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My Version

Pretend were in a world where In September of 2001 Smallville never aired. For

numerous reasons this show was sent back to the drawing board and a different version of

Smallville would emerge years later My version. Premiering in 2003 this new version

of the series comes, and had a set-up plan for a 10 Season Series. This is My version of


Set up

So the first thing you want to do with a series, like Smallville, is tell a core story

that isnt just an Origin. What are we exploring? With this series, we are exploring the

essence of Clarks Moral compass, what about this environment set him up to be the

incredible person he is. Its going to be a radically different version than Shuster and

Siegel have purported in the past. There are a couple of Ground rules that I imagine

would be followed and well give a quick explanation to that.

Ground Rules

The big element of Smallville was that for the first three seasons there was the No

Tights, No Flights Rule. While the rule did assist and effectively help the series, it was

broken often and seems to be a hindrance on how the show would end, so that isnt a rule

of thumb for the series but there will be some rules.

1. Clark Kent cant kill. Superman is, and always has been, a person who cares about the

sanctity of life. So knowing the series needs the benefit of continuous conflicts this

only furthers the rules necessity, if Clark can live with killing Super Criminals very

few would appear and the show would be several seasons shorter.

2. This Series Must Explain Some Obscure Elements of Supermans Canon. Supermans

canon is obscure in many elements, (i.e. from something as simple as Glasses being a

perfect disguise to also having a dog who can do what he does.) So the series would

intend on explaining things such as how the Glasses work for him and how he is able

to use them as a disguise.

3. Character Involved must have existed in the Superman Canon, Any new characters

will be written out by the end of the final seasons. As a result, characters like Chloe

Sullivan wont appear in the series, as theyd never exist in my version, or ones like

Lionel Luthor exist but under different names.

4. Each Season Gets A Major Villain. An overarching story is required for the show as a

way of setting up the Major themes. Each Individual Episode may have a Freak of the

Week Vibe, but an overarching story is necessary to really help the show get off the

ground and make it feel unique as a Pre-Superman series.

5. No Doomsday, No Darkseid. The best budget in Television doesnt allow for proper

representation, especially over a 22 Episode Season.

6. This does not change Films from happening. Superman Returns still exist in this

universe as does Green Lantern, Man of Steel, and The Dark Knight Trilogy. So

Characters Like Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Wonder Woman are off

7. No Proto-Justice League. One of the more intriguing elements of Smallville was a

Proto Justice League, assembled to take down Lex in the later half the series. In this

version this wont be an Element. This isnt to say Other heroes wont show up, but

Clark wont be on a Justice League.

8. No one ever addresses Clark as The Blur that was an element that wasnt enjoyable.

In response, the Name Superboy Will never be used as an official alias of Clark.

9. This isnt part of the Arrowverse, nor is it Earth-CBS, or Earth-Fox, or Earth-NBC or

any other earth for that matter. This is its own canon as the original series was


10. The Show is called Smallville, so it only makes sense that I put as much story and

character elements focused towards the city, and not do Several full seasons in

Metropolis where Smallville is little more than a Pit stop. While Metropolis does

appear in my version, it isnt as important or as focused on. It will be more towards

the end of the last season or in sporadic appearances through the series that it would


With these rules in place it helps sets the vision and tone. It sets restriction on myself

and Allows me to really explore a creative and thorough vision. Its a way of setting up

the Superman Mythology in a way that allows for some creative additions to Canon.

Some of the ideas present were inspired by the newer comics so already Im very

aware that some of this just wouldnt happen, but again this is my vision now looking

back to what I would have had available at the time. The Break down will go Season by

Season, I will highlight Main Antagonist, new characters giving full breakdowns of each

character in the Synopsis.

Considering that this is just a basic overview of my vision, I wont go into much

detail as to the events that transpire but more of an overall breakdown. I will go into a

few Plots that would carry through the season, as an Idea of where the story goes with

certain characters.

Season 1 (2003/04)


A.) A High School Student, Kenny Braverman goes Missing. Clark Kent joins the

Smallville Manhunt for Kenny, all hoping to find him alive. This leaves a series of

Meta-Humans in Clarks wake as he searches through the town and different clues to

Find Kenny.

B.) A Mysterious Organization under LexCorp is experimenting on Kenny, having

manipulated him after an emotional event.

C.) Clark spurs feelings for Lana Lang, who is feeling guilty for having pushed Kenny

away, as Kenny had feelings for her.

D.) Lex Luthor begins to dive into the world of Corporate Espionage using Clarks help

to try to find the different secrets his father may be holding from him.


A.) Kenny has been leaving clues for Clark to find. Once Clark has found him they fight each

other as Kenny reveals Metahuman abilities, that as they progress crack Kennys frame of

mind. This leads Kenny to Commit Suicide in front of Clark leaving his former friend a

final clue. Checkmate.

B.) The Mysterious organization is revealed (to the audience) to be head by Alexie Lionel

Luthor. He knows Clark Kents secret and plans on kidnapping him for experimentation.

