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according to EN ISO 15614-1:2004

Welding Procedure Qualification Test Certificate
Manufacturers WPQR No: 001 Examiner or examining body:
Manufacturer: AthKyrg Reference No:
Address: Kozani, Greece
Code/Testing Standard: EN ISO 15614-1:2004
Date of Welding:

Range of Qualification
Welding Process(es): SAW (121)
Type of Joint and Weld: Butt
Parent Material Group(s) and
Subgroups: 1/1.2
Parent Material Thickness (mm): 15
Weld Metal Thickness (mm):
Throat Thickness (mm): -
Single Run/ Multi run: Multi run
Pipe Outside Diameter (mm): -
Filler Material Designation: Bohler EMS 2
Filler Material Make: Bohler
Filler Material Size: 3.2
Designation of Shielding Gas/Flux: BB25
Designation of Backing Gas: -
Type of Welding Current and
Polarity: DC+
Mode of Metal Transfer: Spray
Heat Input: -
Welding Positions: PB
Preheat Temperatures: -
Interpass Temperatures: -
Post-Heating: -
Post-Weld Heat treatment: -
Other Information: -
Certified that test welds prepared welded and tested satisfactorily in accordance with the requirement of the code/testing
standard indicated above

Examiner or examining body,
Location Date of Issue
Name, Date and signature


according to EN ISO 15614-1:2004

Record of Weld Test
Location: Kozani Examiner or examining body:
Manufacturers pWPS No: Method of Preparation and Cleaning:
Manufacturers WPQR No: Parent Material Specification:
Joint Design Welding Sequence

Material Thickness (mm): 15
Welders Name:
Pipe Outside Diameter (mm): -
Mode of Metal Transfer:
Welding Position: PB
Joint Type and Weld:

Weld Preparation Details (Sketch):

Welding Details
Size of Filler Type of Wire Feed
Welding Current Voltage Travel Speed Heat Input Metal
Run Material current/ Speed
Process (A) (V) (mm/min) (kJ/mm) Transfer
(mm) Polarity (mm/min)
1 121 3.2 800 25 DC+ 1000 1.2 Spray
2-n 121 3.2 650 20 DC+ 1000 0.72 Spray

Filler Material Designation and Make: Bohler EMS 2
Any Special Baking or Drying: 300-350o for 2-10 h Other Information e.g.:
Gas/Flux- Shielding: Weaving (maximum width of run):
Backing: Oscillation (amplitude, frequency dwell time):
Tungsten Electrode Type/Size: Pulse welding details:
Details Of Back Gouging/Backing: Distance contact tube/work piece:
Preheat Temperature: Plasma welding details:
Interpass Temperature: Torch angle:
Post Heating:
Post- Weld Heat Treatment:
(Time, Temperature, Method:
Heating and Cooling Rates):

Manufacturer Examiner or examining body
Name, date and signature Name, date and signature