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OXFORD LATIN DICTIONARY OXFORD AT THE CLARENDON PRESS XN _ ye Oxford University Press, Ely House, London W. © oxronn university Paes 1968 PUBLISHER’S NOTE I May r9gr the Delegates of the Press instructed their officers to investigate the possi- bility of preparing an entirely new Latin Dictionary. Some eighteen months later draft plans were approved for the compilation of a dictionary independent alike of Lewis & Short on the one hand and of the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae on the other, which would treat classical Latin from its beginnings to the end of the second century a.p., and which was to be approximately one-third longer than Lewis & Short ; the work was to be carried out by a staff directly responsible to the Delegates. Professor A. Souter of the University of Aberdeen was appointed Editor, and Mr. J. M. Wyllie was seconded from the Oxford English Dictionary to the new venture as Assistant Editor.* It was then estimated that such a dictionary would take twelve years to prepare. Full-time work began in the autumn of 1933. Quotations, ultimately numbering well over a million, were collected partly by the staff in Oxford, and partly by some fifty outside volunteers working closely with the Oxford stafi. A start was made on editorial work, but by 1939 it was clear that progress, whether measured in terms of quality or quantity, was unsatisfactory. In the same year Professor Souter retired from the editorship, and Dr. Cyril Bailey, a Delegate of the Press, and Mr. Wyllie were appointed co-editors, with Dr. Bailey as the senior. Credit for the scheme of the dictionary and organization of the work in its early years is due principally to Mr. Wyllie. With the outbreak of war, work on the Dictionary inevi- tably slowed down, and as members of the staff went off on war service it was virtually suspended, though a skeleton staff under Dr. Bailey kept the project alive. On Mr. Wyllie’s return work was resumed more actively, and the team was further strengthened by the appointment of Mr. John Chadwick in July 1946. In March 1949 Mr. Wyllie was appointed sole Editor, and at the same time steps were taken to form an academic advisory committee. Professor W. M. Edwards joined the stafi in 1950 as reader and critic; Mr. Chadwick left to take an academic post at Cambridge in 1952 and was replaced by Mr. (later Professor) C.L. Howard. Mr. Wyllie’s editorship terminated in April 1954, and Mr. P. G. W. Glare, who had joined the team in 1950, became Acting Editor. A fresh study of the situation in this year showed that a thorough revision of most of the material, including what had been hitherto thought approximately ready for the Printer, would be necessary before printing could begin, and that the final work would substantially exceed the limits laid down. The Dele- gates decided that efforts must be made to complete the Dictionary on the existing plan, though they authorized a further increase in length. In the autumn of 1955 Mr. Glare was appointed Editor, with an enlarged team that included Mr. R. H. Barrow and Mr. G. Turton (both of whom had joined in 1954), and Mr. R. C. Palmer (from 1957), and with occasional help from Mr. Chadwick in Cambridge. Since that date progress has been con- sistent and smooth, and the Delegates’ confidence in the undertaking is such that publica- tion by fascicle has been sanctioned. The work will be completed in eight fascicles, and it is hoped to publish one every two years. ‘The Oxford Latin Dictionary is based on an entirely fresh reading of the Latin sources. It follows, generally speaking, the principles of the Oxford English Dictionary, and its formal layout of articles is similar. Within each section or sub-section, quotations are arranged in chronological order, the first example showing, where practicable, the earliest * A list of members of the editorial staff, with the dates of their service, is appended. vi PUBLISHER'S NOTE known instance of that particular sense or usage. Accidents of transmission and the concentration of much of the available material within a very short space of time have, however, made it difficult to trace the history of many words; in consequence, not too much reliance should be placed on chronology in the arrangement of senses. The later limit. of the period covered by this dictionary is necessarily imprecise. In practice it means that most of the jurists quoted in Justinian’s Digest have been included, although they run over into the third century, while patristic writings from the last years of the second century have not been drawn upon. (A proposal that the Dictionary should be extended to include Christian Latin had been finally rejected in 1951.) A further com- plication is that there are many texts of uncertain date whose inclusion or rejection must be arbitrary. But within these limits an attempt has been made to treat thoroughly all known words from any source, literary or non-literary. In addition, proper names have been included where their intrinsic importance appears to warrant it, or where their in- clusion was thought to help in the understanding of literary texts. Only brief etymological notes have been given ; readers should refer to the standard etymological dictionaries for further information. The inclusion of articles on the principal suffixes used in word-formation is an innovation in Latin lexicography. LIST OF EDITORIAL STAFF A, SOUTER JM. WYLLIE ©. 