bring art closer to the public
Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital P.O Box: 2079; Tel/Fax: (+856) 21- 412 683 . and the origins of Vietnamese Minh, traditional lacquer in the and help the local contemporary
Applications will close on 29th January 2016 contemporary art on January 23. contemporary context and an art scene develop, said painter
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview In 1990, together with his opportunity to invest in art in Truong Minh Tien, founder of
wife, self-taught Tan founded Vietnam. the event.
20 Thursday January 21, 2016

Classified Vientiane Times

Persons interested in being partners
in educational business development
investment with insured incomes for
your investment and already expanded
business building and facilities, kindly
contact number 020-91833335 or e-mail:


. .
020 91833335

: inthanin_school@yahoo.
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 Classified 21

Car rental service
We have many types of cars for rent new
model and old, sedan & 4 wheel such as: APARTMENT FOR RENT
MG.TOYOTA. NISSAN. KIA. HYUNDAI, In the centre of Vientiane
AGL assurances Allianz Group Fully furnished 1 bedroom, Living
Short term 1-7days & long 1-12 months room, Kitchen, Housekeeping,
Self drive or with driver
Provide vehicle for Project & Private Laundry, Cable TV and Wi-Fi
Affordable price and best service Call: 020 55505840, 020 77495533
Office B. Thonkang, R. sokpalaung 15/279 Email: lao.heritage@gmail.com
For English call Mr. Chanh anytime
Tel: 020 55599900. 55593013,
office: 030 9800630
Email: vpscarrental@yahoo.com SERVICED APARTMENTS
Spacious & tastefully decorated
Fully furnished 1 & 2 bedroom
Air-conditioning, Cable TV, Swimming pool,
Garden, Housekeeping, Laundry
MP: 020 55505840, 020 55023782
Email: lao.heritage@gmail.com

*Value *Comfort *Service
In the heart of Vientiane
House for Rent Ideal for business or tourist
Villa for rent: 3 Bedroom,3bathroom, living 43/7 Hengboun Road,Vientiane
room and nice garden Tel: (856 21) 219280-1, Fax: (856 21) 219282
Thadeau Road, Choumphet Village, Email: hotellao.vientiane@gmail.com
Sisattanak District.
Contract: 020 7782 1551 or 020 5959 9611
E-mail: tum_y.x@hotmail.com

RentsBuy Co., Ltd is a leading professional real estate

company offering;house, land, apartment, office,
warehouse, business for rent /for sale and
property valuation throughout Lao PDR.
Dongpainar Rd., Ban Phontan, Saysetta
District,Sisattanak, Vientiane
Office mobile: 021 262319/20, 020 23333347,
www.RentsBuy.com email: rentsbuy@gmail.com

AB Apartment
Serviced Apartment Fully
Laoland Company is a long established and leading real estate service
agency based in Vientiane. With our experience in serving customers of furnished
all nationalities, and our knowledge of the local property market, we are
confident that we will be able to understand and meet your requirements.
Ban Sibounheuang,
Property inspection visits provided. Chanthaboury Dist.
We speak English, French, Japanese and Chinese.
For further details, please feel free to contact us Mob: +856-20-55512828
At 020 5551 0155, 2366 6333, 2826 4781, 021 453 919
Phone: (+856-21) 222565 Fax:
For Advertisement, Please call Ms Tou 021 453 919, 020 5654 5155
Email: Laoland.realestate@gmail.com
oad.laoland@gmail.com, Email: abapart@gmail.com
Website: www.laoland.com www.abapartment.com
22 Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

Whats On
Lao Food Festival Almsgiving at Hor Pha Keo Meditation course
Merit makers are invited Sincere persons are invited to
The Lao Womens Union and Lao Businesswomens
to attend an almsgiving on attend a morality and meditation
Association are holding the 11th Lao Food Festival training course.
behalf of their ancestors and
in Vientiane. Everyone is invited to come along and When: January 25-31, with an
to mark the end of the first almsgiving ceremony on the last
sample traditional Lao cuisine. stage of the renovation of day.
Where: Chao Anouvong Park. the Hor Pha Keo museum. Where: Vat Pa Siritray Yalam,
When: January 28-30. Opening ceremony at 9am. The rituals will start on Layao-tay village, Samakhixay
January 21. district, Attapeu province
Where: Hor Pha Keo For more information call: 030 4826 131, 020 5897 7769
Vat Phou Champassak Festival Museum (Vat Hor Pha Keo) on Setthathirath Road.

