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NOTES 1. _____ is the study of the transformation of energy into A.

A. reversible cyclic process with two isotherms and two

different forms and its relation to macroscopic variables adiabatics *
such as temperature, pressure, and volume. B. constant pressure cycle
A. thermodynamics* C. electrostatics C. constant-volume cycle
B. chemistry D. energy transformation D. a reversible two-stroke cycle

2. A pan of water is heated from 25C to 80C. What is the 13. A comfortable room temperature is 72OF. What is this
change in its temperature on the Kelvin scale? temperature, expressed in degrees Celsius?
A. 550K C. 55 K* A. 35 deg C C. 22 deg C*
B. 100 K D. 20 K B. 40 deg C D. -40 deg C

3. A certain scuba tank is designed to hold 66.0 ft 3 of air 14. The flow of heat from a hot to a cold body is an example of
when it is at atmospheric pressure at 22C. When this A. adiabatic process C. reversible process
volume of air is compressed to an absolute pressure of 3 B. irreversible process D. isothermal process
000 lb/in2 and stored in a 10.0-L (0.350-ft3) tank, the air
becomes so hot that the tank must be allowed to cool 15. If objects A and B are separately in thermal equilibrium
before it can be used. Before the air cools, what is its with a third object C, then A and B are in thermal
temperature? (Assume that the air behaves like an ideal equilibrium with each other.
gas.) A. 1st Law of Thermodynamics
A. 333 K C. 319 K* B. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
B. 279 K D. 345 K C. Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics*
D. 3rd Law of Thermodynamics
4. A close system is also known as _____.
A. control mass* C. control surface 16. A copper bar is 8 ft long at 68 degrees Fahrenheit and has
B. control volume D. control system an expansivity of = 9.3 x 10 -6 /OF. What is its increase in
length when heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit?
5. A 5000 cm3 container holds 4.9 g of a gas when the A. 0.0031 ft * C. 0.0013 ft
pressure is 75 cm Hg and the temperature is 50 OC. What B. 0.0027 ft D. 0.0072 ft
will be the pressure if 6 g of this gas is confined in a 2000
cm3 container at 0OC? 17. How much heat is necessary to raise the temperature of
A. 275 cm Hg C. 78 cm Hg 0.80 kg of ethyl alcohol from 15 OC to its boiling point,
B. 173 cm Hg D. 194 cm Hg* 78.3OC? (specific heat for alcohol = 2.5 x 103 J/kg-OC)
A. 1.3 x 105 J * C. 1.9 x 105 J
6. Which of the following is considered the best conductor of 5
B. 2.3 x 10 J D. 1.0 x 105 J
A. Gold C. Silver 18. Who coined the term energy in 1807?
B. Copper D. Diamond* A. Thomas Young * C. Lord Kelvin
B. William Thomson D. William Rankine
7. The term thermodynamics was coined by _____.
A. Robert Brown C. James Joule 19. A process during which the entropy remains constant
B. William Thomson* D. Rudolf Claussius A. Isentropic process * C. Isobaric process
B. Polytropic process D. Isochoric process
8. A glass flask with a volume of 200 cm 3 is filled to the brim
with mercury at 20 C. How much mercury overflows when 20. An ideal gas occupies a volume of 100 cm3 at 20C and
the temperature of the system is raised to 100 C? The 100 Pa. Find the number of moles of gas in the container.
coefficient of volume expansion of the glass is 1.2 x 10 -5 A. 4.11 x 10-6 mol * C. 3.82 x 10-6 mol
(C)-1. -6
B. 5.26 x 10 mol D. 6.53 x 10-6 mol
A. 0.19 cm3 C. 2.7 cm3 *
B. 2.9 cm3 D. 1.2 cm3 21. Suppose a constant volume gas thermometer has a
pressure of 1.50 x 104 Pa at a temperature Ttriple and a
9. Find the pressure due to a column of mercury 74.0 cm pressure of 1.95 x 104 Pa at some unknown temperature
high. T. Solve for T?
A. 5.0 N/m2 C. 9.81 N/m2 A. 90 C C. 82 C *
B. 9.86 x 104 N/m2 * D. 7.68 x 103 N/m2 B. 73 C D. 59 C

