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July 2016, 14th issue

The Customized Modules Division newsletter

The first mile to

space is by rails
Lusail contract
VC Australia: Innovation in Action
Ladder tramway turnout in China
Industrial Awards Ceremony
CogiTech update


Contents p. 2
Safety p. 3
Market & Subsidiaries p. 3 7 SAFETY CONTACT...
Finance p. 8
Transversal projects p. 9 12
Safety contact... Tire pressure...................................................... p. 3
Transports Publics 2016: the major European
event for all key players in sustainable mobility ......................... p. 3
No More Shares of Vossloh Cogifer into VCSPT .............................. p. 4
Lusail: Streetcar named "Desire"................................................. p. 4
The first mile to space is by rails .................................................... p. 5
Modular Yard Automation At Norfolk Southern Flat Yard ........... p. 6
DSLS - Dynamic Switch Locking System:
Innovation in Action ................................................................... p. 6 &7
A ladder turnout with 10 exits
for Chengdu Xinjin Tramway! ...................................................... p. 7
Vossloh concludes first quarter 2016 with positive EBIT .................. p. 8
The 2016 InnoTrans concept:
what are these competence spots about? ................................... p. 9
CM Industrial Trophies awarded at the CONNECT meeting.......... p. 10
Update on COGITECH programme ............................................... p. 11
World Wide Engineering ............................................................... p. 12


Tire Pressure
I nfluences:
Braking distance

R egular control of Tire Pressure:

At least once a month Insufficient Too much Correct
Better still, every fueling



Transports Publics 2016:

the major European
event for all key players
in sustainable mobility

T ransports Publics, the European

Mobility Exhibition, is the not-to-be
missed biennial exhibition for all the key
players in public transport and sustai-
nable mobility from across Europe.
Despite a difficult economic and social
context, this edition has fully lived up to its Modules displayed a recently homologated Contact:
promise in terms of visitor numbers. Over integrated actuation system for RATP (Pa-
10,000 (+20% this year, from 66 countries) risian metro): the R62 switch system scale
highly qualified participants come to- 1/1.
gether over three days in Paris (June 14-16)
to discuss the latest innovations for ur- In addition, our experts had the chance to
ban, interurban and regional transport, present their services solutions (track &
as well as green mode transport. switch maintenance) to a large audience
Transports Publics is recognised as the at the Experts forum on day 2.
leading European showcase for innova-
tions in equipment, services and policies We are now looking forward to meeting
relating to the entire mobility sector, again next year: the 2017 edition will be
bringing together leading European deci- held in Marseille from October 10-12!
sion-makers from transport and politics.

On a One Vossloh booth, the 3 Rail

Infrastructure divisions exhibited their so-
lutions to visitors curious to hear about
our new integrated approach in the
market. Lifecycle Solutions showed its
HSG-city and Flexis small mock-ups,
Core Components various urban trans-
port fastening systems and Customized

No More Shares of After more than 3 years, the objectives

set at the time of the privatisation of
This is now a new challenge for all the
teams involved to find new ways of brea-
Vossloh Cogifer into Novosibirsk could not be realized. king through into the Russian and CIS
VCSPT Neither technology transfer nor real ope-
rational success could be demonstrated,

T he Vossloh management board has

confirmed the decision of exercising the
put option, meaning the selling of our 75%
while the partnership appeared to be
limited to a financial one.

shares in the Novosibirsk switch plant.



