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Ashley Mathis

Biology 640:
Professor Owens
Tuesday, January 31/2017

Neuroscientist Journal Prompt #3

Question : How does the site of Natural Killer (NK) cells, such as in the PNS or CNS,
determine the inflammation it can cause in the disorder MS.
Hypothesis: If Natural Killer cells are supposed to fight off pathogens, then there will be
miscommunication in their function causing NK cells to inflame the body and cause a
Why? : I have asked this question because Natural Killer (NK) cells are known for being
lymphocytes that work hand and hand with the innate immune system. Their main
function is to fight off pathogens and diseases that will prevent tumors and other viral
infected cells from spreading in the body. Although lymphocytes fight off these things,
they are nonspecific. I wonder if the fact that they are nonspecific play the biggest role in
why the disorder MS can occur in the body, or if MS occurs in the body due to the fact
that there is a NK type that inhibits the symptoms of MS.
Importance/Interesting: I think my question is interesting or important because Natural
Killer (NK) cells are known for being good, yet they may not be as efficient as claimed to
be if MS is occurring in the body. Some people would like to state that Natural Killer
(NK) cells get weaker over time in the body; however, MS can occur at any age. I think it
is important to determine the different types of NK cells, so that we understand their
proper function in the body. They are very crucial to the body in my eyes, so I think that
it is important for science to spot the bad NK cells or figure out a way that the good NK
cells can get rid of the bad ones.
2. Experimental Design: I would start off by learning all the information I can about NK
cells in the CNS and PNS areas in the body. Also, I would determine the role that NK
cells share in relation to glia. Because NK cells are hard to work with in lab, especially
because a lot of mice dont have sets of NK cells, I would start off by comparing different
genes in mice to a human body. Thus, I will hopefully come close to finding out what
genes are responsible for causing various disorder symptoms in the mouses body
compared to the human body. After determining the genes in both mice and humans that
cause similar disorder symptoms, I would start tweaking genes in the mice and steady the
various reactions.
3. Predicted Results:

Graph I. Natural Killer Cells Effectiveness in Inflammation at Different Sites

Graph I. indicates the effectiveness(magnitude) of inflammation in CNS and PNS caused by

Natural Killer Cells based on the different cells tested on in the mice.

4. Interpretations and Discussion: If I got the following results in my graph, I would

interpret the chart as different genes in different areas (CNS/PNS) play a role in
determining the magnitude of inflammation caused by the NK cells. I would also focus
more on the set of results pertaining to the CNS area since MS develops there commonly.
I would analyze the role that NK cells play with that particular gene in each trial as well.
I would chronologically order the effectiveness of each gene pertaining to NKs role in
causing the development of MS in the body. Another possible interpretation could be
made. There is always a question that a NK cell can be mutated and cause the
development of MS at random. The limitations I would mainly be faced with is that NK
cells are hard to study and obtain in a laboratory surrounding. Also, mice is a usual tested
animal for science; but they do not have NK cells. That means that testing different cells
and their functions in their bodies compared to the cells and functions in the human body
have to be extremely accurate. It is hard to test for safety and accuracy when two
organisms dont share the main cell in topic: Natural Killer (NK) cells.