0, BRINK E. A. PARKER ©. BAILEY MARGARET ALFORD J. CHADWICK B. V, SLATER D.C. BROWNING 1933-9 1933-54 1938-42 1939-46 1939-57 1942-5 1946-52 1947-9 1949-50 GM, LEE P. G. W. GLARE J.D. CRAIG Cc. L. HOWARD 6. E, TURTON R. H. BARROW SOPHIE TRENKNER RC, PALMER ALN, BRYAN-BROWN, 1968- 1950- 1950- 1952-3 1952-8 1954- 1954- 3985-7 1957- 1967-8 AIDS TO THE READER I. AUTHORS AND WORKS ‘Tue references given in column one are normally the last possible for each work. ‘This will make clear which system of chapter, paragraph, etc., division, or of pagination, is being followed, where two or more exist. Authors used as secondary sources are printed in lower case. The full form of post-classical or modern collections, anthologies, etc, is given in the Supplementary List (II) below. The abbreviations for these are usually printed with a lower-case initial (e.g. anth., poet, irag.). In the indication of date Roman numerals refer to centuries In the description of Editions used OCT, T, and L refer to Oxford Classical ‘Texts (Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis), Bibliotheca Teubneriana, and the Loeb Classical Library respectively. The editions cited are normally those used for the original excerpting of material. Impor~ tant changes in later editions have been taken into account wherever possible. Ace. ot, 26 (28) 1. Accius 170-6. 85 9. Drasl 4s tra. 6985 Act, Triumph. 37 Acta Triumphalia (cl «p38 ABD. poet 2. 6 Valerius Acaituns tine, etna 648 before 4.0. 63 Foctae Latini Minores Vollmer T 1930 Armas. om. 432 L Afeanius bie sone. ‘AwRIC dig. 50.26. 208, Sex. Cacclius Africanus lian. (aid) AGEN. agrim. p. 5t Ageunius Vebicus Pip. (eatly) Aur. dig. $0.16. 203, P. Allenas Vares co. 39 me. gram. 4 Awe. 50.2 1. Ampelins Liter Memorials 74.0. Assmann T 1935 ANDE. cm. 8 , Liuius Andronicus 6284-204 Be. feet. 45 frags ANSIAN: Pod. 3.4 Awe ora. § Am. Fro. rp. 126 (1638) Avr, Att 70, 88. 2 orait5 Av, CuaeD. Potent. grain. 3 App. poe. 2.2 ‘Apais. com. 20 ‘APUL. Apel, 103, Bay Mot 22. 30 Mn 38 Peas pow. See Ann. poe 2 Arg. PI True 6 Aw, Mist 7 As. Gat. poet 2 ‘Ase, Com. 72 Mie sp Peis Seas Tog. 8 Ase Moly ‘Ararus gram 14 ‘Amt. com. 4 AEA com. 24 ort 2 Avruse. gram. 3 Aanianus 1. Annis Lascus ‘Antoninus Pius Appius Claudius Puleher “Appius Claudius Caecus 2 Apriesius Apuleius Arb(gonius Silo 1, Arruntius C. Asinius Gallus 0. Asvonine Pedianas Sempronius Asellio L, Atsius Praetextatus Alias T.Quinctioe Atta Aufustins Apologia Ede Metamorphoses se Mundo. 4s Platone de Deo Soeratis Argumentum Plaut oe in Comelianam ‘in Milonianam in Pironianam: 4 Sourianam {it orationem in toga candida cos. 153 me Emp. A.D. 138-61 682-30 Be. 608. 54 Bc. £08. 307, 296 #.. ‘quoted in Varro Bic am. 133 time of Augustus ‘post Plastine (atiously dated) cos. B acs 9 Rena. 76 4.77 Re we Fro. ee Cre. Att Heim T1912 OAT Hose ‘Thomas T igen ‘Thomas T 1921 see PL. (Clark OCT 1907 x AUTHORS AND WORKS ‘Roe. Ane. 6.43, . Tas Caesar Monumentam @3RC-AD.14 Ehrenberg & Jones (Setauianus Augustus) Aneyranum Oxt 1049 ist. 20 Poet AvouR. pod 8 tive Augurinas HA. (eats) ‘August. C.D. 22. 30 Aurelius Augustinus de Ciuitate Dein. 354-439 Pombart T 4892 (Se Augustine) AUR. Fro. 1p. 44 (49) -M. Aurellus Antoninus emp. AD. 160-180 see Pao. poo ‘Ava OP. gram. 28 Anretins Opillor tine ‘Arn. Poet 3.2 Alias Austus fan, Bato. At 9. 138. 2 L. Comelivs Balbus cos. 40 ne. see Cre, Att BALB. grom. p. 108La Balbus time of Trajan Ban. Orr. Att-9. 78,2 se BALB.(0/OP.* eee Cie, Ate Bas. gram. 10 avis Bass ime Bas. post 10 Cassius Bassus tan. B. Afr. 98. > de Ballo Atrico 6. 408. see Cans, Git B. Ales. 78. 5 de Pella Alexandrina ©. 40 m6 see Cas, Gin Bi Hisp. 42.7 e Hello Hispaniensi ¢. 40 © see Cans. Ci Bip. poe. 17.2 M, Furins Bibacolos b. 103 ne Bir, Fam. 6.16 ‘A. Pompeias pract. 45 8.6 see Cie, Fam, Bithynicus Baur. ad Brat. 3.6 1M. Tunis Brutus S542 Be. see Cle. a Bret rat. 31 Bave. ir. 3 M. Tanius Brutus fi me. (ate) Baur. CAS. Fam. 24. 3.4 ee BRUTIMCas, see C1c. Fam Buc, Bins. 2. 38 Bucolica Finsidlensia. time of Nero see Cath. Eel Carers. com. 294 Cacclius Statins 4.168 me. Carets, Fam, 6.7.6 A. Caecina, ime see Cie. Fam. Care, Att. 70,00. 5 ME. Castine Rufus ine see Cte. At Fam. 8.092 wn Fase oral cane. dar. ca, Arulenus Caclius cos 40. 69 ‘Sabine Cane. oral 9 . Seruilius Cacpio 4.90 B., Cass, Atl 10. 8.2 . Talus Caesar ro2-44 #6, see Cre, at Gio 51021 2 de Bello Cui fa Pontet OCT 1990) Gat. 7, 90-8 fe Bello Gallico ea frame eal Poet 6. Cassa in Gel 6 (7.2.4 1 Carselius Vindex Ha. (easly) Cats, oral 13, M. Calidius pract. $7 m Cat dig. $0.16. 200.3 Callistratos iit ab, Cate, Des. 53 Calpuraius Flaccus Declamationes. «414.0. Lennert 1903 Cane, Eel 7 84 T Calpurnius Siculus Eclogae FAD. (aia) Giarratano ‘atin 1924 Cate, hist. 45 L-Calpurnius Piso 08. 