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Biochemistry: Enzymes

Materials: Handouts/Transparencies:

Cue cards cut like puzzle pieces Enzyme Analogy Checbric

Extra lined paper

Reserve (A/V, field trips, etc.): HWK:

Projector Enzyme Story assignment

What are students to learn?

Mechanisms of action of enzymes

Structure of enzymes
Factors that affect enzyme function
Methods of inhibition

What should students already know?

What proteins are

Proteins need to be in the correct shape in order to do their job correctly

Enduring Understanding(s):

Biological molecules and their chemical properties affect cellular processes and
biochemical reactions.
Biochemical compounds play important structural and functional roles in cells of all
living organisms

Overall Expectation(s):

B2. investigate the chemical structures, functions, and chemical properties of

biological molecules involved in some common cellular processes and biochemical
B3. demonstrate an understanding of the structures and functions of biological
molecules, and the biochemical reactions required to maintain normal cellular
Biochemistry: Enzymes

Specific Expectation(s):

B2.1 use appropriate terminology related to biochemistry, including, but not limited
to: active and passive transport, covalent and ionic bond, allosteric site, substrate,
substrate-enzyme complex, and inhibition
B3.4 describe the chemical structures and mechanisms of various enzymes

Lesson: Strategies

(5 min) Homework Take Up HW takeup

List the functions of a protein as presented by the class
Collect their papers for formative assessment

(5 min) Amoeba Sisters Enzyme video Video


(5 min) Puzzle Piece Demo Demo

- Pass out a single puzzle piece to each student (cue
cards cut in half with various edges, so only one piece
will match
- One piece will be marked E = Enzyme
- The other will be marked S = Substrate
- Decide what their reaction will be when the meet up (a type
of dance, facial expression, gesture)
- Students must go around the class finding their match and
act out the reaction

(40 min) Lecture: PowerPoint PPT

- Students write notes following along with the PowerPoint
- Activities are incorporated into the lesson
- Enzyme Role Play
- Inhibition Role Play
Creative Writing
(15 min) Time to work on homework
- Students will write a creative story about enzymes
- They may write a story or draw a comic
- They should at minimum include the enzyme and
substrate but may also include an inhibitor as well!


Diagnostic Formative Summative

Puzzle piece demo Creative Story
Biochemistry: Enzymes

Types of Learners

Visual Auditory Kinesthetic

PowerPoint Group discussion Enzyme Role Play
Creative story Lecture


What Worked Improvement/Replacement

To do After Lesson: