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Q: Why are my posts/comments deleted?

Admins: Perhaps you are not aware of the rules and regulations of the group. Just go
to the files section and look for the YBRAMIHAN DIARIES et al doc. All of your
questions shall be addressed to the admins but our decisions will always be final
and deliberated by the whole team.

Q Why is the video links/pictures cant be shared in my profile?

Admins: Since this is a closed group. Sharin the files outside wont be possible.
However, you can dl them/ sc but make sure to give proper credits.

Q:Mag-on ba ang GabRu?

Admins: Who are we to answer and who are you to know their personal
relationships. We are YbraMihan fandom and whatever it is between them is none of
our business.

Q: What are we fighting for as YbraMihan fandom?

Admins: We are fighting for the YbraMihan Story Endgame and the potential LT in
the near future which well call KyRu/NicoZiel. We believe that their chemistry is one
of a kind, real pure talent and will conquer the spotlight in the industry.

Q: Where are your links?

Admins: Just look at our files section. We have separate links for fanvids. And, we
also have the special links at the YbraMihan Diaries file.

Q: Admin, we have bashers, Can we answer back?

Admins: As much as possible, we promote goodvibes. As long as it is still not below

the belt and not attacking the personal lives of our idols, just ignore them. The more
you give them attention, the more theyll rant and it wont be healthy for you to
experience bash. Just let them do their thing until someone who has more power
stop them.

Q: Admins, can you make a group chat?

Admins: We approve gcs but we believe you can make of your own and add some
members instead na kami pa po ang gagawa. Anyways, it will be okay to exchange
opinions inside the group.

Q: Admins, pwedepo kayung iadd sa personal accounts nyo?

Admins: we intend to make our own YA fb accounts to hide our identities. It is our
privilege to have privacy with our personal lives. Dont worry, when there will be
meet and greets, you will find out who we are soon.
Q: Admin, why arent you replying to our pms?

Admins: Sometimes, it is a matter of substance and syempre, there are lots of pm

every day. We cant answer all of them but you just have to check all our admins if
ever you have queries.

Q: Admin, why cant we post?

Admins: We usually close the posting section to avoid massive posts to

filter/approve. But you can pm our admins if your post is urgent or will spread good
vibes to the group. Make sure it is worthwhile because even if it is lengthy but
doesnt pass the rules of posting, it would just be pending/deleted.

YbraMihan ADMINS

I present to you the YbraMihan Fandom System and the YbraMihan FB Group Admins

First and foremost, all members including the admins should abide with the rules
and regulations of YbraMihan2016 FB Group at all times. No matter how long,
creative, or good our posts are, if they will cause chaos and intrigues, they wont be
approved. Other than that, our decisions in deleting posts/comments will be final
but if you have queries, you can pm our admins.

Our codenames doesnt necessarily mean there is hierarchy in this group.


Created the fb grp last Oct.8. Co-admin of YA2016 Official twitter Account. Give YAS
NEWS/Announcements and Sona in the group.


She insisted the 50K challenge from DMR. Certified YA. Compiler of
tweets/trends/youtube comments. IG admin.


Certified YA Screengrab sa Iflix. Ybramihan Story Defender. Mother House of Tortor.



OFC YA MEME MAKER. YbraMihan Story Defender.


OFC YA FAN VID MAKER. YbraMihan Leader in FB GCS.


OFC YA FAN VID MAKER. Reposts the old posts especially rules in the group.
YbraMihan Leader in twitter GCS


IN-CHARGE OF YA MEMBER REQUESTS . YbraMihan Leader in twitter GCS

Ella & Bunso

IN-CHARGE OF YA MEMBER REQUESTS . YbraMihan peace makers.

Guys, We have nine admins so if so you want to post something in group, you can
pm anyone of us. We are here for you to give YA updates, KyRu pics and of course,
spreading the K (Kilig Vibes!)

To all YAS,

As your Capt/Admin, I would like to release our statement about the issues last
night. I would like to apologize for being MIA in the midst of those intrigues. I was
online yet I really dont have the energy to explain everything since it was almost
breaking dawn. Okay. Lets begin

As far as Im concerned, the name of our fandom is YbraMihan but I have to admit,
we are believing in the power of the KyRu LT ,STIIL, as part of the admins, and
pioneers of YAFamdom, we are NOT pushing them in real life. If there are fans who
might be commenting about it, I think its normal but I havent seen, not even one
post/comment which aggressively wants them to be a REAL COUPLE. We are all
aware of their personal lives and its not our business to talk about here. We are
YBRAMIHAN not a real-life tv show who are dying to make a new couple of the

Maybe some of you watch #DMR s interview and we intended not to share here or
talk about it. For me, we shouldnt think too much or read between the lines when
its about personal interviews. It will just start up another issue/ intrigue/debate
which we really dont want to happen here since it will just kill the KILIG VIBES. I
know you all the right to express your opinions but as you can see, it will just ruin
the ambiance. But the best part of DMRs interview is that we should all behave well
as viewers of the show. Lets respect their team and just continue shipping without
asking for something in return. Still, there are debates which are considerable but it
should be about YbraMihan and Encantadia not the fandom wars.

Regarding about #DMRs comment, first, it was my fault to approve the post(the
meme).But, I really didnt see it that way if its sensitive. I was inconsiderate. I am
sorry. BUT THEN, I dont think we should stop shipping just because of it for if we
really believe in something, we should still fight for it no matter how impossible
could it be. Imagine, from 6K to 34K? I mean, we have exerted a lot of efforts for
this group so lets just chill and wait for Encas episode. We are trending. We have
fanfics and fanvids to show our support to the team! And believe me, DMR LOVES
US. Hehehhee and we should love him too!

Guys, we are also humans and not diwatas. We sleep and get rest. Dont accuse us
for being irresponsible in letting some bad posts /comments here. We are doing our
best to monitor everything. We are trying hard to give you the latest updates/pics to
revive the YA kilig over and over again. I am really offended when some members
say that we are too insensitive. We are almost online 24/7. Isnt that enough?

*Any posts about these issues would no longer be approved. We are not covering up
yet you should know that all of them wouldnt be healthy for the grp.

OUR INTENTIONS ARE CLEAR. YbraMihan endgame only. KyRu LT hopefully.

YBRAMIHAN SHIPPERS at best and worst (pwedeng magdrama/ mainis magalit pero
wag isusumpa ang show o ang mga tao rito).









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