133 Me Frag cay. vat. 37 . Licinius Macer Be47 Bc. poet. 23 Caluus as. oat 5 P. Canautias inc. Car. gram. 4 C. Atekus Capito co AD. 5 for Cana ora 9 . Papitias Carbo cos, 120 me Cano ARV. ovat. 3 ©. Pairs Carbo ne. (early) Avia Cam. Ball. Ag. 07 Carmen de Bello contemp. Ovi —_~Poetae Latini Minores “Aegyptiaco ‘Bachrene T1879, arm. Nelo § (rag, p27 ‘carmen Nele: Pine, arm. Salat (poet. 5) Carmen Saliare certain CAs. Fame 150 19.4 . Cassiae Longinus agra, sce Cre, Fam Cas, Sev. in Quint. Inet, Cassius Seuoras Bean. 34 58 case. ir 2 A. Coscia ince. (arly) Caro gr. 162.3 M. Poreius Cato de Age Cultus 334-149 Be Goats T 1922 Dies 83) Diets Rremorabilia Jordan. Leipaig 1460 Ep 0) Epistulae cian 20-0) {ibe ad File : ie 343 inc. 77 Milos (1) do Re aiitart Jordan Leipeig 1860 Mor. $0) Carmen de Moribus ees nat 243) AUTHORS AND WORKS xi orcas Cato ae 00 Cie. Fam. Caro Fem 35.53 1, Porc Ct 05-46 Caro nep. ora. 3 ©. Porcius Cato cos. 114 2. Caron. 116.8 , Valerius Catutus 684-2. 54 me. Mynors OCT 1958 Cons. 8.25.5 1 Cornelius Celsus Contemp. Tiberiss Marx Leipzig 1915 Cats. dig. 50.17. 193 P. Fusentivs Cela cos. H. AD. 129 Chae. p. 5328 Plauios Sospster Ars Grammatica iv av. Barwick T. 1925 Tan os Plasberg T 1922 Oe Oo aides. 5.6 Me Tatiue ieee otealased Brat "°? Pamer OCT too Ben at Bi te ag Interrogeto de acre Muelle T1858 Ayr 316 Moh.» aes fmt to ‘rat 733t080) ‘tra. Beg tos arch 32 Stade. x8 angi 5 ab, 65 Brat. 333 Beg Ep. fe 38.5 Epigr.3 Facet 33 Fam. i. 24.2 Fat. 48 Fin. 59 Flac. x06 Font. 39 aon 7 Gate. Gorse t4 Har. 63 Hort f. 103, ne. ona. #34 Ia. 3. 78 ur. Cie re ian. Kana Marie Maisto Mi, 105, Opt. Gem 23, rat 238 Parad. 52 ‘tiene Milonis de Lege Agraria alevones Ge Rege Alexandeino ‘Aratl Phacnomena Aratl Prognostica ro Archi Ripitilaead Atticum de Auguris prea ro Cacclna bro,Casio, frvcaiinam, Cato Ghorographia fn'P.Glodiu et :Curionem x0 Chuentio. Se Consutata su0 de Consiis auia Consolatio, pro Rege Deiotaro Se Disinatione Diuinatio in Cacciiua de Domo sua ‘Elegla Talemactc (Gab. ttle) fragmenta pian pigammats Faoete Dieta Epistalae ad ‘Families de Fato ds Finibus Bonorum ‘ct Malorum pro Piaceo, ro Fomtsio ro Fundanio| ro 9, Gallio 80 Gh {0s Harpies ‘Reepono Hortensive incertarumorationam ‘Faementa, ae Ingentione ‘de Fore Cilia ‘artem vedigendo se Legibs fragmenta Ubrorasa ‘eertorum, Sondre Contionem, ‘Q. Metall pro Milone pro Murena Se Natura Deore Ssconomicus ie Oficla bre Oppio Se Optimo Genere ‘Oratoru Orstor Paradena Stofcorum Cisske OCT 1509 Mueller T3898 Sinlbece'T tour Mueller T 1898) Clatk OCF Zor Purser OCT 1903 Mucliee T3808 Poterson OCT ro1t Willana OCT 1603, Clark OCT 1909 Pn 2005; Nivctler #38 Clarke OCT 2905, Mucller T 1898 willns C4 1903 Clark OCT 1918 Ax T 1938 Peterson OCT 1917, ey sort Moder T Zags Purser OCF 1902 Mueller T 2808 Pudier OCT igor Ax T1938 Schiche T x935 Clark OCT 909 atte # x89 Plasberg T1907 Peterson OCT fort Mueller T1508 Stroebel T 1015 Moeller 1808 Vablon T 1883 Clark OCT 1018, Mueller F 1898 Plasberg T 3922 Clare OCT $905, Muelle T 1898 Chati o¢r 1518 MeellerT 2898 Clarke OCT 1918 avriis 7 Mueller Px808 Atzert'T 1032 Ivette T 2808 Wilkins OCT 1903 Mutter T1898” AUTHORS AND WORKS Cie. cont ert x40 Partitiones Oratoriae Wilkins OCT 1903 PH a 8 Philippese hark OCF 1918 Pigg in Pusnom nm gon Plana: tog ro Plano none gates) 2 Sean Protagoras Mucter T 1608 Prov. 47 ae Drouincis Peterson OCF 1911 “Consstaribus Qf 3.969 ptalaend Quinton Purser OCF 1902 fratrem 0. Rose. 56 Pro Q. Koscio Clark OCT 3909 Quinct. 00 pro Quinetio Ra Pera. 38 Bro Raptr Per. dueltonis Reo Head, Bost 48 pro Rabinio Pestamo Rad. Pop. 8 ost Reditunn ad Pekerson! OCH wee ‘Populum Red. Son. 39 post Reto fa Ln Seaats Rep, 0.29 de epublica Ziegler T 1920 Sitio tse pro 8. Roscio Amerino Gtk OCT tous Sear 5 ro Scauro, pt Sens Eo'Senectnte Simbeck'T 1917 Seu 147 ro Sestio. Peterson OCF fox ing. 00, inc. tb. 37 Sagal ee ex Muster T 1608 Sul 93 pro Sulla lark oT 1911 Time se Fimacus ax T i938 Teg. Cand. fe. 28 in Toga Candida Mocier P1808 Top. 300 Topica Wilkins O61 1903 Tak 56 pro Taio Glare Ocr 101 Teac’, 120 Trseulanae Poblene T 29:6 Disputationes Var. .19 pro Lr Vareno Mucler T 1808 Val a in Vatiniur Petersin OCF 101 Vor 3 { Venrem factio en en prima) Ver. 5.189 in Verrem (actio are secunda) Vist ae Virtutibus Prasberg T 1032 (re) Sal 23 sn Sallustium Kurfes T 1024 Eni 30 rata rl quam in Stuoier T 180d xii iret Cie, Ml. Fam. 16.25 M. Tullius Cicero b. 6300, see Cie, Farm. Cine. gram. 34 1. Cincius ine, for 33 cone poeta €. Heluins Ci ine. Giris sax 6 Appendix time of Augustus Elis OCT 1907 ‘ergana) Cums. dig. 50. 16.153 ‘Terentins Clemens ian. (Cuosr. gram. 16 Cloatios Verus Fc. date) top. hist. 4 Mf. Clodius Lisinus con if. AD. 4 Cont. hist 67 1, Coclius Antipater sie. (ate) Con. 12. $9.5 L-Tunius Moderatus de Re Rustien i .D. (mid) Books 1 2, 6214 Lund. ‘columella, jorephson 1897-1955 Books 35,22 Ash, Foroteiifeiner 1 Toaiess A308 de Arboribus Forstee Hetiner 1 1955 Copa 38 (in Appendix time of Avgustus ills OCT 1907 ‘vetnana) Conn. Sav. poet. 13. 25 Comnetius Seuerus Consesta Nep. 2 (mother of Grace fine sce Nev Const. gram. 27 Comifctus Longs ine Const poet. 3 ©, Comifcivs inc. Connar, Gas. poet 1 Comics Gallus time of Augustus Cora orat. 18, . Auretias Cotta cos. 75 m0. Cass, ovat 49 TE. Licins Crassos cos. 95 8 Cran. hist. 6 ‘A. Cremutins Contss ans Cuter au (in Appendix time of Augustus bis OCT 1007 “ ORs Con, Fam. 7.29.4 1M. Cartas trib, 58 we. see Cre. Fam Conto av. ort. 4 . Sexibonius Curio praet. 