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Hans Raj Hans

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In his young age Hans Raj Hans learned from renowned
music director Charanjit Ahuja. Then he started singing
Hans Raj Hans is a Punjabi singer from Punjab, India Punjabi folk, devotional and Su music[5] He also sang in
and politician. He is famous for his long golden curly hair movies and released his own Indipop albums. He worked
and his classical variations in singing. He has been singing with renowned artists such as the late Nusrat Fateh Ali
folk songs for many years but recently sang a number of Khan, in the movie Kachche Dhaage[6]
Gurbani shabads and dharmic geets (religious songs). He
He was awarded an honorary music professor at Wash-
is a recipient of the civilian honour of Padma Shri.[1]
ington DC University and San Jose State University.[7]
Born into a Mazhabi Sikh family at a village called
During Hanss student days at Guru Nanak Dev Univer-
Shapur near Jalandhar he sings Punjabi folk and Su
sity, Amritsar he won the top University singing award
music, has also sung in movies and has also released his
in Punjabi folk singing for three years in a row. Hans
own 'Indipop' albums. He has worked alongside other
was also awarded Punjab State Singer Award by Punjab
renowned artists such as the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,
[2] Government. Recently, Hans received the fourth highest
as seen in the movie Kachche Dhaage.
civilian award of India Padma Shri Award for arts.
Hans Raj Hans sons Navraj Hans and Yuvraj Hans de-
His popularity started touching the sky when he sang 'Ni
nied, on their Facebook pages, the rumour of their father
Vanjaaran Kuriey'. It was a culturally rich classical item
converting to Islam in February 2014. [3] [4]
and basically gave the taste of real Punjabi music to all
Punjabis around the globe. A song written by famous
Punjabi writer Mr. Jasvir Cheema 'Mera Dil, Mera Dil...'
was also a unique song and Hans rened it with his clas-
1 Early life sical touch of ....'ray ray saa saa ray ray saa saa....' rst
time in Punjabi folk songs history. His rst album was
'jogian de kanna vich kach diyan mundra'. Hans worked
Hans was born in a village Shapur very close to very hard to prove himself and raised himself to this level
Jalandhar, Punjab, India. He is the second son of Sardar of a deserving singer. Nothing could divert his focus from
Rashpal Singh and Mata Sirjan Kaur. Hans had no musi- singing even during tough times. He never gave up. There
cal history in his family, yet he began singing at a young was no stopping for Hans after this and every single album
age. He started his career by performing at youth festi- was hit. He is a Su singer of his times and has lived to
vals and rst became known by winning musical compe- his title by introducing his album 'Tera Ishq'.
Hans Raj Hans was born with singing talent. Though he
was inuenced by a street singer named Sitara Singh, who
used to come near his house every day and sing Pun-
jabi devotional songs. He would listen to him every day.
Hans was a devotee of Ustad Puran Shahkoti Sahib, from
whom he had learned to sing since his teenage years. Us-
tad Puran Shahkoti Sahib is a Su singer and it was be-
cause of him that Hans learned to sing in Suana style.
His guru(teacher) gave him the surname 'Hans(swan) due
to his impressive look and his sweet singing voice like a

Hans Raj Hans at a Religious event

2 Career


2.2 Political career 3.2 Bollywood

On 16 May 2009, he unsuccessfully competed for a Lok 2011 Mausam Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi (T-Series) Pritam
Sabha seat in the Jalandhar, Punjab constituency in Indian
2011 Patiala House Tumba Tumba (T-Series)
Punjab on a Shiromani Akali Dal ticket.[8]
Shankar Ehsaan Loy
He joined Bharatiya Janata Party on 10 December 2016
in presence of National President Amit Shah giving a set- 2008 Black & White Haq Allah Sukhwinder
back to Punjab Congress as Vidhan Sabha elections are Singh
to be held in early 2017.[9] 2002 Bend It Like Beckham Punjabiyaan Di Shaan
Bally Saggoo

3 Discography 2002 Shaheed 23 March 1931 Watanparaston Ki

Anand Raaj Anand

3.1 Albums 2001 Nayak Saiyaan (T-Series) A R Rahman

2017 Mundeh Punjabi (MovieBox/Planet 2001 Jodi No 1 Akkh Lad Gayee Anand Raaj
Recordz/Speed Records) Anand

2014 Jaadu (MovieBox/Speed Records) 2001 Monsoon Wedding Aaja Nachle Bally Sag-
2011 Ek Ishaara (T-Series)
2000 Bichhoo Dil Tote Tote Anand Raaj Anand
2008 Yaara O Yaara (MovieBox/Planet
1999 Kachche Dhaage Khaali Dil Nahin Jaan Bhi
Recordz/Speed Records)
Hai Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
2007 Wanjara (T-Series)

2003 Tera Ishq (Music Today) 3.3 Religious

2002 Haaye Sohniye (T-Series) 2011 Amrit Varga Paani (With Sardool Sikander)
World Music
2002 Ghama Di Raat
2009 Koi Aan Milavai (featuring Sant Anoop Singh
2001 Sab Ton Sohni (T-Series) (Una Sahib Wale) & Bhai Maninder Singh (Sri Na-
gar Wale))
2001 Jhanjar
2008 300 Saala Hazoor Sahib (T-Series)
2000 Chorni (T-Series)
2006 Bole So Nihaal (Duo Collaboration with Sar-
1997 Lal Garara dool Sikander)
1994 Mohabbat 2006 Sikhi Diyan Shaana
1993 Ishqe Di Barsaat 2004 Nikey Nikey Do Khalse (T-Series)
1992 Jhanjaria 2003 Wadda Mera Govind
1992 Aar Tutdi Naa Paar Tutdi 2000 Amritdhara
1991 Thah Karke 1997 Mera Bajaan Wala Maahi

1990 Tera Mera Pyar 1991 Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi (T-Series)

1990 Ashiqan Di Kahdi Zindagi

3.4 Filmography
1990 Waris Punjab De (Music Bank)
Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da (Speed Records)
1987 Ek Kuri Mainu Rajheon Fakir Kar Gai

1989 Balle Ni Rahe Rahe

3.5 Biography
1987 Ek Dang Hor Mar Ja
Rags to Ragas... and Beyond - Hans Raj Hans by
1983 Jogian De Kanna Vich ( HMV ) Preet Inder Dhillon. Publisher, Power Publishers

3.6 Jaadu
This album will be releasing in June 2014.
Music: DJ Sanj
Lyrics: Satwinder Birdi, Veet Baljit, Pirti Silon & Hans
Raj Hans
Tracks: 11
Featuring: Deep Cold & Roach Killa
Label: Kamlee Records & Speed Records

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Hans Raj Hans at the Internet Movie Database

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