Champassak province
When: Almsgiving on the morning of January 23.
Buddha image consecration
will celebrate the
15th anniversary Phabath Phonsan Festival Devotees are invited to a Buddha image
consecration ceremony.
of Vat Phou and its When: Starting Friday 15. On Sunday 24 a golden
associated ancient The annual Phabath Phonsan festival is taking
place in Borikhamxay province, with everyone ball will be cut (tad louknimid), followed by the
settlements being listed consecration ceremony. Monday 25 will see an all
as a UNESCO World invited to attend. There will be an almsgiving
ceremony on the morning of January 23 for a night almsgiving ceremony for 99 monks.
Heritage Site. Where: Tham Praluesy temple, May village,
When: February 20, large gathering of monks.
Where: Road No. 13 South, Phabath Phonsan Sikhottabong district, Vientiane.
21, 22 For more information call: 020-2999 9950 or 020-5890 7234
Where: Vat Phou, Champassak province village, Thaphabath district, Borikhamxay
When: January 21-23.
Dinner theatre
Sikhottabong Stupa Festival
Khammuan residents will celebrate the annual
Global citizenship programme The Mercure Hotel in Vientiane proudly presents
Shakespeare for Dummies, The Final Frontier
Sikhottabong Stupa Festival in honour of the by Daniel Foley. Dinner show (buffet with free
revered religious structure, when locally-made Japanese organisation GiFT, in flow of soft drinks, wine, beer) at
products will be on sale. collaboration with Green Discovery 250, 000 kip per person.
When: February 20-22 and FM 90.0 Mhz, is inviting When: January 22, 6pm
Where: Khammuan province university students aged 18-24 to Where: Mercure Hotel
apply for the Diversity Voyage in For more information call: 020 5591 0360 Ms Soumaly or 020 2354 7011
Laos programme, a 6 day event Ms Mouk
with Japanese students. Expenses
First International Half will be paid by the programme.
Email: sale@mercurevte.com
When: From February 20-25.
Marathon in Vientiane Applications accepted until January
Elephant Festival
Social enterprise Events for Good (EFG) will host the first Where: Contact Bounheng (programme coordinator) on 020 55400099.
This years Elephant Festival will
international half marathon in Laos to mark International Womens Or visit the following link:
feature 67 elephants taking part in
Day. EFG invites participants to join either the 21km, 10km, or 5km http://www.laoyouth-radio.com/2016/01/diversity-voyage-2016.html
activities including a beauty contest,
runs. The event will start and finish at the That Luang stupa. Every bathing and baci ceremony. There will
participant who crosses the finish line within the allotted time will
receive a medal and certificate. Trophies and cash prizes will be Free treatment also be a large and vibrant street fair.
When: February 19-21
provided to the top 5 male and top 5 female runners of the half Where: Xayaboury district, Xayaboury
marathon and quarter marathon. A Health and Fitness Expo will also Interplast Australia and New Zealand plastic province
be held before and during the event. Check Facebook event page for and reconstructive surgical team will visit
further details. Mahosot Hospital for treatment of cleft lip and
When: Sunday, March 6, 2016; 5am 8am. palate burns. Electro, hip-hop concert
Health and Fitness Expo Time: Friday, March 4, 10am7pm and When: Consultation clinic February 8
Surgeries performed February 9-18 La Fine Equipe is a Marseillo-
Saturday, March 5; 10am7pm. Parisian group of beatmakers who use
Where: Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane
