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February 9, 2017 Janice Bassil, E: Bassil & Budreau 20 Park Plaza, Suite 1005 Boston, Massachusetts 02116 ire Re: 2015 Homicide of Bella Bond in Dorchester Dear Ms. Bassil: It is my understanding that your client, Rachelle Bond, has certain firsthand information which may be relevant to the investigation and prosecution of the murder of her daughter, Bella Bond, age 2, in Dorchester in May or June 2015. Specifically, it is my understanding that Ms, Bond was present and personally made observations regarding the homicide of Bella Bond in her apartment at 115 Maxwell Street in Dorchester. It is my further understanding that Ms, Bond did not directly participate in the murder, that is, Ms. Bond neither struck her daughter not did anything to cause her daughter's death. Finally, itis also my understanding that Ms. Bond was not involved in any conspiracy to assault or kill Bella Bond and that Ms, Bond did not have any prior knowledge of the intent of any other individual to assault or kill Bella Bond Based upon these representations, the following sets forth the agreement entered into between the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and Ms. Bond. 1. Ms. Bond agrees to provide complete and truthful information to law enforcement officials investigating the murder of her daughter, Bella, Ms, Bond agrees to make herself available for interviews with law enforcement officials and to testify completely and truthfully at the trial of Michael MeCarthy for the murder of Bella Bond (see 1584CR11292) and at any subsequent hearings, proceedings, or trials relating to the murder. Ms. Bond agrees that she will neither withhold any information in her Possession nor provide any false information, Ms, Bond acknowledges (a) that no law enforcement official has threatened her to cause her to provide information; (b) that no shall not be considered a verdii the event of a mistri 3. This agreement is contingent upon the truthfuine: Ms. Bond has provided and will continue to provide to law enti rement officials, 4. This agreement is also contingent upon Ms. Bond providing complete and truthful information and testimony at the trial of Michael McCarthy and any other hearings, proceedings, or trials in connection with the murder of Bella Bond. If District Attomey leams that the information or testimony which Ms. Bond provides after the date of this letter is not complete and truthful, then this agreement may be declared null and void by the District Atomey. Should the District Atomey declare this agreement to be null and void because the information or testimony provided by Ms. Bond is not complete and truthful, the District Attomey may recommend that the Court impose any lawful sentence on Ms. Bond as a result of her guilty plea and the District Attorney may also institute a prosecution of Ms, Bond for any offense that the evidence permits, including a prosecution for per} twomey Ifyou District Auomey and Ms. Bond, please confirm this by signing in the appropriate place below Sincerel; Edmond Zabin Chief of Homicide Acknowledged and Agreed to: Rachelle Bond was ice Bassil, Es un