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By Jon Sutherland Having hopefully delivered enthusing articles elsewhere in the magazine
we would like to sign off our WWI coverage with a gallop through the
numerous rule sets which are available for the period. The rules are listed
BARRAGE alphabetically and I have graded by price; the more stars the more
Piquet expensive, and by production quality; the more stars the nicer it looks.
www.piquet.com Wherever possible, I have included the website of the publisher, and
failing that a support or download site.
Price *****
Production ****
People either love or hate Piquet
(PK to you and me apparently). The Partizan Press If youre not convinced by any of the options featured
first thing to bear in mind is that you www.caliverbooks.com here, then why not try some rule sets for free and see what
need the core rules and the Barrage you do like? The first place to look is
supplement to play. The command Price ****
and control rules make it hard to get Production *** At the time of writing there are over sixty sets listed that
anyone to do anything and a card cover various aspects of World War One. I can certainly
deck determines the order of a turn. If you like Dave Browns recommend the following:
The rules are pretty cumbersome and Napoleonic set General
theres a steep learning curve before Canvas Eagles - aerial, neat systems
de Brigade; you are Over the Top - land, very simple
you will really get anything out of probably going to like Schwerpunkt - land, very adaptable
these rules. these too. Command and
control are very similar, The other great thing about these free sets is that you can
designed for larger mix and match your favourite mechanisms and create your
brigade or divisional own hybrid set. Check yahoo groups for useful downloads,
adaptations, army lists and reference sheets. Most of the
actions. Partizan Press
more recent sets of rules have pretty decent back-up and
rules are solid in their updates on-line. Also have a look on discussion sites like
design and production the Miniatures Page: www.theminiaturespage.com for
and this is no exception. news and tips on how to play the games; someone always
seems to have the answer!

CONTEMPTIBLE LITTLE ARMIES A very simple set supported by army lists. Non-
HLBS Publishing specific about scales, but ideal for small scale
www.hlbs.co.uk gaming, forty or fifty figures a side. Has a very
bloody firing and combat system and uses
random movement distances and could be
Price *** considered as a fast play set. Some aspects of
Production ** the rules might need agreement on interpretation.


Warhammer Historical www.geocities.com/greatwarspearhead
Price ****
Price ***** Production ***
Production *****
The second edition of these rules is
As you would expect from the Warhammer stable, a supposedly imminent. Its unclear whether
solid and dependable set of rules. The basic system is youll still need Spearhead to play the 2nd
now around 30 years edition. One stand is one company; what
old and most of us might be annoying to some is the fact that
know by now whether common weapons like machinegun and
we like it or not. Lots trench mortars are factored into the
of dice, saving company units.
throws and the
superb production
we have come to
expect. The book
itself is far more KAISERBOSH These are designed for
than a set of rules; Tabletop Games relatively small actions, a
prepare to be www.tabletopgames.com little old fashioned, but
extremely jealous might be worth a try. You
of the eye candy. can also use these (with
Price * some work) for Second
Production * World War gaming.

WWI Rules Roundup:Layout 1 4/9/09 12:41 Page 2



Musketeer Miniatures BEF Captain

SPARES US www.ironivangames.com

World War I
Too Fat Lardies

1914 - 1918
www.toofatlardies.co.uk Price ***
Production **
Price **
Production *** Small unit action set of rules, ideal
for trench raiding with up to 20
Mud and Blood is Richard Clarkes best set figures a side or for larger actions
to date. They are quick to pick up, with with around 100 figures a side, the
some neat quirky bits and some clever little basic unit being up to 10 figures.
mechanics. Works well with four or five 10 This is a flexible system that allows
man units a side, but can cope with larger you to slowly build up your armies.
actions too. These are my personal
favourite and I use them for ECW3 all the
time. If The Lord Spares Us has familiar
mechanisms and are designed actions in the
Middle East, bring on Lawrence of Arabia.


Peter Pig Mode Graphics Publishing
www.peterpig.co.uk www.northstarfigures.com

Price *** Price **

Production ** Production ****

These are a little board game like, abstract in many ways, but Another skirmish set by Chris Peers,
quick and exciting. Once you get to grips with the attack and designed for section or platoon
defence values, you will soon realise that certain weapons level gaming. They are fast and furious, and can be used for any of the
and troop types are useless in particular circumstances. You WWI theaters. A little more free-form in design, no army lists as such,
might find the concept of playing the game on a surface the emphasis being on game play and fun rather than ponderous
which is effectively a series of boxes a little odd. mechanics. Quite a step up in production terms for one of Chriss sets.


The war saw the first aerial combat and some of the largest fleet actions for
many years. These are also reasonably well served by sets of rules; the
following is a limited selection of the best. Although Ive written a book on
Jutland, to be honest naval warfare leaves me a bit cold, but writing one
about the Gotha bomber offensive certainly tempted me to try dogfights.


Too Fat Lardies Mongoose Publishing
www.toofatlardies.co.uk www.mongoosepublishing.com

Price ** Price *****

Production ** Production *****
These are simple and straightforward and ideal for newcomers to
Developed using the same system as Bag The Hun (WW2 aerial naval wargaming. Superb production overall, the rules account for
combat). The rules have a card driven turn sequence and a simple less than a third of the 128 page count.
and elegant way of dealing with altitude, also great at simulating
the frustration of lining up a shot at a target only to see them peel WINGS OF WAR
away. Fantasy Flight Games
Steel Dreadnought Games Price *****
www.navalthunder.com Production *****

Price *** Aerial wargaming baffles me, but you cant ignore the time and
Production ** effort that has gone into this system. Beautifully produced, superbly
supported and no painting either. Has many of the characteristics of
These are available as a download from www.wargamevault.com. a collectible card system, lots of supplements and play aids. It is fun
Quick and easy to learn the basics, there is an expansion set to to play and oddly addictive. The ready painted aircraft are little
cover the Russo-Japanese war. masterpieces and rule books and play aids are sumptuous.