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Why people enjoy

working here
And how we can bring
it to life for others
The Capgemini employer brand

You may already be familiar with the phrase Be the you you want to be.
Capgemini businesses around the world use it to sum up what we offer as
an employer. Ultimately, it positions Capgemini as a place where people can
realise their ambitions and develop into the professional they aspire to be.
It is, you might say, the essence of Capgeminis employer brand and is itself the result of much
research and development. Theres a great deal of power behind Be the you you want to be.
It talks directly to the audience we want to reach and offers them something that feels very
personal to them. It incorporates our values of honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, solidarity,
modesty and fun. It is also flexible enough to mean slightly different things in the context of
different areas of the business.
So we wanted to dig deeper and explore exactly what that phrase meant for those working
in Capgemini UK.


Were good at transparency.
Were honest and we dont
make false promises.
Our research

Step 1: workshops Step 3: developing attributes The interviews focused on a number of

First of all, we conducted workshops with a We then took these themes and distilled them key topics:
mixture of employees from a variety of grades, into six brand attributes. These are essentially C
 omplex work tackling business critical
where we discussed topics such as: the aspects of who we are as an employer challenges with innovative solutions
The identity of Capgemini UK and its style that most reflect whats different and attractive T
 eamwork, collaboration and loyalty to
about us. Each feeds into our existing clients and one another
The people who work here employer brand strapline of Be the you you
The culture want to be. We tested and validated these M
 atching your ambition with ours and
attributes with key stakeholders in the project, empowering people
Why people join and why people stay before refining them further. C
 areer growth, learning and development,
 ey points that make us different from Step 4: digging deeper employee achievements and support
competitors provided by the business
Every message needs the evidence to back it
Step 2: analysis up. So, our next step was to undertake a series F  reedom, flexibility and the ability to be
We reviewed and analysed the feedback we of in-depth qualitative interviews with a range of bold with our clients
got from each of these workshops. From the employees to find the stories that supported O
 pen culture and the importance
feedback we received, a number of themes each attribute. of individuality
emerged. Seen together, these begin to define Our agency interviewed employees from across These interviews provided a wealth of
Capgemini UK as a business and enable us to the business, of differing age, length of tenure, information and insight into peoples
stand out from our competitors in the market. sector and seniority level from graduate experiences of working here, aspects
through to VP. that differentiate us from the competition
and our overall culture.


We work hard to deliver
beyond expectation and turn
things around very quickly.
Our UK brand attributes

Be known for complex work

and significant solutions
Here are our finalised brand
attributes, each of which feeds
into Be the you you want to be.
Stay true to Create stronger
who you are outcomes through
teams that click

Be the

want to be Fuel your ambition

Be dependable yet with ours
ready to surprise

Build momentum
in your career


The attributes in full

Be known for complex work and significant solutions

We take great pride from tackling the most important, business critical challenges for top tier
clients and implementing solutions that always get to the crux of the issue. We thrive on the
knowledge that the work we do has real impact in the world at large.
You will be able to deliver meaningful achievements that push boundaries, make waves in the
industry, and evolve your reputation and ours.

Create stronger outcomes through teams that click

A progressive team ethos infuses everything here. There are many ways to build networks,
leverage the expertise around the business and connect with the variety of individuals who form
Capgemini UK.
Whats more, once you start working as a team, you stay as a team: whether youre collaborating
with clients or colleagues, its natural to find everyone pulling in the same direction. It makes for a
constructive and enjoyable atmosphere, and better client outcomes.

Fuel your ambition with ours

Our aspiration is the same as yours: to be the very best in the market. For professionals with
ambition, with a passion for learning and growth, this is an ideal environment. You will not only
feed off the drive and vision of our organisation - you will also have the opportunity and support
to contribute to it. Our meritocratic approach means you will feel empowered to push yourself
and us forward, and be recognised when you do.


The attributes in full

Build momentum in your career

There are countless opportunities to propel your career forward. We dont restrict whats available
to you: the onus is on you to seek out the opportunities for self-development around the business
and then use them to drive your progression.
Equally, we dont look to develop clones. Youre free to make your role, and your career, what you
want it to be; and youll be the one to champion your own development. This is a place where
proactivity and ambition flourish.

Be dependable yet ready to surprise

When clients want to tackle their most difficult challenges, you will be the person they call.
Why? Because, in a fast-moving market, we offer solutions for sustainable growth that are
both achievable and effective.
But there is more to us than just dependability. Yes, were a modest bunch, but boldness is
always encouraged: you will have the freedom and flexibility to explore the right solution, whether
thats through leading-edge innovation or proven technology. Importantly, youll also have the
capability to see those solutions through.

Stay true to what you believe in

As one of the Worlds Top 100 Most Ethical Companies, we always aim to do the right thing by
our people and by our clients. We are recognised for our focus on sustainability, whether through
environmental responsibility, community work or diversity. Ours is a flat structure and an open
culture, guided by a strong moral compass. Everyone who works for us is encouraged to get
involved and make a difference.
So, we actively seek out interesting people with strong values, from a variety of interesting
backgrounds - and encourage them to be themselves.


Im 100% trusted.
Thats a great endorsement.
Linking our attributes with our values

Seven shared values have informed and shaped who we are as an organisation, ever since we were formed.
So of course, they also heavily influenced our attributes.

Be known for complex work and Build momentum in your career

significant solutions
Honesty Boldness
Boldness Trust
Team Spirit

Create stronger outcomes through Be dependable yet ready to surprise

teams that click
Team Spirit Modesty
Freedom Honesty
Boldness Fun

Fuel your ambition with ours Stay true to who you are
Boldness Fun
Freedom Modesty
Trust Honesty