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Type of Shock Description Cause Treatment

Anaphylactic shock Massive vasodilation caused by IV contrast, drugs (ASA, insect Medication: (histamine H2
release of histamines in bites/stings, anesthetic agents, blockers (Tagament),
response to allergic reaction vaccines, foods, materials (latex) Epinephrine (drug of choice),
diaphenhydramine (Benedryl),
Volume expanders, vasopressors
(Dopamine, Levophed), Solu-
medrol, nebulized brochodilators
Ensure patent airway, put pt in
recumbent and elevated legs, keep
Hypovolemic shock Loss of intravascular volume 3rd spacing, diuresis, Rapid volume replacement (blood,
hemorrhage(#1 cause), burns, isotonic solutions),
GI fluid loss (vomiting, diarrhea, Neo-synethrine, control bleeding
drainage from NG tube), DIC,
long bone fx
Cardiogenic Shock Inability of heart to pump Left ventricular dysfunction, MI Medication: Dobutamine,
blood out effectively pump (most common cause), CABG, Dopamine, Epinephrine,
failure), resulting in decrease arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, Levophed, Primacor,
CO tension pneumothorax, PE, Nitroglycerin, Nipride,
cardiac tamponade Morphine, intraaoritc balloon
pump (IABP), correct arrythmias
Septic Shock Sepsis with hypotension Infection (UTI, respiratory tract, Antimicrobial therapy, surgical
despite adequate fluid indwelling lines (IV, central drains, volume replacement,
replacement, massive lines) or catheters), gram- cultures, antibiotics, control
vasodilation caused by negative bacteria (most common temperature
inflammatory response of body cause)
due to overwhelming infection
Neurogenic Shock Pooling of blood -decrease Massive vasodilation due to loss Treat the cause, Dopamine,
venous return, decrease CO, of vascular tone due to Levophed, Neo-Synephrine
hypotension, bradycardia suppression of the sympathetic
nervous system, injury/disease
to the spinal cord at or above T6,
spinal anesthesia, head injury

Types of Shock-Hurst Review Services 1

Types of Shock-Hurst Review Services 2