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Interesting and important information you find out about the author

-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator Sherlock Holmes, the best-known detective in
literature and the embodiment of scientific thinking. Doyle himself was not a good
example of rational personality: he believed in fairies and was interested in occultism.
Sherlock Holmes stories have been translated into more than fifty languages, and
made into plays, films, radio and television series, a musical comedy, a ballet,
cartoons, comic books, and advertisement. By 1920 Doyle was one of the most
highly paid writers in the world.Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 at Picardy Place,
Edinburgh, as the son of Charles Altamont Doyle, a civil servant in the Edinburgh
Office of Works, and Mary (Foley) Doyle. Both of Doyles parents were Roman
Catholics. His father suffered from epilepsy and alcoholism and was eventually
institutionalized. Charles Altamont died in an asylum in 1893. In the same year Doyle
decided to finish permanently the adventures of his master detective. Because of
financial problems, Doyles mother kept a boarding house. Dr. Tsukasa Kobayashi
has suspected in an article, that Doyles mother had a long affair with Bryan Charles
Waller, a lodger and a student of pathology, who had a deep impact to Conan Doyle.
Doyle was educated in Jesuit schools. He studied at Edinburgh University and in
1884 he married Louise Hawkins. Doyle qualified as doctor in 1885. After graduation
Doyle practiced medicine as an eye specialist at Southsea near Porsmouth in
Hampshire until 1891 when he became a full time writer.

2. Short summary of the story

Holmes comes in holding a letter with a fancy wax seal that signals it's from a noble
client. The letter is from Lord St. Simon. He has a problem he wants to talk over with
Holmes, so he plans to visit at 4pm that afternoon. St. Simon has already talked to
Lestrade, at Scotland Yard, but he's been referred to Holmes by friends. Watson gives
Holmes all the newspaper articles he has found on the marriage: one clipping from
the Morning Post newspaper announces the engagement of Lord St. Simon to an
American woman, Hatty Doran. The wedding is supposed to be small, with only six
people invited.One newspaper reports that the tiny wedding ceremony seems to have
gone off without a hitch, but then a woman tried to break into the house following the
bridal party.This woman had to be forcibly tossed out of the house.The bride, meanwhile,
said she felt sick and went up to her room.After a really long time, her father went upstairs
to check on her, only to find that she appears to have left the house.No one knows where
Hatty Doran is, and the police have arrested the woman who tried to break in on
suspicion of causing the new bride's disappearance. At just this moment, St. Simon
arrives. St. Simon looks like a nice enough guy, but like someone who's definitely used to
having his own way. St. Simon says that Doran was in great spirits until after the
ceremony, when she showed a weird sign of bad temper.Doran dropped her bouquet in
the church where they were married and a guy sitting in the front pew handed it back to
her. This incident seemed to have upset her, and she couldn't let it go as the she and St.
Simon drove off for their bridal breakfast.Lord St.Simon said Holmes every detail about
the accident.Everything clarify when Holmes comes home at 9 pm. St. Simon arrives
soon after. He's really upset, and asks Holmes if there is proof for "what he says". Holmes
says yes, and St. Simon looks truly miserable. At that point, there's a knock, and in come
a couple Holmes introduces as Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hay Moulton.One of them is
recognizable: the lady formerly known as Hatty Doran. What happened is this:Hatty
Doran meets Frank Moulton in 1884, near the Rockies, where her father's trying to find
gold on a small plot of land he's claimed.Doran and Moulton get engaged.Meanwhile,
Doran's father strikes it rich and takes his daughter to San Francisco. He doesn't want her
to marry some poor chump like Moulton. Moulton promises that he'll marry her once he's
made as much money as her father has.Doran pledges that she'll wait for Moulton, and
they wind up getting married on the sly before he leaves to make his fortune.Doran
follows the news of Moulton's adventures prospecting in Montana, Arizona, and New
Mexico. And then she sees his name on a list of people killed by a group of Apache . So,
naturally, she believes that he is, in fact, dead, and that she's free to marry St. Simon.
And then Doran sees Moulton sitting in the church where she's supposed to be marrying
another guy. Moulton indicates that she should be quiet, and then slips her a note when
she drops her bouquet next to his pew.Doran mentions "some woman" who tries to come
talking to her about St. Simon poor Flora Miller but Doran doesn't pay any attention to the
lady. All she wants is to catch up with Moulton.They meet up in Hyde Park and then drive
off to his house. Moulton explains that he had been a prisoner of the Apache, escaped,
and then traced Doran to England to catch her the morning of her second wedding.
Sherlock said,to him, this was an interesting case and the solution was pretty simple.
3. New words you've learnt
4. Few sentences about the process of doing this book report- if it was difficult,
about co-operation with your partner etc.

-Project was not too difficult,and co-operation with my friend was REALLY GOOD.

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