Lusail: capital, Doha. Naturally, an urban trans-

port scheme was incorporated in the
But this achievement would not really be
complete without the supply of switch
Streetcar named "Desire" project from the outset, and in the end, motors. This second piece of good news
Alstom was selected to supply its Citadis was given to us in May, by Cedric Maidon,
I t is a long time now since Qatars main
resources were cultured pearl produc-
tion and fishing. Since oil was discovered
A 38 km tram network will be laid out, ha-
Signalling Products senior sales engineer.
It means Vossloh Cogifer will supply not
there in the 1940's, and above all since it ving the main features of the one already only the track switches from its Luxem-
began processing gas, this young, small operating in Dubai since 2015, with a bourg and Alsace plants, but now also the
nation of only 2.5 million inhabitants is ground-level power supply, known as APS. motors. These will be MCEH61 motors,
now the 4th largest gas producer in the This project was an opportunity for the pre-installed on the track switches on both
world, with the highest GDP/person on Customized Modules Division to demons- sites before delivery.
the planet. trate the efficiency of its new tramway This plug & play configuration was
Although these days, the country is re- cell, managed by Gael Engelmann and seen as generating real added value by
nowned mainly for its interest in sport, Laurent Letzelter. the customer, and will help the installa-
especially since it was selected to hold So after lengthy negotiations and some tion work on the track.
the football World Cup in 2022, it also has reversals, the contract to supply 98 track We now hope that these new tramway
the ambition of becoming a Middle Eas- switches was signed at Saint Ouen with projects in the Emirates and in Qatar will
tern hub, like its neighbour Dubai. the Alstom team. This was the first Middle be emulated in the region, with Saudi
That is why it has launched some huge East tramway contract, where our techni- Arabia already showing an interest
infrastructure and building programmes. cal solution will be faced with challenging
So this is the context for the plan for the climate conditions (sand, high tempera- Contact :
new city of Lusail, to the north of the ture, significant humidity levels).



The first mile to space

is by rails

I ndian Space Research Organization

(ISRO) is established in Satish Dhawan
Space Center (SDSC), located on Sriha-
rikota Island, 100 km north east from
Chennai, in South East India.
Due to the successful activity of this
Center, ISRO has to enhance its launching
capacities, and this requires additional
rocket assembly sheds. These have to
be connected with a rail which allow the
rocket to be carried to the launch pad.
But as there is only 1 launch pad the
new track has to be connected with the
old track, which is a special twin track The tender itself was for the complete Kick off meeting with ISRO and Gantrex
turnout system. works, including construction, and we Belgium, who won the track construction
got the RFQ from several tendering works, took place in SDSC on Jan 22nd
After a tender has been launched in Contractors (Tata, Kalindee, Gantrail UK, 2016, and another conclusive technical
meeting was held on March 1st, with sub-
November 2012, we decided to go and Gantrex Belgium,...).
mission of our proposed design, which
visit ISRO, to explain to them our solu- Even ISRO contacted us to make a direct
has been approved.
tion for such a very particular concept, quote to them, in parallel to the public
Manufacturing will start shortly, and 1
as we did something similar in Kourou tender they launched. Commercially
set, which will allow connection of the old
Space Center in French Guyana, a couple it became easy, but technically it was track with the new one, is due to be deli-
of years back. another story.
vered in SDSC on October 30th, this year.
I went there in March 2013, with a nice In fact, with the exception of the 175 LBS 2nd set will connect the new tracks for
presentation, together with the Managing MRS 85 rail profile, the ISRO project was shed n2 under construction, and shed
Director of ETF India, a French Railway completely different than Kourou, as the n3 which will be built later.
Construction Company, to propose to them rocket is to be carried on a huge platform It will be delivered within Q1 2017.
a turnkey solution, based on our previous of 2000 tons, the same platform being The installation of the 1st set will be
Kourou experience. used for the construction and launching challenging, as the existing 1 km from
We spent half a day in a conference of the rocket. the old assembly shed to the launch pad
room, trying to explain to some 30 En- Furthermore the heavy 250 tons axle can only be interrupted for 6 weeks,
gineers that what they wanted was not load, was forcing us to completely considering that 1 rocket launch is hap-
possible. It was in fact a switch system rethink the technology to be imple- pening every 2 months.
for a double flange wheel set, which is mented, and develop a twin track swit- Manufacturing of switches will be in
what they currently have on the bogies ch system with continuous bearing for a Reichshoffen, and crossings in India.
of their current rocket platform. huge vehicle with a gauge of 14000 mm In March 2017, the 1st ISRO rocket should
We came back from this meeting, very (against 1435 mm for railways) inclu- be carried to the launch pad on Vossloh
disappointed, as we had the feeling that ding 2 turnouts with gauge 700 mm and Cogifer turnouts, and a special event
we had wasted our time, and just used a crossover, each wheel having an axle will probably be organized by ISRO
as technical consultants, but certainly load of 125 tons, and the platform having for this occasion, who will ask Senior
4 wheel sets of 4 wheels respectively. Representatives of Companies having
not with any hope to see an order.
been involved in this extension project
Indeed the tender never went to its end. The whole 2000 ton platform, with the
to attend the launching of the rocket, a
We did not have any further interaction rocket standing upright, is moving at a
great moment in Indias Space Conquest
with ISRO Engineers, and we did not speed of 3 km/h form the assembly shed
adventure and ISROs success story, with
hear anything anymore about this pro- to the 1 km distant launch pad. a small contribution of Vossloh Cogifer.
ject until November 2014, where the pro- Also as ISRO is anticipating that most
ject was tendered again, with technical likely the 2nd assembly rocket shed Contact:
specification requesting a Vossloh Co- allowing to increase the launching
gifer switch system. frequency from 5/year to 8-10/year, will
It was a big surprise for us to see our soon also become insufficient, the new
Company Name in this specification, and track is built in order to allow a connec-
were prepared to see it challenged by our tion with a 3rd shed, in the future,
competitors, but despite some attempts but presently requiring installation of 1
of VAE, the tender was not discharged. more switch system.


