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Puyang Donghao Mechanical Electronic Puyang Zhongyuan Restar Petroleum Pytco S.A. de C.V.

Co., Ltd. Equipment Co.Ltd. Libramiento Carlos Salinas de Gortari | No. 1500,
The Middle of Road East Donghuan Road | Puyang West Of Road ,North Section Of Municipal Jingkai Km 8.5 | Frontera, Coahuila 25640 | Mexico
City, Henan Province 457001 | People's Republic of Avenue | Puyang City, Henan Province 457331 | Telephone: 52-866-649-1300
China People's Republic of China Web: www.pytco.com.mx
Telephone: 86-393-8915090 Telephone: 86 393 7862598 API-Q1 | Registration No: 0159
Sales Phone: 86-393-8915988 | Sales E-Mail: Sales Phone: 86 393 7862699 | Sales E-Mail: ISO 9001 | Registration No: 0445
dhjxdzgs@163.com pyzyrsd@126.com
Web: www.pydhjd.com Web: www.pyzyrsd.com Scope: Manufacture of ERW Casing and Line Pipe
for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries,
License: 11D1-0049 API-Q1 | Registration No: 2657
including Black and Galvanized, Plain and
Scope: Design, Manufacture and Service of Threaded Tubular Products for the Water, Electrical
Solids Control Equipment including Shale Shakers, and Related Industries and Tubular Shapes for the
Centrifuges and Sand Pumps and Drilling Construction Industry
Equipment including Power Catwalks Licenses: 5CT-0608, 5L-0449
Puyang Jinhao Drilling Tool Manufacture
Co., Ltd.
300 Meters West the Crossing of South Daqing
Road and Shihua Road | Puyang City, Henan
Province 457001 | People's Republic of China PVD Offshore Services Company Ltd. -
Telephone: 86-393-5380586 Service Center --- Q ---
Sales Phone: 86-393-4463061 | Sales E-Mail: c/o PTSC Downstream Port | 65A 30/4 Road Ward
pyjhzj888@163.com 9 | Vungtau, Baria-Vungtau 74003 | Vietnam Q80 Valve Industries
License: 5DP-0143 Telephone: 84-64-3596471
Sales Phone: 84-64-590-124 | Sales E-Mail: Shuaiba Industrial Area (W) | Block No. 5, Plot C2-
danpt@pvdrilling.com.vn 193 | Ahmadi 61006 | Kuwait
Web: www.pvdrilling.com.vn Telephone: 965-232-63535
Web: www.q80valves.com
Licenses: 5CT-0670, 5L-0494, 6A-1378,
Puyang Renhe Industry Co., Ltd 7-1-0473 API-Q1 | Registration No: 1238
South Weidu Road Eastern | Puyang, Henan ISO 9001 | Registration No: 1424
457001 | People's Republic of China Scope: Design and Manufacture of Gate, Globe
Telephone: 86-0393 -5562709 and Check Valves
License: 11B-0152 Licenses: 600-0122, 6D-1159
PVD Tech - Oil States Industries Company
Limited (PVD-OSI)
Road #11, Phu My 1 Industrial Zone | Tan Thanh
Dist | Ba Ria, Vung Tau | Vietnam
Puyang Wanglian Machinery Equipment Telephone: 84-64-3899199 QATAR GERMAN GASKET FACTORY (Q-
Co., Ltd. API-Q1 | Registration No: 2560 GER)
Pudong Industry Cluster Zone | Puyang City, Henan ISO 9001 | Registration No: 2705 New Industrial Area | Near QTel Tower | Doha
Province 457001 | People's Republic of China Scope: Provision of General Machining Services 40806 | Qatar
Telephone: 86-393-4777978 including Machining of Connectors for the Oil and Telephone: 974-4411-4404
License: 4F-0352 Gas Industry Sales Phone: 974-4411-4404 | Sales E-Mail:
Web: www.qger.com.qa
API-Q1 | Registration No: 1053
ISO 9001 | Registration No: 1254
Puyang Zhongqi Petroleum Drilling Tool PWR Mission Industria Mecanica S/A Scope: Manufacture of Spiral Wound, Double
Co., Ltd. Rua Sargento Silvio Hollemback, n 151 | Barros Jacketed, Ring Joint and Non-Metallic Gaskets
South Renmin Road and 106 National Highway Filho | Rio De Janeiro, RJ 21530-0200 | Brazil License: 6A-1161
Cross | Qingfeng County | Puyang City, Henan Telephone: 55-213-4489122
457000 | People's Republic of China Sales Phone: 55-213-4489102 | Sales E-Mail:
Telephone: 86-393-5361699 comercial@pwrmission.com.br
Sales Phone: 86-393-536-1699 | Sales E-Mail: Web: www.pwrmission.com.br
pyzqsy@163.com API-Q1 | Registration No: 1148 Qingdao Dacang Pipe Anticorrosion &
Web: htt://pyzqsy
ISO 9001 | Registration No: 1346 Thermal Insulation Equipment Co., Ltd.
License: 5DP-0110
Scope: Design, Manufacture and Repair of South End of Tianshan Second Road | New
Check, Butterfly and Plug Valves and Centrifugal Economic Development Zone, West of Jimo |
Pumps; Design, Manufacture, Repair and Technical Qingdao, Shandong 266200 | People's Republic of
Services of Equipment and Accessories for the China
Petroleum and Gas Industry, Energy, Offshore, Telephone: 86-532-86657598
Puyang Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd. Paper and Pulp, Treatment Water, Chemical, Steel API-Q1 | Registration No: 2173
Ma Zhuang Qiao | Puyang City, Henan Province Mills and Mining
ISO 9001 | Registration No: 2271
457331 | People's Republic of China
Telephone: 86-39-34805719 Scope: Design, Manufacture and Servicing of
Sales Phone: 86 393 4805739 | Sales E-Mail: Pipeline Anticorrosion and Thermal Insulation
sales@chinajixie.com Equipment
Web: www.chinajixie.com PY Oiltools Sdn Bhd
Licenses: 5CT-1415, 6A-1646, 10D-0030, Brunei Machine Shop
11AX-0061, 11E-0065 Lot 84/85, Light Industrial Area | Sungai Bera,
Anduki | Seria, Kuala Belait KB1933 | Brunei
Telephone: 673-322-8530
Sales Phone: 673-872-3189 | Sales E-Mail:
Web: www.omsos.com
Licenses: 5CT-0915, 7-1-0608

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