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Prospective Students

Application information :

Applicants to the master program in Public Health must send complete application to the admission office a
the Graduate Program in Public Health. The registration period is from January 2-July 3.

Complete application :

Registration and admission tests are taken care by the Graduate Program in Public Health admission office
All applications will be collectively forwarded to the Directorate of Academic Administration at the

All application materials submitted to the admission office become property of Graduate Program in Publ
Health. A complete application form can be downloaded at www.ph-gmu.org.

Requirements for admission :

1. All applicants must have an undergraduate degree at the time of enrollment. Transcripts and degre
certificates must be proven and renewed.

2. Applicants must demonstrate academic competence, as shown by the general

achievement (GPA)

3. Applicants must submit a complete applications as required in the registration form for Graduat
Program in Public Health

4. Applicants must be able to meet the minimum passing grade in the selection test. Those who fail ar
encouraged to take the second test.

Transfer students and special program :

There is no established mechanisms yet for transfer of students undertaking master programs from othe
universities within Indonesia or overseas. Credits accummulated through our Executive Developmen
Program may be transferred to the master program with special arrangement, under the condition tha
applicants are accepted in the master program.

Admission tests :

The admission test consists of written test and personal interview. In the written test, applicants mus
demonstrate competence in English proficiency (with TOEFL like test), Indonesian proficiency and Academi
Potency Test (TPA). Interviews are applied to explore motivation, relevance, future career and anticipate
barriers to successful learning process.
Application deadlines, selection tests and notification of acceptance :

Selection tests are conducted three times annually on a regular basis, taken place in Jogjakarta and
offices. Special occasions for selection tests may be arranged under certain circumstances in different cities
or when the demand is large. For special arrangement, please contact the admission office at the Graduate
Program in Public Health or our secretariate.

*Those apply under BPPS scholarship must take this period of test.

Tuition and expenses* :

*On registration payment is required at the amount of 2,000,000 IDR. Payment schedule is divided
terms (after substracting the on registration payment), see www.ph-ugm.org.

Payment schedule is divided into on registration payment, term 1 and term 2 (see www.ph-ugm.org). Costs
for field research, transportation from and to campus are not included.
Payment :

Registration and admission test fee should be transferred to the following account :
Bank : BNI, UGM Bulaksumur branch
Account name : Director, Graduate program in public health
Bank account : 0039230826

Pre-course and tuition fee should be transferred to the following account :

Bank : BNI, UGM Bulaksumur branch
Account name : Director, Graduate program in public health
Bank account : 0039226923

Contact information
For further information concerning application, please contact :
Yulis Saputra, Admission office, Graduate program in Public Health
Phone : (+62-274) 547923; 547869; Fax : (+62-274) 547869
Email : s2ikm@ph.ugm.ac.id; yulist_saputra@yahoo.com
Website : www.ph-gmu.org

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