121 ne. (eoas) Corto pat. orat. 1g ©. Sesibonius Curio, cos. 76 me, eater Corr, 10.10. 20 ©, Curtius Rufus “Historiae Alexandri fa. (nid) Hadicke T 1908, ‘Magat D. Baus, Fam. 01.26 Divas 103 Doras. Fam. 9.9.3 owt in Phin. Ep. 10. 58(60)-6 Dost Av. in Quint. Fast 11.3. 126 Dow. MaRs. fot 7.4 Don, Ter. Ph. 1055 Done. poet 2 Ed, aed, cur. (Font. iur . 238) 3 Ed, pr, (owt. fur. p.237) 4543 Ean. poe. 2.2 Ele. Mace. 78 log. 48 (CIE x. p. 202) log. Cal. (Poe. 7) Nm, dee, 625 ina Sat 70 coon 430 tar ase Epic. Drusi 474 Eptcan. gram. 3 Epigr. Pac. 4 (Pow. p. 32) Epigr. Plast. 3 (poe. p. 32) Fan, Max bist 4 Fas, Pier hist. 6 Fax. bist 9 rat $ Fast, Col. (GIL 1. p64) Fast, Cos. Cap. 46 (Cit p20) Fait, Praca (GIL. p. 72) Fav. orat Fs, is. 50 Fest. p. 376M Puom. anth. 252.2 Epi 34 4-32. 65) poeta Vere.‘ x87R Frongn. dig. 50. 16, 211 Fao. Amie. 3. p.244 (2888) int. p. 268 708) rp. 54 G87) Ben a pas 328) Por 2p. 298 (AGN) Yor. page (3M) RON. agvim. p- 29 Ape Stn 4.734 lg, corm. amt. 62 UR, ANT. poet. 6 Gann poet 3 AUTHORS AND WORKS , Tanins Brutus ‘atbiaws P. Comes Dolabella . Flawias Domitianus Domitius Afer Domitius Marsus ‘Aeline Donatus Doreatius gatos Q. Ennius Cornelis Hpicadas Q. Fabine Maximus Seratanas Ser. Fabius Pictor . Fanaius 2 Raworinus Fenestalla Sex, Pompeius Festus 71, Annis Floras Floreatious 1M, Comet Fronto Sex. Julius Frontinus Fabius Planclades Polgentias Afer |A, Farias Antins Cn, Commelina Lentulne "Gactuicus lin Appendix ‘Vergliana) Commentum Tereat acta seiko ‘condom Biicta prastorum legia fn Macon ‘em (in Appendix Vergilana) Elogium A Att Calatini “dogium Annales Satire Eplgedion Drasi "Gonselatio ad aie Epigramma Pacwsi Epigramma a Varrone “pfluto aterbutam Fast Consulares ‘Colotiant ‘Fast Consolares ‘Capitalist Fasti Consulares "Praenestint Epitome bellorumt pee Vergilius orator an pian Epistalae ad Amicos ad Antoninum Pron ‘sion fd Auectium &e Ballo Parthico sa Verue de Aquis Vrbis ‘Romae Stratogemata ‘exposito sermonum ‘ntiquorem 43 Be ime. (ate) 4.43B6 emp. A. 81-96 4.4.0. 59 time of Augustus ime of Augustes ia. (ely) A. was co. 256, 254 Be. 230-169 us. ime. (early) (Pacuviaa d. e130 ne) cos. 142 Be fi mc. (eid) Pgamc-?av.19 sam. (ate) fii a. (early) 6 AB. 100-¢, 166 6 Aw. 30-105 A. 190 2 * Other Fasti in CIL + are refered to simarly. see Cie, Fam lis OCT 1907 see Cue. Fam. Wessner T 1902-5 Pllis OCT 2907 Vahlen Laipeig 1928 Poetae Latini Minores Vollmer T 1923, Lindsay T 3913 Rossbach T 1896 ossbach T 1896 Haines L 1919-20 Krohn T 1922 Gondermann T 1888 Helm T 3898, atv AUTHORS AND WORKS Games di, 90.17. 1 (other names unk, tas. ee > jnattaiones Kuebler T 1935 nt fos ©. Comets Cattus 600-26 ne. Gan, pram. 28 ©. Asis Gallas tne. fate) ears Gataa Fam, 10.30. § Ser. Supine Galt tne secre. Fam. Gan. post 3 Gannias nts, Gut. 20. 11.5 A Gallas Noctes Attn aw. tase. 165 Hosius T1909 Ga. hs 33 Co. Getine fine. (ate Gat. drat 705 Germantons Tllcy-Aratoa 1spennm 19 Breyig'T 1899 er Gene Spigamasta aos HE; no Catena gram. 4 Antonius Gripho Hine Graces ovat 8 © semua tsb. pl 23.122 Gaacen. rag. 4 eacchus 2 time of Augustss Gracemas. ur. 11 M. Tunis Graechanus lime fate) Gran. PL. gram, Grants Faceus tne a nas. 542 Gmtsinn Cynegetica contemp. Ovid _Postae Latin Mines Hawn. poet 3.5 hes. Bist. 40 Har, Att 15.6.3 Gat. B53 Hor, Are 476 Be tan” Bod, 8 Sa. 76 Hoar. oral 46 Host. pot. 5 Hiya. gram. 23, fist 37 Hye, Fab. 277. 5 Adie. 4.19 Hye. agrim. p. 98 Hye. Gr. aprim. p. 171 Iias r070 Thun, com. 2 Inst, Dac. 25 (CIL 3. p. 959) sid. Orig. 20..16..8 Javon. dig. 50.17. 202 Sousa. dig. 50.17.67 Juv. x6. 60 Joven. com. x0 L. Cans. ir 4 Tanto dig. 50. 16. 244 gran as fiw Laneo post. 1 Lames. com, 158 Eset, rat 14 Taet, Fa fur 4 anv. Poth. 32.2 Taney. com 2 Lane. 277 Lavnea poet. 10 Laue Pls. 261 Lag. bub, (Font fur. p.119)36 Lent, Fam. 12. 35.7 Tsp, Fam. 40. 35:2 P. Aelus Hadrianus L. Cassius Hemina A Histis Q. Horatins Places Q. Hortensius Hortalos Hestins . Tutus Hyginus Hyginus Hyginus Hyyginne Gromaticus Liciniue Imbrox Isidorus Hispalensis Tasolenus Priscus Sslaias Tulianss D. Tunius Tuuenalis Touentins 1, Sulius Caesar 1, Antisise Labeo Attiue Labeo D. Laberius , Lael Sapiens eins Felix Lacvins “Lascius Lanuuinas Seribonius Largus M, Tolls Laurea P. Cornelius Lentalus Spinther 1M. Acris Lepidus srmen Sacculace Fabaiae adfronomi Bach Italici Hiss Instramenta Dacica Origines Laue Pisonis Leges Publicar Velimer T sort emp. A. 217-38 ime. (mia) cos. 43 ne. see Cie. Att See Cans. Gal 65-8 ne. Garrod OCT 1012 4-506, time of Augustus Pia Rose Leyden 1034 Bunte Lelpsig 1875 ‘time of Trajan fA. (ate) Postae Latini Minores Vollmer T 2913, Pile. Bp. of Sevile Lindsay OCT 1911 Tp 602-36, iA. (mia dian. ‘Owen OCT 1907 0s. 64 Bc. 4. before a. 22 (ueationed by "Persia! 6115-43 2. 08. 140 Bc Dia. (mid) ine. (early) contemp, Terence Ta. (frst bal freedman of Cicero Helmreich 2887 FA. (mia Pootae Latin| Minores ‘Bacheens T 1579, cos. 57 Be. 00 Cre. Fam Triumvir 43 8c. see Cre. Fam, AUTHORS AND WORKS Ln ovat 6 Les XIU (Font tur p40) Lac, Rv. dig. $9. 47.210 Iw. 45. 44-28 Lve. 10. 546 Luce. Fam. 5.1453 Lucie. 1350 Lucte. Jom poet 4 LLuex. 6.1286 Lota. poet. 2.4 Lydia 80 Mace poet. 17 Macer dig. 50.5.5 Maca ist. 27 ovat. Maer. 7.16.34 Mane. poet 9 Mancras. dig. 49. 17.18, tun Man. fost 362 ‘Mase fur. 8 Mase 5.745 Mane. oat. x Mane, Fan 4.712 Mancet. dig. 0.17. 