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Vittesh Vikram
Bhopal Vittesh95@gmail.com +91 900 9046 115

To work in an organization with challenging environment demanding all my skills and efforts to
explore and adapt myself in different fields and realize my potential where I get the opportunity for
continuous learning and further technical advancement.


Examination Year Board/University %Marks/CGPA

B.E.(Electrical & Electronics Engineering) 2017 RGPV, Bhopal 7.84/10
12th (Sr. Secondary) 2012 CBSE Board 71.8%
10th (Secondary) 2010 CBSE Board 9.6/10

Technical Skills
Programming Languages :- Basic C, Basic C++, Embedded C, HTML, CSS, PHP, Android
Softwares :- M.S. Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Eclipse(PDT, ADT),
Dev C++, Android Studio, Intellij IDEA, CodeVisionAVR C Compiler, Khazama AVR
Programmer, PCB Wizard, AVR Studio 4
Frameworks :- Wordpress, Opencart, Magento, Joomla

Internships & Trainings

Web Designing Project intern, CodeAce Technologies PVT. LTD, Bhopal Mar-May16
Design and development of websites and portals using scratch codes and frameworks, also the
graphics for the same. Programming languages used HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql. Frameworks used
wordpress, opencart, magento, Joomla

Live Websites
www.chloritsafe.com, www.patelheatexchanger.com, www.vittesh.com,
www.codeacetechnologies.com, www.bookpalaceonline.com, www.avanibookhouse.com
Language: HTML, PHP, CSS
CMS: Wordpress, Opencart
Backend Portal
Backend user interface for administrator where he can modify and manage the registered
users, testimonials etc.
Language: HTML, PHP, CSS
Software: WampServer
College Fest Portal
Event registration through the portal with automatic receipt generation. Scheduled mail to
registered users about the event.
Language: HTML, PHP, CSS
Online Test Portal
Test portal with 3 panels. One for students, where they can register, give exams, modify
profile, view reports. Second for Admin, where he can add/modify test, subject, questions,
users & testconductors. He can also have the report of all test individually. Third for
Testconductors, where they can add subject, test and questions.
Language: PHP, HTML, CSS
Software: WampServer
Student Co-ordinator Award for Technical Events Competition at Vihan16 and Vihan15
Annual Festival of RGI Bhopal
13th Rank Holder in CodeProbe 15.2 Organised by CodeAce Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Runner Up in Google-Hack-Boo at Vihan15 RGI Bhopal
Winner in Chess Competition at Vihan14 RGI Bhopal
3rd Rank Holder in TalentHunt Organised by BitSprint Technologies PVT. LTD.
1st Rank Holder in Electroshopee at Technosearch13 in MANIT, Bhopal
3rd Rank Holder in Circuit Grate at Technosearch13 in MANIT, Bhopal

Extra-curricular Activities / Others

Co-Ordinated in Android App Development Workshop in Techkriti16 in IIT Kanpur
Co-Ordinated in Technical Project Presentation Competition at Vihan16 at RGI Bhopal
Co-Ordinated in Wordpress Workshop in Technosearch16 in MANIT, Bhopal
Campus Ambassador for TestBook.com for a time duration of 2 Years.
Co-Ordinated in Shoot Out@MANIT 2.0 in Maffick15, cultural Festival of MANIT, Bhopal
Co-Ordinated in Vihan15, Annual Festival of RGI Bhopal
Co-Ordinated in MATLAB Workshop in RITS, Bhopal
Co-Ordinated in Web Development Workshop in Technosearch15 in MANIT, Bhopal
Participated Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp at RGI Bhopal organised by MPCON Ltd.
Participated Paper Presentation at Vihan15 at RGI Bhopal
College Representative for TechKriti15 IIT Kanpur, Spring Fest15 IIT Kharagpur, TechFest15
IIT Bombay
Participated in Embedded System and Wireless Technology Workshop Organised by
BitSprint Technologies PVT. LTD.
Participated in Zonals of ROBOTRYST14, National Robotic Championship
Participated in Robotics Workshop Technosearch13 in MANIT, Bhopal

Personal Details
Fathers Name :- Shankar Sharma
Date Of Birth :- 07th April, 1995
Languages Known :- English, Hindi
Hobbies/Interests :- Solving Puzzles, Listening Songs
Permanent Address : - C/O : Bharat Electronics, Badi Durga Sthan, Ward No 03, Rosera,
District - Samastipur, Bihar(848210)

I hereby declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.