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I, Crisostomo Legarda, of legal age, Filipino, single, and a resident of Lot 4, Block 8, Hipon Street,
City of Guihulngan , after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, depose and state that:

1. I was present and personally saw that, PIM ALRICK BARBON, open fired against SPO1
SEVERINO TABAYACYAC and his companions without any provocation;

2. The incident occurred at around 3:00 in the afternoon while I was on my shift at Julies Bakeshop;
where, prior to the shooting, PIM ALRICK BARBON bought a Pan De Coco from our store while still
riding his motorcycle;

3. PIM ALRICK BARBON, upon looking behind his shoulder and seeing SPO1 SEVERINO
TABAYACYAC and his companions approach, pulled out his gun and open fired at the direction of the
police officers;

4. I went for cover under the counter of the store as soon as PIM ALRICK BARBON started shooting,
and only heard the motorcycle speed away;

5. That I executed this affidavit to attest the truthfulness of the foregoing facts and to support the counter-
affidavit of SPO1 SEVERINO TABYACYAC against the complaint affidavit for Homicide filed against

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby affixed my signature this 7th of October, 2016, in

Guihulangan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Crisostomo Legarda

SUBCRIBED AND SWORN TO before me this 7th of October, 2016 in Guihulangan City, Negros
Oriental, Philippines, affiant exhibiting to me his/her competent evidence of identity by way of Drivers
Licence issued at Guihulngan City on February 1, 2016.

Doc. No. _____;

Page No. _____;
Book No. _____;
Series of 2013.