10. On an ordinary window which measures 3 x 6 ft, the force 22. A pure substance at absolute zero temperature is in
acted upon by the weight of air is _____. perfect order, and its entropy is zero. This is known as:
A. 30 tons C. 10 tons A. Zeroth law of thermodynamics
B. 19 tons * D. 50 tons B. 1st law of thermodynamics
C. 2nd law of thermodynamics
11. Thermodynamics stems from the Greek words therme D. 3rd law of thermodynamics*
and dynamis which means _____and _____.
A. heat and transfer C. temperature and energy 23. A gasoline engine in a large truck takes in 10,000J of heat
B. heat and movement D. heat and power* and delivers 2000J of mechanical work per cycle. What is
the thermal efficiency of this engine?
12. The Carnot Cycle is a A. 0.2 % C. 3.4 %
B. 38 % D. 20 % *

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Engr. Roy Andrew Garcia
24. _____is a situation in which two objects would not constant for stresses within the proportional limit. This is
exchange energy by heat or electromagnetic radiation if known as
they were placed in thermal contact. A. Hookes law* C. Poisson ratio
A. Thermal Equilibrium * C. Radiation Loss B. Mohrs circle D. Slenderness ratio
B. Heat Loss D. Thermal Contact
36. The light cable supports a mass of 12 kg per meter of
25. When 150 g of ice at 0OC is mixed with 300 g of water at horizontal length and is suspended between the two points
50OC, the resulting temperature is 6.7OC. Calculate the on the same level 300 m apart. If the sag is 60 m, find the
heat of fusion of ice. length of the cable.
A. 80 cal/g * C. 75 cal/g A. 329 m* C. 139 m
B. 73 cal/g D. 93 cal/g B. 239 m D. 429 m

26. A tank containing water has an orifice of 8.0 cm 2 in one 37. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has a main
vertical side, 3.0 m below the free surface level in the tank. span of 1280 m, sag of 143 m, and a total static loading of
Find the speed of discharge. 310.8 kN per linear meter of horizontal measurement. The
A. 9.81 m/s C. 6.78 m/s weight of both of the main cable is included in this load
B. 7.66 m/s * D. 2.45 m/s and is assumed to be uniformly distributed along the
horizontal. Calculate the midspan tension in each of the
27. If a 10kg piece of copper falls 100 m, how much heat main cables.
might be produced? How much would its temperature A. 233 MN C. 223 MN*
change by falling? Specific heat of copper is about 0.1 B. 322 MN D. 232 MN
kcal / kg- C.
A. 3.0 C C. 2.34 C * 38. A common bar suspended from certain support has axial
B. 2.0 C D. 3.24 C load of 10kN. If the bar has a cross section of 20mm 2, find
the stress experienced by the bar.
28. Using Otto cycle, what is the thermal efficiency if the A. 350 MPa C. 485 MPa
compression ratio (r) is equal to 8, assuming ratio of heat B. 420 MPa D. 500 MPa*
capacities equal to that for air.
A. 0.56 % C. 5.6 % 39. A cylinder pressure vessel is fabricated from plates which
B. 56 % * D. 0.056 % have a thickness of 25mm. The diameter of the pressure
vessel is 450 mm and its length is 3.5m. Determine the
maximum internal pressure which can be applied if the
29. Compute the entropy change of a 5g of water at 100C as stress in the steel is limited to 150MPa.
it changes to steam at 100C under standard pressure. A. 15.33 MPa C. 17.53 MPa
A. 20.1 J/K C. 16.7 J/K B. 16.67 MPa* D. 18.83 MPa
B. 30.3 J/K * D. 13.5 J/K
40. The slope of the stress-strain diagram in the linearly
30. A vacuum gage connected to a chamber reads 5.8 psi at a elastic region is called
location where the atmospheric pressure is 14.5 psi. A. Yield strength C. Elastic limit
Determine the absolute pressure in the chamber. B. Proportional limit D. Modulus of elasticity*
A. 9.8 psi C. 7.5 psi
B. 8.7 psi * D. 2.3 psi 41. It is the ability of a material to absorbed applied energy
without failure
31. What is the value of the modulus of elasticity of steel? A. Ductility C. Hardness
A. 200 GPa* C. 150 MPa B. Brittleness D. Toughness*
B. 200 MPa D. 150 GPa
42. The modulus of elasticity in shear is commonly called as
32. It occurs when a member carries a load perpendicular to A. Modulus of rigidity * C. Bulk modulus
its long axis while being supported in a stable manner. B. Youngs modulus D. Deformation
A. Direct Shear C. Torsional Shear
B. Bending Stress* D. Torsional Stress 43. A force of 10 N is applied to one end of a 10 inches
diameter circular rod. Calculate the stress.
33. A steel rod is stretched between two rigid walls and carries A. 0.20 kPa * C. 0.05 kPa
a tensile load of 5000 N at 20C. If the allowable stress is B. 0.15 kPa D. 0.10 kPa
not to exceed 130 MPa at -20C, what is the minimum
diameter of the rod? Assume = 11.7 m/m-C and E = 44. A kind of stress caused by forces acting perpendicular to
200GPa. the area resisting the forces.
A. 12.33 mm C. 13.22 mm* A. Tangential stress C. Diagonal stress
B. 14.55 mm D. 16.22 mm B. Shearing stress D. Bearing stress*