C.) Lana recognizes Clarks feelings, without Clarks knowledge and begins contemplating a

future with Clark.

D.) Lex finds the data hes been looking for. He discovers his fathers connections to

Checkmate as well as the information of his sister, Lenas share of the estate should their

father die.

Season 2 (2004/05)


A.) Clark begins researching Checkmate, trying to find any connection beyond chess.

This leads him to ask his friend, Lex, for help in discovering information on


B.) Alexie puts Lex on trial. Intending to see Lex become the person he wishes him to be,

Alexie begins putting Lex through intimidating trials with their business in

Smallville. This causes Lex unneeded stress as Lex has been turning its Smallville

section of LexCorps into one of the most profitable.

C.) Lana decides to ask Clark out and the two begin dating.

D.) Figures from Checkmate bring in a specialist to assist on the further production of

Metahumans. This includes Scientist Hank Henshaw and Anthony Ivo.


A.) Clarks investigations of Checkmate lead him to the focus of a government conspiracy

with Alexie Luthor, leading to Season 3.

B.) Alexie is impressed by Lexs efforts and allows him to keep his factory in Smallville but

threatens that if Lex begins to waiver hed give the territory to his sister Lena.

C.) Lana and Clark prepare to go to their First Prom as High School Juniors. Their

relationship having hit a crucial point in their relationship.

D.) Checkmate has developed a Bionic Toxin, a toxin that turns organic matter into bionic

organism with numerous replicative abilities. This is called the Amazo virus and testing

begins on a man known as Frank Halloran.

Season 3 (2005/06)


A.) Clark continues to investigate Checkmate but sees that numerous attacks begin to

occur from a figure dubbing himself Amazo. After each encounter, Clark displays

new abilities that Amazo begins to show the abilities.

B.) Kansas Senator Maxwell Lord comes to Smallville on the Heel of his re-election

campaign, showing direct association with Alexie Luthor. Lord uses this as a cover to

check on Alexies part in the Checkmate operations.

C.) A mysterious figure from another shadow organization, Cadmus, contacts Clark

giving him privileged knowledge on the Organization Checkmate, with a warning to

not Publish without substantial evidence. Clark uses this information to carry his

investigation further.

D.) Jonathan and Martha struggle with the choice of revealing the full truth to Clark over

the course of the season, upon learning the threats that might plague him if he

continues hunting for the truth about what happened to Kenny Braverman.

A.) Clark is finally able to defeat Amazo, who used his abilities to try to kill the metahumans

populating Smallville.

B.) Max is approving over Alexies work despite the controversy, but warns him that there is

a bullet for everyone in their field. Alexie congratulates Max on his re-election to which

Max thanks him, with a warning over the Kent boy.

C.) The Figure reveals herself to Clark as Amanda Waller, a member of the Presidents

cabinet to which she claims she is Watching over him.

D.) Clark is told about his origins and is forced to decide on how the information impacts him

as well as his future with Lana.

Season 4 (2006/07)


A.) Clark begins splitting his time between investigating his Alien origins and balancing a

life as Lana Langs boyfriend. Finding the difficulty in keeping her safe from danger

while continuously exposing himself. This will come to a cross road where Lana will

need to know more about Clark.

B.) The oncoming Graduation pits Clark to really contemplate a college future. He goes to

Lex to seek advice on how to progress.

C.) Lex begins researching his fathers involvement in Checkmate which leads to a

confrontation between Maxwell Lord and Lex Luthor. Maxwell complements Lex on his

similarities to Alexi, but wants him to not allow that connection to be anything more than

it is. Lex decides to fight back against Lord, exploring his options.
D.) A group of Metahumans are developed by LexCorp, by Alexie and his Scientist, aiming

to capture Clark.


A.) Clark and Lana graduate that leads to a shocking revelation to Clarks world She is

moving with her father after her parents divorce. Seeing the world in the big city opens

her option for college. Clark reluctantly lets her go, knowing in the end its best for her


B.) Clark discovers a secret on the space ship that brought him to earth, which leads him to a

Mystery in the Arctic Circle.

C.) Lex is accepted as a member of the Cadmus program, allowing Lex to put his genius to

work with the Government and giving him some deeper connections than his father.

D.) Clark battles the Metahuman which are put into a specialized prison known as Belle


Season 5 (2007/08)


A.) Clark learns that he is a Kryptonian, a race of empowered aliens that existed

peacefully before being self-destructive in their use of the planet. Clark speaks to the

apparition of Jor-El who guides and teaches Clark about his lineage. This leaves

Clark to make a choice of who he is, Clark Kent or Kal-El?

B.) Lex uses Cadmus as a way of spying on Clark, wanting to learn his friends secret, as

his curiosity has developed over the years

C.) Jimmy Olsen comes to Smallville, after being arrested he is sent to live with his

Father Jake Olsen a factory manager at LexCorps. Jimmy quickly becomes best

friends with local Clark Kent, who even manages to persuade Jimmy to apply for

College with Clark.