Modular Yard Norfolk Southern has implemented MYA in

Automation at Norfolk two of its major flat yards, including Inman
Yard and Decatur Yard.
Southern Flat Yards The NS Inman Yard is a major hub of inters-

M YA (Modular Yard Automation) tate commerce and intermodal transporta-

is a suite of hardware and sof- tion just northwest of downtown Atlanta.
tware products that in combination Norfolk Southerns Decatur Yard, situated
allow railroads to automate switching among major food and agriculture ma-
at arrival and departure tracks from a nufacturing facilities, has implemented
centralized or decentralized location. MYA modules, including 29 single switch
Vossloh Signaling, Inc. has had success (TS-4500s) and 4 Crossovers controlled
implementing MYA in flat yards throughout by RailMaster, and a RailMaster Kiosk that
North America, especially on Class I controls an 18 switch ladder.
railroads like CSX and Norfolk Southern,
which have standardized the Vossloh TS- Contact:
4500 switch machine. Photos show MYA at the Norfolk Southern Decatur Yard.


AUSTRALIA It is well known that in Dual Gauge least for the straight track, albeit under
Turnouts, the gap at the heel of the speed restrictions.
DSLS - Dynamic Switch dual-gauge switchblades, where the But this creates a bottleneck, so VCA was
turning out rail for the narrower gauge engaged to find a more permanent solu-
Locking System: track crosses the straight-through rail tion which would allow XPT traffic over
Innovation in Action of the wider gauge track, the track both the straight track and the diverging
requires consideration to ensure that the track without any speed restriction.
W hat do you do when one of your
signature product lines shows up
a fundamental flaw and in the most
wheel treads remain supported and the
wheelsets remain guarded as they Gary Doherty of VCAs Engineering
traverse this gap. Department was working on this project,
dramatic way? But what if the solution
and it was he who came up with the idea
grabs the interest and imagination of the
The Dual Gauge Turnouts which had of a switchable K crossing but with a
whole railway industry? This is the sto-
been manufactured by VCA to an ARTC difference. Using these same concepts,
ry of Vossloh Cogifer Australias (VCAs)
design and supplied to the Regional Rail Gary developed a solution which provi-
Dynamic Switch Locking System.
Link Project in Melbourne, to separate ded support to all wheels throughout
Broad Gauge (1600 mm) and Standard this area, but by using opposing facing
Gauge (1435mm) freight traffic from switchblades which can act as a switch
each other and from the broad gauge or a stockrail depending on which wheel
Metro suburban e.m.u passenger traffic is traversing which track.
and from V/Lines broad gauge regional The Dynamic Switch Locking System
passenger services. (DSLS) was born.
All of this traffic uses 140 mm wide
wheels. On 10th July 2014 a standard Garys design was first developed using
gauge XPT long distance passenger the Inventor 3-D design package.
train which had only just commenced VCAs 3-D printer was widely used to
services over this new track derailed a create models for the prototypes, gauges
wheelset in this gap. It was a surprise for inspection, as well as the creation
to all to find that the wheels of the XPT of patterns for casting production.
were only 127 mm wide.
Gary and VCAs engineering team worked
VCA worked with V/Line, Metro, ARTC very closely with a senior track design
and the Australian Rail Safety Regulator engineer engaged by V/Line and with V/
Vossloh Cogifer Australias prototype Dynamic
Switch Locking System now installed at No. 476D to develop and install stop-gap solutions Lines senior track and signaling people
Points, North Melbourne Flyover so that XPT services could be restored at to verify the design, to carry out the