34. A solid shaft 5 m long and 104 mm in diameter is stressed 45. Determine the outside diameter o a hollow steel tube that
to 60 MPa when twisted through 4. Using G = 83 GPa, will carry a tensile load of 500 kN at a stress of 140 Mpa.
what power can be transmitted by the shaft at 20 rev/s? Assume the wall thickness to be one-tenth of the outside
A. 1.665 MW* C. 6.155 MW diameter.
B. 3.665 MW D. 7.244 MW A. 111.3 mm C. 113.7 mm
B. 109.7 mm D. 112.4 mm*
35. The ratio of the stress (force per unit area) along an axis
to the strain (ratio of deformation over initial length) is 46. Unit strain is
Prepared by:
Engr. Roy Andrew Garcia
thickness of plate from a hole 100mm in diameter can be
A. Inversely proportional to the unit stress punched.
B. Expressed in pascals A. 22.23 mm C. 33.33 mm*
C. Unitless* B. 23.44 mm D. 42.55 mm
D. Directly proportional to the length of the object
58. A cylindrical pressure vessel is fabricated from steel plates
47. At highest or lowest point on the moment diagram, which have thickness of 20 mm. The diameter of the
A. shear is maximum pressure vessel is 500 mm and its length is 3 m.
B. shear is zero* Determine the maximum internal pressure which can be
C. shear is half the maximum moment applied if the stress in the steel is limited to 140 MPa.
D. shear is negative A. 12.4 MPa C. 11.2 MPa*
B. 15.6 MPa D. 17.9 MPa
48. Assume that a 20-mm diameter rivet joins the plates that
are each 110 mm wide. The allowable stresses are 120 59. Refers to the highest ordinate on the stress-strain
MPa for bearing in the plate material and 60 MPa for diagram.
shearing of the rivet. Determine the minimum thickness of A. Rapture strength C. Yield strength
each plate. B. Ultimate strength* D. Allowable strength
A. 4.65 mm C. 5.67 mm
B. 7.85 mm* D. 8.31 mm 60. Any medium of exchange that is widely accepted in
payment for goods and services and in settlement of
49. A steel bar 40mm in diameter and 3m long is surrounded debts.
by a shell of cast iron 6mm thick. Compute the load that A. Barter C. Currency
will compress the combined bar a total of 0.95 mm. For B. Money* D. Finance
steel E=300GPa, and for cast iron, E=150GPa.
A. 151 kN C. 171 kN 61. Find the discount if P2000 is discounted for 6 months at
B. 161 kN* D. 181 kN 8% simple discount.
A. P70 C. P90
50. A cable of 800 m long weighing 1.5 kN/m has tension of B. P80* D. 100
750 kN at each end. Compute the maximum sag of the
cable. 62. How long will it take money to double itself if invested at
A. 100 m C. 200 m* 5% compounded annually?
B. 150 m D. 250 m A. 12 years C. 14 years*
B. 13 years D. 15 years
51. _____ is the quality of being plastically elongated.
A. Flexibility C. Malleability 63. An investor has an option to purchase a tract of land that
B. Plasticity * D. Ductility will be worth P20,000 in seven years. If the value of the
land increases at 9% each year, how much should the
52. If the ultimate shear strength of a steel plate is 42,000 psi, investor be willing to pay now for this property?
what force is necessary to punch a 0.75-inch diameter A. P9,341 C. P11,521
hole in 0.625 in thick plate? B. P10,941* D. P12,015
A. 63,000 lbs C. 61,850 lbs*
B. 68,080 lbs D. 66,800 lbs 64. These are tangible things things you can touch that
satisfy human wants.
53. A column has a cross-sectional area of 13 m 2. What can A. Supply C. Goods*
the approximate maximum load be if the compressive B. Demand D. Services