D.) A threat from the stars appears, travelling from town to town wanting to fight the

strongest there is This being is known as Atlas. He seeks to kill the most powerful

and rule the Earth.


A.) Clark decides that he cant just be Kal-El, but he cant just be Clark Kent either. For

him to benefit the best of Society he needs to become the best of each. A symbol. He

takes the only symbol he knows, and the colors of his native flag and puts them

together. This is where he decides he can be a hero, The Superhuman.

B.) Lex discovers Clarks alien origin and resents him deeply for hiding this side from

him. He severs all ties and joins his Father assisting Max Lord in taking over


C.) Jimmys father, now married to Lanas Mother, decides to take a job in Metropolis.

Jimmy not wanting to leave the life hes built and the future he strives for stays in

Smallville under the welcoming arms of the Kent Family, who are happy to see Clark

have made a positive influence on someones life as well as get a friend.

D.) Clark Battles Atlas, getting to fight him several times before donning the S Shield

which allows Clark a degree of comfort knowing hes embracing his heritage. He

knows he is on a journey to become a Superhero and has to learn how to be a hero

that wont cause damage.

Season 6 (2008/09)


A.) Clark has developed his Superhuman Persona to be a hero. Fighting battles that

people cant really fight themselves. He takes out Metahumans as well as helping

with such things as Fires, Flood, and Natural disasters.

B.) Jimmy Learns Clarks secret, he struggles with their friendship unsure of how this

really impacts them. Jimmy goes through this cycle where he feels useless especially

knowing that his best friend is a Superhero.

C.) Lex and Alexi develop a clone of Clark using left over DNA from the Atlas fight as

well as the use of a dead alien being theyve kidnapped. This creature becomes

Bizarro. And with the help of another Metahuman, Parasite, they work under the

Luthors to kill Clark Kent.

D.) Clark and Jimmy Enter a work program where they hope to work at the Daily Planet.

When meeting Editor-In-Chief Perry White he tells, them he has a friend back in

Smallville that he wants them to work with to cut their teeth. So, they become paid

reporters for the Daily Star in Smallville under Editor George Taylor.


A.) Jimmy comes to Terms with Clarks hero persona and actively encourages it, even

suggesting Clark drops the Hu part from his name, Calling him Superman

B.) Clark battles Parasite and Bizarro in a battle the results in the Death of Alexi Luthor and

the breaking of Lex, leaving him in a vegetative state. This results in Lena Luthor, the

sister of Lex, coming to Smallville to run the family business.

C.) A car crash from the massive debris of the Battle between Clark, Bizarro, and Parasite

results in the death of his Parents. Whove embraced Clarks heroic side. This gives them

a peaceful death while influencing and continuing Clarks arc through the series. Similar

to the Golden Age Superman, whose parents had died before he came to Metropolis to

see a new life.

D.) Clark struggles with the work at the Daily Star, as every time danger is brought upon he

races off, Leaving Jimmy to take pictures and help cover Clarks butt on assignments.

This strains Jimmy on how to interact with Mr. Taylor.

Season 7 (2009/10)


A.) A Supervillain, known as Magog, from the Future comes back to the past to kill

Clark, attempting to keep him from becoming the Superman that became a symbol

and prevent a Metahuman War. Three superhero veterans from the Metahuman war,

come back to keep the future Superman alive and train him for the oncoming conflict.

B.) Clark struggles with the desire to be a Hero since the Deaths of his parents, leaving

him a true orphan. Clark continues to be a hero but is significantly more reclusive,

often staying on the Farm and working on it. Pushing Jimmy out this leaves Jimmy to

try and reason with Clark.

C.) A new-recruit from the Daily Planet is sent to Smallville to cut her teeth, her name is

Lois Lane.

D.) Lena takes her position next to Waller and the two work together to Assassinate Max

Lord, Lena blaming Lord for her Brothers vegetative state.


A.) Clark and the Legion of Superheroes defeat Magog by trapping him into the Phantom

Zone, unwittingly allowing beings to escape.

B.) Clark comes to terms with his Parents deaths and his friendship with Jimmy is fully


C.) Lois Lane discovers Clarks identity and confronts him and Jimmy about the lack luster

cover up, having thought they were a team.

D.) Lenas assassin Slade Wilson is revealed to be a member of Checkmate, and associate of

Max Lord who decides to help Lord to wipe out the competition.

Season 8 (2010/11)


A.) Deathstroke hunts down Clark Kent, learning his prey, setting up metahuman traps as he

plans a way to kill him.

B.) Lois, Clark, and Jimmy find a common ground among Clarks secret. They decide to

work together to help facilitate Clarks identity as a Superhero.

C.) Lena Goes to Clark asking for protection against Deathstroke.

D.) An Kryptonian appears in the middle of the Desert and is found by Max Lord and



A.) Clark and Deathstroke Battle, Clark learning that he needs to learn how to fight without

relying on his strength.

B.) A romance begins to blossom between Clark and Lois.

C.) Lena is Murdered by Deathstroke. LexCorps fate is left to the board of directors.

