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Explanatory Notes, 1 September 2012

§ 1. Purpose

1 This fact sheet provides an overview of the conditions for admission into the Master degree courses of the Departement of Music at Zurich University of the Arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK).

2 All admissions are subject to the statutory provisions stipulated in the General Study Regulations (ASO) governing academic courses and programmes at Zurich Universities of the Arts (ZHdK), the specific study regulations for the MA Art Education, and the relevant University of Applied Sciences legislation 1 .

§ 2.

Candidates holding a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent university qualification are eligible for admission to Master’s degree courses.

Previous education and qualifications

§ 3.

1 Admission shall also be subject to the following cumulative requirements:

Additional admissions requirements

a. positive assessment of the individual candidate’s creative and artistic aptitude test,

b. evidence of an adequate working knowledge of German, and of English if necessary, thereby allowing

prospective students to follow classes.

2 In exceptional cases, admission may be granted notwithstanding inadequate language proficiency. In such cases, admission should be made subject to provisions to be determined by the responsible course director.

3 For candidates of the Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance, admission may be granted notwith- standing inadequate language proficiency if the organization of the studies will not be affected.

§ 4.

Candidates seeking admission to an MA degree course must satisfy all requirements when commencing their studies. Where candidates are unable to provide evidence of full compliance with the conditional requirements when embarking on their studies, the University reserves the right to exclude candidates from a course of studies even if they have passed their aptitude test.

Point in time

§ 5. Portfolio admission

1 Portfolio admission is possible even if candidates do not hold the necessary prior qualifications (§ 2) but where there is demonstrable evidence of outstanding creative and artistic abilities. The University Executive Board reserves the right to issue regulations specifying the details of such portfolio admission.

2 Candidates seeking admission must satisfy all other admissions requirements (§ 3).

§ 6.

1 Only a limited number of places are available.

2 In the case of failure, an aptitude test for admission may be repeated only once.

3 Authorisation for admission is valid only for the academic year for which a candidate took an aptitude test.

4 Admission into Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is subject to the respective MA degree course being run.

Further provisions

Mischa Senn Head of ZHdK Legal Services

Michael Eidenbenz Head of the Department of Music

1 Art. 5 of the Federal Law on Universities of Applied Sciences (FHSG), Art. 2 of the Federal Order on Universities of Applied Sciences (FHSV), and § 17 of the Law on Universities of Applied Sciences of the Canton of Zurich (FaHG).