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Grade/Class: 1st grade Week:

Prepare: Sheet music for twinkle twinkle, and have a sound story Music Experiences Music Elements
Speaking x
x Singing x
Present: new pitch of fa, as well as go over dynamics x Listening x
Playing x
Practice: singing leaps of a fifth and listening to loud and quite Reading
Key Tone Set Materials Song/Activity/Procedure Objectives/Standards/Goals
Opening: Stretching, vocal warm- Warm up the voice to prepare for
up. (High/low voicing, matching singing
pitch with patterns.

Primary Focus: Main objective is Review rhythm with the students and
to teach the students about "fa" continue building off the pentatonic
through twinkle twinkle. To do scale.
this we would isolate what we
would know by going over the
voice, music
rhythm first. From there review
the pitches we know and sing it.
Skip fa until the end and then sing
the whole song.

Change of Pace: Students would then play Students will be able to sing the song and
a game in which they sing the song while incorporate getting loud and soft. With this they
someone finds the "star" by listening for can listen to different dynamics and understand
how it sounds.

Secondary Focus: Students will The sound story will help the students
them move from learning the song be creative in reinforcing the idea of
to going over a sound story as a pitch and dynamics.
class. The sound story has a lot of
change in pitch as well as a focus
in dynamics.
Closing: To close the students will then This closing game will allow students once more
play a game as a class in which they listen to touch on pitch, and also emphasizes "fa" by
to solfege patterns and they cannot sing not allowing to sing it and to call it out.
the ones with "fa"
Music Elements
Tone Color
oice to prepare for

m with the students and

ng off the pentatonic

ble to sing the song and

g loud and soft. With this they
rent dynamics and understand

ry will help the students

reinforcing the idea of
will allow students once more
and also emphasizes "fa" by
g it and to call it out.