stress cannot exceed 9.6 kPa?
A. 120 kN C. 125 kN* 65. A man borrows P2, 000 for 18 months at a discount rate of
B. 122 kN D. 130 kN 12% per annum. How much does he actually receive and
of what rate of interest is he actually paying?
54. A copper column of annular cross section has an outer A. P2,140.00, 12.75% C. P1,640.00, 13.64%*
diameter of 5 m and is subjected to an axial loading of 200 B. P1,050.00, 11.52% D. P975.50, 13.64%
kN. The allowable compressive stress is 14.4 kPa. Find
the wall thickness. 66. It is an economic system based on the private ownership
A. 0.55 m C. 1.15 m* of the means of production and distribution of goods,
B. 0.84 m D. 2.23 m characterized by a free competitive market and motivation
by profit.
55. It is the ratio of the ultimate stress to the allowable stress. A. Perfect Competition C. Capitalism*
A. Proportionality constant C. Factor of safety * B. Monopoly D. Monopsony
B. Strain D. Modulus
67. Find the amount at the end of 8 years if 1,000 is invested
56. For symmetrically loaded simple beam, the maximum at 6% per annum compounded quarterly.
shear occurs at A. P1,350.25 C. P1,789.77
A. The midspan * C. 1/3 of the support B. P1,523.52 D. P1,610.32*
B. The support D. from the support
68. Which of the following is not a type of Demand?
57. A hole is to be punched out of a plate having an ultimate A. Elastic demand C. Proportional demand*
shearing stress of 300MPa. If the compressive stress in B. Inelastic demand D. Unitary elasticity
the punch is limited to 400MPa. Determine the maximum
Prepared by:
Engr. Roy Andrew Garcia
69. Find the effective rate if interest is compounded monthly at A. Engineering Economy C. Market
the nominal rate 12% per annum. B. Economy* D. Market Situation
A. 11.32% C. 13.57%
B. 10.75% D. 12.68%* 81. Under conditions of perfect competition the price at which
a given product will be supplied and purchased is the price
70. The quantity of a certain commodity that is offered for sale that will result in the supply and the demand being equal.
at a certain price at a given place and time. A. Law of Supply
A. Supply* C. Products B. Law of Demand
B. Goods and Services D. Demand C. Law of Supply and Demand*
D. Law of Diminishing Return
71. A compressor can be purchased with a down payment of
8,000 and equal installments of 600 each paid at the end 82. A man borrowed P2000 from a bank and promises to pay
of every month for the next 12 months. If the money is the amount for one year. He received only the amount of
worth 12% compounded monthly, determine the P1,920 after the bank collected an advance interest of
equivalent cash price of the compressor. P80. What is the rate of discount and the rate of interest
A. 14,753.05* C. 11,020.50 that the bank collected in advance.
B. 12,273.25 D. 13,880.50 A. 3.5%, 3.18% C. 2.18%, 7.7%
B. 3%, 4.12% D. 4%, 4.17%*
72. It is the amount of money paid for the use of borrowed
capital or the income produced by money which has been 83. If a certain machine undergoes a major overhaul now, its
loaned. output can be increased by 20% which translates into
A. Product C. Price additional cash flow of $20,000 at the end of each year for
B. Principal D. Interest* five years. If i=15% per year, how much can we afford to
invest to overhaul this machine?
73. JR bought a second-hand DVD Player and then sold it to A. $67000 C. $67855
Rowace at a profit of 40%. Rowace then sold the VCR to B. $67043* D. $67033