risk assessment, the failure modes and Metro, V/Line and ARTC (all of whom have In the photo of the crew at Castlemaine
effects analysis, and to follow through been involved with VCA during the develop- (from the left):
the Type Approval process, and were as- ment of the DSLS), but within the broader
sisted by technical comment and advice railway engineering fraternity in Australia. Murray Peterson - Fitter and Press Operator
from the Vossloh Cogifer Technology Gary co-authored a technical paper with Gary Connell - Machinist
Centre at Reichshoffen. John Scaife titled, Dual Gauge Turnout David Murdoch - Works Manager
Improvements, which was presented on (your good self)
Time was of the essence but safety was 17th May 2016 at the CORE2016 Confe- Malcolm Stewart - Machinist
paramount. V/Lines General Manager rence On Railway Engineering which Nathan Weston - Machinist
Track fully supported the project and was was held in Melbourne. Organised by the Mark Ellse - Fitter and Welder
prepared to support such a novel, untried Railway Technical Society of Australia and Timathi Sapountzis - Fitter
solution being installed in track, but he held every two years at different venues Graeme Holland - Welder and Fitter
had to ensure that the engineering was around Australia, the CORE Conference Mark Taylor - Works Supervisor
sound and that all risks had been identi- is Australias leading technical conference David Martin - Fitter?
fied and engineered out of the product. for railway engineering. Jamie McLean - Fitter
Adrian Vella - Fitter
As soon as engineering approval was But this is only the first chapter of the sto- Peter Daniels-Production and Quality Control
granted, VCA commenced the assembly ry. Manufacturing has commenced for the C  ameron Gilchrist - Fitter
of the prototype, which was then assem- second unit, using a similar configuration B  rendan Breewell - Stores and Logistics
bled on its concrete sleepers in an outside as the prototype, and VCAs Engineering D  aniel Jones - Machinist, and
test bed at Castlemaine, connected to team is now committed to developing the T revor Kuhle - Machinist
its switch motor, and subjected to a se- designs for another four configurations
ries of tests to ensure that the DSLS was of Broad / Irish Gauge Standard Gauge Contact:
both robust and reliable. Tests included Dual Gauge Turnouts.
various load tests, blockage tests to verify
the signaling connections, and repeated
operations tests to check its repeatability
and reliability.

Over the weekend of 21st May 2016 Gary

assisted the V/Line team and their track
contractor to install the prototype DSLS
at 476D Points, North Melbourne, where
the DSLS will now undergo a period of Gary Doherty from VCA presenting part of his joint The crew at Castlemaine who manufactured and
paper Dual Gauge Turnout Improvements at tested the DSLS behind the prototype on the test bed.
in-service testing. This concept has gene- CORE2016 in Melbourne on 17th May 2016.
rated quite some interest not only within Garys co-author is looking on from the right.

CHINA We were also very happy to provide it

with Vossloh W-tram fastenings systems!
Acceptance meeting was on 29th of June.
Around 50 people from professional
design institutes, customers, track laying
companies in tramway application and
news media have attended this event.