Media event organisers should contact Vanpheng Southichak or Call for information 020 5560 9415 Dr Vanpheng Norasingh machines and synthesisers to deliver
Thouni Seneyakone about sponsorship opportunities. Ask about funky, soul, jazz and hip-hop 70s
customised sponsorship packages, including on-site display influenced sounds.
opportunities, guidebook advertisements, and in-kind donations. Arts Festival When: January 22, 9pm
Vanpheng Southichak Managing Director +856 (0) 20 5588 8688 Where: French Institute, Lane Xang Avenue, Vientiane. Tickets 20,000-
vanpheng@gmail.com Vientiane Performing Arts Festival 50,000 kip
Thouni Seneyakone Operations Manager +856 (0) 20 - 9144 8858 When: January 29-31, 5pm-9pm
Where: National Culture Hall
Entry free. Laos-Korea fashion exhibition
For more information see facebook.com/Khao
Lao Fashion Week Niew Lao The Korean Society of Costume, Lao Handicraft
Association, and the Korea and China
Come along to Lao Fashion Association of Fashion Industry Academy are
Week to learn about Charity Football Match holding a joint fashion exhibition.
developments in the industry When: January 18-21
and meet the new brand There will be a Charity Football Match Where: Lao National Museum. For more
ambassadors. between the Lao Premier Leagues information, please contact the Embassy of the
When: January 29 Allstars and Thai champions Buriram Republic of Korea to Laos. Tel: 021-352031-3
Where: Vientiane Centre
For more information contact:
When: January 31, 6:30pm
Where: National Stadium, Km 16. Painting exhibition
020-55526629 The match will be televised on TV Lao
channel and 3SD Thai channel. Paintings by Lao artist Ebbe
Soukhaseum Chanthapanya, who lives in
Actors and actresses wanted Toyota Painting Contest London, will be exhibited in Vientiane.
When: Three weeks, starting from
Kheo Heng (KH) company is inviting good-looking young people to The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2016 is open to children, with the January 26. Opening ceremony at
apply for two male and two female lead roles in the romantic comedy theme Toyota in My Dream 6:30pm.
film Hong Ham Tao. Female applicants should be 18-26 years old The painting contest is divided into three age groups: Under 8; Ages Where: Maison de la Culture de Ban
and males should be aged 20-28 8-11; and Ages 12-15. Naxay, in Xaysettha district.
When: Applications until February 28 When: Submit your painting anytime from December 16 February
15, 2016
Where: Contact through Facebook at Inbox only, www.facebook.
com/phoumsana.sirivongsa Where: For details, contact Toyota company offices nationwide Warm for Winter appeal
or Search in facebook: Jear Pacific on: 021 453801-2, 041 260882-4, 071 214111, 031 251400 or any
Education and Sports Department.
The Lao Red Cross asks everyone to help people living in northern
Laos keep warm this winter. Please donate clean blankets, warm
Trade Union Trade Fair The Vientiane Times welcomes notices from clothing, towels, shoes, gloves and socks to our Warm for Winter
members of the public for announcement on Appeal 2015.
There will be a special trade fair to mark the 60th anniversary of the this page. Any events or functions open to Where: Lao Red Cross
Lao Federation of Trade Union. When: Normal working hours
the general public are suitable for publishing.
When: January 26 February 3 For more information: 021 253 014, Facebook/LaoRedCrossSociety
Where: Lao-ITECC Contact: editor@vientianetimes.la Thank you so much for your generosity!
Vientiane Times Thursday January 21, 2016 Sports 23
Infantino seeks regional World Napoli

