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Popol Vuh Creation and Lineage of Gods

Popol Vuh = The Book of the Community or The Book of the People

Hunab Ku the divine first cause uncontained, boundless sea

[Hunab Ku thrills the Heart of Heaven, and awakens it from sleep]

Heart of Heaven
[A one-dimensional emanation no space]
Manifestations of Heart of Heaven:
Huracan The Heart of the Sky (One-Legged Lightning)
Chipi-Caculha The Small Lightning
Raxa-Caculha The Beautiful Lightning

The Creator (a.k.a. the god Seven)
Manifestations of Seven:
Itzama Kauil (The Creator)
Tepeu (The Sovereign)
Gucumatz (The Feathered Serpent)
[These three are the Cosmic Center, depicted as three green stones]
Tzacol The West (Black)
Alom The North (White)
Cahalom The South (Yellow)
Bitol The East (Red)

Ixpiyacoc and Ixmucane
The Supreme Pair
(The Grandparents)

Hun-Hunahpu (One Hunahpu) and Vucab-Hunahpu (Seven Hunahpu)
(The Brothers)

Hunahpu and Xbalanque
(The Hero Twins sons of Hun-Hunahpu)
Other sons of Hun-Hunahpu:
Humbatz and Hunchouen (artisans and musicians; they become monkeys)

Other gods:
Vucub-Caquix Seven Macaw (a giant bird-demon)
Zipacna (the Earth) and Cabracan (Earthquake) sons of Seven Macaw (giant alligators)

The Lords of Xibalba (The Place of Fright)

Hun-Came (One Cama) and Vucub-Came (Seven Cama)