A ladder turnout with 10 exits for

Chengdu Xinjin Tramway!
A huge construction has been built at
the Wuhu factory: a 10 exits ladder tur-
nout! It is to be delivered in August to the
Built in three months, of rail profile 50R2
grooved rail and 73C1 rail, it has a total
length of 60 meters and will be installed
Chengdu Xinjin Tramway network (China). in depot.


EBIT improves significantly This is also backed by the strong or- Employees
to 2.3 M ders received in the first quarter, which At the end of the first quarter of 2016,
were significantly higher than sales and 4,854 people were employed by Vossloh
Orders received above amounted to 289.6 M as compared to Group around the world, 60 people less
previous year, important 265.5 M* in the previous year. than at prior years date (4,914 em-
new orders won The order backlog for the Group on March ployees*).
31, 2016 of 1,080.7 M remained at a high
Outlook for 2016 confirmed level (previous year: 1,147.7 M*). Outlook
For the full-year 2016, Vossloh conti-

T he EBIT of Vossloh Group improved In the Customized Modules division, nues to anticipate sales between 1.2
considerably to 2.3 M in the first sales remained by 3.5 % moderately and 1.3 billion (2015: 1,200.7 M) and
quarter of 2016. The comparable figure below the previous year quarter (115.9 a further continuous improvement in
in the first quarter of 2015 had been at M) and reached 111.9 M. operational profitability.
-2.2 M*. The EBIT margin of the Group will, from
Among others, important reasons were todays perspective, improve slightly
a weaker business development in the to between 4.0 % and 4.5 % in the
The EBIT margin for the first three mon-
USA and Poland, whereas significant current financial year as compared
ths of the current financial year was
revenue increases were achieved for to the previous year (2015: 3.8 %)
positive at 1.0 % (previous year: -0.9 supported by the continuation of the
example in France and Israel.
%*). Due to revenue shifts between the restructuring measures.
quarters, sales at the Vossloh Group of
EBIT for the division fell to 2.4 M after
240.1 M in the first quarter were 7.6 For 2017, Vossloh expects an EBIT mar-
5.5 M in the previous year. This was
% below the previous year figure of gin of between 5.5 % and 6.0 %.
also related to a fine notice of the Ger-
259.8 M*. man Federal Cartel Office for anti-com-
petitive agreements in the switch mar- Contact:
The seasonally reserved course of bu- ket, issued in March 2016, which turned
siness in the first three months of 2016 out to be slightly higher than expected. *Prior year figures adjusted due to the sale of the
was in line with the expectations. Ne- Buoyed by orders from France, USA, former Rail Vehicles business unit.
vertheless, Vossloh expects a continua- Morocco and Sweden, orders received
tion of the positive business trend in improved by 4.6 % to 153.9 M (pre-
the course of the year. vious year: 147.2 M).

