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W e e k ly N e w s le tt e r

This Thursday: Dress

February 12th , 2017 down in 101 Dalma-
Mrs.Yasmine & Ms. Reem tians theme.
Library Day 2 Important dates:
Sunday February Monday Feb.13th:
STAR OF 12th Math nigh
THE WEEK Please return the Show and Tell: This
library books to Thursday we are sharing
Selina Saeb
school to be able to things starting with
check out new ones. letter Hh .

Dear Parents,
Hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Below are some of the things we will be doing this
week. Lets have fun learning :)

Literacy Inquiry:
We are reading some great books: Harold and the purple crayon , the little red hen The hat
and A house for Hermit crab.
We are practicing recognition and the formation of Letter Hh through different activities.
Activities include: hermit crab book activity, decorating letter H, creating letter H with play dough
and several writing activities including our journals.
We will be reviewing all our sight words and practicing with sounding simple words.

Math Inquiry:
We will continue practicing independent counting with one to one correspondence (1-10 or beyond).
We will be creating homes using 2D shapes.
We will be recognizing and sorting 2D and 3D shapes using different manipulatives.
The kids will be exploring simple addition concepts with the maximum sum of 10 .

Unit of Inquiry:
How we express ourselves
Central Idea: Ideas and feelings can be reflected creatively through artistic expression. .
Learner Profile: Open-minded and Reflective.
This week we will be introducing what Arts are, we will be giving examples of different forms of

Home Connection: : Please read daily with your child . Help your child identify 3D shapes around the house
and they can bring a few to school to share with their friends. Kindly practice sounding out simple words with
your child. Knowing their letter sounds is very important at this point of the year. Thank you for all your
support and hard work with the children :)