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Based on the research that I was conducted before, here is through this paper I would
like to build a few ways to enhancing and improving the knowledge and skills of the students
in writing paragraph. This paper is aimed to give some resolutions of problems that might be
faced by students while they are on writing test.

There are so many problems that might be happened when the students in writing
section, such as they feel confused when they have to write because they do not even know
how to get started to write. Rigg (2011) also stated that getting started to write can be very
difficult. Similar with Riggs statement, Doucette (2009) also found that getting started is the
hardest part of writing. The students had low motivation in writing, they were unconfident to
write and reluctant to write something because they had got nothing of ideas to throw it as
their work. When they had an idea to make it become a writing work, they will thoughts
many aspects that were going to hamper them in starting to write. Such as, they worried about
words, they confuse what should they write the first sentence, or which tenses they have to
use to convey their ideas and another considerations, one of them is they were confuse in
using the punctuation.

For these such of problems, the author develop one of technique writing from a book
entitled EXPLORING WRITING Sentences and Paragraph from John Langan (2010). He
has been explained some techniques to preparing a good writing in his book, and as the
author, I would like to make these techniques more develop by my own idea.

I do really hope this one of concept can be useful to overcoming the problems that
might or has been already felt by students so that, in the next writing test they will not afraid
about their sentences, confuse about their idea, or even theyre felt they will trying to stop has
such a thinking about writing is a difficult work to do.


A. The Students Condition of Problem Based On the Research

Many of problems in writing were happened in Class IX students of SMP
Gema Bukit Barisan Tanjung Morawa. This problem is caused by lack motivation of the
students. Most of students parents in this school are not well educated or do not have good
background study. Another problem comes from the teacher used a conventional technique in
the teaching process.
There are many reasons students avoid writing. Primary reasons may be one or more
o the following:

1. They have a hard time getting started and overwhelmed by the task.
2. They need to concentrate to form letters: it is not an automatic process.
3. They struggle to organize and use mechanics of writing.
4. They are slow and inefficient in retrieving the right word(s) to express and idea.
5. They struggle to develop their ideas fluently (poor ideation).
6. They struggle to keep track of their thoughts while also getting them down on
7. They feel that the process of writing on paper is slow and tedious.
8. They feel that the paper never turns out the way they want.
9. They realize that the paper is still sloppy even though substantial time and effort
were spent.
10. They are dysgraphic, which causes multiple struggles at the basic processing
11. They are dyslexic, which causes very poor spelling and interferes with automatic
use of writing mechanics.

Based on the problems identified above, the researcher assumed that the free writing
as a technique in improving students writing ability is important and can be used by the
students help to generate the idea and engage themselves more deeply in writing their
expressions dealing with their imagination or their own experiences.

B. Solutions Those Has Been Offered Before

Here are the solutions from me as the researcher how to solving the problem of
writing that I conveyed before:

Firstly, for the teacher, she/he must be have some creative ways to get improving their
students ability on writing, so the student will be found where their lack on writing are, and
solve it. Secondly, for the students, they must be often to practice write everything, even they
start from the little one, it can be useful for their skill so that theyll feel writing is one of
their behavior and finally this problem doesnt happened anymore.

C. How the Concept Can Be Work

From the implementation result about the idea which has been explained before, as
the researcher, I would like to demonstrate a few of statement that should be accompanied
and completed the statement.

Firstly, it is refers to the teacher as the center of learning, that happened majority in
Junior High School. The teacher should be not to acted something like making their students
feel bored and causes them having a low motivation to write, and reluctant to continue their
writing. So, for the best way that must be done by teacher is, always give their children more
motivation, knowledge about writing, and making them do much exercise and guidance them,
so it will enhance their experience in writing and making them more better each of their
writing section.

Secondly, it must be the student who has conducting these themselves. Theyre should
know and stop to think that writing is a natural gift, and started to think that writing is a
skill, just depends on the way of the person wants to knowing more about writing. They have
to start not ignored about writing characteristics or skills if theyre really want to reach and
produce a good writing.

D. Steps to Implementing

As the researcher, I have been offered and even making a resolution way to make the
problem never comes or at least decreasing number of the lack knowledge about paragraph.
The researcher offered a writing technique to make the student doesnt feel confuse while
they are writing. Also, that problem solving have several steps those are explained as
1. Make a Point
The sentence that expresses the main idea, or point, of a paragraph is called the topic
sentence. Your paragraph will be unified if you make sure that all the details support the point
in your topic sentence. It is helpful to remember that a topic sentence is a general statement.
The sentences that follow it provide specific support for the general statement.

2. Back Up Your Point

To support your point, you need to provide specific reasons, examples, and other
details that explain and develop it. The more precise and particular your supporting details
are, the better your readers can see, hear, and feel them.

3. Organize the Support

You will find it helpful to learn two common ways of organizing support in a
paragraph listing order and time order. You should also learn the signal words, known as
transitions, that increase the effectiveness of each method. Transitions are words and phrases
that indicate relationships between ideas. They are like signposts that guide travelers,
showing them how to move smoothly from one spot to the next. Be sure to take advantage of
transitions. They will help organize and connect your ideas, and they will help your readers
follow the direction of your thoughts.
4. Write Clear, Error-Free Sentences
If you use correct spelling and follow the rules of grammar, punctuation, and usage,
your sentences will be clear and well written. But by no means must you have all that
information in your head. Even the best writers need to use reference materials to be sure
their writing is correct. So when you write your papers, keep a good dictionary and grammar
handbook nearby. In general, however, save them for after youve gotten your ideas firmly
down in writing. Youll find as you write paragraphs that you will make a number of sentence
errors. Simply ignore them until you get to a later draft of your paper, when there will be time
enough to make the needed corrections. Part 3 of this text focuses on sentence skills.

From that steps of writing that I use based on theory from John Langans book, I hope
it can be implemented or at least having a little trying in a school to revealing whether this
concept will be success or not.


As the conclusion that I would like to convey is from thats all entirely explanation, I
really hope that the problem solution that I had mentioned before can be useful for all,
especially the writing section implementing in Junior High Scholl. In spite of teachers, and
student has their each of part on this problem solving, as the researcher, I realize there must
be a little part that impacted by their parents. However, their parents, at least should give a
little support for their children in order to make them more driving to write, such as give them
a good book about writing, so that they will try to learn it and implanting the knowledge from
the book o their writing.

Langan, J. 2010. EXPLORING WRITING Sentences and Paragraph. New York: McGraw

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tanggal 5 Desember 2016)