The 2016 InnoTrans
concept: what are
these competence
spots about?
T he Innotrans 2016 to be held in Berlin in
September is the occasion to highlight
our motto: Connecting Expertise.
One first Competence Spot will then
be dedicated to present Vosslohs inte-
grated expertise positioning topic.
Three other Competence Spots follow
to showcase Vosslohs competence topics.
Each topic will be assigned a clearly de-
fined space (a competence spot table)
and individual topics will differ from one The presentation deals with the ope- experiment: two fastening systems being
another and be clearly visible. rational reformation of Vosslohs three compared by striking the track with a litt-
As fair visitors are always short of time, divisions and explains the key benefits le rubber mallet. Vibrations will then be
it will be possible to explain each topic that result from this for our customers. directly measured at various points and
within 5 minutes. Further options at the An extensive set of references as well as shown on screen.
stand are available for more intensive concrete case studies will serve to under-
discussions (conference rooms, catering score our performance. Competence Spot "Track Availability
area etc). The topic will be rounded off by an over- Vosslohs Track Availability compe-
From all Business Units, experts have view of our integrated range of products tence spot will deal with track availability
been selected and will be trained on every and services. In addition to this, there and the numerous options for increasing
topic during this summer. This will allow will also be cross-references to our three track efficiency with Vossloh products and
any expert of the team to comprehen- competence spots of noise reduction, services. All planned associated applica-
sively explain each topic. cost-effectiveness and track efficiency, tions are designed to facilitate interaction
In addition, on each table, an introduc- for which Vossloh provides corresponding with stand visitors.
tory, 90-second video will quickly sum up products, services and solutions. Core message: Vossloh provides sustai-
what the given topic is about. The presentation will serve to position nable and integrated product and service
Following that, the sales represen- the following three core messages: solutions that have been proved to direc-
tative will continue the line of argu- -We have re-structured ourselves fol- tly result in improved track availability.
ment and will be able to steer the lowing a period of transformation. This both applies to plannable measures
exchange using various supporting ele- -Our integrated approach offers cus- as well as to unforeseeable events of a
ments found at the competence spot. tomers considerable advantages. generally efficiency decreasing nature.
Such supporting elements can be: -We have uncompromisingly geared
- Explanatory charts regarding references "our sales department and our range of Competence Spot "Lifecycle Costs
and case studies or regarding general products and services to suit customer Vosslohs Lifecycle Costs competence
technical matters, functions, results, requirements". spot will deal with sustainable and
etc. These will be displayed on large forward-looking cost-effectiveness consi-
touchscreen monitors at the island, thus Competence Spot "Noise Reduction derations over a tracks entire lifecycle.
facilitating an interactive discussion. Vosslohs Noise Reduction competence Message: Vossloh pursues a holistic ap-
- Real products that visitors can touch for spot will deal with the most urgent to- proach and to this end will present nu-
demonstration purposes. pic of rail traffic, which is perceived as merous standalone and/or combinable
- Smaller 3D models and videos. the most unpleasant by the public at the solutions.
- Demonstration models with experiential same time. To this end, Vossloh provides The aim is to demonstrate how costs for
value (acoustic shower, mallet test). numerous standalone and/or combinable track manufacture right up to recycling
- Information tablets, via which content solutions for sustainably solving this en- can be considerably reduced by selecting
and information on the topics can be vironmental issue, be it through proprie- the right products, services or processes.
accessed in a self-explanatory manner. tary product technologies, services or
We are wishing good luck to our experts
Competence Spot 'Integrated Expertise The general implementation ideas as-
in mastering these topics!
Vosslohs Integrated Expertise posi- sociated with this competence spot are
tioning topic forms the starting point for based on various tangible, visual and
this years Vossloh presentation at the acoustic experiences with noise: an eye
InnoTrans and at the same time under- catcher in the form of an acoustic shower
scores our new position, which has been will be positioned in the middle of the
implemented internally under the One stand, a video that makes noise measure-
Vossloh motto. ments visible, and a vibration reduction

CM Industrial Trophies
awarded at the
CONNECT meeting
T he second annual CONNECT meeting
took place at the beginning of June,
in Chamonix, France, gathering all the
groups Managing Directors and some
special guests from the two other Rail
Infrastructure business units.

