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Change Impact Analysis with Business Process Change Analyzer

Rajeev Gollapudi, SAP Labs India
September, 2011

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Changing SAP Solutions Customer Pain Points

Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) Overview
BPCA Use Cases

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Orchestrate Your Solution with SAP Solution Manager

Run SAP Single

like a Source
of Truth
Factory Management

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E2E Integration Testing of SAP Solutions
Test Process embedded in the SAP Application Lifecycle

Test Process
Type of Change Test Scope Identification

New SAP Business Blueprint

Test Planning PRD Change
Test Execution Deployment
Test System Setup
SAP Solution Change Impact
Update Analysis

Customer Pain Points SAP Strategy for E2E Integration Testing*

1 Tests in heterogeneous system SAP Solution Manager acts as central hub
landscapes to manage SAP change events and E2E
SAP Solution updates affecting mission- Integration Testing
critical business processes Superior functionality from risk-based test
planning, functional and regression testing
3 Test system setup and test data
to integration validation
Interfaces to Partner Test Suites
4 Effort for creation and maintenance of
automated tests

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E2E Test Management
Options for SAP Customers based on SAP Solution Manager 7.1
Business Blueprint
Test Planning Change
Test Execution
Test System Setup Deployment
Change Impact Analysis

Test Option 1
SAP Solution Manager SAP Solution Manager
Business Blueprint
Test Workbench Test Automation Framework
Work Center TM integrated ISV test automation tools

Test Option 2
SAP Quality Center by HP SAP TAO

Test Option 3

Quality Manager, ReqPro, RFT, ...

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Business Process Change Analyzer

SAP Solution updates occur frequently

SAP triggered: Support Packages, Enhancement Packages
Customer triggered: Customizing changes, Custom code development

Customer Pain Point

Which business processes are affected by planned changes?


Solution Change Impact Analysis Test Planning Test Execution
Identification of business Test Case review Regression Tests
processes affected by and creation of
Manual Tests
change missing test cases
Automated Tests
Risk-based Test Test Plan
Recommendation generation

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Business Process Change Analyzer

Preparation Execution of mission-critical

business processes by Business User
Trace Result:
Order to Cash Technical Bill of Material (TBOM)

Sales Order Code: Function modules,

Delivery UI: Dynpro 1000,

Goods Issue Tables: Customizing, Master Data


Business Process Change Analyzer

Change Impact Analysis
Planned Changes Order to Cash
Sales Order code change
Which critical Business Processes Customizing changes
will be affected by planned changes? Custom code Goods Issue UI change
Business Function activation Billing
Procure to Pay
SP and EhP deployment Create PO customizing change

Risk-based Test Scope Business Process Change Analyzer

Identification of business processes impacted by software
Can I get a recommendation for changes

regression tests? Support decision making whether planned change shall be

Automatic test plan generation

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Use Cases
Business Process Change Analyzer
SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP18*
BPCA Use Case 1: Customizing Changes

Example: Create Sales Order input field Purchase Order: optional mandatory

Customizing Changes


Change Impact Analysis Identification of impacted

business processes

Test Recommendation Generation of Test Plan

* Note: BPCA of SAP SolMan 7.1 SP01: additional precision through tracing of key fields of SAP customizing tables

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Business Process Change Analyzer
SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP18
BPCA Use Case 2: Custom Code Developments

Example: Extention of existing SAP screen with custom required field

Custom Code Developments


Change Impact Analysis Identification of impacted

business processes

Test Recommendation Generation of Test Plan

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Business Process Change Analyzer
SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP23
BPCA Use Case 3: Planned activation of inactive Business Functions

Example: inactive Enterprise Business Function Advanced Order Processing and Billing

planned Bus.Function

Change Impact Analysis Identification of impacted

business processes before
BF activation

Test Recommendation Generation of Test Plan

2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 12

Business Process Change Analyzer
SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP01
BPCA Use Case 4: SP / EhP Deployment and Test Scope Optimization

Example: Deployment of EhP 4 for SAP ERP

SAP Support Package / Enhancement Package Deployment

SP / EhP

Change Impact Analysis Identification of impacted

business processes

Test Recommendation Generation of Test Plan with risk-based test scope

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Business Process Change Analyzer
Test Scope Optimization Example

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BPCA Preparation 1
Business Process Documentation
Lean Process Documentation: BPCA requires only a process hierarchy with
executables and system information to be documented in a project or a solution.

System information Transactions

Process hierarchy
Business scenario
Business processes
Business steps

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BPCA Preparation 2
TBOM generation
Business Scenario
Quotation Sales Order Delivery Billing
Order to Cash

Process Step Sales Order VA01

Business Blueprint


Customer SAP Landscape (SAP ERP, )

Generated TBOM contains

User selects process step User executes the process step while BPCA Code Objects, User Interfaces
in SAP Solution Manager traces all SAP objects used by process step and Tables used

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BPCA Technical Bill of Material (TBOM)
Example for Business Transaction: Create Sales Order (VA01)

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SAP Solution Manager 7.0 / 7.1
BPCA TBOM generation Approaches

