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Neeleshwar Hermitage, Neeleshwaram, Kasaragod.

Neeleshwar Hermitage is an Ayurvedic resort in south Kerala, situated by the Arabian Sea. It is
spread over an area of 12 acres of coconut grooves. The resort is very calm and quite
atmosphere. They provide privacy and prevent unwanted sound.
Architect Madhu Kumar is the designer of the Neeleshwar Hermitage. He designed the resort
based on the Kerala traditional architecture and he considered the general vasthu principles in
this. Distances between the cottages are very far, so that the people living in the cottages get

Fig.2.5.1 (1) Neeleshwaram hermitage view Fig.2.5.1 (2) Administration view


Neeleshwar resort is located in kasaragod district, Kerala, on a flat coconut grove. The resort is
situated 30km from the bakkel fort, Kasaragod and 6km from the Neeleshwaram town.

Nearest City: Kasaragod, 38km.

Railway station: Neeleshwaram 6km
Airport: Mangalore airport, 108 km.

Surrounded by residential area.
2km away from the main road.

General planning:
Rustic in nature.

Ethnic style with Kerala traditional architecture.

Aesthetically designed to accommodate the Kerala traditional elements and the local
surrounding nature.

Separate service entry and it is clearly demarcated.

Eco friendly materials were used.

Nature and vegetative is given prime importance.

Built according to general vasthu concept.

Privacy is the main concern.


Warm humid climate.

Wind orientation - West East.

Temperature - 20 320C.

Rainfall - Minimum: December March; Average: 2 days/month.

-Maximum: May November; Average: 12 days.

Monsoon - June October.

Water table level - November February; Average: 1.2m height.

-April June; Average: 0.7m height.

Fig.2.5.1 (3) Site plan

There are two entries to the resort, one is main entry with wooden gate and a security
cabin and other is service entry.

Parking facilities are provided at the entrance of the service entry. This entry is restricted
is only for staff members.

All blocks are well connected by granite paved pathways.

Mainly Cottages are situated rear side of the site.

Zone is done properly; accommodation zone is away from the other blocks.

Flat site, clayey soil with sand content.

The resort is situated at a distance of 50m from the sea as per the CRZ.

The site layout is composed of administrative block with reception and office, shop,
Ayurvedic spa, restaurant , library, yoga hall and meditation hall, fish restaurant,
swimming pool, different types of cottages, kitchen, electrical block, STP, bio gas plant.

Parking and road:

Parking area is provided at service entry. Parking area is about 15 cars.

Not well planned.

There is no covered parking area, which is not tarred, paved and not clearly defined.

Width of the road to the resort is 5m.

Laterite paved pedestrian pathway to link the administration, cottages, Ayurvedic center
and the other buildings in the site.

No covered pathways to help people to walk without affected by the rain and sun.

Vehicular parking is restricted at the main entrance, which makes the peoples to walk
through a long distance to the cottages.

Site is vegetated mainly with coconut trees. The entire site is green in color. Naturally grasses are
used as lawn. They did not change their landscape before and after construction. Some fruited
trees and flowering trees were planted after construction. Some coconuts trees are not cut during
construction, some trees were growing inside the cottages. They preserve the flora and fauna.
Granite paved stone are used for pedestrian walk way, these pathways are connected to each
Fig.2.5.1 (4) Landscape in front of dining block Fig.2.5.1 (5) Landscape
Poomukham - Administration block.

Priya - Ayurveda center.

Annapurna - Restaurants.

Kuteeram - Cottages.

Pathanjali - Yoga hall and Meditation hall.

Varuna - Swimming Pool.

Saraswathi - Library block.

Kubera - Art and craft shop.



Administration block:
The administration block is located at the entrance to the resort and is constructed in
Kerala traditional style with thatched roof.

A porch is provided at the front.

Another entry is provided at the side of the block. Temporary parking (for two cars) is
provided at the side of the administration block, from the parking area people can enter
through administration block.

Columns: Half granite and wood.

Flooring: Terracotta tile.

Steps are like temple steps, made up of Granite.

Administrative block contains,

Reception and lobby.

Waiting area.

Reception and lobby.

Waiting area.

Magazine rack.

Duty manager.


Ayurveda block:
The Ayurveda block is located near to the administrative block and south east side of
the site layout.

It is constructed in Kerala traditional naalukettu style with thatched roof.

Mostly wooden built with antique doors and furniture.

Kerala traditional elements were used for aesthetics.

Block is easily accessible from every cottage by granite paved pathways.

Red oxide stone blocks are used for flooring.

Courtyard is provided at the back side of each room filled with pebbles stones.

No air conditioning systems.

Columns: Half granite and wood.

Steps are like temple steps, made up of Granite

Inner courtyard is filled with pebbles and granite steps are provided to enter the courtyard
from four sides.

122cm wide verandah inside the building is served as circulation space surrounded by
inner courtyard.

Ayurveda block includes,


Consultation room.

Waiting space.

Treatment rooms.