It was the opportunity to meet, share

experiences and network in a friendly at-
mosphere. The participants were divided
in small groups to think on how to conti-
nue to change the business through 3 rent, jury members were Gerard Thorez, the fantastic change of flow they imple-
topics: trust and transparency, value Dirk Redda, Franois Gagnire, Matthieu mented in their Receiving and Quality
selling and consultative customer rela- Garnier and Antonio Sanna. Assurance Receiving area and the great
tionship building, and change. This led results they obtained!
the group to a creative thinking process Safety Award:
focusing on what needs to change in or- the winner is Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems Purchasing Award:
der to fulfil the strategy of the group. The Among all applications received, 3 clearly the winner is Vossloh Cogifer Australia
groups results have then been presented stood out and ended up as finalists: 2015 Applications targeted to:
in the plenary to the whole audience. - Vossloh Cogifer Switch & Crossing - Improve knowledge of the suppliers
This new format seduced a lot the par- Reichshoffen for their implementation with VC for the SIGNALING BUSINESS
ticipants and moreover our CEO Gerard of safer, reinforced and fully standar- - Optimize suppliers products for VC
Thorez was very happy that a lot of dized pallet collar for storage! Australia
ideas for the future emerged from the - Vossloh Nordic Switch Systems for the - Challenge global competitiveness of
audience! The results are being analy- very efficient implementation of cor- existing solutions through make or buy
zed and will soon be shared. porate procedures at all levels, for the for CTM
As every year since 2012, the meeting proactive approach deployed safety ob- - Develop saving portfolio by developing
was the occasion to recognize, celebrate servations, near-misses and hazardous new suppliers for VCB
and reward units of our group that have behaviors/conditions reporting and - Improve Supplier/VC link implementa-
accomplished remarkable efforts and ob- analysis and the results it generated in tion process with VCK
tained outstanding results. And to that terms of frequency and severity rates re- - Optimize suppliers resources usages
regard, 2015 was special. As never be- duction and for the 1668 consecutive with VC UK
fore did we receive so many applications days (i.e. since early 2012) without any - Optimize the purchasing organization
which is a great sign for our division and Lost time Accident in the rebro plant! itself to target more efficiency for VNSS
seems to indicate that we are not afraid - And Wuhu for implementing so tho-
of change. The 3 categories to be rewar- roughly the Safety Observation process, And finally, this year again, following the
ded were Health & Safety, Lean, and Pur- for the very precise follow-up done (~ thorough review of all applications we
chasing. The quality of the applications 200 risks identified and eliminated) and did, one company stood out showing a
definitely moved one step up. And we an impressive 533 days without any Lost complete change in the way it manages
want to thank a lot all participants for the Time Accident! the business and deserved a Special Jury
efforts that were put in the actions and in Award: Cleveland Track Material! It im-
the way they have been submitted. Lean Award: plemented one action following a tragic
New this year, a more precise and clea- the winner is Vossloh Cogifer Kloos accident that happened. Very positive re-
rer checklist to even better rate the ap- For this category, the finalists were: sults were obtained and it showed a po-
plications through 3 sections: quality of - Vossloh Cogifer Switches & Crossing tential for further development in the co-
the application, description of the action, Fre-en-Tardenois for the lean actions ming years: they completely eliminated a
and results & benefits. We also slightly they implemented and that allowed re- very serious risk, they reduced the usage
changed the process and asked each Jury ducing their average lead-times by 50% of floor space and reduced inventory. All
Member to review, on its own, all appli- and their working capital by 30%! this lead to a 830 K reduction of raw
cations and rate them using the checklist. - Vossloh Cogifer Kloos for the very material cost & ~0,5 M of tooling cost
Then all results have been compiled into substantial reduction in their inventory reduction!
one file that ranked by grade all applica- thanks to the implementation of Su- Keep in mind to prepare your 2016 ap-
tions for each category. Final decision was permarkets refilled, using the Kanban plications and see you at next CONNECT
made by a Jury Meeting that took place system and for the very positive results meeting in 2017!
end of April and none of the final decision it brought in terms of Working Capital
ended up different than what appeared Reduction! Contact:
in the file. Finally and to be fully transpa- - Vossloh Cogifer Signalling Products for


Update on COGITECH
Item Plant/workshop Local manager Start date
C ogifer Technologie (COGITECH) is
a programme launched in 2014 to
oversee our special processes. It is de-
F. Barbier
C. Heindrik 09/2014
Beekay J. Thomas
signed to guarantee the performance
and quality of our products.
It is essential that we exercise control Reichshoffen C. Defosset
over our special processes. Flash butt Fre M. Georges
The work of COGITECH is built around welding VC Kihn C. Verron
four main tasks: Laeis A. Gelz
- To define specifications giving precise
descriptions of the methods and stages Beekay B. Pant - A. Sinha
for implementing the processes. Amurrio Del Rio 07/2015
- To define techniques for guaranteeing Outreau S. Pattyn
the quality and performance of the
chosen technology. Coating 03/2013
Suppliers L. Fendeleur
- To implement quality indicators and the (NiCr & Cogislide) (initiated in 2012)
associated documentation.
- To create a network of expertise within Forging VC Kihn C. Verron 04/2015
the group.
Subsidiaries that implement the process Rail/rail welding VC Kihn C. Verron 09/2015
concerned are gradually involved in the
programme. The table below summarises Reichshoffen
RIJ I. Oliva 09/2015
the processes for which the programme Fre
was initiated.

