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Content Software for Apple Logic / Garage Band This new series combines MIDI-sequences, Audio-loops, Phrases,

Content Software for Apple Logic / Garage Band

This new series combines MIDI-sequences, Audio-loops, Phrases, Sounds, Plug-In Settings, Channel Strips and other contents for Apple Logic, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Cubase SX. Here you find a brief overview of all products of this series. Her you find more informations and demos:


KeyTraxx (CD-ROM or Download)

Keyboard / Synth / Drum-Phrases und Phrase-Kits

KeyTraxx is an innovative software-product. Trendy phrases are a powerful inspiration for keyboarder and producer, who will discover new ways of using electro-magnetic keyboards. This product is very useful for elektronic, loop-based music. KeyTraxx includes 300 Keyboard/Drum/Synth/Fx-Phrases and 24 Phrase Kits with a total size of about 350 MB. The phrases can be loaded selectable in AIFF-Format (Apple-Loops) or in WAV- Format to nearly every audio-Sequenzer or sampler. Additional 195 of the audio-phrases can be loaded also as Standard MIDI File (SMF) for controlling software-instruments or external equipment. The Logic Pro version includes additional Instrument-tracks for Logic instruments like CVP88, EVB3, EVD6, EXS24. You have the choice to use audio-tracks or instrument-tracks. The main emphasis of the delivered content are groovy keyboard phrases (acoustic piano, electric piano, clavinet, organ). A big spectrum of music-styles will be newly interpreted, for example Chill Out, Lounge, Pop, Dance, Techno, Electronic, Rhythm & Blues, Funk, Latin and Jazz. The music-production using an audio-sequencer will be getting very easy. The 24 Phrase-Kits are combining keyboard-phrases with drums, synths, atmopheres and soundeffects. The phrase kits are demonstrating the use of the keyboard phrases in songs. But they can be also used for musical inspiration or starting point of user productions. The kits are using up to 10 tracks combining phrases to impressive arrangements. The phrase kits are available in the sequencer formats Logic Pro 7 / Logic Express 7, GarageBand, Ableton Live 4 / 5 / 6 and Cubase SX3 / SL3 / Cubase 4. But the phrase kits can also be re-built easily with other sequencer using tables an screenshots.

Price = 29,- EUR (39 US $)

MegaTraxx (CD-ROM or Download)

Drumloops , Synthloops, MIDI-Sequences

MegaTraxx is a bundle of „SynthTraxx“, "VirusTraxx" and „DrumTraxx“. It was produced by Peter Krischker and Frank „Xenox“ Neumann. MegaTraxx includes total 700 Synth- and Drumloops (375 MB), selectable in AIFF-format (Apple Loops) or WAV-format.

MegaTraxx additional includes 16 Loop-Combinations in several sequencer formats (Logic Pro /

Express, GarageBand, Cubase SX / Cubase 4, Ableton Live). The Loop-Combinations are stacking up to 6 Synth- und Drumloops. You can use them as start point for your own productions. The Logic Pro version includes also new 116 Plug-in Settings for Sculpture und ES2. The ES2-settings can be used also for Logic Express. MegaTraxx is useful for trendy Electronic Music, Pop-Music, Dance, Trance und Chill Out. The loops are giving much musical inspiration. Loops of this library can be combined and modified in many ways. Impressive and complexe synthsounds can be built with stacking in different tracks. SynthTraxx includes beside 250 Synth Loops (WAV- or AIFF-Format, 108 MB) 120 MIDI- Sequences (Standard MIDI File, formats 0 + 1), which can be used for any synths + sampler. For the production of the synthloops beside several Apple Logic und GarageBand Synths (Sculpture,

synths like FM8, Massive, Albino, Vanguard and Minimax were

also used. For better transposing a part of the loops is available in different pitches (C, E, A).

ES2, Analog Mono, Hybrid Basic


VirusTraxx includes 200 new Synthloops using sounds and loops of Access Virus synthbank „Virus Magic Sequence“ (see product description above). DrumTraxx includes 250 Drumloops (WAV- or AIFF-Format, 172 MB). Beside popular Electronic- loops the set includes also a big number of unusual drumgrooves, which are sounding something between „Vinyl and Electronic“. Impressive and complexe drumsounds can be built with stacking in different audio-tracks. Beside basis-loops there are variation-loops for building complexe loop- arrangements.

Price = 49,- EUR (69 US $)

VocalTraxx (CD-ROM or Download)

Vocal Phrases - Vocoder Phrases - Phrase Kits

VocalTraxx includes 650 vocal- and vocoder-phrases and 30 phrase kits with a total size of about 360 MB, selectable in Apple Loop Format (AIFF) for Logic / GarageBand or WAV-Format for Cubase / Ableton Live and other sequencer and Sampler. The professional recorded vocal-phrases are separated to the categories „Male“ and „Female“. All Phrases are available in dry version without effects. Additional a part of the phrases is remixed with effects. A special emphasis of this product are vocoder phrases. Beside typical roboter voices there are many new types of vocoder sounds, which are very interesting for many kinds of electronic productions. Further there is a group of „Spoken Phrases“, which are very useful for editing with vocoder or other special effects. VocalTraxx offers an excellent base for creative using of vocals in music productions, which doesn’t use traditional vocal tracks, especially in genre like Electronic, Pop, Dance, Trance, House, Chill Out, Ambient and Soundtracks. You will be surprised about the drastical changing of an instrumental-backing, if you add only some well selected and processed short vocal phrases to the mix. Beside vocal- und vocoder phrases VocalTraxx offers 30 „Phrase Kits“ in sequencer-formats of Logic Pro 7 / Express 7, GarageBand, Ableton Live and Cubase SX / Cubase 4. The phrase kits are perfectly combining vocal- and vocoder-phrases with drum/synth/instrument- phrases. The kits are demonstrating the use of vocals in songs and can be used as inspiration or starting point of user productions. Each kit is using about 4 to 6 tracks playing in cycle mode for some bars.