D.) The Kryptonian is revealed to be Zor-El who is given cybernetic enhancements to

survive. He becomes the shows version of Cyborg-Superman. Zor-El broke free by

finding a way to tear the Phantom Zone, resulting in his physical destruction but freedom

onto Earth.

Season 9 (2011/12)


A.) Zor-El had opened the Phantom Zone. Now a terrorist organization known as the

Children of Zod are appearing all over the United States. As they learn where they

are they hunt for the son of Jor-El and seek to free their leader General Zod.

B.) Lois begins to explore her relationship with Clark and where it could go.

C.) Clark is contacted by a former Superhero known as The Flash, Jay Garrick, has been

going across the country looking for new Superheroes to mentor and he offers to train

Clark and show him how to be a proper Superhero.

D.) As Jay Garrick Mentors Clark, they encounter numerous supervillains, including the

malevolent Mxyzptlk.


A.) Zod Emerges from the Phantom Zone. He frees Cyborg Superman and his Kryptonian

army challenges Clark, causing a literal War in Smallville. Clark, with Jays help,

banishes Zod and his terrorist back to the Phantom Zone.

B.) Lois becomes confident in the relationship with Clark, even as her father, General Sam

Lane, evaluates Clark himself on a special trip to Smallville. This causes a shift in tone as

Clark battles the General, while Lane seeks to see his Daughter stand up to him.

C.) Clark learns he must do more than just train to become a real superhero.

D.) Jay and Clark find a way to banish Mxyzptlk back to the 5th Dimension. Jay is certain

that Mxyzptlk will return one day.

Season 10 (2012/13)


A.) An alien being is invading Earth in small sections. Taking massive cities including

Star City Keystone City and Central City Jay and Clark team up to fight the

Alien invader only catching him on Small occasions.

B.) Heroes are vanishing. Members of the defunct Justice Society of America are

missing. Jay and Clark set out for Metropolis to find and check on the heroes: Jonn

Jonzz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter, Alan Scott/Green Lantern, Kent

Nelson/Doctor Fate, Ted Grant/Wild Cat, Maxine Hunkel/Cyclone, Carter

Hall/Hawkman, Shiera Hall/Hawkwoman, and Courtney Whitemore/Star Girl.

C.) Clark, Lois, and Jimmy have contacted Perry White who thinks theyre ready to work

for the Daily Planet, thus they must end their assignments for Daily Star.

D.) Clark begins to make the transition from Smallville to Metropolis to start his new life.

E.) Clark enters the final stages of his training by Jay Garrick.

F.) Lex Luthor wakes up and begins a long self-reflecting journey.

A.) The heroes have been collected by the same alien being whos taking Cities. This figure

is known as Brainiac. Who in a series of confrontation reveals he knows more about

Krypton than Clark, even revealing a Bottled Kryptonian City.

B.) Jay calls on his students to help against the Invasion of Metroplis by Brainiac. This

includes several cameos in the Final episode that include: Shazam, Barry Allen/The

Flash, and Commander Steel, as well as assistance from previously appearing Justice

Society members. Together the collective heroes defeat Brainiac.

C.) Clark, Lois, and Jimmy officially join the Daily Planet. Jimmy and Lois cover the

Metropolis Invasion while Clark battles it as Superman.

D.) Clark arrives to Metropolis, having sold the family farm to Ben Hubbard. He lives with

his Girlfriend Lois and their roommate Jimmy.

E.) In the final episode Superman Jay gives Clark a gift he gives to all his students, a

Superhero uniform, which is the series version of the Superman Outfit.

F.) Lex witnesses the Damage done by Brainiac. At the end of the series, after the heroes

have saved the day, Lex stares out into the city, seeing the admiration they have for

Superman. Lex Knows Supermans secret and this begins their legendary rivalry. With

Brainiacs invasion, Lex has seen first-hand what aliens are going to do to the Planet.

Small Changes:

- Clark always wears the glasses. Clark having been misdiagnosed as Far sighted, is given

glasses that help Clark focus his vision. As he realizes his alien heritage and begins to

really focus his power, he keeps the glasses as a disguise, although changing the lenses to

a lower frequency.
- The theme wont be Remy Zeros Save Me, the song itself doesnt focus really on the

instability of being a hero or growing up. For the tone My series is taking I would go with

3 Doors Downs Kryptonite outside the basic callback the overall meaning of the Song

questioning the closeness between friends and the struggles really centers on the tone I

want the show to carry.

- Clarks parents die on the same day, while hes battling a Metahuman. I found the story

had better places to go killing both Kents and leaving Clark more emotionally vulnerable

and there would be scenes of Clark so hurt he is crying and this would be part of that.

- Ben Hubbard would be an appearing character who at the end of the series buys the Kent

Family Farm from Clark, while Clark goes to Metropolis. This is a way of Clark closing

the door entirely on his life in Smallville to focus on his future.

- Lex at the end of the series will know the secret. The intent is to set up a Superman series

that wont exist that people would love to see. A different status quo to other Superman

series so if a comic came along there would be interesting areas to go.