192 Mancros poet 3 MARIAN. Poet 5 Maer. ug. 233.2 Sb. Ma. pow. 17 Ma. Faye. 11.28. 8 Mavs. 2982 Mawr. ig. 49.14.15. 6 Meta 3.107, Mas. ovat. 14 poet Mew. dig. 49.38. Mas, COR. gram. 5 fae oral. 33 Mrs. Rue. gram. 8 Ben's Mu. Cet, Fam. 5.10 Mex. Mac. ovat. 9 Maz. Nev, Fam. 5.3.2 Mur, Now. ona. 5 Mex, Pros in Mace. 3. 13.12 Met, cor. (Post. p28) Mow. dig. 50. 27.197 Movestus in Mac. Mowr. poe. 2. 3 Mor. 124 16.28 ME, Aemilius Lepidus ‘Porcine Licinius Rufinos . Livius M, Annacus Lucenus 1 Lucius ©. Laciiue . Lacitue Fonior sucretias Cares Q. Lutatius Catulus Aenullus Macer emilius Macer . Licinius Mucor Aretrosius Theodosius ‘Masrobis © Maccenas Volusius Maectanus aiiae M’. Manitine M. Banilias Heluiua Mancia M. Claudine Marcellas Viplus Marcellus a, Marcine Marian M. Valerius Martialis a, Matius . Matias ‘Terentianos Maurus {uniae Mavrcianns Pomponius Mela ©. Memmivs Arviua Menander 1M, Valerius Messalla ‘consinns 1M, Valerius Bessa ‘Ratus © Cavetius Metettns ‘Coler ©. Cacetios Mtatlus Macedonicus Q. Cascline Meteine ‘Nepos ©. Cacciins Metellus ‘Namidient ©. Caeciiua Motelus Pins Heceanius Modestinus Tulias Modestus Ttlus Montaaus 1Leges (or Lex) XIL “tebularaon ab Vibe Condita Bellu Clue de Rerum Natora (in Appendix Verplans) Saturnalia Astronomia Epigrammata Speetacula do Liters de Syl bis de Metis de Chorographia ‘Metelloruma werans Moretum (la Appen- ix Vergitiana) c08. 137 mc. Pap ne-? avy Av. 39-65 fv. (nid) 6. 180. 102 Be. Fa. (mia) 694-55 Be. ©. (ate) iil a. (eariy) ‘rib, pl. 73 8 fv AD. (ate) anc. ia. (late) time. (ety) co 149 2.0. 4 a. (ealy) ine: (cal) cos. 51 8. Ha. dat) 2 A.B, 40-7 108 ine. (ealy) a, (late) iA. (mid) wrote ¢ A.D. 40 raat. 58 2.0 64 BC-AD. 8 cos. 53 8 cos. 69 me. cos. 149 8.6, cos. 57 2 0s, 109 Bc, con. 52 Bo Lit. late) iil a. (early) time of Augustus time of Tiberius time of Virgil Bis, 1-10, at-30 Con- ‘way ott: OCF rote 3t-38 Mueller Proag-30 Bis. 39-40 Heraese € 1991 Bis. 41-45 Glarra- tano Rome 133 fragmenta Websen- tom x03 Houtman Oxf. 1926 see Cie, Fam. Marx Leiprig 1004 Bailey OCT 1922 Bilis OCT 1907 Fyssenhardt T 293 Housman Camb. 1932 68 Cie, Fam. Lindsay OCT 1929 see Cre. Fam. ing Frick T 1880 see Cie, Fem. seo Cie. Fame Elis OCT 1907 AUTHORS AND WORKS rss Somat me Sarco 18 co. tapean ne me sais aw. ot 9.30 sow cpetin Fine nr PAs Nam fs a oo eit Dat tis on Bs —— BE, eee ea Ee : ia a BSS, Bee ; Bes om ; Boe aie : Bote ne Spats Seo Gate Coa copa seat separ nt Came Pen aan Sielponp ota tune Ses ves Bonne Soar Sirhs ——gecinpendinn Ie ey) nay Ten sncene woos Sone the psc ou gr Sets cg nari TEST npg tai rr Orin 579.4 Oypnthoms Seas 13 Shs on. om 3 1 fe ts Seed fee Ses Be mor Sido Bin a tai fee as 2 Bien om eee pu x Fo open rs pod pesca Senet srt = Sect ber'B, on}. ip 0 Ep Spr won 5p me pans shone wonene ey Paco a —— vst, Bere Pane The tea Pin fae so sess Rpts rear Puno so thre eae Pons 1 fy Forde girat — hwfune tae. PAUL. ovat. 2 L. Aemailius Paullus cos. 182, 168 ne. AUTHORS AND WORKS xvii Papo port 23 ‘Albinowanus Pedo contemp. Ovid Pans. 6.80 ‘A.Persins Flacews Saturae 1D. 34-62 Owen OCT 1997 Pern 14t 10 Petronas Arbiter ts. (aia) Bugcheler-Heraeus ‘Berlin roa Puan. 5.10.10 Praedrus Fabulae ets me-np. 50 Postgate OCT 910 Puane, Fam. 20. 24.8 L. Munatios Plancos cos. 42 BC. see Cie. Fam. Pe Am. 1145 1. Maccias Plutus Amphitruo 0.1486, Lindsay OCT 1903 aoa ‘Asinaria ae 4b. Salsa : : Bae shee Bacchides apt 1030 Eapaiat : : GaP oes Ena : ier Gtclaia Gar 739 Caretta pia 35 Epudicns : Shen Hes nace : Mer tox Mercator Mil 1437, Miles Glorosus : Mos #88 Mostllasia. 5 Pen'bs8 Pena Poon 432 Boemolas Perass Breadoles : ‘ud 43 Rudens Shans Stichas E Trike f18 Trinarmus : True. 968 Truculentus : vio Vidlara , i Pus, Nel. 37.205 , Plinius Secandus Naturalis Historia AD. 23-70 Mayhod T 1892-1009 Pum. Bp. 9 40.3 ©. Plinis Caecilins —Epistolae ene Ont Schuster T 1952 Sp Prato. 20(c2nj.2 Seoundos Epistlae 2d eee ‘Tesiamamn Panos. 5 Panegyrios Pa Pot. Fam. 10. 33-5 ©. Asiniue Polio JO READ. § sce Cie, Fam fn rat, 30 out Pour, 4d 8.120. 2 Ca, Pompeins Magnus 106-46 ne. see Cie At Pome, RUF. oral 4 ©, Pompeius Rafus cos. 88 a. Postrit, post. 12 Pompilias before Varro fragt Ponto. con 103 1, Pomponius rise. (Boncniensis) Pourox. dig. 0.17.206 Sex. Pomponius a. (a) one. gram. 6 Porsias Lisinas iim (late) Soe Poss hist. 3 A. Postamias Albinus con. 151 me Prac. 5 § (Boe. P.38) Pragcepta Rustica et ‘Necks Pree Herb. 20 Procatio Omnium 1A. Postae Latini Minores Herbarwm ‘Bachrons T #879 Pret. Ter. 32 PrecetioTere i AD. Poetap Latin! Minores achrens T 1870 Priap, 96.23 Priapea time of Avgustus Bugcheler-Heracus ‘Henin 1922 Prise. in GE. 3. 545 Priscianns Vian. Pri, Mil. Vet. 38 Prilegia Mito (Git sp. 908 ‘Veteranoramaie aos. tr. 6.77 scribed to Mf. Valerian ‘Notae Turis ub. ‘Probus (ime of Nero) roc, dig. 50.16. 126 Froculas i a. (ely) aor. 4.3. 102 Sex. Propertius legiae ime, (ate) Barber OCT 1953 Pos. cm. 30 Publius Syrus ine Soni. 5 Sententine Meyer Leipng 1880 Por pet 2 P, Popius time of Augustus Q.Cic. Fam. 16.27. Q. Tutivs Cicero 102-43 me. see Cte, Fam a's Conmestasoium ace f ‘Beetions post 20 ©. Scaev. dig. 0.17.73, Muclvs Scaeuola com 95 Be QuaD. hist. 96 2 Clans imc. (eaty) ‘Quadrigarius AUTHORS AND WORKS gy Da 88 Oss Babe Desamationss a awagyo Ritter Ta88y ” Geisdanes aa. x2 12.38 Instituto Oratoria Radermacher “T9075 ‘goise] Dect. 10. 