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Anterior and Posterior Thorax

Inspecting for the shape and symmetry of her thorax from the posterior and
lateral views appears to be symmetrical. No swelling, masses, or tenderness noted on
both anterior and posterior thorax. Skin was uniform in color. Patient has a respiratory
rate of 18 cycles per minute which is interpreted as normal. Adventitious breath sounds
such as wheezing and crackles were not noted. Patient has symmetrical chest
expansion. Spine was aligned on the midline and have no tenderness and masses

Breast and Axillae

Skin is uniform in color. Symmetrical breast with round, brown and everted
nipples noted upon inspection. Axillary hair noted with adequate distribution. There was
no redness or lumps noted on the surface of the breast and axillae. No unusual
discharges upon palpation of the nipples. Lymph nodes on the axillae are not swollen
upon palpation.


There were no abnormal pulsations, heaves or lifts noted. The point of maximum
impulse is located at the 5th intercostal space, left midclavicular line. Auscultation on the
aortic, pulmonic, tricuspid and apical is distinct and absent for any presence of extra
heart sounds such as S3 and S4 or murmur. Patient had a cardiac rate of 74 beats per
minute which is normal. On his peripheral pulses on both sides of the body, strong
pulsation was felt on the temporal and carotid pulse while weak pulsation was noted on
the brachial, radial, and popliteal while pulses on the dorsalis pedis, and posterior tibia
were thready and weak.

Patients skin in the abdomen is uniform in color and intact. His abdomen is flat in
shape, soft, warm to touch and has senile skin turgor. There were no scars, lesions,
masses, or bulges noted. Upon auscultation, 13, 12, 14 and 18 bowel sounds per
minute was heard on the upper right, lower right, lower left, and upper left quadrant,
respectively, with an average of 14-15 bowel sounds per minute which was
normoactive. He has an abdominal girth of 28 inches. Patients bladder was non-