- Clark gets training from other heroes to become a proper hero. This sets up a history.

Superheroes exist in this universe and Clark gets to learn from them. This makes for an

interesting student dynamic that hasnt been explored. We see Clark learning from Jay

Garrick, the Flash, because Jay is searching the world training the future generations of

heroes. Jay helps Clark in that established No Killing Rule and would be meant to, in a

character driven way explain that.

- The show uses the parental figures, Jonathan & Martha, Alexi, and Jay, in more

generational roles. Theyre an old generation and characters like Clark and Lex represent

the new age the world is coming too.

- The Pilot Episode would, as a meta-joke, be called Superboy joking at the series style

of being somewhat retelling of those early Superman stories starting in his teen years.

- The Series Finale Episode title would be, another meta-joke Superman establishing that

this is where the series would have landed. The Pre-Finale Episode would be Invasion

- Each of the 10 Seasons would be 22 Episodes exactly. While this is an odd change it ends

the Series at an even 220 Episodes, and keeps everything balanced in the series with a

half-way mark being 110.

- While Im pretending that I would be the showrunner, it would likely be someone akin to

Jeph Loeb or Geoff Johns. Both comic writers having an absurd passion for Superman

and with the Ideas I would present theyd be able to knock it out of the park.

- Id have 1 Episode each season or at least every few seasons, Penned by Grant Morrison.

Hes a fantastic storyteller. Episodes would Also get penned by Loeb and Johns as they

have written for the show itself.

- Zor-El, like he is in the New 52/Rebirth Era of DC, would become Cyborg Superman. I

enjoyed the idea and it really melded well with my own ideas.

- No Supergirl or Krypto or Comet the Superhorse, or Beppo the Supermonkey. Jokes and

allusions would be made towards these staples of the Mythology. The series is only

setting up Superman and a few choice villains and should not be working overzealously

to set up the entire Superman Canon.

- While in Smallville we never got to see a fully costumed Clark properly, we will in this

series, like the show it will only be in the final episode as a way of closing the 10-year

long arc.
- Any storyline such as Clark losing his powers would only be done once, even if the one

time is a temporary loss (like from Blue Kryptonite) its not too dramatic to use this

storyline more than once.

- Outside of Season 7s arc with the Legion of Superheroes time travel wont be a

reoccurring element of the series, there would be no episodes where Clark would meet

his future self or go back in time to see incidents from an objective view. It doesnt have

a proper place in this vision.

- No Darkseid, No Doomsday, the shows budget while generous for a Superhero show,

isnt up to par with the Computer Imagery or Visual and Practical Effects to make the

characters properly imposing.

- Lobo would be a reoccurring guest character after a debut in Season 7. Lobo is a beloved

DC Character and has strong ties to the Superman Mythology. The fact Smallville never

had incorporated Lobo, whos budgetary concerns are much more realistic than

Darkseids or Doomsdays makes the lack of an appearance by the Main Man a missed


- Clark will never kill in the series. The conflict to kill and murder would exist but Clark

would never go through it, with Villains often being foiled and sent to Belle Reve or

committing suicide in front of Clark as a way of getting to him.

- Brainiac wont be Kryptonian. While its an easy way of introducing Brainiac, as he is set

up as the Main Villain of the Final Season in my version, Ive instead chosen keep his

status as an Alien from the world of Colu. Its a stranger origin but also more appealing.

Character Breakdowns:
Breakdowns for major characters appearing in the series, this includes Season Leads and

Supporting Cast. 1 Episode Wonders, freak of the week Metahumans wont get a

breakdown unless they would be planned for multiple episodes.

[Season 1]

Clark Kent, A Junior in high school, Clark isnt a social outcast or popular. Hes there,

he has a kind heart and a hard-work ethic handed to him from his adopted father

Jonathan. He works at the School paper and has dreams of being able to root out

corruption on a grander scale as a well-known Journalist. Series Lead.

Alexander Luthor, Alexander, or Lex, Is a high functioning Genius who resents the

Smallville setting for its predictable and boring setting. He gains an interest in staying

when Metahumans begin emerging. Despite being in his mid-20s Lex is Clarks best

friend and understands him on a level that even Clarks Parents cant. Series Lead.

Alexi Lionel Luthor, Alexi was the Son of an immigrant Russian Scientist who worked

for the Soviet Union. Alexi has learned the world is cold and unforgiving and wishes for

his son to realize it. Alexi is very underhanded in his tactics and pulls many tricks to

show his son the world is far worse than it really is. Supporting Character.

Jonathan Kent, A Man of his 40s. Hes never had a mid-life crisis and despite some

heart trouble and a bullheaded tendency to always be right, hes easy going. He has a

moral compass unable to point any direction but north, often leading to him having
hardships as he does the right thing. He becomes Clarks primary role model, as Clark

struggles with his own Moral compass and envying Jonathans ability to always know

what is right. Supporting Character.

Martha Kent, 40s, A Woman whos hard to imagine at 40. She runs a shop in

Smallville, having the desire to be more than a farmers wife but to brings something to

the table. She is every bit as stubborn as Jonathan. He defining trait is how much she

loves children and being a Mother. Supporting Character.