Tri-metallic welding was the 1st COGI-

TECH deployed in the production units
(Fre, Outreau and Beekay).
The indicator applied, after a radical re-
vision of the process, is used to measure
changes in weld rejection figures.
There was significant progress, as shown
in the graph below of the monthly
fluctuations in the weld rejection rate on
crossings since January 2015.
There is a clear downward trend, although
the rejection figures remain significant.
Flash butt welding, on the other hand,
is used on American sites. CTM will take
delivery of its machine this year and can
begin welding for the US market; the
technical teams will adopt COGITECH
FBW (Flash Butt Welding).
COGITECH Mn (manganese crossing) is
gradually coming on stream. Indicators
are now in place and the improvement
programme has begun.
The rejection rate is around 10%.
An IWT (International Weld Technician) Finally, the latest addition to the COGI-
training programme has been established TECH programme is intended to improve
for the Reichshoffen, Fre and VC Kihn reliability in our products and compo-
sites. nents; this is COGITECH Reliability led by
This programme has the ambitious aim L. Fendeleur.
of bringing the group in line with inter-
national standards ISO 3834 and ISO 14 Contact :
731 for definition of quality and control
of welding procedures.


Writing and definition of the terms To know more about
Flow chart validation of the WWE To know more about
Any Project Categorization which should be analysed by the
The target of this topic is to define the boundary between the
transverse World Wide Engineering Cell is formalized by a
Design and manufacturing drawings inside the Design
Questionnaire named WWE DECI TECH DECI TECH
Offices Worldwide
The WWE has been integrated in the Project Categorization
The strategy to handle these subjects will be established by
the WW team and supported by Simpler First EIE (Engineering
The RISK DASHBOARD is available. This document is the best
Improvement Event) will be held from 20th to 24th June
way to ask help on specific technical risk. Design Department
Manager dont hesitate to contact your Regional Relay if you


A tool with Visual Planning has been developed for

The skill Matrix data basis has been finalized.
capacity / load management of each region and / or each WW
The file will be available soon, all the Design Office Manager
design Office To know more about
will receive a link to fulfill the registration report... to support
Coming actions
all the Design Office Worldwide in this process dont hesitate
Finalize the structure
to contact the WWE if question or doubt
Implementation of the users rights
The final version and the tutorial will be send in the coming
Creation of relevant indicators
Deployment to the others Design Office Worldwide


One more Design Office connected since end March 2016

An article concerning Worldwide Engineering organization
regional relay
north & south america
regional relay
north east europe
was written in CogiNews of April 2016 and in Project Category
Newsletter #3 To know more about
regional CoCreate regional
Deployment relay
asia pacific &
india Regularly updating of the intranet WWE Synergy web site
middle east
regional relay
south west europe
First Newsletter World Wide Engineering WWE published
in June 2016

To know more about

Transversal level Regional Design Relays

Validate the Pre-design & Design for New Market or New Design Follow-up the engineering studies for the domestic markets
Provides Technical Expertise Follow-up design activities
Maintain Engineering skills Provide reporting (Workload, Product capacity) Validate
Decides the design localization, estimates workload and Delivery time Word Wide Investment for tools and facilities
Defines methods & rules, resources and activities Engineering
Business Unit Design offices
Drives "Engineering" transformation plan - Design/Manuf. Drawings Apply the corporate rules/methods
Validate Investment for tools and facilities Design offices produces detailed drawing for products,
services, and after-sales