Reception and waiting area is providing at the entrance of the Ayurvedic block.

There is a reception desk and few sofas for the guests.

It is located near to the Doctors consulting room.

Consultation room:
There is only one consultation room and one consulting Doctor.

Consultation room consists of table, chair and shelf.

People can enter through waiting area and also from the verandah.
Consultation room -321.5X419 cm

Treatment rooms:

There are four treatment rooms, two for ladies and other two for gents.

Treatments room consists of Droni table (massaging table) of size - 289X78 cm, 14cm
thickness, steam chamber, dhara stand, storage cabin for storing medicines, oil, etc. and
heater for heating the oil.

Red oxide stone blocks are used for flooring.

After treatment the workers would clean the room.

Indian and locally available materials are used for finishing materials.

Mainly people coming from U.S and from that 95% of people are coming for
sukachikilsa and for realaxation only 5% are coming for treatment purpose.

Treatment room- 419X438.5cm.

Attached wash area and toilet, shower area.

One side of the shower area is half open to the exterior courtyard; view from the exterior
is banned by compound wall.

Granite is used as flooring in toilet. So that after the treatment it is easy to walk, cannot

Polished textured stone is used on wall in shower area.

Only sanitary materials imported.

Toilet of size 251X156.5cm.

Spa consists of a treatment area, a bath tub area and a shower area.

Swedish type spa with all facilities.

Shower area is open to sky and granite flooring and unfinished polish marble stones on
the walls.

Bamboos are used as wall covering.

Pebbles are used for filling the ground and round granite paved step stones are used.

Bath tub is placed at 15cm raised platform with granite flooring.


There are two restaurants one at the center of the site and it is the main dining hall,
vegetarian food is available there, and the other is sea food restaurant, it is nearby the sea
shore, sea food is available there.

The main restaurant is easily accessible from all the blocks.

Capacity of 40 numbers.

Entries are provided at four sides.

It is an open restaurant with a counter area.

At the center of the restaurant there is a courtyard which is open to sky.

Thatched roofing, red oxide blocks for flooring, half granite and half wooden pillar and
granite steps.

Sea food restaurant have a small kitchen are made up of bamboo and thatched roofing.


There are 16 cottages.

Cottages are located away from the public zone.

Two types of cottages single cottages and twin cottages.

Twin cottages are for family.

These cottages are divided into three sea view, garden view and pool view.

Cottage consists of bed room sit out and toilet.

RCC roof with Thatched roof covering.

Mukhapu and temple steps are used for aesthetically appealing.

Half granite and half wood are used for pillars.

A tape is provided at the entrance of each cottage

Yoga and meditation hall:

Yoga and meditation hall are located near to the sea shore and adjacent to the sea food

Yoga and meditation classes are carried out under the guidance of separate guru.

Thatched roof with tiled flooring.

Same style of architecture.

Swimming pool:
Located near to the sea.

It is also called infinity pool.

It placed at a raised level, so that while bathing we can feel like bathing in the sea.

Jacuzzi is also attached with the swimming pool.

Recycling process is taking place in the pool.

A machine room is attached to the swimming pool.

Swimming pool of size (24 X 12.5) m, depth is 1m to 1.6m.

A tank is provided at the sea side of the pool, over flowed water is stored in the tank.

Library block:
Library block consist of TV room, internet facility, library and club house.

RCC roof with thatched roof covering.

Red oxide stone blocks are used as flooring.

Air conditioned.

Same style architecture.

Kitchen consists of kitchenette, work area and store.

Not a spacious kitchen.

Preparation of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Marbles are used for flooring.

Laundry is located nearby the kitchen side.

Maintenance area and laundry are attached.

An open area for washing the clothes, it is near to the service entry.

Washed clothes are ironed from the laundry room.

Washing clothes by using water in the coconut valley.

Water supply:
Well is the main source of water supply for the entire resort.

One storage tank is located near to the washing are at a highest level.

Power supply:
Power supply from Neeleshwaram substation by K.S.E.B.

11 kV transformer is provided in a room.

Electrical and generator room are provided near to the service entry.

Separate rooms for electrical, generator and transformer.

Separate switches and security is appointed for controlling.

Bio gas plant and STP are also located near to the service entry. Bio gas is used for
cooking and treated water is used for water the coconut trees and plants

Safety and security:

Buildings are made of wood; it increases the possibility of fire.

No fire extinguishers, limited area have extinguishers.

No proper signage.

Watchman at main gate, service entry and at the 5 security at sea side.

Compound walls are at front and side and the site, no compound wall at the sea side.

Building layout does not destroy the natural topography of the site.

Nature and vegetation given preference.

Privacy is the salient feature of the resort.

Zoning is done properly by public zone, semi public zone and private zone.
A well planned separate entry for services.

Pathways are not covered it is difficult during rainy season.

Mechanically air conditioning systems are not provided in the ayurvedic block, flooring,
roofing, inner and outer courtyard gives cooling effect to the block.

Recreation space not provided.