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Saturday, February 8, 2017 860-263-8995; 860-209-5522; 860-263-8995

Joint Statement from CT Parents Union, Hartford Parent University and the Voices of Women of Color
Regarding Office of the Child Advocate Report:

HARTFORD Gwen Samuel, Milly Arciniegas and Janice Flemming-Butler, leaders of the CT Parents
Union, Hartford Parent University and the Voices of Women of Color respectively, today released the
following joint statement regarding the report that was released Friday by the Office of the Child

The Office of the Child Advocate report served a devastating blow to the Hartford community. The
instances of abuse, neglect and mistreatment cited in the report should prompt a rallying cry from
everyone who cares about Hartfords children and their education. Moreover, it speaks volumes to the
need for community-centered reform of our school system.

While we appreciate the initiative taken by the Mayor and former Superintendent in requesting the
report, and are encouraged by Superintendent Leslie Torres response and proposed action plan, the
community must also play a critical role. To that end, our organizations today are announcing the
formation of a parent resource coalition that will take help students and parents with the process of
filing complaints regarding instances of abuse in the Hartford schools. Each of our organizations will be
available to families through our offices, and we will work with the districts Family Services Division to
facilitate response and follow up.

Children and parents need to know there is a structure in place that defends their rights to be free from
discrimination, abuse and neglect, one that equals or surpasses the structures that protect the interests
of adults. School should be a place where children are nurtured, not negated, where they are educated
not emasculated. We stand ready to play that role, and to work with the Hartford Public Schools and all
stakeholders to ensure that our children are treated with the dignity, love and respect they deserve.

Contact information for the organizations are provided below.

Organization Phone Number Email

CT Parents Union 203-443-3203
Hartford Parent 860-209-5522
Voices of Women of Color 860-263-8995