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This cartoon deals with the Mexican American

border. A wall made of brick and barbed wires is dividing the land
into two parts. On the left, we can see a man walking in the sand
and judging from his sombrero, we can deduce that he is
Mexican. It seems that he has been walking for a long time
because he is sweating. He must be exhausted, hungry and

The country beyond the fence is the USA as suggested by the

Star-Spangled banner (the American flag) and a placard that
reads US borders which have been placed on the fence.

Moreover, we can make out skyscrapers in the background as

well as a Mc Donalds sign in the middle of the desert. Those two
elements are American symbols symbolizing both economic and
financial power .

In the middle of the fence, there is a custom agent at a counter.

This character is problem here to check the IDs of people who
want to cross the border. .

In the middle of the fence, what at first sight appears to be a

custom officer in charge of checking peoples ID papers in order
to keep Mexicans out , is actually a cashier at a Mc Donalds
counter ( at a drive-thru window) .

On the one hand , the cartoonist wants to highlight the fact that
many Mexican people have made the decision to immigrate to
the United States in recent years , whether legally or illegally in
search of a better life and in order to have their share of what
they believe to be the American Dream. As too many Mexicans
want to cross the border, the USA has decided to build a border
with barbed wires so as to prevent illegal crossings.

On the other hand, what is being criticized here is the fact that
the US are willing to sell their goods, their products to Mexican
people but they wont let them cross over . They want to take
advantage of the Mexican money without letting Mexicans
crossing the border.