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Professional Development

School Information: The targeted group of learners are elementary school teachers at Creek View
Elementary School. There are 58 teachers for approximately 1,000 students. The elementary
school consists of kindergarten to fifth grade. All the teachers are general education and do not
teach specific exceptionalities such as TAG or special education. The teachers lead general
education classrooms that are integrated and include students with exceptionalities. There are 6
male teachers and 52 female teachers. The teachers vary in experience from a first year teacher to
close to retirement. The teachers are culturally diverse with a wide range of different ages. The
classrooms they lead are culturally diverse.
School Climate: There have been many changes for these teachers in the last 3 years. The North
Georgia area is growing and the school classrooms have grown considerably. A school, with
previously small class sizes, is now near the Georgia maximum. Kindergarten is 18 students, first
through third is 22, and fourth and fifth is 28. The curriculum has also changed to the Common
Core Standards. Language Arts and Math have completely changed from Georgia Performance
Standards to the Common Core Standards. Literacy standards were adopted to go along with the
Georgia Performance Standards for Social Studies, Science, and PE. The curriculum has also
changed to Project Based Learning (PBL). The teachers have new project requirements.
Needs Assessment: I conducted a survey of each department chair in each grade level (Appendix
A). Five teachers total. One teacher has experience with using to send out
information. None of the teacehrs are familiar with pealtrees and RSS feeds. All of the grade
levels collaborate on lessons with monthly meetings. None of the grade levels use technology
tools to collaborate and curate resources. They share ideas through email individually, but there
is not a central plave for all the teachers to access and place information.
General Audience: I chose to teach one grade level to begin my professional development. The
audience members are kindergarten teachers, kindergarten paraprofessionals and Media Center
staff at Creek View Elementary School.
Problem: The teachers are not educated, as a group, to use the shared folders and resources to
create lessons. They are not educated on technology tools to help with collaboration and research
to increase professional growth and productivity.
Review the access and availability of the district technology resources such as shared
Teachers learn to use technology tools to gather, organize, and share information.
Teachers will learn to create a curated list of resources in Pearltree.
Teachers will learn to create an informational flyer with multi-media resources on
Teachers will learn to research and investigate RSS feeds.
Pre-Assessment: Questionnaire (Appendix A). Six teachers, two paraprofessional kindergarten
staff, and two Media center staff members were given a questionnaire about technology tools and
online collaboration
Post-Assessment: Questionnaire (Appendix B)
Time: 45 minutes.
Standards: ISTE National Educational Technology Standards
I. TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS AND CONCEPTS: Teachers demonstrate a sound
understanding of technology operations and concepts. Teachers:
A. demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to
B. demonstrate continual growth in technology knowledge and skills to stay abreast of current
and emerging technologies.
V. PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: Teachers use technology to enhance
their productivity and professional practice. Teachers:
A. use technology resources to engage in ongoing professional development and lifelong
C. apply technology to increase productivity.
D. use technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, parents, and the larger community
in order to nurture student learning.

Objective 1: The ability to explore specific technology tools for use in professional development
and productivity.
Objective 1A: To explore and the possible benefits including collaboration.
Objective 1B: To explore and the possible benefits including collaboration.
Objective 1C: To explore the concepts of RSS feeds and possible benefits.

Introduction: Brief overview of the information. Use interactive white board. Share the
introduction PPT. Explain the overall goal for the lesson. Different teachers have different
strengths. One person may be better at phonics, another at incorporating math manipulatives into
lessons. Collaborating and sharing strengths can make planning and teaching easier.
Share technology ideas that may help in personal and professional life.
Introduce organization ideas to save time.
Introduce collaboration ideas to save time.
Assessment: Teacher opinions on collaboration.

Objective 2: The ability to navigate and create in

Objective 2A: To create an account in
Objective 2B: To create a flyer/curation in
Objective 2C: To save an edit a flyer/curated list in
Objective 2D: Export
Introduction: What is smore? Smore is a digital format to share or curate information. You create
a flyer/newsletter/list. You can add all types of resources (video, audio, text, websites, etc). You
can put them all in one place.
Lesson: Use interactive white board for display: Log into Review saved flyers and
explain why I created them. Edit a flyer. Export a flyer
Assessment: Ask the teachers to create a account.
Objective 3: The ability to navigate and create in
Objective 3A: To create an account in
Objective 3B: To create a collection and add information to
Objective 3C: To access the interest and networking sections of
Objective 3D: Export
Introduction: What is Pearltree? Pearltree is a curation file cabinet. You create a
collection and add resources to the collection. The resources can be files, websites, video, etc.
When I was working in a 5th grade classroom in Gwinnett County we had a required novel for all
of fifth grade. Collected resources to save and share.
Lesson: Use interactive white board for display: Log into Pearltree. Review my collection. Add
and delete items.
Assessmenrt: Ask the teachers to create a pearltree account.
Objective 4: To research RSS feeds and choose a favorite tool.
Objective 4A: Define a RSS feed.
Objective 4B: Explain the functions of the RSS feed.
Objective 4C: Research RSS feed choices.
Objective 4D: Decide if RSS feeds are a valuable professional resource.
Introduction: What is a RSS feed? How does it benefit me? What can I do with it? Explain the
RSS feed concept. This is a constantly updating newspaper on selected information. RSS Feed
stands for Rich Site Summary. RSS feeds deliver current information from news-related sites,
weblogs, and other on-line publications. It is considered a content delivery vehicle
Lesson: Use interactive white board for display: Log onto Rebel Mouse account. Move through
the site and explain how I created my list of information.

Objective 5: To demonstrate the collaboration and resource abilities of the technology tools for
professional use and peer collaboration.
Objective 5A: The ability to list professional ideas for curation in peer collaboration
and/or individual use with
Objective 5B: The ability to list professional ideas for organizing/displaying resources in
peer collaboration and/or individual use with
Objective 5C: The ability to list professional ideas for curation with RSS feeds.
Closing: Summarize the tools and the different ways they can be helpful. Discuss collaboration
Assessment: Each teacher can create an account. Each teacher can name one way they will use
one of these resources.

Appendix A
1. Have you used
2. Have you used
3. Do you know anything about RSS feed tools?
4. Does your grade level collaborate on lessons and curriculum?
5. Does your grade level use technology tools to collaborate and gather resources?
6. Do you use technology tools to communicate with students/parents?
Which ones?
7. Are you interested in using technology to collect and collaborate?

Appendix B
1. Which technology tool is your favorite? Why
2. Will you use pearltrees in the future? Personal or Collaboration?
3. Will you use smore in the future? Personal or Collaboration?
4. Will you use RSS Feeds in the future? Why or why not?
Rate each portion on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.
____ Organization ______ Flow ______ Content accuracy
____ Readability ______ Representation of best practices
____ Effectiveness _____ Usefulness to the learner