6 Declamationcs 744, (ate) ——Lemert T1505 ‘ioe Rao. poet 5 . Rabirius time of Augustus Bh. Her. 4. 69 Rhetorca ad te. (ea) Mare T3935 ‘eensam Ror, Luv. 2.20 Ruttius Lupus Sehemata Lextot 74.6. (ate) elores Latin Minores Hal Epa 1063 Rox. Ror. bi. 15 P. Ratios Routes os 105 we 5. Ctoo. gram. § Seruive Clodiua 44.6080 Sho. dig. 9307.18.04 Measures Sabinus in. (cans) we Set. Cat 62-9 ©. Satativs Crispos —Catiina toe. 340. Amberg T xo19 a's Sistorne Sanh! Lesig tips Jug 114.4 Tagurtha anibg T 1019 Rass Epistulae ad Rurfes T 19st Caesarem seer de ve pies, (Sa) Gie.7 Ione Quintiian —-Kurfess T2919 Saxe gram. 16 Santea tee irae Sex. dige@. 19.16.10 Claudius Saturnin iia. (nia) Sean. pst 2 Musi Scaenota, fib. pl ga Seany dig. 50.17.92 ©. Ceruiaius Scaeuola Ban can) Scary, Mes rag. > Seaeua Memor contemp, Martial Scaun. gram. in G.L. 7.33 Q Terentus Scart Wan, (ly) Seaum, Mit. 7 M. Acris Scauros cs 115 8, ovat 30 Sein. orat 6 P. Comnelivs Sipio 236-184 ne. ‘Alans aiaee Scar min. oat 23 P. Cometne Seino His-t39 He ‘Semin aficamse Sum Con 0.6.2 L.Annacus Seneca Controversae bse. 52 Mueller Vienna 1887 Sia 4 Seasons Edward Combs 1008 Sex. dg. 10 1 Ansacue Seneca Agumeon @.5ne-n.o3 Richter T1921 Mots. 2 ‘Gocoloeyntois Buster Heraeus Berlin a9s2 Ben. 7.3.5 de Benefits Honus For Be 725 3: Bitrenta eae Bik To, Dialog! etmes't ra3 eae Epuae strani Rome 1937 fata 457) Haare T2878 Ben Fe taks Hercules Furens Rider Fagor Hor 0:18 Heras Osfaces each ire isi roy ooses Richter T1921 Nar 34 Negras Gercke T i507 aertiones ed. 061 odious Richter T agar Pek 38 Prec cee Phorm, Pheealseae Fig tas ayers oe Beye ‘Trades Suse] Oo. 983 ctania ater 9.68 Serr. poet. 25.§ Sept Serncs Hap. Serv. A. 12.982 Maurus Ofaius) sa Vergo ivan, Thite Ts8r5-87 Suri onoratne “"Gonnstaios Srv. post. 2 Seuies Nicanoe tise. Seer, poet 1 Sextiine Ena ince date) Sic. FL. agri. p. 130 a vn, Sit 7. 654, Situs Taicus Panica BaD. 26-101 Dull L934 So, gram. 27 Sinnias Cspito time of Augustus Si. bit 3, 1 Cornelis Sisenna pret 78 Be Ma Musing nm. Stan. Ach 2.167 P. Papinus Status Achille oa. 45-96 Garrod OCT 1906 dam de Bele Germanico Sis's. a7 Shue altars Oc rox8 Thai 85 Thebes Garrod OCT £900 smo gram. 78 1. Adios Stilo tune Soman. oat 14 €. tata Caeser Strabo ayes frag. 5 AUTHORS AND WORKS ix Sone pou 8 Te Sent dap tot 4 . Sectonins Auguetan ao. po-} yo Thm T1933 ashes Senguiiie duet : as Glas nt Sodas 2 on Le idacela Lip B7ter fp asane) ied Leipig * Gatha main 1933 Gren og tp. 18) Ge Grammatics Ratteellla Lapse Jit. 89 atin ne Pros Otho 22s one fae Pet Gf same a2 Beets aantacld Layaty Bhat 30 (p. 127) Te. 70 Ten Ves. 25 view’ SULLA hist 21 Souricia poet 2 Soue. peri Ter. Ad 12 Sour, Run, Fan. $5.6 janad pram. 14 Tab. dom. poet "ab. Cor. 25 (CIL 3. . 950) ab. Glad. poe Lab. Triump. (CHL 2p. 77) Tac. Ag. 48.4 Ann. 26.35 Dial. 422 Ger. 46.6 Hist 5.26 Tans. Paz. dig. 50.6. 7(6) Tan. 44.997 4m. 98 Ee 2099 Haw 1067 Hee, 880 Phezoss Tent. dig. 49.17.42 Tm, 2. 6 54 (tw) 3.20.4 Te. post 2.1 Timo gram. 14 ‘Ten, gram. 3 ‘Ten orat.2 ‘rant, com. 185 ‘Tea, Phin. Ep. 10. 121 (122) Tras. com. 6 ‘Tap, iu 10 Tannen, Farm, 12.1604 ‘Troo. in Pin. Nat. 11.276 ‘Taven. dig. g0. 16. 235 ‘Ton, Bist. 13 ‘Tons, poet. 2 ‘Tone, com, 238 Ube. dig. 50.17. 209, VFL 8.487 V. Max. 9.15. ext 2 1, Cornelis Sula . Sulpicivs ‘Apolinas Ser. Salpicius Reus Cornelins Tacitus ‘Tarruntenus Paternus P. Terentius Afer “Tentulianus Albios Tibulas ‘Teas 1M, Tullius Tio Titios . Titus Titiniae 1M, Vipius Traianas Q. Trabea . Trebatius Testa . Trebonius Pompeias Trogus Claudius Tryphoninus Q. Aetius Tubero Tums Sex. Turpilive ‘Domitive Vipianus . Valerius Flaceus ‘Valerius Maximus de Rhetoribus ‘Tiberius Tits Veepasianus Viegiius Pesiochiae Terentis ‘Comoctiarom Tabula M, Aemiit “Tabelle Ceratae ‘Tabula Aci ‘Chabsloas ‘Tabula Triumphalla ‘Barberinians Agricola onal Dialogs de Oratorbas Germania Historise Adelphi Ans Bunvebus Heauton Rmorumenos Heeyra Photinia Elegiae ‘var, clei inl. in NiSS- er ribultas Argonautica Facta et Dita ‘Memorabilia 138-78 ne. ia. (late) 9 Be a, (emily) 6199 Bc. beAD $5 Sia. date) 6195-159 Bo sian. (ate) 24-19 vc. ccontemp. w. prec. ‘contermp. Catullus faoedman of Cicero Pime. (late) sic. (aid) emp. A. 8-117 contemp. Cacelius ive. (late) 08.45 Be. time of Augustus fap. dats} 4. 03 Bc. avian a.c.92 AD. FA. (eary) 860 Reiferscheld Leipzig 1880 hin 8 1933 see Tex, see Cre, Fan Furenwx-Anderson ‘OCT 1939 Bisher OCF 3906 Fumesux OCT 1939 Fumeawx- anderson ‘Oct 1930, Fisher OCT 1ore Kaner-Lindsay OCT 1936 Postgate OCT 1914 tee Cie. Fare Kramer T1913, Kempe T 2888 xx AUTHORS AND WORKS Wo RoT. port 5.3 Varina Rats time of Augustus Irae 3 ¥. Son. 4.2 . Vateiss Soranus ‘si ph 82 ne. Wao, pot 2.2 Vagelus ia. (id) Vat. com. 2 ‘Valrine Pine. (mid) Var dig. 50.8. 6(8) [Aburaius Valens AD. (mid) Var. ANE. Bist 66 Valerius Antias tae. (erly) Vato. poet. 6 Valgivs Rats con ra Van. gram. 400 1M. Terentia Varvo 116-37 ne. Sar 3 oe Annales hat Ot ‘Res Vebanae Die de Lingus Latina Gouts-Schoell Leipsig “910 Men. 591 Menippene ‘uetheler-oracus es ‘erln woz2 R37. 