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2017 IFMA Foundation Scholarship Application

World Workplace 2017 Houston, TX, USA

Email Receipt Deadline is Midnight, 24 April, 2017

IFMA Foundation scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, not need. Scholarship
applications are evaluated on achievements/accomplishments, involvement, letter of professional
intent, resume, recommendation letter, etc. Please review the entire application to make sure you
understand all of the requirements.

Students have sole responsibility for ensuring accuracy and compliance. Any variance from
requirements will be cause for disqualification. No hand written applications will be accepted.
Decisions of the scholarship judges are final. Applicants will be notified of the results in early July,
2017 by email.

Eligibility requirements for all applicants:

Must be enrolled at an accredited institution for a Facility Management or related field

Degree (Associate, Bachelors or Graduate) as defined by your university at the time of
submitting the application and at the time of receiving the scholarship (to be awarded
October 17, 2017).
A working student is acceptable
Must have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 in the FM or related courses or be
able to document that your academic study achievement is at an 80% of highest grading
evaluation maximum scale for Associates Degree Level. A 3.25 GPA or be able to
document that your academic study achievement is at an 85% of highest grading evaluation
maximum scale equivalent scale as defined in the students local country.
Applicants awarded a scholarship are required to attend IFMAs World Workplace
Conference and Exhibition (WW) to be held in Houston, Texas, October 17-20, 2017 in
order to receive their scholarship. Travel and associated fees are part of the scholarship
award and offered to students though a single standardized grant. The scholarship also
includes a full student registration for the WW conference which includes the educational
sessions offered at the conference.

Thank you for your interest in a scholarship through the IFMA Foundation. We are excited the you
have made Facility Management your career of choice! Please do not hesitate to contact the IFMA
Foundation with any questions, comments or concerns about the 2017 student scholarship
program. We expect more than 100 applicants and approximately 40 scholarships to be awarded.
Please contact amy.arnold@ifma.org for more information.

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IFMA Foundation Scholarship Application Form

Please complete entire application. Incomplete applications may result in disqualification.

All information must be typed; no handwritten responses will be accepted.

Please include a headshot (photo) of yourself that can be used for marketing purposes if
you awarded a 2017 scholarship.

Name: Date:

Current Address Academic Degree Level:

Associates Degree: ______
Bachelors Degree: ______
Graduate Degree: _______

Telephone Number you can be reached at any time: ____________________ _____

Alternative telephone number(s):__________________________________________

E-mail address you can be reached at any time: _____________________________

Alternative e-mail address: _______________________________________________

Mobile number(s) for text communications: _________________________________

College/University currently attending: _____________________________________

Anticipated date of graduation: ____________

Education (List colleges/universities in chronological order with most recent first):

Institution Dates (From/To) Degree Major / *GPA in FM

* Show the cumulative GPA of FM (or related courses) as it appears on your transcript(s).
Calculate your GPA equivalent if not a 4.0 scale; or equivalent documented academic achievement
level attained for your country (see below to convert your grade point average).
Applicants must include transcripts - it does not need to be an official copy.
If the grade point average (GPA) was not calculated on a 4.0 scale (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1), convert
to the 4-point scale with the following formula: GPA = 4 * A / B
o A = your grade point at your institution
o B = numerical value of the highest grade attainable at that institution
Example: A=4.75 and B=5.0 therefore 4.75/5.0=0.95 x 4.0=3.8 GPA on 4.0 scale.

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2017 IFMA Foundation Scholarship Application
800 Gessner Road Houston, Texas 77024-4257 +1 (713) 623-4362
Scholarship Application Content
Please answer each of the following Scholarship Application Required Elements in the order as
follows. Please make sure you clearly identify each element (i.e. A1, A2, etc.). Judging will follow
this orders.

Academic Study Section A

(32 possible total points)

1. Primary Course of Study GPA 4pts.

Include a copy of your transcripts

2. Academic Achievements/Accomplishments 3pts.

Please list any academic awards, honors and notable accomplishments outside of FM (we will
FM academic achievements in the next section)

3. Academic Research Projects in FM 2pts.

Please list and describe any academic research projects and your role

4. Facility Management Related Courses 4pts.

Identify all Facility Management related courses. Include course name, description, course level
(100, 200, 300, etc.). Include grades for each course listed

5. Grades in FM Related Courses 4pts.

Include a copy of your transcripts

6. Academic Leadership Skills 4pts.

List instances when you have excelled in a leadership role; be specific

7. Academic Team Skills 3 pts.

List those activities you have been involved in that required team interaction and communication.
What was your role and how did you handle it?

8. Most Valuable / Important FM Project 3pts.

Identify an FM Project that had significant impact to your academic experience

9 Letter of Recommendation 5pts.

Please attach a letter of recommendation from your most recent employer, internship, or from
your academic faculty advisor. The correspondence should highlight performance
characteristics that demonstrate your FM skills and potential success in the FM profession. The
Letter of Recommendation evaluation must be personally signed by the evaluator along with an
email address and a telephone number for the author. An unsigned recommendation will
disqualify your scholarship application.

Facility Management Elements Section B

(32 possible total points)

10 Definition of Facility Management 5pts.

In your own words, please define facility management and how you see FMs role in the normal
flow of business. (This definition should be 100 to 150 words in length)

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2017 IFMA Foundation Scholarship Application
800 Gessner Road Houston, Texas 77024-4257 +1 (713) 623-4362
11 Explain Your Facility Management Aspirations / Letter of Professional Intent 4pts.
Attach a letter of professional intent describing your short and long-term career goals in facility
management or related field. Do not describe what you have done, but what you plan to do in
your FM career. Please limit your essay to 250-500 words.

