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Fill in the blanks part one

Text 1
The common understanding of genius is that youre either born with it or not.
This picture is so ________ that is has come to ___________ the way we
educate children. Trouble is, the thinking is wrong -- ____________ so, if we
are to believe a growing body of evidence from the cognitive sciences.

A: demonstrate B: exactly C: marked D: define E: entrenched F:


Text 2
An individuals propensity to take risks is influenced by their own experience
and that of others. The key ___________ in risk taking is the balancing of
perceptions of the __________ and the possible rewards, and this balance may
be a __________ of an individuals particular type of ____________.

A: possibility B: reflection C: risk D: reason E: feature F: relation G:

Taken from PTE online scored practice test B
Fill in the blanks part two

The principle recommendation of the world conferences was that countries

must take full responsibility for their own development. National responsibility
for national development is the necessary consequence of A)___________.

The Monterrey Consensus states that Each country has primary

responsibility for its own economic and social development, and the role of
national policies and development strategies cannot be B)_____________.
The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation called for all governments to begin
implementing national sustainable development strategies (NSDS) by 2005 and
the 2005 summit agreed on a target of 2006 for all developing countries to
adopt and start C)____________ of these strategies to achieve the
internationally agreed goals.

The automatic D)____________ of the principle is that each country must be

free to determine its own development strategy. It is essential that all donors
and lenders accept the principle of country ownership of national development
strategies. This implies that acceptance of the principle that development
strategies should not only be E)_____________ to country circumstances, but
also be prepared and implemented under the leadership of the governments of
the countries themselves.

The 2005 World Summit also acknowledged, in this regard, that all countries
must recognized the need for developing countries to strike a
F)______________ between their national policy priorities and their
international commitments.
A) addiction, subjugation, sovereignty, habituation, dependency

B) understood, mentioned, supported, over-emphasized, countenanced

C) implementation, completion, performance, discharging, conclusion

D) opposite, corollary, apposite, delusion, routine

E) inspirational, instinctual, customary, attuned, opposed

F) poise, accord, balance, steadiness, residue

Scored practice test B

Fill in the blanks part one solution:

Text 1 E entrenched D define F profoundly

Text 2 E feature C risk B reflection G personality