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Lauren Kiedaisch - Art

Grade Level: 4

Project: Notan

Objective: To introduce students to the Japanese concept of Notan, and create interesting
designs using positive and negative space.

I Can:
- Understand and use positive and negative space to create a Notan design.
- Experiment with different designs before choosing my final cut-paper design.
- Use my materials correctly, and clean up after myself.

- Drawing paper, scrap paper (Black), colored construction paper, glue, pencils, scissors

Academic Language:
- Notan: the balance between light and dark (Japanese concept in design)
- Positive Space: space where the design exists
- Negative space: Empty space where there is no design

Procedures (Appx. 2-3 class days):

Day 1: Students will watch a quick introductory video on Notan cut-paper. After introducing the
project, students will use small pieces of scrap paper to create several Notan designs on a
piece of drawing paper. These will serve as sketches for the final project, and serve as a
guideline for how the students will arrange their positive and negative space.
Day 2-3: Students will choose their favorite Notan design from the previous week. They will use
a large sheet of drawing paper and a piece of colored construction paper to create their final
design. More details are expected in the final copy.