Cup if elected FIFA president

(left) and Inter
defender Yuto
40 teams. Allowing several countries to stage Nagatomo vie
matches in about a dozen stadiums would for the ball
ensure the tournament is not limited to just a during their
few wealthy potential hosts. Italian Cup
FIFA should investigate the possibility soccer match
of organising the World Cup not only in one Napoli and
or two countries but in a whole region, so Inter Milan, at
enabling several countries to enjoy the honor the San Paolo
and benefits, Infantinos manifesto says. stadium in
The first World Cup bidding after the Feb. Naples, Italy,
26 election is for the 2026 tournament. The on Tuesday.
--Photo AP
launch of the contest has been stalled since last
year when FIFA was swept up in a global soccer
corruption scandal, which led to Sepp Blatter
announcing plans to quit before being banned.
Infantino, who is Swiss, is one of five
presidential candidates seeking votes from
Anti-gay slurs mar Inter beating
UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino gestures
during a press conference in Nice. (Fiel photo AP)
FIFAs 209 member associations.
In an attempt to entice federations, Infantino
is also offering them a greater share of FIFAs
Napoli to reach coppa semis
LONDON (AP) -- The World Cup could be wealth, saying a proper risk analysis must be
spread across entire regions, emulating the conducted into whether the governing body NAPLES, Italy (AP) -- Inter apologised, but I replied that rage ... I was not discriminating
continent-wide 2020 European Championship, requires cash reserves as high as US$1.5 billion. Milan won at Napoli 2-0 to he has only to be ashamed. In against anyone. However, if I
if Gianni Infantino wins the FIFA presidential Each of FIFAs members will be offered reach the Italian Cup semifinals England, someone like him did use words that could have
election next month. US$5 million to invest in development projects but anti-gay slurs by Napoli wouldnt even be allowed on a offended the gay community, I
The UEFA secretary general used his and running costs a huge increase on the coach Maurizio Sarri at Inter training pitch. clearly apologise.
manifesto, which was published on Tuesday, US$2.05 million per federation 2011-2014 counterpart Roberto Mancini Mancini did not attend the Inter, third in the league, will
to say FIFA should not limit the tournament to and another US$1 million, if required, for travel, overshadowed the match on post-match news conference. face the winner of Wednesdays
be being held in one or two countries. The 2002 which would be attractive to small nations in Tuesday. Sarri said he lost clarity of match between Lazio and
World Cup in Japan and South Korea was the remote regions. Mancini and Sarri were sent thought after the dismissal of Juventus.
only time the event has been co-hosted. Additionally, each of the six confederations off in stoppage time following a Napoli winger Dries Mertens, Stevan Jovetic struck 16
Infantino, working alongside Michel Platini will be handed US$40 million to invest in touchline argument. with two minutes remaining, minutes from time with a
at UEFA, spearheaded spreading Euro 2020 development projects and their regional Sarri is a racist. Men like following a second booking for delightful chipped effort from
across 13 countries. offshoots in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and him cannot be in football, diving in the penalty area. 25 yards out. It was only Inters
In November, Infantino told The Associated Central America can request another US$4 Mancini told Rai Sport. I got I was annoyed at the second shot on target.
Press of his plan to expand the World Cup to million to organize youth tournaments. up to ask the fourth official why decision on Mertens, I didnt Adem Ljajic then sealed
there were five minutes of added have anything against Mancini, the result in stoppage time,
Manny Pacquiao insists hell time. He then began to rant at me,
shouting faggot and poof at
me. Hes 60 years old, he should
Sarri said. I apologised to him
... I think that tomorrow he will
accept my apology.
running from the halfway line
onto Jovetics through ball

retire after Bradley rematch be ashamed.

I am not interested in talking
I dont even remember
what I said. Maybe I offended
and slotting into the bottom
left corner from the edge of
the area.
about the game. This cancels him, but it should end there. Am Inter goalkeeper Samir
out everything. ... I went to find I homophobic? That seems over Handanovic pulled off several
him in the locker room and he the top. I said something out of fine saves.

Investing in local leaders to create global change


Social worker:
Protection and Empowerment of Women and Children (PEWC) programme

Village Focus International (VFI) is an INGO working in the Lao PDR since 2001. VFI is looking to fill the position of
Social worker, who will be responsible for undertake case follow up and reintegration of trafficking survivors especially
women and children. This position will be based in Vientiane capital.