TBOM creation SAP SolMan 7.0 SAP SolMan 7.1

1) Manual TBOM Standard functionality Standard functionality

recording by User
2) ToDo Lists for QM creates list of missing TBOMs and send workflow
Business User item to business user who creates TBOM during
normal business operations
3) Manual TBOM Tester execution of manual test case gets option to
recording by Tester create TBOM on the fly
4) Automated Tests Workaround via eCATT or 3rd party Test Automation Framework eCATT and 3rd party test
Test Option 1 test tools like HP QTP tools (eCATT, HP QTP, Worksoft, IBM RFT more to
5) Automated Tests SAP TAO 2.0 SP04 (Nov 2010) SAP TAO 2.0 SP04 (Nov 2010)
Test Option 2

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Manual TBOM creation in SAP Solution Manager 7.1
ToDo Lists for Business User
Goal: Collaboration work flow between quality teams and business process teams to
create TBOM

Quality Expert Business Process Expert

Create and Manage Work list Process work Items

Review work list

Identify missing TBOMs

Notification Process Work item

Create work list & assign
BPX Run Business Transaction

Review completed TBOM is created in

work items background

TBOMs created Close work item

2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 20

TBOM generation using test automation tools
Business Scenario
Quotation Sales Order Delivery Billing
Order to Cash

Process Step Sales Order

Business Blueprint

automated execute
Test Case
Customer SAP Landscape (SAP ERP, )
assign TBOM to Process Step

create TBOM during test case execution

Test Option Test Management Test Automation Tools

1 SAP Solution Manager Test Automation Framework HP QTP, SAP eCATT, WS Certify,
2 SAP Quality Center SAP TAO

2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 21

Customer Cases
SOKA-BAU & SOKA IT Gains Significant Time and Test Effort
Reduction with SAP Solution Manager
Challenges and Opportunities Implementation Highlights
QUICK FACTS Email notifications for all status changes
Implement extension of proven test
management capabilities of SAP Solution of test cases & central access and
Managers by using functional administration for all test relevant
Headquarters: Wiesbaden, Germany
enhancements of Enhancement information
Industry: Insurance
Package 1 Set-up of new wizard for SAP Solution
Revenue: 4.8 billion Objectives Manager configuration within three hours
Employees: 1,200 Optimize test planning through Business Why SAP Services
Web site: Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) End-to-end functionality and excellent Improve test execution via deployment of integration into existing SAP solution
SAP solution and services: SAP ERP, SAP test sequence functionality landscape
BW, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Consulting Increase user and process efficiency Possibility to leverage and re-use of
though html-based work center for test already achieved results
and incident management Key Benefits
Raise quality of SAP solution Risk-based test scope identification
We can significantly reduce our test
documentation though deployment of leading to considerable reduction of test
efforts which affect our SAP solution Solution Documentation Assistant efforts
operations by using a risk based test (SoDocA)
Significant time savings within test
scope identification provided by the preparation
Business Process Change Analyzer of Streamlined communication during test
SAP Solution Manager. execution
Role-based approach for all test activities
Roland Krger
Manager SAP Customer CoE
supported by new customer work-center

2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 23

BPCA Proof of Concept at SAP Customer in EMEA (1)
Project steps and required effort

SAP Solution Manager Update SAP Solution Manager 7.0 SP19 to SP20 5.5 hours
SAP Solman agent update in managed system No additional effort

Lean Solution Business process definition in MS Excel Already available

Fitment for existing process structure to 3 level 30 minutes
hierarchy in SAP Solution Manager
Business process modeling of MM-Procurement 2 hours for 5
processes in ARIS and upload into SAP Solution business processes
Manager( for 5 business processes incl.steps)

BPCA setup BPCA preparation: trace (TBOM) for each

5h for 14 processes*
business process via manual process execution
15 min for each
BPCA analysis for 5 software changes including
customizing and program changes

* 14 variants of the procurement process

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BPCA Proof of Concept at SAP Customer in EMEA (2)

Change type Change description BPCA change impact analysis

Customizing change Change invoice tolerances Invoice Verification step in all the processes
was impacted
Customizing change Changes to account group Purchase Order, Goods Receipt Invoice
Receipt , RFQ, Adjudication, Contract were
impacted due to the common customizing
Customizing change ALV output for purchasing list displays Expidite process was impacted as expected

New org structure Changes resulting out of a new Org Structure Definition of plants was impacted as expected
for a new company acquired
SAP Support Package Support package on ECC Enhancement Results as expected. Impact on custom code
Package SAPKA70103 was also identified.
Custom Code Change Changes to SAPMZC35 after an SP Upgrade Results as expected. Impact on ZC35
for PO Creation transaction.

Summary: Correct change impact analysis for all changes evaluated

Exception: BPCA results are generic across tables and do not analyze the business logic derived from the table data
(Note: solved with SAP Solution Manager 7.1).

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Business Process Change Analyzer
Planned developments based on customer feedback

Integration with 3rd party test management tools for test plan
Integration generation
Integration with Change Request Management (CHARM)

Test Scope Better management of test scope optmization criteria


TBOMs for scheduled background jobs

TBOM Creation
Simplified user interface for Business Process Experts

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Business Process Change Analyzer

Customer Benefits

Precise insight

Identification of critical business processes affected by

planned change events

Improved handling of change events

Support for customers change committee to decide on

SPs, EhPs or Custom triggered changes for SAP
production systems

Risk-based Test Planning

Recommendation for subsequent regression tests

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