Lana Lang, A true sweetheart, Lana lives with her mother and father in a broken home.

Lanas refuge comes in the form of the Animals she interacts with giving her dreams of

being a Veterinarian. While being one of Clarks trusted friends she harbors a crush on

him. Supporting Role.

Peter Ross, Clarks best-friend in school and the harbinger of his secrets. Pete is smart

and political in his mannerisms. Hes fully aware of Lanas crush on Clark as well as

Clarks crush on Lana. He aspires for a career of political success. Supporting Role.

Sarah Lang, 30s, a teen mom whose grown up and feels her mind has been wasted in

Smallville. She resents her husband for forcing a faade of a happy Church family. Sarah

finder herself the emerging artists. Reoccurring Role.

Lewis Lang, 30s, Father to Lana and Church Deacon. He is a closeted alcoholic hating

his wife for resenting the happy life he strives for. This causes him to leave a string of

affairs behind him before meeting his fate. Reoccurring Role.

Kenny Braverman, A senior from Smallville High School. Kenny was a former bully

who went missing shortly before the school year started sparking a massive manhunt.

When he appears confronting Clark, he is changed having been experimented on and

harboring dark secrets that change the nature of Clark Kents life and Smallville.

Supporting Role.

Ben Hubbard, 40s-50s, Neighboring Farmer to the Kents. Ben lives alone and focuses

solely on his farm. Hes got a bad past where there has been nothing but torment. His

kids refuse to see him and his wife left him ages ago. Reoccurring Role.

Sheriff Doug Parker, 40s, Sheriff Parker is one of few people let in on Clarks secret.

He was the person who assisted Jonathan in hiding Clarks ship. Hes overly stressed

waiting for the moment where Clark is exposed. Reoccurring Role.

[Season 2]

(New Characters)

Dr. Anthony Ivo, 40s, Ivo is unethical to say the least, he holds his experiments above

all else. He has been physically scarred from his failures as a scientist he holds massive
contempt to most the scientific community. He is in many ways the definition of a mad

scientist and more than willing to kill in pursuit of his experiments. Reoccurring Role.

Dr. Hank Henshaw, 40s, Henshaw is an ethical scientist. He values his work at

checkmate above anything else. Its a hard pill for him to swallow being partnered with

Ivo, where Henshaw is forced to turn a blind eye. Reoccurring Role.

[Season 3]

(New Characters)

Maxwell Lord, 30s, Master Manipulator. Disguised as a Kansas Senator Lord has been

running more of the government then anyone could expect. Lord is akin to a Sociopath,

simply the rules never apply to him. He may be the only man Alexi Luthor is afraid of.

Supporting Role.

Frank Halloran, 30s, A man with aspirations of doing the world good, he is corrupted

by the Amazo virus. As it begins to physically change him he has a psychological

metamorphous into something cold and desolate. This leads to him having enhanced

abilities and only answer to the name Amazo. Supporting Role.

Amanda Waller, 40s, Amanda is one of the most ferocious figures in government. She

runs shadow organization Cadmus rivaling Lords own Checkmate. Waller wants the

assets Lord possess and sees him as an obstacle. Reoccurring Role.

[Season 4]

(New Characters)

Leslie Willis, 20s-30s, Leslie is a hardcore punk of a Woman. Looking like shes

ripped right out of the 80s scene she has shown massive contempt towards men and

women, having grown up in an abusive and Broken home. Reoccurring Role.

Manchester Black, 30s, Real Name redacted via government influence. Blacks

approach to attacking Clark lies in him and fellow Metahuman Coldcast posing as 2

people needing help, taken in by the Kents who seek to help them. Manchester is a

Narcissist and Sociopath. Reoccurring Role.

Coldcast, 20s-30s, Muscular and awkward. Coldcast might have been a victim of

serious trauma leading him to be a puppy to the will of Manchester Black. He has a more

psychopathic touch than Manchester and is often enraged. Reoccurring Role.

Atomic Skull, 30s, having been completely Transformed, like Jensen, Skull is lost. He

has lost all remnants of his former identity having been broken by his appearance. He is

relegated to little more than a monster as he continually embraces his new life.

Reoccurring Role.
Metallo, 30s, John Corben is a soldier seriously wounded in war. His body was

effectively bought by Lord who sent it to Checkmate to fix his body turning him into the

Cybernetic Monster Metallo. With such a drastic change and realization of his condition

this drove Corben to Insanity. Reoccurring Role.

[Season 5]

(New Characters)

Jor-El, 40s, Wise beyond his years. He is Clarks biological father. Appearing to his son

as a Hologram built in Clarks ship. He is wise and able to council Clark on his homeland

as well as helping Clark accept his heritage as an Alien. Reoccurring Role.

Lara Lor-Van, 40s, Clarks mother, enchantingly sweet. Like Jor-El she appears as a

Hologram giving Clark advice and allowing Clark to expand in an artistic way as well as

assisting Clark in his emotional growth. Reoccurring Role.