Communicate and coordinate with other project stakeholders and government partners in order to build a
strong case referral in both internal external level
Working closely with immigration official and anti trafficking official at the friendship bridge border and other
border if require in order to provide assistance to pushback case who will be departed from Thailand
Undertake and assist case interview to screen case at the border and identify victim of trafficking together with
Manny Pacquiao (centre left) and Timothy Bradley Jr. pose during a news conference in Beverly Hills, anti trafficking official
Calif., on Tuesday. --Photo AP Provide information on victim rights, CRC, human trafficking, safe migration and other related issue to push
back case and shelter residents
Undertake family assessment, follow up, family tracing, provide small grand, repatriation and reintegration
Document and update case fax filling and report to project manager
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- maybe he will. The truth is that Pacquiao insists its irrelevant Prepare monthly and activity planning and budget to project manager
With a beatific politicians smile you never know with any boxer, to look beyond Bradley. Prepare monthly and activity report include budget to project manager
on his face, Manny Pacquiao but I havent known Manny to (Mayweather) retired Assist project manager to prepare yearly, and quarterly plan and report
calmly insisted hell step out of say things he doesnt mean. But already, so Im going to retire Attend staff weekly, and monthly meeting to plan and feed back
a boxing ring for the final time on we all realise this could be the also after this fight, Pacquiao Attend the case conference meetings with shelter team to prepare case planning and case reintegration
Assist to conduct case management meeting with government partner for special case when require.
April 9 after his third fight with last time he fights. said. I never regret. In fact, I Organize and assist on meeting and workshop that VFI hosted when require
Timothy Bradley. Nearly nine months after he thought I won the fight. A lot of Prepare monthly case study
After all, the eight-division failed to hurt Floyd Mayweather people, my fans, believe I won
champion has a senatorial Jr. in the most lucrative fight in the fight. ... I know (its time to Qualification and Experiences
campaign to plan and a loving boxing history, Pacquiao is back retire) because after this, I have Bachelor Degree in social worker or related field
family to please. The 37-year-old stateside to promote his grand another big responsibility in the Ability to develop plans and reports in Lao and English (with minimal assistance)
A minimum of one years of social work experience
Filipino phenomenon quietly finale. His camp insists Pacquiao Philippines, which is serving Experience working with NGOs
claims the spring is a good time is recovered from shoulder the people. My family wanted Basic understanding of trafficking, CRC, CEDEW and related issues
to take his last punch. surgery required to repair a me to retire before I fought Computer skills: word processing, Excel, power point, email, internet
Im so happy hanging up my rotator cuff injury that affected Mayweather. I started this boxing Leadership skills: able to facilitate meeting and training
gloves after this fight, Pacquiao the Mayweather bout, and hell just to help my mother, and Ill Fluency in spoken Lao and English
said Tuesday. Im sure Ill feel be ready for a full training camp end my boxing career to help the
Social Characteristics
sad after that, but thats life. Its with Freddie Roach. country. Open-minded and willing to work with trafficking victims
time, I think. Pacquiao realises that if he Pacquiao will face Bradley at Ability to work with and communicate effectively with other staff and partners.
That note of uncertainty is looks impressive in beating the MGM Grand Garden Arena Ability to work on emergency time when require
familiar to Pacquiaos promoter, Bradley, he could stoke in Las Vegas, completing a trilogy Ability to communicate effectively and network with a range of stakeholders
Bob Arum. After a half-century interest in a healthy rematch between two of the worlds top Ability/interest to work closely with Government, INGOs and the private sector
in the fight game, the Top Rank with Mayweather, who retired welterweights. Bradley won a Experience in and appreciation of ethnic minority groups and gender-related issues
Able to travel in the remote area and other country when require
boss knows a boxers word on last fall. Even after their anti- hotly disputed split decision over
retirement is hardly ever the last climactic first meeting, a second Pacquiao in their first meeting in Please send your written application together with CV, copies of certificates and references by January 30th, 2016
one. I will not promote it as bout would be another enormous June 2012, but Pacquiao earned to Kongseng SIRIVATH at kongseng@villagefocus.org and Soyfa DALALOY at soyfad@yahoo.com
Mannys last fight, Arum said. financial windfall for the two a unanimous decision victory in or send to: VFILAO Box 4697 Vientiane, Lao PDR / Tel: 021 312519 / fax: 021 350740
He says hes going to retire, and biggest stars in boxing. the April 2014 rematch.
Thursday January 21, 2016 Vientiane Times

