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Indian Culture Fundamentals 2016-17

Indian Culture-1: National Insignia and Language

Indias National Flag, Flag Code Of India, State Emblem, National Anthem, National Song, National Calendar,
National Animal, National Bird, National Flower, Fruit and Tree, National Aquatic Animal, National Currency
Symbol, National Heritage Animal, National Game, Languages Classification, Official Languages and
Classical Languages.
Indian Culture-2: Handlooms & Handicrafts
Art and handicraft of India including Fabrics, Sarees and Apparels, Shawls, Carpets, Durries, Coir Products,
Embroidery Products, Fabric Decoration Arts, Metal Work, Wood, Glass, Paper, Stone, Ivory, Toys, Games and
puppets, Pottery and Paintings.
Indian Culture-3: Indian Paintings
Shadanga and Chitrasutra traditions, Murals, Miniatures and Frescoes, Cave Paintings, Various schools of
paintings in India, Mughal and Rajput Paintings, Modern Indian Paintings.
Indian Culture-4: Sculpture
Sculpture in Indus Valley Civilization, Mauryan Sculpture, Post Mauryan Sculpture, Mathura and Gandhara
Schools of Art, Gupta / Vakataka sculpture, Modern Indian Sculpture and artists.
Indian Culture-5: Indian Architecture- Ancient and Early Medieval
Architecture of Indus Valley, Ancient Rock-cut Architecture, Satavahana / Vakataka Rock-cut Architecture:
Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Kanheri Caves, Bhaja and Karla Caves, Pallava Rock-cut Architecture:
Mahabalipuram, Buddhist Architecture, Temple Architecture, Sandhara, Nirandhara and Sarvatobhadra
Temples, Basic Structure of a Hindu Temple, Architecture of Gupta Period, Temple Architecture of Chalukyas
of Badami, Temple architecture of Rashtrakutas, Temple Architecture of Western Chalukyas, Temple
Architecture of Hoysalas, Temple Architecture of the Pallavas, Temple Architecture of Cholas, The Temples of
Odisha, Kalinga School of Architecture, Chandela School Temples at Khajuraho.
Indian Culture-6: Indian Architecture- Medieval and Modern
Indo-Islamic architecture: Salient Features, Architecture of Delhi Sultanate, Indo-Islamic Architecture in
Gujarat, Monuments of Indo-Islamic Tradition in Jaunpur, Monuments of Indo-Islamic Tradition in Mandu,
Monuments of Indo-Islamic Architecture at Bijapur, Monuments of Islamic Architecture at Sasaram, Mughal
Architecture, Indo-Saracenic style, Post-Independence Architecture.
Indian Culture-7: Indian Performing Arts
History of Indian Music, Basic Concepts of Swara, Raga, Tala etc, Various Forms of Indian Classical Music,
Concepts Related to Indian Music, Guru-Shishya Parampara, Marg Sangeet and Pathya Sangeet, Haveli
Sangeet and Astachap, Darbar Sangeet, Musical Gharanas, Evolution of Veena, Comparison of Folk Music and
Classical Music, Musical Stone Pillars in Temples, Contribution of Different Personalities to Music, Carnatic
Music, Devotional Music of India, Indian Classical Dance, Folk Music and Dance of India, Folk Theatre,
Puppetry Art, Other Topics & Concepts in Dance and Drama, Abhinaya, Rasa Bhava Theory, Karna and
Angahgara in Indian Classical Dances, Natya, Nritta and Nritya, Krishna in Classical Dances.
Indian Culture-8: Fairs and Festivals of India
Important Topics are: Various Fairs and Festivals of various states and UTs, Fairs and Festivals celebrated all
over India, Ancient Indian sports and martial arts.
Indian Culture-9: Religion, Sects and Philosophy Basics
Important facts about Hinduism and Hindu Philosophy, Astika and Nastika Schools, Six Schools of Indian
Philosophy and concepts related to them, Major sects of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam,
Sufism, Dawoodi Bohras, Wahabism, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Bahai Faith etc.
Indian Culture-10: Indian Literature
Vedic Literature Sruti, Smriti, Vedas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upavedas, Upanishadas, Vedangas etc. Early
Scholars in Sanskrit and Their Works, Buddhist & Jain Literature and Scholars, Classic Sanskrit Literature,
Sanskrit Literature in Science and Technology, Assamese Literature, Bengali Literature, Literature and scholars
of Hindi and other languages of India.