Price = 49,- EUR (69 US $)


"Synth Universe – Vol. 1” (CD-ROM or Download)

Analog Pads & Atmospheres

58 MB Samples - AIFF- or WAV-Format (15 complexe multisamples).

EXS24/EXSP24 Sampler Instruments

Channel Strip Settings for Logic Pro 7 / Logic Express 7

Software Instruments GarageBand2

„Synth Universe“ offers an universe of synthesizer sounds. Several volumes will include all important synth-categories time after time. This first volume „Analog Pads and Atmospheres“ offers provides mainly warm, analog and atmospheric synthpads, bult also sweeps, swells, synthbrass, synthleads, LFO-grooves and Fx- sounds. You will find countless synthpads in several Synth- and Sample-Libraries with all kind of variations, sometimes using more motion than you need. But you have to search for al long time to find analog pads with such gentle, wide, fat and spacious character like the pads of this volume. Main emphasis is musical usability, not spectacular effcets. The character of the synthpads is influenced from vintage synths Jupiter-8, Oberheim Xpander or Polysix as well as virtual analogsynths like Nordlead or Virus. Opposite to many other sample-based synth-volumes you will not find completely samples presets of popular synths. Instead there are fat, stacked raw waveforms compareable with synthwaves of Hardwaresynths or Workstations, which are a great base for making new synthsounds using the soundengine of the sampler. Therefore „Synth Universe“ is something like a synthesizer inside the sampler.

Price = 29,- EUR (39 US $)

"Mega Loopz" (CD-ROM)

700 Apple Loops (650 MB)

The synthetic produced Loops are categorized to Drums + Synths. They are very useful for Pop, Electronic, Techno, House and Trance. Additional to normal Drumloops MEGA LOOPZ contains also “Construction Loops”, which can be built by user combining single loops like Kicks, Hi Hat, Snare, Percussion. Main emphasis are very cool “Electronic Loops” with special effects and synthesis like Grain Delay, Granularsynthesis, Filterbank. These loops will give you many musical inspirations! The Synthloops contain many monophic and polyphonic synthsequences, but also several Chordgrooves. You find Synthloops transposed to C, E, G and A.

Price = 29,- EUR (39 US $)

"Magic MIDI Kit" (CD-ROM or Download)

MIDI Control Loops – Apple Loops - Chord Chains – Sound Settings

Rhythmic Pattern

Apple Loops for Software Instruments

Logic Projects, 22 GarageBand2 Projekts

20 EXS24 Sampler Instruments

GarageBand2 Software Instruments

„Magic MIDI Kit“ is a creative tool generating movement, atmosphere and energy in pads and MIDI sequences using „MIDI Control Loops“. MIDI Control Loops are control sequences producing MIDI-gates, chopped pads, rhythmic chords, Hybrid sequences and similar results. Loops exist as Standard MIDI Files and Apple Loops (AIFF-Format). Beyond it, a choice of loops is organized in projects in which chord chains are combined with MIDI Control Loops and sound settings. An easy and intuitive change of the loops is possible with the graphic view in the editor


(GarageBand) or in the Track-automation (Logic). For perfect sound Software Instruments (Garage Band), Plug-In Settings (Logic ES2) und Sampler Instruments (EXS24) suitabel to the „MIDI Control Loops“ were programmed. The Kit is usable for Apple Logic Pro / Logic Express 7 and Garage Band 2 or as SMF-version for other sequenzer and synthesizer (without sound settings).

Price = 29,- EUR (39 US $)

"Mega Arpeggio" (CD-ROM)

Arpeggios - Chords - Sequences - Sounds

443 MIDI-Loops

1000 Apple Loops.

245 Software Instruments (Garage Band)

ES2 Settings, 16 Sculpture Settings (Logic)

“Mega Arpeggio” offers a content expansion, which simulates an arpeggiator of a modern Top-

Synthesizer, which includes not only typical classic arpeggios, but sequences, basslines and polyphonic sequences.

Price = 49,- EUR (69 US $)

also chordgrooves, step-

"Arpeggio Kit" (CD-ROM or Download)

Arpeggios - Chords - Sequences - Sounds

300 MIDI Loops

30 MB Apple Loops.

Plug-In Settings for Logic ES2 / Sculpture“

Garage Band Software Instruments

The MIDI Loops include arpeggios, chord grooves and step sequences. Files can be dragged directly from folder to Garage Band tracks

minor, septime…). Many

Arpeggios and Chords are existing with different chord-types (major, loops exist with reversals.

Price = 25,- EUR (35 US $)

"Logic Quick Phrase" (CD-ROM or Download)

(not available for Garage Band)

Logic-User can use this AUDIO/MIDI-version alternately to CD-ROM. The instrument/yynth-phrases and a part of drumloops are existing as MIDI-sequences using

Logic instruments EVOC 20 (Vocoder), EVP88 (Electric Piano), EVB3 (Electric

(Clavinet), ES M (Synth) and ES P (Synth). This set includes 102 Logic Songs („Phrase Kits“), 37 Plug-In Settings, 46 Channel Strip Settings and 83 Drumloops (AIFF-Format / Apple Loops). „Logic Quick Phrase“ is completely included in CD-ROM „Quick Phrase“.

Price = 25,- EUR (35 US $)

Organ), EVD6


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Sounds and Samples for Synthesizer and Sampler

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