Jimmy Olsen, 20s, A slacker with no direction. His outlook on life makes him a person

encouraging Clark to have fun, while Clark also gives him the desire to better his life. He

has moved to Smallville to live with his dad after being kicked out by his mom.

Supporting Role.

Jake Olsen, 40s, Jack is a Lexcorp factory Manager. Working directly under Lex. He

sees his son as a loser Slacker but once he notices his son encouraged by Clark is
surprised at the change. Jake has been dating Sara Lane, having been in some type of

relationship with her since her divorce. Reoccurring Role.

Atlas, while he looks like he could be in his 30s, hes much older. Hes brace arrogance

incarnate. He has searched the Stars for the Strongest there is to battle them to the death.

Coming to Earth to fight the legendary heroes, he changes his mind upon hearing about

Clark he is tantalized and makes the Journey to Smallville. Reoccurring Role.

Dr. Emil Hamilton, 40s, Emil is a good man of science. He is an eternal optimist who

Clark trust. Becoming aware of Clarks secret, he attempts to assist local government in

handling the metahumans, using his facility to build a proper jail for them so they can be

rehabilitated. Reoccurring Role.

[Season 6]

(New Characters)

George Taylor, 50s, Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Star in Metropolis. Hes an old school

styled reporter who puts the truth and its value above all else. He models Clark and

Jimmy, wanting them to be great reporters. He knows his place as being someone who

grooms Reporters for the big leagues, and is the best friend of Legendary reporter Perry

White. Supporting Role.

Raymond Maxwell Jensen, 40s, Ray is a government contracted Killer. Sent to

Smallville by Lord for enhancements. He gets transformed into something completely

inhuman taking his lust for power into a more physical conditioning. He is directed by

Alexi to kill Clark. Reoccurring Role.

Bizarro, N/A, A clone of Clark severely deformed as well as hideous. He is a silent,

monstrous Building nearly double Clarks size. He has smaller bone shards protruding

and has a very Frankenstein like approach in movement. Reoccurring Role.

[Season 7]

(New Characters)

Lobo, 40s, A Czarnian Bounty Hunter who gets wind of a mysterious Contract for the

Last living Kryptonian. He takes it and shows every bit of vulgarity and foul mouth

approach as he can. Hes a charming monster in some respects. Reoccurring Role.

Lena Luthor, 20s, Lexs sister. She was at a time admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital,

believed to have had a severe mental breakdown that lead to the Death of Her and Lexs

Mother. Lena was extremely protective of her Brother having. wanting only to help him

with his personal demons. Supporting Role.

Magog, 30s, a former hero who grew tired of living in the Shadow of Superman, Magog

turned to villainy. Having felt the weight of Supermans Legacy turned him to hate the
Man of Tomorrow and attempt to kill him in the past to erase both their existence.

Reoccurring Role.

Lightning Lad, 20s, Probably the most immature member of the Legion. Lightning Lad

grew up on the exploits of Superman wanting to be a hero but often gets caught up in the

moment. This has led to him having a lack of good planning and just going in head first.

Reoccurring Role.

Saturn Girl, 20s, The Youthful Heart and Soul of the Legion. She sees the situation

with more levity than Lightning Lad but also shows a serious nature to her work. She,

like the other members of the Legion, have developed a sense of hero worship.

Reoccurring Role.

Cosmic Boy, 20s, Leader of the Legion of Superheroes. Cosmic Boy grew up in the

Shadow of Superman wanting to emulate the heroes teaching and become a force for

good. He is idealistic and optimistic of the future. He sees his mission as urgent and

greatly respects Clark. Reoccurring Role.

Lois Lane, 20s, A fierce and feisty reporter. She is sent to Smallville by Perry White to

be groomed as a proper reporter. She quickly finds herself in the company of Clark and

Jimmy, together forming a trio of reporters. She struggles with her impulse to leap before

looking, causing her to get into trouble. Supporting Role.

[Season 8]

(New Character)

Zor-El, 40s, found left in the desert Zor-El is a perpetually angry Kryptonian. He has

come from the Phantom Zone Gate resulting in him being paralyzed. Checkmate uses the

tech they used to save John Corben and turned Zor-El into a cybernetic Kryptonian. With

an already lingering sanity, Zor-El turns into a monster, hating his brother as well as

Clark. Reoccurring Role.

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, 40s, Head assassin of Max Lords. Deathstroke, as he is

known, is one of the most frightening members of Checkmate. He is a master

manipulator as well as an excellent fighter and very cold in his demeanor. Supporting


[Season 9]

(New Characters)

General Zod, 50s, The Leader of a group of Kryptonian Terrorist he has been sending

his lieutenants to Earth to prepare it for his arrival. He is a frustrated war lord with no

remorse over the life of anyone but himself. Reoccurring Role.

Preus, 20s, A member of the Sons of Zod terrorist Cell. He works explicitly for General

Zod, executing his will to upmost precision. He is akin to a religious fanatic supporting a

monster unconditionally. Reoccurring Role.