Kat at a profit of 20%. If Kat paid P2,856 more than it cost
JR, how much did JR pay for the unit? 84. A bill for motorboat specifies the cost as P1,200 due at the
A. 4200* C. 3400 end of 100 days but offers a 4% discount for cash in 30
B. 5260 D. 2000 days. What is the highest rate, simple interest at which the
buyer can afford to borrow money in order to take
74. Interest on an investment that is calculated once per advantage of the discount?
period, usually annually, on the amount of the capital A. 12.4% C. 21.4%*
alone and not on any interest already earned. B. 14.2% D. 41.2%
A. Simple Interest * C. Annuity
B. Compound Interest D. None of the above 85. The quantity of a certain commodity that is bought at a
certain price at given place and time.
75. The selling price of a TV set is double that of its net cost. If A. Supply C. Products
the TV set is sold to a customer at a profit of 25% of the B. Goods and Services D. Demand*
net cost, how much discount was given to the customer?
A. 26.5% C. 11.25% 86. If the rate of interest is 12% compounded annually, find
B. 37.5%* D. 20.5% the equivalent rate of interest if it is compounded quarterly.
A. 11.49%* C. 12.75%
76. Year 1805 is considered _______. B. 13.53% D. 10.25%
A. An ordinary year* C. Lucky year
B. A leap year D. Year of the Ox 87. A man borrows 500 for one year at a discount rate of 8%
per annum. How much does he actually receive?
77. A loan of P5,000 is made for a period of 15 months, at a A. 420 C. 450
simple interest rate of 15%, what future amount is due at B. 440 D. 460*
the end of the loan period?
A. P5,397.50 * C. P5,840.50 88. A man purchased a house for P425,000. In the first month
B. P3,456.25 D. P4,115.75 that he owned the house, he spent P75,000 on repairs
and remodeling. Immediately after the house was
78. Suppose that you make 12 equal annual deposits of remodeled, he was offered P545,000 to sell the house.
P2,000 each into a bank account paying 8% interest per After some consideration, he decided to keep the house
year. The first deposit will be made one year from today. and have it rented for P4,500 per month starting two
How much money can be withdrawn from this bank months after the purchase. He collected rent for 15
account immediately after the 12th deposit? months and then sold the house for P600,000. if the
A. P35,492 C. P37,954* interest rate was 1.5% per month, how much extra money
B. P36,218 D. P38,755 did he make or lose by not selling the house immediately
after it was remodeled?
79. Year 2012 is considered ________. A. P3,000 C. P5,000*
A. An ordinary year C. Lucky year B. P4,000 D. P6,000
B. A leap year * D. Year of the Baboon
89. A man borrows 500 for one year at a discount rate of 8%
80. Defined as the production and consumption of goods and per annum. What rate of interest is he actually paying?
services of a community regarded as a whole. A. 8.7% * C. 10.2%
B. 9.7% D. 11.2%
Prepared by:
Engr. Roy Andrew Garcia
the money he owes. What amount should Ryan pay yearly
90. Ryan borrowed P500,000 from Bing today and should be to remove all monetary obligations to Bing?
paid after fifteen years with an amount of P910,150.814 A. P25640.88 C. P45204.04*
compounded monthly. Ryan cannot pay that very high B. P17256.25 D. P37450.26
amount lump sum so he offered Bing to pay a yearly
amount starting next year for fifteen years to compensate

Prepared by:
Engr. Roy Andrew Garcia