12 Communication Skills 4pts.

Demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively. Describe an actual experience as a leader
or member of an organization, committee or team

13 Interpersonal Skills 4pts.

Describe your interpersonal skills - how you interact with others in a business setting

14 Depth of Knowledge of the IFMA 11 Core Competencies 3pts.

In your own words, identify and describe IFMAs 11 Core Competencies

15 Engagement in Facility Management Related Activities 3pts.

Describe your facility management related activities and experiences - employment and/or FM
academic projects/courses

16 Facility Management Experience 3pts.

Please describe an FM or related internship, cooperative work, work/study program or other FM
activity during your academic pursuit

17 FM Related Achievements/Awards 3pts.

Please list any FM-related awards, honors and notable accomplishments (i.e. scholarships,
grants, merit awards, professional awards, student awards)

18 Professional Credentials / Certification 3pts.

Identify your current professional credentials (IFMA, CM, IIDA, AIA etc.) OR any you plan to
achieve within 1-3 years of graduation

Facility Management Involvement Section C

(21 possible total points)

19 Membership of Professional Association 2pts.

List all professional associations and organizations where you are currently a member

20 Membership of Professional Association Student Chapter 4pts.

Identify any professional associations student chapters you are a member

21 Identify Activity and Engagement with the Professional Association 5pts.

Describe your activity and engagement with the professional association

22 Participation in Professional Association Research 3pts.

Identify your participation in professional association research

23 Understanding of FM and FM Issues 4pts.

Identify and demonstrate your ability to problem solve an FM issue. Use a course project or
internship project as an example.

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2017 IFMA Foundation Scholarship Application
800 Gessner Road Houston, Texas 77024-4257 +1 (713) 623-4362
24 Describe Other FM Related Activity Involvement 3pts.
Academic study, work, research, job assignments, etc.

Scholarship Application Quality Elements Section D

(15 possible total points)

25 Resume/CV 5pts.
Attach resume/CV. The document should include your work history and notable
accomplishments. List jobs you have held, including military service, in chronological order with
the most recent job first. Include the name of each organization, your title/position, description of
responsibilities, and period of employment. Limit - 2 pages.

26 Application Appearance and Organization 5pts.

Professional appearance and presentation of your application

27 Unique and Exemplarily Impression 5pts.

Creative and lasting impression does the application leave a positive lasting impression?

Photo Release Form

I hereby grant permission to the International Facility Management Association, the IFMA Foundation and
scholarship award sponsoring entity to use photographs and/or video taken of me for use on its family of
websites or in other official printed publications without further consideration. I acknowledge the user's right to
crop, edit or treat the photograph at its discretion. Furthermore, I authorize the use of my name, likeness, and
voice for promotions and any other purposes in connection with IFMA, the IFMA Foundation or the scholarship
award sponsoring organization.

I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs/video or printed or electronic matter
that may be used now or in the future, whether that use is known to me or unknown. Additionally, I waive any
right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the photographs/video. I also
acknowledge the aforementioned entities may choose not to use my photo at this time but may do so at its
own discretion at a later date.

I understand that once any photographs/videos are posted on any of the aforementioned entities websites,
these may be viewed and downloaded by anyone.

Therefore, I agree to release, defend and hold harmless IFMA, the IFMA Foundation and the scholarship award
sponsoring organization and each entities agents or employees including any firm publishing and/or
distributing the finished product in whole or in part whether on paper, via electronic media or on websites,
from and against any claims, damages or liability arising from or related to the use of the photographs/video,
including but not limited to any misuse, distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion or use in composite form,
either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in taking, processing, reduction or production
of the finished product, its publication or distribution.

Name (print): __________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________ E-mail: _______________________

Signature: _________________________ Date: ________________________

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2017 IFMA Foundation Scholarship Application
800 Gessner Road Houston, Texas 77024-4257 +1 (713) 623-4362
Scholarship Application Submission Guidelines

Your completed application along with all of the supporting documents must be submitted in 1
(one) PDF document. Fonts should be 10 or 12 point standard, easy-to-read fonts, such as
Arial or Times New Roman. All PDF applications should be sent via email to

You must submit your application following the sequence (alpha numeric sequence) of this
application. We will not accept additional or edited documents once the initial application and
supporting documents have been received and logged into roster of applicants.

This application for a scholarship becomes complete and valid only when the IFMA Foundation
receives the completed Scholarship Application with supporting documents no later than midnight
on 24 April, 2017. Failure to follow the document flow below will be cause for rejection of the

The order of documents in your PDF must follow the order of this application.

You may attach documents as exhibits at the end of the PDF document providing
appropriate references are made to the exhibits in the flow of the application. For example:
Letter of Professional Intent, Resume / CV, Letter(s) of Recommendation, Transcript(s), etc.

Judging is done by representatives from each of the scholarship sponsoring organizations. Some
sponsors are looking for students with specific interests within the field.

If you have a special interest in a particular area from the list below, please identify and
communicate your intent in the application as appropriate.
Public Sector Governmental Facilities
Corporate Facilities Corporate Headquarter Buildings
The Service Industry / FM Outsourcing
Academic Facilities
IT Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
Hospitality Industry

Scholarship Process Timeline:

1. Scholarship applications and supporting documents must be received by midnight April 24,
2. Scholarship judging to be completed by early juney 2017.
3. Scholarship awards selection process completed by 30 June 2017.
4. Scholarship award winners (students) notified in early July, 2017.
5. Travel arrangements to World Workplace 2017 must be completed by September 5, 2017.
6. Scholarship Awards will be presented on Tuesday, 17 October 2017 during the IFMA
Foundation Celebration at World Workplace in Houston, Texas, USA.

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2017 IFMA Foundation Scholarship Application
800 Gessner Road Houston, Texas 77024-4257 +1 (713) 623-4362