Non, 40s, Non is a massive mute monster. Imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for

numerous murders. He is considered Zods lapdog as Zod allows him to kill buying

Nons loyalty. Non is a Psychopath incarnate. Reoccurring Role.

Faora Hu-Ul, 30s, The Bride of Zod. She murdered her former husband to join the

fanatic leader in his conquest of Krypton. Faora has no remorse and is certainly

intimidating in her actions. Reoccurring Role.

Jax-Ur, 50s, A scientist and an elitest. He is Zods most trusted lieutenant. He has

shown no shred of ethics as he continuously experiments. If Zod can be compared to

Hitler, Jax-Ur is without a doubt Goebbels Reoccurring Role.

Mxyzptlk, N/A, Mxyzptlk is a being from another dimension. His powers are other

worldly. He has shown a penchant for causing mischief and destructions. He is an old foe

of the Justice Society, but is enticed by the Kryptonian seeing him as the greatest possible

challenged. Reoccurring Role.

General Sam Lane, 60s, General Lane is a very uptight military indocritnated person.

He works for numerous shadow organizations and harbors his own secrets. He isnt
aware of Clarks secrets, only aware of his relationship with Lois. While having piss poor

father skills he does try and does genially care about his daughter. Supporting Role.

Jay Garrick, 40s, Following the incident with Zor-El and Deathstroke Jay contacts

Clark in effort to train him to become a better hero. Jay is the classic idea of the

Superhero and takes his training with Clark seriously. Citing Clark to be the latest student

hes mentored. He has in him a deeply instilled conscience that reminds Clark of

Jonathan. Supporting Role.

[Season 10]

(New Characters)

Alan Scott, 50s, A former superhero whos long retired. He was once known as the

Green Lantern but now acts as a Pro-Superhero Government official. Hes charismatic

and charming, but also very bull headed. Reoccurring Role.

Barry Allen, 20s, One of Jays students. Barry is a costumed Hero appearing in the

Finale fighting against the Brainiac Invasion. Hes quick with his wit and very fast.

Taking the name The Flash. Special Guest Starring Role.

Shazam, N/A, only seen in his magical form. Jay found the young Billy Batson and

trained him to become the mighty superhero Shazam, after being guided to the youth by
the dying god Mercury and the Boys teacher The Wizard of Canaan. He only appears to

assist in the Brainiac Invasion. Special Guest Starring Role.

Nathaniel Heywood, 30s, Son, and Grandson of former JSA members. He is known as

Citizen Steel with an armored suit and immense physical strength. He is a good humored

student of Jay seeing his work as important but never taking it too seriously. He appears

in the Finale when Jay calls on his students to assist in the Brainiac Invasion. Special

Guest Star.

Kent Nelson, 50s, An archeologist who went by the heroic name of Doctor Fate. He has

isolated himself to a quantum realm of magic. He is targeted by a technological being

known as Brainiac. He is sought by Jay to help Clark in his training as well as save the

remaining members of the JSA. Reoccurring Role.

John Jones, 40s, An Alien from Mars. He is a multi-powered Alien who gains

knowledge of an invader taking Cities across the United States. He assists Jay in Clarks

training sensing a massive future for the Kryptonian. Reoccurring Role.

Maxine Hunkel, 30s, Former JSA Member Cyclone. She left heroics behind to become

a normal citizen. When an alien threatens her family, she joins Jay in preparing for a

massive Alien Invasion. Reoccurring Role.

Courtney Whitmore, 20s, Resentful daughter of the late Star Spangled Kid, Courtney

joined the JSA as Stargirl to catch her fathers killer. She works with Jay often as he

trains her as well as Clark. She sees Clark more as a rival than a peer, but warms up to

him. Reoccurring Role.

Carter Hall, 40s, An ancient being reincarnated. He has become the Superhero

Hawkman and acts as a gruff enforcer to the JSA. Hes the eldest member and thinks

Jays efforts to train the younger heroes is ridiculous. Reoccurring Role.

Shiara Hall, 30s, As ancient as Carter but more refine and sweeter around the Edges.

She plays wonderfully as a contrast to Carters tough guy demeanor. She is very

encouraging of Jays efforts and exited for a new world of heroes. Reoccurring Role.

Ted Grant, 50s, a former Professional Boxer and expert combatant. He was once the

Superhero Wild Cat but one too many injuries put him on the sidelines permanently. He

spends his time training heroes, like Jay, and speaks of a promising female Hero.

Reoccurring Role.

Perry White, 50s, Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Planet. Upon hearing of Clark, Jimmy,

and Lois progress in Smallville extends a job offer to the trio. Hes wise beyond his

years and very political in how he plays reporters off each other. Like his friend, George

Taylor, truth is above all except evidence. Reoccurring Role.

Vril Dox, N/A, Intelligent and Cold. He is a being that the very sight of causes massive

fear and panic. Hes known to others as Brainiac. He has visited many civilizations and

collected them all. He is immensely powered and supremely dangerous. Reoccurring