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II. Applicant/Contact Hon. ANTONIO B. FUNGAN

Person Municipal Mayor
Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
Tel. No. (+63)(083) 236-1022
Mobile No. 0917-6341814


Municipal Tourism Officer
Tel. No (+63) (083) 236-1014
Mobile No. 0927-2337545

III. Type of Investors / / Public-Private Partnership

/ / Individual Investors
/ / Grant
IV. Executive Summary

Brgy. Lake Lahit is the smallest barangay in the municipality of Lake Sebu. Undeniably, Its most prominent natural
asset is Lake Lahit, which has an area of 24 hectares, and considered to be the smallest among the three lakes of the
municipality. The lake is named after a major character in one of the Tbolis folklores Lahit. It is the first lake to
welcome tourists and guests to the area, affording visitors with a charming and serene landscape.

At present, the lake has an existing building, built by TIEZA, which was turned over to the Local Government Unit of
Lake Sebu. The building is supposedly built to serve as a restaurant, a convention facility, and will house Pasalubong
Shops selling local products. This however did not materialize.

Recognizing its capacity as a potential tourism site, the Provincial Government of South Cotabato provided support in
providing for the water and electric facilities in the area with the end-view of maximizing the facilitys tourism
potentials. Hence this proposal, which seeks for the development of the Lake Lahit Dream Aqua Park which will house
all surface water sports activities, an Art and Music strip, as well as a Tboli Traditional Homestay program to entice
tourists, both local and foreign, to experience the distinct way of life of the people of Tboli.

Once this is established, this will create for the municipality a tourism circuit, themed as the Culture-Adventure and
Nature Experience in the South. It will likewise provide additional employment and livelihood opportunities for the
locals, thus improving their quality of their life.
V. Project Description Development Steps to be Implemented
a. Renovation of the building with Art and Music Strip and Convention
b. Construction of Tboli Traditional Homestay facilities;
c. Establishment of Water Sports Facilities which includes Booey, Stairs,
SONAR and Pontoon; and,
d. Procurement of Non-Motorized Water Sports Equipment.

Timeline: 2017-2018

Stakeholders: Provincial Government of South Cotabato, Local Government Unit

of Lake Sebu, and Department of Tourism XII

VI. Market Aspect Both Domestic and Foreign Market

VII. Financial Aspect a. Renovation of the existing Building 100,000,000.00

that will include the Art and Music Strip
and Convention Facility
b. Construction of Tboli Traditional Homestays 50,000,000.00
c. Establishment of Water Sports Facilities 50,000,000.00
which includes Booey, Stairs, SONAR and
d. Procurement of Non-Motorized Water Sport 20,000,000.00
Equipment such as Simple Kayak, Paddle

VIII. Project Cost/Budget PhP 220,000,000.00

IX. Project Output Developed and Improved the Lake Lahit Tourism Projects, or the Lake Lahit
Dream Aqua Park

X. Project Outcome a. Increased both Domestic and Foreign Tourist Arrivals;

b. Increased economic activity thru direct and indirect jobs and livelihood
opportunities in the area; and,
c. Improved cultural and environmental experience of visitors.

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