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Recognition of foreign certificates by uni-assist Uni-assist is the "University Application Service for International Students" that evaluates international school and university certificates and examines whether they qualify for admission to university studies in Germany.

A recognition by uni-assist is possible all year round irrespective of any application period at UdK Berlin. Please consider that the recognition process at uni-assist can take up to 6 weeks (starting with the receipt of your documents and payment). Please contact uni-assist early enough so that you can apply within the application period at UdK Berlin.


On behalf of the UdK Berlin uni-assist only does the preliminary review documentation of foreign certificates and issues a document called “Vorprüfungsdokumentation” (abbr.VPD) which has to be submitted together with the UdK application form and the complete application documents within the application period to the admission office at UdK Berlin.

Who has to turn to uni-assist before applying to UdK? Bachelor

Applicants who acquired their University Entrance Qualification abroad and apply for the following study courses:

• Architecture

• Design

• Communication in Social und Economic Contexts

• Visual Communication

• Music Education

• Church Music

• Sound Engineering

• All Teaching Degree Programs

• Art and Media (degree: Absolvent/-in)

Master Applicants for all Master programs at UdK Berlin who obtained their first university degree abroad

Who doesn't have to turn to uni-assist before applying to UdK?

• Applicants with a German University Entrance Qualification or a German university degree

• Applicants with an APS Certificate (China, Mongolia, Vietnam)

• Applicants who completed a Studienkolleg suitable for the program they're applying for at UdK Berlin

Which documents have to be submitted to uni-assist? Bachelor

• filled in application form (available on the uni-assist website)

• simple copy of the University Entrance Qualifiation / school graduation certificate with transcript of results

• Copy of previous study credits (if available) Master

• filled in application form (available on the uni-assist website)

• simple copy of your first University degree with transcript of results

If the obtained certificates are neither issued in German nor in English a certified translation has to be submitted additionally.

How to get your recognition from uni-assist

• Registration in the uni-assist online portal (https://www.uni-assist.de/online)

• Selection of UdK Berlin and the required study program/programs

• Fill in all the neccessary forms and send them with all required documents to uni-assist

• Please note: the uni-assist website displays all study programs irrespective whether the application is for summer or winter semester, as it is possible to apply for uni-assist all year round. However, when applying for a study program at UdK Berlin only the application deadlines on the UdK website are valid!

Where to submit the documents You can either submit the documents digitally, in person or by regular mail. Contrary to information provided on the websites of uni-assist, applicants for UdK Berlin who submitted their documents digitally do not additionally have to send them in signed paper form.


Universität der Künste Berlin c/o uni-assist e.V. Geneststrasse 5 10829 Berlin Germany