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From Script to Screen

OGR 2 - Paris Lucke

Influence Maps
Prop - The Diary
Design Page - The Diary
Prop Production Art - The Diary
Daughter Head
Daughter Outfit Thumbnails
Cellar Thumbnails (so far)
I've been struggling with designing the
cellar as it's the main place in the story
and its design is crucial in telling my
story and it's got to look like a
laboratory and a cellar. At the moment
I've got a basic map/model of what the
room would look like, I've got a lot more
thumbnails and designs to do but once
I've done that I'm hoping it will all come
together, until then I'm trying not to

Also once I've got my roboticist

designed that might help, having a
character to design the environment for.
Park Concept Art
Inner House/Stairs Concept Art
Concept Art

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