Lao All-stars all set for charity match
Sangkhomsay foreign footballers, including Chanthabouly district or at district sepak
Bubphanouvong Mr Takahiro Saito, Mr Renshi TVLao. All ticket purchasers will takraw players
(left) compete
Yamagushi, Mr Itsuki Yamada, also go in the draw for various against
As they get set for the friendly Mr Kazou Hamma from Lao lucky draw prizes including a Songkhone
charity match at the national Toyota FC, Mr Marcelo Dasil motorbike, Air Asia tickets and district in
stadium at KM16 in Xaythany Vareis from Lao Electricity FC other prizes. Outhoumphone
district on January 31, the Lao and Oguwike Emeka Ikpathere The funds raised from this district on
Premier League All-star team has from Eastern Star FC. charity match have already been Wednesday.
selected the 22 best footballers Currently, the All-star teams allocated for the construction of a
from six FCs this month. players are training hard at the school dormitory at Kiewkacham
F ans from Laos and Lao National Sport Training village secondary school in May
neighbouring countries are Centre in Huayhong village, district, Phongsaly province.
waiting to cheer on their favourite Chanthabouly district. They are Currently, there are more
players in the charity match
between the All-star team and
Thai Premier League Champions
trained by the All-star teams head
coach Mr Bounlap Khenkitisak,
who is the new coach of Lao
than 100 students studying at the
school and many of them have
to travel long distances to reach
District athletes ready for
Buriram United, with the
funds raised set to go to school
improvements in rural Laos.
Toyota FC.
The friendly charity match
will be organised at the national
their place of education but the
accommodation facilities are
Savannakhet Student Games
The All-star team contains football stadium at KM16 in This year, the Thai-Lao
many of the best footballers from Xaythany district, Vientiane on Association is seeking to mobilise Times Reporters Many of them will also go on to compete at the
Lao Toyota FC, some players January 31. budget funding of around 500 11th National Games to be hosted by Xieng Khuang
from Lao Electricity FC, Police, The charity match will be million kip in order to fund the More than 1,000 athletes from 15 districts of province at the end of 2017.
Army FC, SHB Vientiane FC and broadcast on TVLao and Thai construction of the dormitory. Savannakhet province are ready to compete in the In reality, the province would like to have
Eastern Star FC. Channel 3. Fans can buy one The Lao Football Federation eighth provincial Student Games to be hosted by more sporting events at the Student Games in
Furthermore, the All- ticket for about 30,000 kip at the is hoping for a big crowd but fans Outhoumphone district. Outhoumphone district but many districts lack
star team also features some LFF offices in Huayhong village, unable to make it along to the Most of the action of the 8th Student Games will sufficient athletes meaning events would have been
match can catch the action live take place from January 24-29 comprising mens short of competitors.
on TVLao and Thai Channel 3. and womens football, sepak takraw, volleyball, The 7th Student Games were hosted by
On the previous day, Buriram petanque, crossbow, and track and field events. Songkhone district, Savannakhet province in 2009.
United will get ready to hold a Savannakhet provincial Education and Sports Following this years event it will be
football clinic for young up-and- Departments official Mr Souphy Kheubmavong Thaphangthong districts turn to host the 9th Student
coming footballers in Vientiane said secondary schools from many districts were Games early next year. From that event Savannakhet
before the charity match. supporting their students to attend the games. province will then select the best athletes to compete
During the charity encounter, It will be a good atmosphere this year as the at the 6th National Student Games in Borikhamxay
40 students from Kiewkacham young athletes try their best to win medals with province.
villages secondary school will many others students attending to cheer their friends Host Borikhamxay province plans to stage more
travel to cheer on the All-star at the games, Mr Souphy. than 10 different sporting events at the 6th Student
team and Buriram United. Sepak takraw rounds are already underway with Games while Xieng Khuang province will host
In 2015, the Lao Premier the competition running from January 18 to 29. more than 20 events at the 11th National Games.
League All-star team and There is no shortage of teams in the event with sepak Savannakhet provinces male and female
Buriram United also held a takraw being a particular favourite in the province. volleyball teams won gold medals at the 5th
similar charity match, where they Savannakhet provincial Education and Sports National Student Games in Champassak province.
raised almost 500 million kip, Department aims to use the games as a way to At the 10th National Games in Oudomxay
which also saw the funds raised develop young athletes and select the most talented province, Savannakhet provinces athletics team
The Lao Premier League Allstar teams players in training at the Lao distributed through the Thai-Lao to compete at the 6th National Student Games in finished in eighth place with 14 gold, 33 silver and
National Sports Training Centre this week. Association. Borikhamxay province next year. 44 bronze medals.

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