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E1 Services

A single line with a multiplexed 30 channels that allow multiple concurrent calls at the same time. It
can be integrated with any form of PABX, Router, voice gateway to use video phones, IP phones,
analogue phone and fax machine and reach out to any part of the world.

E1 is usually deployed over fiber optic network with electrical characteristic interface compliant with
ITU-T recommendation G.703 and Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. one (DSS1 protocol).



Voice, Data, Video conference, Faxing can be done simultaneously on different channels.
Direct Inward Dialing

Many directory numbers can be used by outsiders to call the extension directly without going through

the PBX Auto-attendant.

Caller ID

Individual extension display their unique number when makes outbound calls.

Call Forwarding: Ability to forward multiple calls to different destinations.

Call Hunting

In the case of contact centre, call is automatically routed to any available agent without any delay.