10 Res Rustieae costs T i909 Van. Az pot 23 P, Terenti Vaso see 3500 ‘Atasines Vax. Fam. 5.106 P. Vatiiue cos a7 Be see Ce, Fam Vet. gram. in Gb. 7.81 Vous Longs ian. arly Vauie2 3382 C. Valles Patera be tone. Pils OCT 298 Vax. di. 50.17.99 ‘Vonuleis Saturnins is. (mid) Van. Fro. p-236 (1328) Verus 1-30-69 sce Fro. Ver. Fe. gram. 33 M. Versi Flacco time of Augustus fat Vaan. gram. 13 Veranius i nce. (ate Si Vane. 4.32.952 P. Versus Maro Acacia joug mc. Hirese! OCT 1900 Cate Gitatopton tn Ells OCT 2907 ‘Appendts Vergiiana) Ed. x0.77 Edge irtsl OCT ro00 arsed Georgica a 5 Vers. pep. ia Suet. Dom. 23.2 vers populares (pet. 133) Vers. sor (Pot. p. 5) ers saerorum, Vin, Cray. in Quint Inst. 0. Vibios Crispus ian. esa7 vive. 10.6.2 Vitruuius Polio de Arcitectra—_time of Augustus Kuhn T apna Vot. poet. Volemains ine. Vous. pet 4 ‘Voteacina Sedigitus tine Il. SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF MODERN COLLECTIONS, ETC. AEs. L'Annte Epigraphique Paris 1885— agrim. Corpus Agrimencorun ‘Thulia T 1913 anth Anthologia Latina Riese T 1804 Atal, Fabulae Atelanae see com ‘BGU ‘Aegyptische Uriunden aus d. Kgl. Museen zu Berlin, Berlin 1895-1026 ‘Grlechische Urkunden BIFAO Bulletin de V Institut francais d’Archéologie orientale Cairo 1901 BMCI Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum Mattingly, ete, London 1923~ BMCR Coins of the Roman Republic in the British Museum Grueber London toro cr Corpus Inseriptionum Latinarum Berlin 1863~ com. Comicorum Romanorumn Fragmenta Ribbeck T 1898 CPL Corpus Papyrorim Latinarum Cavenaile Wiesbaden 1058 ais. Digesta Tustiniant ‘Mommsen-Krueger Berlin 1022 FYRA Fontes Turis Romani Anteiustiniani Riccobono, etc. Florence 14-3 Font. ur. Fontes Turis Romani Antigui Bruns Tubingen 1909 GL. Grammatics Latint Keil Leiptig 1855-80 gram. Grammaticas Romanse Pragmenta Funaioli T 1907 from. Die Schriften dev romnischen Feldmesser Lachmann, ete. Berlin 1848 hist. Historicorum Romanorum Religuiae Peter T 1914, 1906 Inser. Dessau __Inscriptiones Latinae Selecae Dessau Berlin 1892-1916 Inscr, Rev. Arch, (Inscription in) Reoue Archéologigue Paris 1844- ovat P. Gen. P. Frei, P. Mich P.Ony. P. Ry P. Tet al poet, Pract. Raccolta Lumbroso Stud. Pal tog. frag, anal app appel. ppes. Arab, arch, archi, ‘rm, as. astral. astron. attrib, ay. card. catachr. cf. a. a class cod, cod. ccogn. callat. collect. collog. comp. comper. compl oni, const, contemp, contr. SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF MODERN COLLECTION Turispradentia Anteinstiniona Mimi Oratorum Romanorum Fragmenta Les Papyrus de Gendee Miteilungon aus dey Freiburger Papyrussanomtung Mickigan Papyri The Onyrhynchus Papyri Catalogue of the Greek and Latin Papyri in the J. Rylands ‘Library The Tebtunis Papyri Fabulae Palliatae Fragmenta Pootarem Latinorum Fabularwm Prastestaruom Religuiae Raccolta di seit in onove di Giacomo Lumbraso ‘Studien sur Paldographie und Papyruskunde Fabulae Togatae Tragicorwn Romanorum Fragmenta ETC. xxi Seckel-Kuebler T 1908 Malcovati Turin 1930 Nicole Genave 1896-1900 Heidelberg 1014 Dunlap, ete, Ann Arbor 1936 Grenfell, ete. London 1898- ‘Manchester r9x1-52 Grenfell, ete. London 1902-38 Morel T 1927 see tag. Milan 1925 Wessely Leiprig r901~24 Ribbeck T 1897 III. GENERAL ABBREVIATIONS adjective abbreviation() ablative absolete(ly) abatract(ly) fccusative, according to actively) {in etym,) adaptation of adjective adjectival adverb adverbial(y) agriculture analogy ‘apparently appellative(y) postion ‘Arabic archaic architecture ‘Armenian ‘Anglo-Saxon, astrology, astrological astronomy, astonomical attributive(y) ‘Avestan cincter, about ceacdinal catachrestically ‘confer, compare conjecture clause classical ‘coder, codices cognate collateral collective(ly) colloquial compound, composition ‘comparative ‘complement. comerete conjunction, conjugation ‘construction, construed with contemporary with contracted Corn, dat. det, dep. ‘eri. aim. ir, dissin, dist. disyl. dab. Ed. d., ed. cllipt. emph, Eng. ep. esp. Et. ‘tym. euphem, exclam. expl. expr. £, fem. facet 4 fol. f. Fr freq, fat Gael Gall ed. gave. gen. eon. geom. Ger. Cornish consul dative Aefinition Geponent Setivative, derivation diminutive direct dissimilated, dissimilation distinguish, distinguishable, distinct isyllabie Aubi(us), dowbtfal ecict sited by, editors) sliptcal) emphasis, emphatic Engh pitt troneoss(y) crpecaly, Etruscan etymelogy ‘euphemism, euphemistically) example except: (i rls) excerpta exclamation, exelamatory txplanation, explained expression, expresing, expressed feminine ‘facetious(ly) ‘Sgurativelly) following, followed. fragment French Erequent(ty) future Gaelic Gallic gerund, gerundive genitive ‘geography, geographical geometry, geometrical German xxl Gk. Goth. Heb, beter. byperb, IE imp. impers. impt. ind, indocl. indir. inf. instr. inter. interp. inter, intr GENERAL ABBREVIATIONS Greek. Gothic grammar, grammatical Hebrew hhoteroclite hyperbotically Indo-European imperative impersonal imperfect inanimate fncerta,incerorum, uncertain indicative indeclinable indirect infinitive inscription(s) instrumental) interjection interpolated interrogative intransitive Irish ironically) irregularly) Talian Latin legal(y), in Tegal use Lettish Low German literally) Lithuanian locative logie(al) masculine mathematics ‘medical metathesis metonymical(ly) Middle High German in military usage ‘monosyllabic ‘musical, a music mythology, mythological neuter nanticallly) negative nominative ‘numeral (01d (of language) objecttive) ‘obsolete ‘obscene ‘occasfonal(ly) ‘Old High German 1d Icelandic Old Irish Old Norse ‘onomatopoeic(ally) ‘opposite oratio obtiqua ‘ordinal ‘origin, original(ly) orthography Osean 1d (Chureb) Slavonic parenthetic{ally) quot, ie. rel rel, relig. repr. ret. het. Skt. sub, cl, subj. sul sup. super. Swi. svi, sya. synec, toch. term. tm, partitive(ty) ‘passive(ly) pemaps periprasti(aly) Persian enon perfect Portuguese jn philosophy phonetic(ally) phrase plurt Pleonastc(aliy) pluperect poetic Jossessive pertiipal participle reface, peoom, prokgse Provengal practor receding, precede predicate, pregicativelly) ‘pregnant(ly) reposition resent Probably, probable proeption Pronoun, pronominal ‘proper(ly) (in) prosody proverb, (proverbially) question ‘quotation {in} religion, religious representing retained in rhetoric Romance repeated, Russian Samnite substantive ‘Senatus Consultum keilicet Semitic singular similar Sanskrit Slavonic Spanish speech specictaliy) Subordinate clause subject(ive) ; subjunctive sufi supine superlative (in) surveying i wera lectio syllable synonym synecdoche technically) ‘termination Ain) tmesis| GENERAL ABBREVIATIONS ssiii topog. _topographicallly) var. variant (of) tr. vb. verb transf, (in) transferred (sense) vb. verbal transt. ep. transferred epithet Ved. Vedic transl, translating, translation of vi aria lectio ‘risyll, — trisyllabie oe. vocative Umb, Umbrian w. swith unknown, 8 word usu, usually) IV, SIGNS AND OTHER CONVENTIONS indicates an omitted part of a quotation. — indicates a subdivision within a section as specified in a parenthesis immediately following, or corresponding to a semicolon in the definition. Also, when spaced, it indicates a change of speaker in passages of dialogue. ‘~ represents a fixed (unchangeable) portion of a word throughout an article, It has no etymological significance. In other cases a hyphen indicates a detached part of a word * indicates a hypothetical word, or a word no longer extant. indicates a root form, enclose author's name in cases of doubtful ascription, < [1 enclose etymological remarks. [ < > enclose restored portions of text. (Supplements to abbreviations are shown by ordinary paren- thesis.) Small capitals are used in two ways: (i) for printing inscriptions, (i) as a form of cross-reference, indicating that further information will be found under the word so printed. Vowel quantities, Normally only long vowels in a metrically indeterminate position are marked {eg. auditus, aué). Final ‘o's, though frequently scanned short in Silver Latin, are regularly given their original value. Main senses indicated by numbers may be followed by one or more subsections; these are intro~ duced by letters thus: 1... .¢, ete. Some senses consist of two or more eqitally important elements and in these the letter a also is employed, e.g. 2a..b, etc Alternative spellings, declensions, ete. are sometimes indicated by Greek letters. Again, equally important forms are shown by a, B, y, etc., minor variants by B, y, ete. V, ORTHOGRAPHY Consonantal and vocalic ‘i' and ‘u’ respectively are not distinguished. Where assimilation of con- sonants takes place in a compound word, the more common form, as printed in the editions, is normally used for the lemma, For example, compounds of ad- and p- appear under adm. while compounds of ad- and n-, in which assimilation is not common, appear under ad/t-. General cross-references are provided thus: adp-1 see aPr-; ann-t for epds. of ad- see ADN=- VI. NOTE ON SUFFIXES ‘The articles on suffixes are not intended as a complete historical account of all Latin formations ; they are no more than an indication of the principal clements regarded from a synchronistic point of view. One of the most characteristic features of Latin suffixes is their growth by misdivision: for in- stance, the elementary suffix -nus gives rise to a group of secondary suffixes ~dnus, -inus, ~ernis, Linus All such, if sufficiently common, are listed separately ; where there may be doubt about the correct allocation, words are treated as containing the more specific, or longer, form of the suffix (e.g. arcanus is analysed as aRca-}-aNUs, even though historically a more correct analysis might be ---Nvs). It is in many cases impossible to determine the historical facts, since in the classical period ~anus was clearly felt as a living suffix, whereas -tus was no longer employed in new formations. Some apparent discrepancies in the analysis of suffixes will be explained in the articles in question: thus the analysis of defensio as DEFENDO+-110 depends upon the historical fact that two dental sounds in contact developed into a sibilant. The examples quoted in the articles on suffixes are only a small selection. A a The Sa oer of tho Latin sghabe, itn ott ong and store woe Seis also daubied to indicate the long vowel. Bh Rear abtreiton sete pasaomen “hale “Sar atetesebrace sie ae eae Be SRE Ee By nr [Gi aoe] An intr Retief Seed te sere: SRP StS" path “Si Sic ey dante cating: ere ins Sates meat Eee as taken ‘Seber te? era cma ce feeateh SS BY tg cheats ore FeehdSsthe an gaaee nuaeocceo natin Semmes ees staise d